Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My wife's college roommate comes to visit.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Spanking   Group Sex   Oral Sex  


"Why can't you get on an earlier flight?" The phone in my hand was slick from the sweat of my hand. The temperature in Tucson was already 85 and climbing, and it was only 7AM. Even standing there naked in the air conditioned house I was dripping with sweat. The sheets I'd left when the phone woke me up were soaking wet.

"I told you that the conference has splintered into departmental groups," my wife said with exasperation. "I have two more meetings tomorrow and by the time they're over it will be too late to catch the last flight. Believe me, baby, if I could get on a plane right now I would. This is the wettest summer Seattle has had for ten years, they said. I'm frickin' cold!" At least I wasn't getting rained on. I looked out the patio doors at the pool. The sun sparkled off the blue water.

She had been sent to Seattle as part of her promotion to the position of regional rep for her corporation. It was a real plum for her and would look good on her resume. It also carried a considerable raise in salary. Even though it meant she'd be doing more traveling, I was happy for her and proud. The glitch in this present change of timing had one big drawback. A month earlier she had made arrangements for her ex-roommate from college to come visit us. She would be meeting me for the first time. Now I would have to pick 'Tally' up alone, introduce myself, and entertain her for two days.

Barb (my wife) has shown me pictures of the two of them back in school. Tally is -- or at least she was -- a tall redhead with skinny hips, big tits and a nicely rounded ass. She wasn't fat, but, as Barb had, she looked like she might broaden with time. I guessed I'd be able to recognize her from her height, if nothing else. Barb told me Tally was exactly six feet tall. Her green eyes have a wicked gleam in them in most of the pictures. If I'd met the two of them together back then I can't say honestly that I'd have gone for Barb.

Tally had been in an accident her last year of school. Apparently she was pretty badly injured. Barb had never really said how exactly, she'd been hurt -- if she even knew. Other than Christmas cards, the call from Tally was their first communication in a whole lot of years.

According to Barbara, Tally was just returning to the country from England. She'd gone there to live years ago. While she was there she got married and had just recently gotten divorced. When I was single, I'd have been thrilled at the prospect of spending two days alone in a house with the pretty redhead. The problem is that now I am married to Barb. I've always been a 'true blue' kind of guy: I was never unfaithful to any of my old girlfriends and I have continued that integrity in my marriage to Barb.

We finished our conversation and I hung up the phone. I went down the hall to the bedroom and slipped out the sliding door to the patio. Beyond the adobe brick wall surrounding the yard the hill dropped away sharply. Baking and glittering in the desert sun, the city of Tucson stretched out below. Rush hour traffic streamed along I-10 and on the cross town avenues. We don't have neighbors on either side of the house.

I decided to take a quick dip in the pool before showering and dressing to go to the airport. Barb and I normally go nude at home. Barb said Tally would probably take to it, though we should probably take it slow. I thought about that as I dove into the pool and stayed under the surface as I swam toward the shallow end. Tally was supposed to stay for two weeks. I surfaced and snorted the water out of my nose as I backstroked to the pool's edge. I pushed off and side stroked back the other way. I wasn't really looking forward to two weeks of enforced clothing, so I hoped Tally was okay with nudity.

The air inside the airport was only slightly cooler than the air outside because the doors were always opening and closing. I felt drops of sweat breaking out on my forehead and dripping down my sides under my shirt. Tally's flight was going to be twenty-five minutes late according to the monitor on the concourse. I stepped into the bar and ordered a vodka Collins. I pulled the latest J. A. Jance novel from my pocket and opened it to my mark. I drank and read until it was time to go to the gate.

The speakers announced the flight's arrival as I joined the crowd milling around. Relatives and friends all peered expectantly past the security checkpoint as passengers began streaming down the concourse. I was standing so I could look straight up the ramp. After a few minutes a head covered with red hair appeared at the bend. It moved along above the heads that surrounded it. 'This has to be her, ' I thought.

Sure enough, when the throng thinned out she stood looking around. I was surprised at the changes from her younger picture. The tall thin woman with a great rack who had roomed with my wife had put on a few pounds. Her hips were broader, but still nicely rounded under her summer dress. Her waist had thickened some too. Her breasts had also burgeoned along with the rest of her body. She was undeniably attractive, but not in the way I'd expected. I took a deep breath and stepped forward.

"Tally?" I called out. Her head turned toward me. I raised my hand and she smiled at me. Her smile was beautiful! I smiled back. She came toward me. I held out my hand but she took it in her left hand, pulling me toward her. She hugged me as if we were old friends. I was a little uncomfortable but it felt good too. I hugged her back.

"So you're Frank! I've seen pictures, and Bobbi has told me so much about you I feel like I know you already. Sorry I didn't see you right away." Her breath on my neck was hot. She smelled good. It wasn't a perfume smell. It was more likely the trace of her soap mingled with the natural heated scent of her body. Her tits pushed hard into my chest as I returned the hug. She broke away and looked around. "But where is she?"

I explained the problem and Tally just grinned. "You mean she trusts you alone with me for two days?" Her eyes held a mischievous gleam and her eyebrows wiggled up and down. 'Uh-oh, ' I thought. "She must have a lot of faith in you."

"Well," I said, blushing for no reason I could name, "she has good reason to trust me." Even to myself I sounded like a prig. I tried to lessen my discomfort with a grin and a 'gawrsh, ma'am' kind of a shrug. She looped her arm in mine as we walked down the concourse toward baggage claim.

"Good Lord, it's hot!" she said. "Can you find me a cold drink soon?" I noticed she had a slight limp. She was dressed in dark slacks that had to be hot. I offered to buy her one right there in the bar but she was aware of airport prices. I assured her it wouldn't take long to get home. While we waited for her bags at the carousel she told me all about her flights and the idiots she had to endure all the way from New York. She spoke with a pronounced British accent. That could be expected from an American after living in London for fifteen years, I guessed.

We got her two bags and ventured into the furnace outside. Tally stopped and staggered -- actually staggered -- when the heat hit her. I grabbed her arm to balance her. She gripped my shoulder. "Good God! Is it always this hot here?" I eased her down onto a concrete bench just behind where we had stopped. I stood up and looked at her.

"No," I told her with a grin. "Sometimes it gets hotter. The good part, according to those who don't live here is that 'it's a dry heat'." She looked at me and I saw that she had broken a sweat already. She also was too hot to enjoy my little attempt at humor. "Don't worry, though. All the cars and the houses have air conditioning. I told her to wait just inside the door and I'd go get the car. "That way you won't get heat stroke and the car will have a chance to cool down some before you get in it." I left her fanning herself with her book while I went to get the car.

I walked through the lines of cars to my Jeep. Using the washrag I keep in there for the purpose, I held the steering wheel as I started it up. I would have to drive with the cloth between my hand and the plastic of the wheel until the A/C kicked in to make it cool enough to handle bare-handed.

By the time I'd paid for parking and driven around to pick Tally up, the car had cooled pretty well. I popped the hatch and loaded her bags in and we were off. "I don't think I could ever get used to this heat," she said, looking around us at the desert landscape.

"Oh, you'd be surprised. It only takes a year or so. When I first came here in the winter time I'd be walking around in shorts while the locals were wearing coats. Of course the temperatures were only around 70 or so at the time. Still, to the locals it was 40 or 50 degrees cooler than summer. After living a summer here, I got acclimated."

When we got to the house up in the hills west of town I pulled around the curving drive and pressed the button to open the garage. It was shady in there but still hot. I took her bags and ushered her into the cool of the house. She stopped a couple of steps inside, let out a grateful sigh of relief, and started forward again. I showed her where her room was and deposited the bags. "You'll probably want to get out of those clothes... into something cooler, I mean," I told her.

"That's for sure," she said.

"I'll go pour us something cold to drink. What would you like?"

"Anything as long as there's booze and lots of ice," she said, pulling the neck of her top away from her chest. I turned to leave the room.

"Is vodka okay?" I asked.

"Great," she said as she turned away, already unbuttoning the top.

I went back to the family room and mixed up two vodka tonics. I was just slicing lime into the bubbling drinks when Tally came in. I glanced up and then did a double take.

She had changed to shorts and a tank top. I could see she wore no bra under the top, but what caused my surprise was the flesh colored prosthesis sticking out of the left leg of her shorts. She caught my glance.

"I know. It's a shock when you see it the first time."

I looked at her and then away. "Sorry, but, yeah, you're right. Barb didn't tell me..."

Tally was good-humored about it. I realized she was probably used to it. "That's because I've never told her. Motorcycle accident my senior year in college," she said simply. "My boyfriend was driving and he ended up in a wheelchair for life. I count myself lucky now, but I sure didn't at the time."

"I can imagine," I said.

"No, no, you probably can't. But thanks for the thought." She sounded resigned to the situation. She hoisted herself onto a bar stool and we looked at each other across the bar. We clinked our glasses together and drank deep. She set the glass down and looked around. "This is a beautiful home, Frank," she said. "You and Bobbi must do well for yourselves." Every time she called my wife 'Bobbi' it rang an off note in my ear. I'd always only known her as Barb or Barbara.

"We do okay," I said. "I owe a lot to Barb -- Bobbi," I said. Tally grinned at me.

"You didn't know we used to call her that?" I shook my head. "That was us, 'Bobbi and Tally'. Of course all my British friends know me as Thalia, but that's such an old fashioned name, don't you think?" I did, and said as much.

"The only Thalia I ever heard of -- other than the muse -- was Thalia Menninger on that old Dobie Gillis show," I told her. Tally laughed at that.

"That's where my mom got the name! She had a heavy crush on Dwayne Hickman." We had finished our drinks. As I mixed fresh ones I noticed that Tally was fidgeting. She saw me looking again and blushed. "I'm sorry, Frank, but this damn thing itches under the best of circumstances. This heat is only making things worse."

"If you want to take it off, it's okay." I didn't know the proper protocol for amputees. Tally was the first I'd ever known personally.

"It won't gross you out?" she asked hopefully. I smiled and shook my head. I couldn't understand why anyone would be grossed out about a missing leg -- or the stump it left behind.

"You're going to be here two weeks. Just make yourself at home. When you don't wear it do you use crutches or what?" I hadn't seen crutches in her luggage, but what did I know?

"No, usually I just hop around or use a cane. If you could help me just a second, though..." I walked around and steadied her on the stool while she unstrapped her leg and popped it off. It made a damp sucking sound as it came free. She passed it to me. Her pleasure was evident in her expression. "Ahh! That's SO much better!" She furiously scratched at her stump. She had to raise the leg of her shorts quite a way to reach it. She probably didn't realize I was getting a fair view of her crotch since the shorts were rather baggy. She had left her panties in the bedroom too, I noticed. I didn't see any pubic hair and that gained her a huge measure of approval from me.

I realized I was staring before she did this time. I turned and set the prosthesis on the couch and retreated to my spot behind the bar. My dick was activated by the sight of her crotch and I thought it best to keep it to myself.

As we sat and talked I realized that removing her plastic leg had changed her whole attitude as well. I guess it is kind of an intimate thing to do. I thought it might be similar to being naked with someone for the first time. She told me all about her job and life in London and I told her about my consulting business. We talked about Barb's work and Tally told me some tales from their college days. I stashed some tidbits away to use on my wife when we got together again. It seems the two of them were quite the wild coeds in their day.

Tally kept reaching behind her head to lift the hair from her neck. It was clear that she was still too warm. I suggested she might want to shower, "Or you might want to jump into the pool. I hope you brought a swim suit," I said to my new friend Tally.

"Um... actually I didn't. Bobbi -- I mean, 'Barbara' -- said the two of you usually went without. She didn't think you'd mind if I did, too." She was looking at me with that wicked grin again. I felt my face color.

"Well, yeah..." I said. "If it's okay with you, it's fine by me." I picked up our glasses and she rested a hand on my shoulder and hopped along as we crossed the room to the sliding door.

I wasn't sure if my wife had this in mind once she knew Tally and I were going to be here alone for two days. But, oh well. I could be naked with an attractive woman with my wife out of town without anything happening... couldn't I? Well, of course I could! I believed me.

Tally was pretty agile on one leg as it turned out. We reached the sliding door and Tally pulled it open. The sun had set by then and the sky was all electric orange and purple the way it can get in Arizona. The air had cooled little yet, though. Tally hopped to a lounge chair and sat down. She grinned at me and tugged her tank top over her head. Her tits were some of the most impressive I'd seen. They had huge areoles surrounding very prominent nipples.

She saw me appreciating them and gave me a smile as she unbuttoned her shorts. Standing up again she let the shorts drop and there she was. I'd been right about her lack of pubic hair. She raised her arms and hopped around in a circle, causing her big tits and fleshy ass cheeks to bounce slightly. Her right leg was thick with muscle. My cock started to inflate. Her stump was smooth and ended about five inches below her crotch. Something about that stump, I thought...

"Well?" she demanded. "Are you just going to stand there all covered up?" Her hands were on her hips and she watched me. I was amazed at her balance. "Bobbi promised me I'd get to see some naked man-flesh."

I shrugged and pulled my shirt off and then my own shorts and underwear. I tossed them on a chair next to the glass-topped table. My cock was about half hard and on the way up. "I have to apologize for this," I started, gesturing at my growing hard on.

"No, you sure as hell do NOT!" she laughed. "It's a compliment. I hope it never goes away as long as I'm here." Tally laughed even harder at my groan. I hoped that by the time Barb got home I'd get over this sudden infatuation. The problem was that I only knew one way to get past it: and that was to indulge it.

Tally had me help her walk to the shallow end of the pool since she didn't trust hopping that close to water on the concrete and the glazed tiles. She put her arm over my shoulders and I put my arm around her waist and held her hip as she stepped down into the water. Out of necessity the move brought her tit up against my ribs and my bony hip and my thigh against her warm round hip and her stump. None of that made my dick any softer. Neither did the reflexive motions of her stump when she hopped. My cock was as hard as it could get by then and it was bobbing lewdly as we moved toward the shallow end of the pool. Tally giggled and my face just got hotter.

Tally sat on the lowest step in the pool and leaned back on her elbows. The water lapped around her globes and her nipples puckered up. She let out a heavy sigh. I sat next to her, our hips touching. Her eyes were closed and I found my own gaze returning to her stump under the chlorinated water. The pool had calmed again after we got settled and my view of it was unobstructed. I would look away and then I was looking at it again. I didn't realize she had opened her eyes until she said, "You can touch it if you want."

I looked up at her and she had a serious -- and sensuous -- expression on her face. I reached down into the water and felt her stump. She sighed and she spread it away from her opposite thigh, resting it on top of mine. The end of her stump was round and smooth. It didn't really feel like skin, but I supposed that was from years of being encased in the prosthesis. I was so enthralled in it that it took me a second to realize that my hand had slid up to where the edge of my palm was brushing her hairless pussy lips.

I glanced at her face and saw a hungry look there. I let my hand press against her pussy and rubbed up and down a little bit. She gasped and held her breath and put her hand over mine, pressing it hard against her crotch. Her eyes squinted closed and she rocked back and forth a few times before I saw a tear escape from her tightly closed lids. She released my hand and I let go of her crotch and just put my arms around her. She sobbed against my chest for a long time as I just stroked her shoulders and back. My cock had gone soft and for once I was glad. I was just comforting a woman who was very sad about something.

She finally pulled herself together and used both hands to splash water over her face. It dripped down and cascaded off the ski slopes of her tits. I got up and got us two more drinks. When I came back she took hers and apologized. "I shouldn't have been flirting with you that way, Frank. I know how vulnerable I am and here you're married to my oldest friend."

"Well, you aren't the only one who stepped over the line," I said.

"Yeah, well, it's just my speed, I guess," she said in a quiet voice. "Still, it was rude of me to get you to stroke my stump that way. It always has turned me on, but you didn't know that. I was using your curiosity for my own selfish pleasure."

"I have to tell you I liked it a lot. I certainly don't feel 'used'." We hugged again, but in more of a friendly manner than a sexual one.

Suddenly, all the sexual pressure that had been building vanished. It wasn't that I lost my attraction to the naked woman next to me in the pool. I still had erotic thoughts and she still had her stump on my leg. But the timbre of her voice and her brief attack of self-loathing brought me back to reality. I loved Barb and I wasn't about to risk our marriage for a little hot sex with her friend.

I swept her red hair back away from where it had fallen into her face. She tipped her head back and looked at me with a strange distant expression. Then she proceeded to tell me about herself.

After the accident Tally had finished her senior year of college by correspondence (there was no internet back then). At 21, she couldn't face suddenly spending a lot of time in public with one leg; even after spending the first six months after she left the hospital in physical therapy learning how to walk with the prosthesis. She would have needed a wheelchair to finish the semester. The school made an exception for her and allowed her to finish her classes and take her finals with a grad student as a proctor at her home.

She got her Bachelor of Arts degree and holed up in her parents' home for the next year. During that time she did more correspondence studies and developed her innate talents for graphic illustration. She managed to garner a Master's degree in industrial arts through a correspondence program. Through her school she hooked up with a firm in Britain that manufactured widgets or something that needed a talented illustrator.

Given the cool and generally damp climate of England, she knew she could wear long pants 90% of the time and opaque tights the rest of the time. She jumped at the offer. By then she was skilled enough at getting around that most people never knew she was an amputee. Also, after all that time, Tally had accepted things and had realigned her life expectations. She didn't think she'd ever marry so she threw herself into her work. Then she met Brian Longworth.

Brian was an executive with her corporation. His office was on the top floor of the building they owned in downtown London. Tally had an office at the plant outside the city near Heathrow. Mostly, though, she worked from her flat and only needed to go into the office about once a month.

One of her visits to the office coincided with a tour that Brian was giving a group of Japanese investors. When he brought them through the graphic design department he saw Tally for the first time. She saw him as well. As was befitting of her lost interest in courting and men in general, Tally had taken to 'dressing down' -- dressing so as not to attract attention to herself. She should have realized that her height and her shiny red hair were a magnet for attention no matter how she was dressed.

Brian was rather tall as well. He finished the tour and ushered the Japanese back to Soho where they could indulge whatever vices they wanted at his company's expense. For that part of the tour Brian had handed them over to a younger executive who was more familiar with the club scene than Brian was.

The next day he was back at the plant but Tally was not present. When the design supervisor told him that Tally usually only came in the first of each month, he used the phone to call his own secretary. Then he left the plant and returned to London.

Tally got a call from Brian's secretary that afternoon. "Mr. Longworth would like you to come to his office to discuss your employment with Widgets, Limited. He is very impressed with your work."

To make a long story short, Mr. Longworth didn't have any idea of Tally's work. He was impressed with this tall redheaded Yankee that worked for him. He took her to lunch and they had a wonderful time.

Brian asked to see her again. Tally decided she had to nip his intentions in the bud. "Mr. Longworth, I hardly think it appropriate that you and I should begin a relationship. I do, after all, work for you."

That was when he dropped the bombshell: he had altered her working relationship with the company. At first Tally thought he was telling her she was fired. Then as he explained she saw that he had cleared the deck for her. He had changed her status to that of an independent contractor instead of an employee. The advantage was that Tally could take on other clients (of whom Brian gave her a list) and she would be free to date him -- if she chose to, of course. The kicker was that as a contractor, she would be making twice the money she had been earning as an employee.

Tally told him she appreciated the opportunity he had given her and accepted it. "As for dating you, well, let's just wait and see, shall we?" He accepted it.

A month later, on the occasion of their fourth dinner out, she let him take her home to his house in Kensington. Since they both knew where they were going -- and why -- she told him about her amputation.

"Brian, there's something I need to tell you."

"Oh? What is it? You've a husband at home? Kids from a previous marriage? Not important, Tally. I'm smitten."

"Well, actually, it's not any of those. When I was at college I was in an accident. Only one of my legs is... 'original issue'. I'll understand if that puts you off. You can just take me home."

There was a short pause, then (as Tally told me, she got a tender expression on her face) he looked at her and asked, "But there's nothing important missing is there?"

She was taken aback for a second and then dissolved in laughter. The trauma of revealing her secret was reduced to nothing by his response. She was so relieved and she felt her crotch moistening. It had been two years since she had gotten any sexual release except by her own hand.

He was great in bed. At least it seemed so to Tally at first. But it had been so long since she had been with a man and her memory may have been a little faulty. Her college partners had been boys, really. Brian was her first 'older man' -- he was thirty seven -- or at least a man with experience. Brian asked her to marry him a month later and she accepted.

The years went on and they settled into married life. She still insisted on working -- even though Brian was rich. At about the ten year mark, she learned that he had taken a lover in the city. At first she was hurt and angry but she got over it. "It was remarkably easy to make the adjustment," she told me. "I just realized that after ten years I was really rather bored with Brian anyway."

So she found other ways to amuse herself when Brian spent nights in town. Television -- especially British TV -- bored her. Music, books and solitaire paled rapidly. She felt the need for human companionship.

They had neighbors and one of those was Bentley Morrison. Bentley and his wife Sarah lived a few houses away from Brian and Tally. They had been spending quite a bit of time together since Tally married Brian. Bentley always flirted with Tally and his wife didn't seem to mind. They were among the few people Tally had told about her accident. One night when she was at their home and Brian was in the city, Tally asked permission to doff her prosthesis. They, of course granted it.

When Bentley went up to bed, Sarah asked Tally if she could see the stump. While she stroked it, Sarah confessed that she was quite taken with Tally. Tally admitted to feeling an attraction to Sarah as well. Tally said she had been with a few girls back in college and had enjoyed it. She and Sarah made love in the parlor that night. Then Tally spent the night in their guest room -- where Bentley found them both the next morning. Tally accepted Bentley into their bed and they spent the day having sex. Both the Morissons were enthralled by the way Tally's stump altered the logistics of sex.

"That was something I did learn from Brian," she said. "When we began, and once I got over my self-consciousness about my stump, that missing limb never got in the way. Positions that are not usually available to two legged women are easy for me." (I had already decided that on my own).

Things went their merry way for another four years. That was when Brian brought Charles home one weekend. Charles was a much younger man than either Brian or Tally. At first Tally thought him simply a business associate of Brian's. Then she caught them in the upstairs sitting room when they thought she had gone out. Brian was on his hands and knees with Charles' 'very large' penis buried in Brian's anus.

Tally closed the door silently and hurried to her bedroom. She sat there for a long time thinking about what she'd seen. She knew it would be hypocritical if she made an issue of Brian's dalliance with someone of his own gender. After all she and Sarah made love frequently -- both with Bentley and without him. The fact that Brian didn't know that was irrelevant. Nor could she take issue with his deception. After all, she'd never told him about her activities with the Morrison's.

Then she realized that when she'd seen them, Charles had been 'bareback', or without a condom. She stood up and returned to the sitting room, barging in boldly and crossing halfway to where they were still fucking on the settee before they realized she was even in the room.

They broke apart at a most inopportune instant. Charles' cock popped free just as it erupted, sending wads of creamy white semen all over the chintz upholstery of the settee. It also landed on Brian's belly and chest as he whirled around. For Charles' part, he just stood there, spouting his cum all over and wearing a smirk. Tally glanced down at his rampant cock and laughed. He was of average length but he was very slim. His cock was not much thicker than a thumb. Her laughter got louder as she watched him wilt like a candle held too near a stove. So much for Charles.

She told Brian to send Charles away so they could talk. That night they worked out the details of their divorce settlement. Brian's reputation was secured and so was Tally's financial future. She never did tell him about Bentley and Sarah. "I explained to him that it wasn't his philandering or even the homosexual aspect that bothered me, it was the carelessness. Unsafe sex was something I didn't want any part of. With Bentley and Sarah, I was safe. They'd been married for years and there was only one other woman before I came along. That had been years before. They were both healthy and so was I. I wasn't sure about Charles -- or any other of Brian's lovers. I don't even know how many he had. Fortunately, I've always tested negative for any of the VD's and HIV."

Tally stopped talking and looked at me. I was kneeling next to her in the water so I could face her as she talked. She peered down at my groin and smiled when she saw that I was still erect. "So I see you aren't too disgusted at my checkered past."

I was far from disgusted. I was so hot that I came very close to just grabbing her and fucking her brains out there on the edge of the pool. Then the phone rang. I stood up, no longer embarrassed by my hard cock. I enjoyed Tally's eyes on me bobbing my way to the bar and the phone. It was Barbara, of course.

"Oh, hello, Bobbi," I said. She sputtered before breaking into a laugh. I told her that I'd been enjoying Tally's company. Then I told her that we had just been skinny-dipping. There was a silence for a few seconds.

"And... ?" she asked.

"And, nothing. She's very attractive and sexy. Still, Darling, you know you can trust me."

"What do you think about her being an amputee?"

"Well, life has its ups and downs," I said. I wasn't about to tell her that something about it excited me.

"She's just told me all about her marriage and all that stuff."

"You mean she told you everything?"

"If she didn't, I can't imagine what else there could be, unless she had some bizarre experiences with farm animals along with the neighbors and all the same sex adventures." Barb laughed and then she insisted on talking to Tally.

I took the portable phone out to the pool. Tally had hoisted herself out onto the edge. They yakked for a few minutes and then Tally fell silent, listening. Then she laughed and looked at me. Her eyes went to my cock (which wasn't as hard as it had been a few minutes before). She said, "No, not now but it was." She looked at my open mouth and winked. "Oh, all right, if you insist, Bobbi, though it will be difficult. See you in a couple of days." She held the phone out to me with a chuckle. I casually strolled back into the house as I talked to my wife.

Once out of Tally's hearing, I asked her, "What was all that, 'not now' stuff?"

"Oh, I just asked her if you had a hard on."

"Barbara!" I didn't know whether I was justified in my outrage, but it was there just the same.

"Well, you're the one running around naked with another sexy woman -- who's also naked, I might add," she said. "Calm down. I do trust you, honey. And now that I talked to her, I guess I still trust Tally. I made her promise not to fuck you until I got home." I heard her words without hearing their import until a few seconds after we had broken the connection. '... until I get home?' Hmm...

I brought the bottle of vodka and the ice bucket to the table outside. Tally had hopped to one of the chairs and was sitting on her towel and rubbing her stump. I filled glasses with ice and poured in the vodka. After the drinks we had already had, I was about half looped. I had no way to judge the alcohol's effect on Tally. After getting a thumbs up from Barb, I was a lot less stressed than before.

"I guess we'd better eat something," I said.

Tally eyed me over the lip of her glass as she sipped. "An olive would be just about right," she said. I laughed and got the jar from the bar.

"Seriously, I'm beginning to get hungry. Besides, if I don't eat I might lose control and end up doing something I shouldn't." I told her.

"Huh-uh. Not with me at least. Bobbi made me promise." She grinned over the lip of her glass and added, "Of course, I'd be happy to watch and critique your performance."

"Oh, well, thanks anyway, but no thanks. She told me you promised not to fuck me until she gets home. Does that mean that after she gets here... ?" I wiggled my eyebrows suggestively and she laughed.

"Down boy! We'll just have to wait and see. Besides the 'girl talk' about how well you fuck, Bobbi tells me you're a first class cook. What can you whip up tonight?"

I took a mental inventory of the refrigerator. "I make a killer omelet. I've always liked breakfast for dinner. How about you?"

"Sounds perfect. Want me to keep you company?"

"Sure, if you want to," I said. So I helped her hop out to the kitchen, my hard on returning in the process. As I released her onto a kitchen chair she reached out casually to grip my cock briefly.

She looked up at me and licked her lips. I groaned and realized that it was going to be a long two days. I pulled gently from her grip.

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