XAd, Inc
Chapter 1

Copyright┬ę 2005 by Professor James

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An on-line quiz leads to an unexpected job offer and Catlin finds herself involved in an adventure unlike any she has imagined.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   BDSM   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex  


"Do you accept rides from strangers?"

Catlin stared at the screen. She normally had no interest in on-line polls or tests or whatever they were called, but here, just two weeks before the end of the semester, everything seemed a little crazy. The pressure of classes and exams, papers and presentations, and everything in general caused a lot of students to let off steam in a variety of ways. Now Catlin looked away from the first question and back to the heading. "Are you the adventuresome type? Take this quiz and find out."

She had been surfing the net, mostly around some of the milder sex-orientated sites, when she happened across this. Catlin had read the heading and paused to think. Was she? She honestly couldn't say for sure. And for that matter were they talking about adventuresome in general or in a sexual sense? In her three years away at college she had certainly tried a number of new things in the general sense. Last fall she had gone to a few classes on technical rock climbing and found she liked hanging on the face of a cliff fifty feet off the ground. And last summer she had spent two weeks learning to scuba dive and found it enjoyable if not especially exciting. But she wouldn't walk down the dark alleys of the campus late at night. That wasn't "adventuresome" - that was dumb.

She thought about her sex life. Was it adventuresome? Well, maybe a little. There had been that one frat party freshman year. She almost cringed at the memory. She had gone with a boy - she couldn't even remember his name now - and there had been some drinking involved. Catlin was eighteen then, no longer a virgin, and certain she could handle a couple of drinks even if she wasn't old enough legally. She wasn't drunk, just a little high, when somehow it came out that it was her birthday. As it turned out there was another girl there with the same birthday and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" (with a couple of ribald verses) to them and then someone began chanting "Birthday spanking, Birthday spanking." Everyone seemed to take it up and finally Catlin and the other girl - her name was Bonnie, she remembered - had agreed.

What she hadn't expected was what came next. In less than a minute she and Bonnie found themselves bent over the low back of a couch with their hands tied to its legs in front and their own legs tied to the ones in back. She wasn't surprised when their skirts were pulled up over their backs, but she wasn't expecting it at all when one of the men used a pair of scissors to cut off her panties. But by then everyone was worked up and no one paid any attention to the protests she and Bonnie were making. Two of the frat men moved behind them and suddenly landed hard slaps to their defenseless bottoms. Both of the girls cried out but the blows were repeated. Then two more men took their places. Then two more. Catlin lost count but there were a lot more than nineteen spanks. But what really startled her was that the spanking was turning her on like she couldn't believe and from the sounds Bonnie was making it was having a similar effect on her.

Eventually all the men (and a few of the women) had swatted their bottoms and all Catlin could think of was that she wanted to get out of there and back to her room so she could masturbate. But instead of being untied Catlin suddenly felt a pair of male hands on her hot rear and a hard cock pressed against her dripping pussy. In her current state she didn't really protest and within a minute was coming even as the man did too. But it still wasn't over. Another man took his place and Catlin found she was still hot. All in all seven guys (she thought it was seven) took her and she came more than she could count. When she and Bonnie were finally released she quickly made her way home and dropped exhausted into bed.

The next morning the incredible risk of what had happened struck her. She wasn't worried about getting pregnant since she was taking the pill, but she didn't know most of those men. She had no idea if any were carrying anything and she realized she could have been exposed to almost any STD, including AIDS. She was scared stiff, went to the clinic and had a blood test done and continued to be scared until the results of that test - and follow-up - came back negative. She resolved never to take a chance like that again.

But she couldn't hide from herself the fact that the bondage and the spanking had turned her on more than she ever had been. While masturbating she started imagining scenes where she was bound and spanked or whipped. These fantasies always resulted in tremendously strong orgasms.

After she no longer feared she might be infected with something she began to date again. She found a lot of information on BDSM activities on the net, but she wasn't really turned on by the idea of a master-slave relationship. She was definitely not the type to get off on humiliation or subservience. She had gone out with a number of men and managed to get a couple of them to tie her up and spank her. She always loved it but only one of the men seemed to get turned on by their activities and several acted like there was something wrong with her. So for the last year she had relegated these activities to her fantasy life.

Coming back to the present she looked back at the quiz again and thought she still didn't know how adventuresome she was. She moved back to the first question: "Do you accept rides from strangers?" Slowly she moved the mouse to click "NO." The questions continued, mixing ordinary stuff with questions about sex. ("Do you enjoy having sex where you might be caught?"). The questions got more and more intimate, but Catlin figured no one would know who she was, so she kept going. Some of the questions asked her to describe sexual fantasies as well as real life experiences and Catlin diligently answered them all. When she finally submitted the last answer a screen popped up with a message, "Your adventuresomeness score is 67." That was all very nice but nothing explained what a 67 meant. Frustrated, Catlin shut the window and went back to working on the paper due in two days.

About a week later she received a letter in the mail. It was typed on good quality paper and bore a letterhead saying only "XAdInc" The letter said that her name had come to their attention in regards to a unique position they had to fill. A representative would be contacting her in person in a few days and would like to discuss a possible offer. It was signed simply, "Richard Hardin, President." Catlin didn't know if this was someone's idea of a joke and had no idea what it might be about. She tossed it aside and forgot about it in the rush of final exams.

Then about noon one day as she was leaving her last final, a man stopped her and said, "Catlin Reed?"

Catlin looked at him. He was about thirty, near six feet tall with blue eyes and light brown hair. Overall fairly attractive, but she had no idea who he was. Hesitantly she responded, "Yes, I'm Catlin."

The man smiled at her and said, "I'm Rick Hardin. I sent you a letter a few days ago and I'd like to discuss a possible rewarding opportunity with you. Allow me to buy you lunch - say across the street at the Brown House - and I'll explain."

Catlin looked closely at him. He seemed straight forward enough, not a creepy type or anything, but she wasn't sure she wanted to find out what he was peddling. After a few seconds she decided as long as they were just going to be across the street with lots of people around she might as well get a free lunch. Still she felt obligated to say, "I think you must have me confused with someone else. I don't even know what your company - XAdInc, right? - is and I certainly haven't applied for any position."

He smiled again. "I don't expect you have heard of us. And I'm sure I have the right Catlin Reed. Why not listen to what I have to say and then decide?"

Catlin gave in and said, "All right, but I still think you have the wrong woman."

He escorted her across the street and into the Brown House, an upscale restaurant which was generally out of Catlin's price range and soon they were seated in a high backed booth in the dimly lit dining room. From the instant they sat down, Catlin felt they were isolated from the dozens of other people around them. The booth cut the noise and assured it was unlikely anyone would overhear anything they said.

They ordered and began to eat. Rick asked about how her school work was going and Catlin quickly realized he knew a lot about her. He was definitely not mixing her up with anyone else, but she still had no idea just who he was. Finally when they had finished and were sipping coffee he broached the subject that had brought her here.

"The 'Ad" in XAdInc stands for Adventures. We specialize in providing some unique adventures for a very limited selection of successful men and women. A couple of weeks ago you took an on-line quiz to find out how adventuresome you are."

At the mention of the quiz Catlin looked shocked. "How do you know I took that quiz? I didn't give a name or e-mail address or anything."

Rick smiled. "In general when you go on-line, if someone is knowledgeable enough - and willing to spend the time and money - you can be identified. Don't worry, the knowledge stopped with me. Since you know now that I am aware of the quiz, you might guess I also know about some of the more adventurous activities in which you have engaged. Including the private ones."

Catlin was turning red in embarrassment. "How do you know I didn't make that stuff up? Maybe it was all in my imagination."

"Some women might have made it up, but in your case I'm sure it was true. I checked out a couple of things."

"Oh, God," Catlin thought, "he must have talked to someone about that frat party. Or maybe one of her boyfriends had talked about her kinky fantasies. She had described the party in a section of the quiz about her most adventurous sexual activity. She looked up at him and, with a red face, said, "How could you know? No one would talk about that kind of thing," knowing even as she said it that some people would talk about it and also knowing he really must know it was true.

Rick put on an exaggerated stern look and, with a thick, fake German accent, said, "Ve have vays to find out. Ve can make it so people vill talk."

The pose he struck was too much for Catlin and she broke out laughing despite her inner turmoil. Rick joined her in laughing and when they calmed down, some of the tension had been defused. "Let me explain a little more. I'll tell you a little more about the service I provide and make you an offer. If you're offended - or even if you're just not interested - just say so and get up and walk away. I'll destroy all information I have about you and that will be the end of it. My word on it."

Catlin wasn't sure why, but she believed him. "All right, I'll listen. But that's all I'm agreeing to."

"Fair enough," Rick answered. "Let me first say that our clients are all well off men and women, most of whom have started and built up their own businesses to real successes. Most are still in their twenties and thirties. None are over forty-five. We provide them with unique specialized adventures. I say they are well off because our services are not cheap: a one week adventure is typically about twenty thousand dollars."

Catlins eyes opened wide at the amount. She opened her mouth to say something, but Rick stopped her before she could begin. "No, please let me finish before you say anything. As you have probably guessed, these adventures involve sex. And, no, I'm not trying to hire you as a call girl. Not exactly. Our clients are men and women who enjoy BDSM sex but are not interested in a full time relationship. They are definitely not sick or perverted and we throughly check them out to make sure they would never be any danger to anyone else. If you are imagining slave girls being branded or any such thing, forget it. This is definitely not that kind of thing."

"What I am talking about is a situation where someone can live out a fantasy which is enjoyed by everyone involved and with no strings attached. I'm sure that as a kid you played pirates or cowboys and Indians or some such where you pretended to be captured and tied and maybe tortured?" Catlin reluctantly nodded. "Well, this is just the adult version."

"Now, as to my offer. Many of my clients have fantasies involving a captured young girl. First let me make a few things clear. There would never be any real injury or damage. No brands, broken bones, or even broken skin. That's not to say it wouldn't hurt sometimes, but not real hurt. In fact, the captive always has a safeword that will stop things anytime they want. And it is always honored. Second, there is definitely sex involved. But there are some limits. There are some things I wouldn't allow even if the client wanted, which none ever have. For example, no animals. No children. Absolutely no drugs and, in fact, no alcohol. If the - for want of a better word - victim has other limits, they will also be honored. Adventures can involve more than one client and more than one captive. Also everyone involved must pass medical tests to insure they are physically fit for such activities and to be certain they carry no STDs."

"Finally my offer. If you are interested, I will pay you five hundred dollars today as a retainer for the summer. If you accept, sometime you will be approached by myself or another agent and taken on a one week adventure. If when you arrive and see who and what is involved you want to call it off, you will be returned and you keep the retainer. If you decide to stay for the week, you will receive a payment of three thousand dollars." Catlin's eyes flew open at the amount. "If, after you return, you are interested, you may be approached for other one week adventures. If you are not interested you will never hear from us again."

Catlin found she was holding her breath. Finally she asked, "Just what would I be expected to do for that kind of money?"

Rick smiled at her and said, "Quite a few things. But things you would probably enjoy anyway. I told you there would be sex. In a variety of types. Also BDSM games. You would probably be spanked and whipped and otherwise 'punished', but, like I said, never hard enough to do any real damage. Our clients are in this for the pleasure and find it much more exciting when the victim is as enthusiastic as they are. You know nothing turns on a man like a turned-on woman. I will provide you with a contract explicitly spelling out what is and is not allowed. You may add other restrictions if you want."

"When would this take place?"

"Once you are on retainer, it can be anytime during the next twelve weeks. Part of making the adventure more exciting is not knowing exactly when. Typically you might be approached on the street by someone. He will identify himself - or herself - by the phrase 'Code Green.' You would then leave immediately."

"You mean, sort of like a kidnaping?"

"You might put it that way. But a voluntary kidnaping. I can promise you that you will enjoy it. Well, do you think you might be ready for an adventure?"

For some time Catlin didn't answer., but Rick waited patiently while she thought things through. Catlin had never, even in her fantasies, considered selling herself for sex, but somehow this didn't sound exactly like prostitution. She knew it really was, but somehow it still didn't seem like it. Besides, the whole thing sounded so much like many of her own imagined fantasies it seemed like something she would have set up herself if she knew how. The idea of being a helpless (well, not really helpless) sexual captive sounded like an incredible turn-on. Out of fear she would never have dared engage in such spur of the moment activities with strangers on her own. She still clearly remembered that period after the frat party waiting for the results of her lab tests. But Rick had said everyone was screened and medically tested and that sounded about as safe as one could get.

Finally she slowly said, "I won't say it doesn't sound interesting. I'd like to know a little more. For example, are these 'clients' so kinky or so physically unattractive they can't find a partner on their own?"

"Not at all," Rick answered. "Most are actually very attractive. As I said they just don't want to get involved in a long term relationship. And they are far too cautious to pick up someone or even hire someone without some assurance of both safety and health. Some of them enjoy being the victim also and - just as I imagine you do - want to be cautious about placing themselves in the power of someone else."

Catlin considered this for a few seconds and then nodded to herself. It made sense. "I think I'd like to look over that contract to see just what I'd be getting into."

"Of course," Rick said. He reached into the small case he was carrying and handed her a small set of stapled pages. "I'm sure you would like time to look over this closely, but I will need an answer soon. Suppose you take this now - Your exams are over, Right? OK, suppose you take this back this afternoon and meet me here again at seven tonight. I'll buy you a dinner and if you are interested you can walk away with a retainer. Oh, we would also have to set up a medical exam, but I could get that done tomorrow."

None of this seemed completely real, but Catlin finally said, "OK. I'll look this over." They rose and as they left the restaurant she said, "Seven tonight, right? And here?"

Rick answered, "Yes, seven right here. I know this is a surprise and must seem very strange, but please give it some serious consideration. I'm sure if you decide to accept you will find that the experience is worth it in itself, not even considering the financial reward. Until tonight."

Catlin walked back to her apartment in a near daze. This had to be crazy. But she found herself getting turned on by the very idea of it. When she entered her door she immediately began reading the contract. It stated things pretty much as Rick had explained them and was written in a form and language she could easily understand. One section described various sexual activities she might be asked to engage in. These included a wide variety from normal and oral and anal sex to bondage, spanking, mild whipping, vibrators, dildos, and a host of other things. Catlin had never had anal sex and in fact had been a little afraid of it even though the idea actually sounded very exciting. Especially when combined with bondage. She still wasn't sure she really wanted to try it, but the contract clearly stated - just as Rick had said - that she could veto any activity she didn't want. It listed several things which were not to be included, such as anything with animals or minors, any activities involving urine or feces. The only "water sport" - Catlin had learned the term from the internet - which was allowed was enemas. Catlin had never considered an enema especially sexy, but now the thought came that it might actually be under the right circumstances.

By the time she had finished reading the contract she had become extremely aroused. She dropped the paper onto her table and almost ran to her bedroom, shedding clothes on the way. She quickly retrieved her vibrator and within a couple of minutes was lost in a hot fantasy in which she was tied helpless while a handsome man first whipped and then repeatedly fucked her. She came three times before she finally began to calm down.

As she showered and dressed once more she thought again how crazy this whole thing seemed. But she knew she was hooked. And at seven when she met Rick she immediately said, "All right. I want to try it."

He smiled at her and said, "Maybe you'd still like some dinner first?" His laugh put her more at ease and she relaxed a little. In fact she enjoyed the dinner and their conversation and, by the time they finished, felt she knew him far more than she should from their short time together.

Rick had placed the contract back inside his case and as they finished eating said, "I went ahead and set up an appointment for your exam tomorrow at nine. The doctor's office is just a little over a mile from here. Is that OK?"

"I guess so," Catlin answered. He handed her a slip of paper with the address.

He removed the contract and a pen and signed two copies. Handing the pen to Catlin, he shoved the papers across the table and pointed to the line for her signature. Catlin hesitated then looked up at him and said, "It's not that I don't trust you, but I really don't know anything about who you are or anything."

He replied, "I certainly understand. Really I would have been quite surprised if you had signed that without a little more information. A contract doesn't mean much if you don't know who it's with so it can be enforced. Perhaps this will help." He reached for the case again and took out a small photo of himself. This he attached to one copy of the contract. Then he used some kind of stamp pad and added both of his thumb and index finger prints to the paper next to it. "Now, if you wish to leave this somewhere as an insurance policy it can clearly be traced back to me. You have nothing to worry about, but maybe this will make you feel better."

Catlin examined the photo and prints. At last she put the contract down and stared directly into Rick's eyes for nearly half a minute. Then she reached for the pen and added her signature to his copy.

Rick said, "I'm sure you won't regret doing this." He put the paper into his case and handed her a cashier's check for five hundred dollars. "I really should wait until after the medical exam, but I have a feeling you won't have any problem."

They left the restaurant and as they started to separate Rick said, "Go to your exam tomorrow. I'll call you when I get the results - probably a day or two. Then at any time after that you may be contacted and your adventure will begin. Remember, the words are 'Code Green.' Do whatever the agent tells you. Probably I'll see you again, but I want to say I have enjoyed meeting you very much. I think you will really like your adventure."

Catlin went back to her apartment still not quite sure everything was real. The next morning she had one of the most comprehensive physical exams she had ever experienced. Then nothing for the next three days. Finally one afternoon she received a call from Rick. "Everything is set," he said. "I can't say when, or even for sure if, but you may be contacted at any time now. Have fun."

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