After IT Part II: Becoming Established and Forming Alliances

Copyright┬ę 2005 by Luckier Dog


This part deals with the development of the Commonwealth of Alyeska, and it's place in the Post War world. Civilization evolves into something similar than before, only they have to deal with living in a colder climate with shorter winters. It deals with prejudices and how the USA was corrupted from a devoutly Judeo-Christian heritage to what it is today promoting deviant lifestyles, and becoming, as some of our enemies see us, "the great Satan" in their eyes.

At this time, on the timeline, July 2 through September 1, there are other communities trying to form whose enemy is other groups, which struggle for dominance. A White Separatist group in Southern Idaho competes with one from Montana and Northern Idaho that is less radical. In California, Mexican-American groups will compete for territory with African American groups, while Red Chinese forces drive them both north into Oregon, where remnants of a large Middle Eastern population have claimed it as a sovereign Islamic State.

In the "Blue States" of the Northeast, a gigantic Socialist Welfare state is being formed, supported by seagoing pirates, and marauding "Procurement Police". The PP as they are called, have raided almost every grocery warehouse north of Virginia, and as the crops planted by other survivors come in, the PP will swoop down and confiscate the produce for "the good of the people."

Because of the influence of the Iranian, Syrian, and Chinese control of the government, it was formed as an All Islamic or no religion territory encompassing Quebec, and the southern Maritime Provinces of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Through the 1st of July, they had no need for a military, and the subjugated Socialists loathed even the idea of anything beyond the PP. When news would finally reach the citizens of the Peoples' Republic of New Amerika, they would react differently, and turn to their occupiers to protect them from being overrun by the Crusader Zealots from the West.

The real military power in the PRNA knew it was just a matter of time, before the 14 million troops and specialists hidden underground in China were available for occupation and would easily overwhelm the renegade survivors that refused to give in. Premier Pao Lin was growing weary of the constant complaining from those who enabled him to take control so easily. One group of protesters was marched out onto the Mall and executed, in Washington, DC, now renamed Ding City because of the "DC" and in honor of Lt Yong Ding whose H-5 bomber had crashed into the USS Nimitz in the Battle of the China Sea.

More pressing to the survivors in Alyeska were the Chinese garrisons and their transports on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Most in the Alyeska Defense Forces were unaware of their exact locations. This was due in part of a caution not to provoke any Russian forces that might have survived. Still the Chinese were already executing their planned take over of the new Commonwealth.

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