Change of Taste
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2004 by Dual Writer

Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Business traveler meets a sex bomb that entices and "sucks" him in. She may not be what she seems. More codes to come.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   TransGender   Humor   Incest   Brother   Sister   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   Cream Pie  

We have all had those days when nothing much has gone wrong but several minor things have not gone right, or at least not the way you wanted them too. Your temperament becomes absolutely neutral, near oblivious to your surroundings, radiating zero appeal, especially to the opposite sex. And, believe it not, you don't even want to score some hot babe.

That was me, sitting on a bar stool at the end of the bar. The dark end of a hotel lounge, in a strange town I didn't wish to be in, lamenting over how nice it would be to kick back in my own big chair and read myself into oblivion. When I came in, the bar was half full/half empty with just a few people at the bar. As I finished my first mind numbing double Beefeaters on the rocks, extra dry with olives, people seemed to materialize from the woodwork. The place was filling up, as well as the bar. Still though, there were at least seven stools empty before someone would have to sit next to this scolling loner, me. With that perspective I decided to have one more before hunting for food.

As luck would have it, a couple of guys came in, took two stools then four secretary types promptly took the next four leaving just one empty stool between Mr. Nevermore and merriment. Yep, here comes another secretary type, straight for my barrier to solitude. I smelled her more than saw her. Very nice, smelled good. Waves of scent drifted to me, making me squirm a bit, trying to hold onto my dreariness. It wasn't working, the perfume was quickening the pulse, creating eratic brainwaves. My fingers started stirring ice cubes in a near full glass. I pulled a cigarette, stuck it in my mouth and started fidgeting for a match.

Snap, one of those skinny little butane's flamed in my face. Worse, an overpowering wave of the magnificent scent blasted my senses. I turned quickly to see who/what was offering and stared into two of the biggest very dark blue eyes I've ever seen. My mouth must have dropped as my cigarette did, right on the floor. Talk about being with it, huh? Beneath the eyes were two really full bright red lips curved into a very natural sincere smile. The great smell disappeared and one of burning hair hit the senses, my beard.

"Opps," she said in low voice, snapping off the flame. The strong scent enveloped me as she put her hand to my cheek hair and said, "Damn, I'm sorry, just trying to light you." She touched the cheek, brushing off the burnt whiskers, but incapacitating me with the waves wafting from her wrist. "You OK?"

I'm still dumb, can't speak, and now staring at two very nice rounded things peaking at me from some cleavage, enhanced by their owner leaning toward me. I think I smiled, and started to lean down to pick up the dropped cigarette. Should have left it, while dropping your shoulder and reaching down, the head must follow. More of the hypnotic smell clouded the brain. She seemingly leans over to look at what I'm reaching for and my recently burnt bearded cheek contacts one of the woman bumps that she is displaying the top quarter of.

My turn. "Sorry," I said rubbing my cheek on the protrusion again on the way up. "Don't mean to,, ah" as my face is now about an inch from her's, awesome, intoxicating. There went the mood. She's smiling again. I lean back, she leans back, I pick up my pack and start shaking out another butt. Looking at her, I offerrd her one, she took one. I reached for her lighter but was beat to it. "Here let me" snap, flame, puff, then her own. She reaches over and pats me on the arm, more scent, big smile,

"See, I can operate this thing safely, You OK?"

"I'm fine, thanks for the light," turning my legs toward her for conversation. Look at this, I think to myself, big dark blue eyes, thick dark brown auburn hair shaped around her face, big thick lips, nice smile, fairly tall but not too, good sized chest with nice cleavage, wrapped in a nice clingy shinny maroon dress. Her dress was more evening than secretary. But the capturing thing is that perfume.

Beating around the bush some, I moronically gush "sure would like to work in your office with ladies dressed like you and as nice looking."

"Oh, thanks, but this isn't a work dress, I just got it. Do you like it?" With that, she slides off her stool and stands bumping into my knees, then turns to show me the whole dress. She is tall 5'9" - 5'10" full bust, narrower hips than some, fantastic rounded bottom, and nice long legs. On her way around her, very nice rounded butt rubs across the knees. Bump, bump, bump, bump, as both cheeks make individual contact with both knees. As she perches back on the stool, first the hip, then the tummy, then a thigh and finally a knee touches my knees until she comes to rest on her stool still facing me.

"You like it?" she says crossing her legs, showing some very nice legs in darker hosiery than some girls wear. "Thought I would dress up some for dinner, gets me in a better mood."

"Very nice, very nice." I said while trying to bring my eyes up from leg, to cleavage, to face. Great time for loose suit pants, stuff went SPRONG from the contact and the scented, disturbed air. I squirmed a bit to get the thing down the leg instead of a vertical advertisement. Now I have to try to either get my bad mood back or go forth with a pursuit of this creature. So test the water, "Don't mean to keep you from your friends," gesturing toward the secretary types next to her.

"Oh, I'm not with them," and she quickly glances at them, then back to focus her dark blues on me. Moods gone. "You staying here too," reaching for her drink, "the hotel?"

"Yep, first night of three, business," as I sip and attempt to get some control of my mental state and body.

"Me too," she says in her low voice.

The conversation goes on like this for a few minutes with me thinking about asking this one to dinner. This one, I'd take home to Momma. Who knows, might get lucky later. But again, she beats me to it.

"Want anther drink, here?" she flashes a smile and waves toward the glasses, "or how about another in the dining room?" Big smile, another hand gesture toward the door, and more jostling of the captivating cleavage.

"Good idea, lets eat, my treat." I offer expansively sliding off the stool bumping my enthusiasm on her knee. As I attempt to get from between the stools, she slides right off running her knees, then thigh, then tummy, on my obvious enthusiastic erection, and finally punches my arm with her chest. Worse or better, her perfume blasts me as her hair comes in contact with my mouth. Whew, talk about disconcerting. I excuse myself and try to move without beating her to death with my hormone imbalance. I turn, pull my jacket over my front, and start to lead but a hand closes on my arm at the elbow. How gentlemanly I feel, leading this fox out of the now crowded lounge.

Hostess: "Smoking?"

She says "smoking." "

Table or booth?"

Before I even look at her she says "booth please." Hmm women have the right, I guess, to take the lead. The hostess and I stand as she slides into one side of the half round booth and then I sit, sliding into the other side of the booth a couple of feet. We're in a back corner, quiet, as cozy as it gets for a hotel dining room.

Waiter: "Do you wish a..."

She intrudes "I'll have a vodka martini and you're having a... ?" I give my order wondering what three double Beefeaters will do to me.

"My name is..."

"Steve" she says pointing at my lapel where my forgotten company name tag is pinned. She blazes a smile, "Sherry," offering the pointing hand, palm down, leaning over the table. Eyes up, eyes up, the focal V of cleavage dominates the concentration. As she takes her hand back, she seems to slide around the booth a little.

The waitress comes with the drinks, and asks for the order. Sherry holds her menu then says we'll take a couple of minutes to choose. She studies the menu then looks up at me as if looking for direction.

Me: "Think I'll have the chicken, you?"

Sherry turns the menu toward me, then slides around the booth till she is near me. She points at something and asks, "Same, but how about some of these oysters they have on special for an appetizer?"

Her nearness envelopes me with the fragrance again. SPRONG, hormone imbalance again. "Sure, sounds great." Turning to look at her.

"You gotta tell me, what is the name of your perfume?"

"Like it?"

"Love it. It's driving me crazy."

"Too much?"

"No, certainly not, it's just very intoxicating, very nice."

With that exchange she really flashes those huge eyes and curves the big beautiful lips into a smile. And, get this, pats my thigh with her hand. "Glad you like it. It is a new product that will be on the market soon."

We order, with some wine and then were served the oysters which we both dove into. Guess I was getting hungry. She says "Eat those all up, they're good for guys, right? Makes you more masculine."

Blush, "Yeah I guess so, never know what to believe about some foods." Sweat, "Hope they don't make you masculine."

"Don't think these will have an effect." She says in low voice while sucking a gooey oyster through pursed lips. Oh my, she really has a mouth on her. Glancing at her, it seems the cleavage is getting fuller. Looking lower, I sigh, as I catch a peek at the darker panel of stocking tops and one dark clasp of, WOW, a real live garter. She catches me looking down, gives me crooked grin while chewing and wiggles her round butt as if getting more comfortable. This causes more grief,,,, more thigh comes into view, more garter, Whew. Eyes up you lush.

Dinner comes and she eats well, seeming to enjoy our light conversation. Food goes down, wine goes down, but my hormone level isn't down, not with all the scenery and that perfume.

We finish about the same time, with minimal chat, lost in our own thoughts, we both pull smokes out at the same time. Again, she snaps her lighter, startling me but not flaming the face this time. She grins that luscious smile and flames her cigarette as well. The waitress takes some dishes and says she'll be right back for us to order desert. With that, Sherry parks her cigarette in the ashtray and reaches for her wine glass.

Turning to me, sipping her wine with her right hand, she puts her left, high on my thigh. Getting my attention, she looks me in the eye and says "What do you think, want some desert now, here, or may be something in my room?" With her last words, her hand moves across my thigh over my very firm advertisement (MY DICK) with just a slight squeeze.

Since I'm not a complete dunce, my red faced head bobbed up and down entusiastically, "sounds like a plan" I gasped. So gallant a guy here, waving my hand in the air stuttering "check please" while getting another squeeze.

Sherry grinned that luscious grin, another squeeze and said "I got it already, my treat." "Should we go before you lose my desert" while nudging me out my side of the booth. Wow, talk about forward.

I sort of stood up trying to cover the drool spot on the front of my pants and adjust my protruding thing to a comfortable walking position. Once again the soft hand takes my arm while exiting the dining room and going to the elevators. As the elevator doors open, I finally recover some coherency to glance at her left hand holding my arm, good, no ring. We stepped into the empty elevator and as everyone does, I started to turn to toward the door. Sherry did too, turning the same direction as I did, but leaning back into me, pushing that glorious rounded tush right into my pumped up pride. She then leaned over at the waist, keeping her bottom against me and pushed a button. In about 2 seconds I'm gonna cum all over myself if she doesn't let up with the wiggling. I put my hand on her waist as if to pull her back into me but moved her just a little to the side to get some of the direct pressure off. She turns a bit, looks me in my bewildered eyes, grins, and moves her hand to around my waist so we are now doing the hip to hip thing standing next to each other.

We get to the floor, my floor too, and go to the door directly across from mine. She does the card trick and pops the door open. Then taking my hand tugs me inside, saying "welcome to the desert room sir, may I take your coat." She stands back, holds out her hand waiting. With nothing else to do, I shrug the jacket and hand it to her. She tells me to have a seat, she'll be right back, and goes into the bathroom. Finally realizing that I gotta go too, I sort of shuffle around waiting for my turn, instead of sitting.

A few seconds later she comes out and I promptly say "hang on a sec, need to use it too." When I go in to pee, I let it gush into the bowl while staring at myself in the mirror. In the mirror, I can see the tub behind me, and the towel rack. On the far towel lays a bra and panty. Lewdly hoping that those were the most recently used, I shake off, zip up and wash quickly. Since I have to dry off, I go to the towel with the undies over it and dry my hands. When quickly done, I took the panties off and was going to sniff them, but no need, there was a juicy spot on them. I put the panties back as they were thinking this was going to be my lucky evening.

Coming out of the bathroom I almost bowled over Sherry as she was standing just out side the door, really smiling, with two glasses in her hand. She handed me one asking "thought you might want something do drink, I like a little champagne with my desert." Sherry took my arm, led me to the bed and sat with me on the side facing a curtained window. The room was dimly lit now, and music was coming from the dark TV area. I sip from the glass. She sips, then puts her glass on the nearby table, takes my glass and puts it with hers.

She turned to me and thinking she was going to say something, I leaned just slightly to her. Instead she put her lips to mine, and put her hands to my sides. Wow, good kisser, and those hands going up and down my sides. This was intense. The kiss intensified, a tongue found my lips, flicking across them, then she sort of leaned into me pushing me back as she assumed the superior position above me.

We kissed and kissed till that crazy "desire" dizziness takes hold. Numbing most everything but your lips, finger tips, dick and nose. My nose was being assaulted by that awesome perfume, making me even crazier. I passed my hand up her side to brush her tit experimentally. Bare, under the dress now. Continuing on I cupped the whole breast and gently rubbed a finger tip over the nipple. Nice nipples, fairly long, very firm, excited and exciting.

Sherry was laying half on me, her left hip resting on my left hip. Her left leg between mine. Her tits parted across my chest. She used her left hand to start rubbing my pants and the zipper. Popping my belt, pants button, sliding down the zipper, then sliding her hand to clasp my very hard dick sticking down a pants leg, leaking like crazy. She eased my dick out of my pants, softly sliding her hand up and down doing an "Ohhhh or oooh" into my mouth as we continued the kissing.

Wow, this babe works fast. I like it, I like it.

Thinking it was my turn I slid my hand down her side to her thigh and started upward, pulling the dress with it. I cupped the wonderfully round cheek in my hand, pulling her tight to my side. Then I started sliding my hand to the center of those cheeks to seek some warm moist pussy territory. Her hand left my dick, and took my exploring hand. She rubbed my hand controlled by hers across her butt then brought it back up to her nice firm tits. She took a breath from our kiss and said. "let me."

Thinking "whatever, I'll let you do just about anything. You want to be in control, do it to it" and started to play again with those luscious tits again. She shrugged her shoulder and in a motion known only to women, brought her shoulder and arm out of the dress, completely baring the breast nearest my hand. Great, wonderful, ahhh, her hand was back to my middle, pushing my pants lower trying to get them off. I raised my butt pushing Mr. Dick toward the sky and she had my pants to my knees. Then using her foot, she pushed at the crotch of the pants and they went sliding to the shoes. I pushed my shoes off and flipped the pants off my feet.

Returning to our kissing Sherry was passing her hand over my dick, my legs, stomach, then down to a gentle squeeze of my balls. Not too fast but not slow either. My balls were tight, full. My dick was so hard the skin below the head hurt from being pulled so tight. My insides were jumping, ready to pump a gusher.

Sherry's lips left mine, kissing my bearded chin, then past my shirt to my belly. With a kiss below the belly button, she softly said "Now, desert." With that, her lips closed around the knob. No little licks on the side, no little kisses on the head, just slurp, in you go. She had slid down till she was near off the bed. Pushing me up farther on the bed, she near swallowed half of my pride and joy. That's an accomplishment in itself. As I moved, she pulled on my tie knot, then started popping buttons. They came undone easily for her. Two of her head bobs later, and I was stark naked while she still has on at least the dress and I think, still the hose. With her nose nearing my pubic hair, who knows, who cares about the hose.

"Sherry, Sherry, slow down, gonna cum if you don't let up." I was gasping that as she was really starting to put some suction into the act. Her one hand was holding my balls, her other was cupped under my butt, both seeming to be pulling me deeper into her groaning, sucking mouth.

She slowed then sped up. Repeated the action several times driving me nuts. Laying there encapsulated by her perfume, engulfed in her very talented mouth. Don't know how long, but it must have been a long time.

The feeling was getting really good. Should I warn her, or should I just surprise her.

"Gonna cum baby, gonna cum, gonna cum now,, ohhhhhh yeeeah, yeeeeah, nice, ooooh Sherry, you are soooo good." My dick was jumping somewhere down her throat probably past her tits, pumping my gooey desert straight into her stomach. She was groaning like she hasn't eaten in months, but didn't quit, just kept sucking hard, squeezing my nuts, pulling any left-overs right out of me. She continued until I felt my dick start to lose it's firmness in her mouth.

Sherry came up face to face and put her mouth on mine, pushing her tongue into my mouth. Guess she wanted to share desert, as it felt and tasted like she was giving back at least a 50-50 split of my fresh emission. (A little unsettling but then it did come from me, and then I did like it that she sucked it down, and I have eaten a fresh fucked pussy, OK, I can live with that.)

Somewhere during the last couple of minutes the other shoulder and breast had been freed from the dress. She was presenting both tits to me now. But the motion of her sliding from dick level to face level pushed her dress down to her hips near covering all of her legs.

We kissed and kissed and kissed, swapping that slippery stuff. She could really do a lip lock too. All tongue, big lips, open mouthed, tangy with gooey residue. Her hand was back to my weakened dick, fondling, petting, and holding it. She raised from my lips and said with a nice smile "thanks for desert." "That was perfect, really hit the spot, very special."

I'm still on my back but holding her to my side with both hands going from the bare back, coming back around to cup both of those bountiful breasts at the same time. I leaned forward taking one nipple into my mouth, brushing my tongue across the tip, then giving it a deep suck. Changing tits, doing the same to the other. She pushes her chest into my face each time I give a nipple a deep suck.

Once again her hand is at my hardening dick. The intoxication of those fantastic tits and the maddening perfume had me coming back to life in record time. There was no time for the lethargic feeling of release that usually overtakes the body and mind. Quickly going from one intense state of excitement to the next.

She leaves my lips and moves toward my dick again. I see her face, half closed eyes, flushed red cheeks, swollen lips parting, as her mouth descends on my now very hard dick again. She slurps, she sucks, she licks, she kisses, seemingly frenzied to take all me into her. Naturally I help by raising my hips to her demanding mouth.

"Oh god, Sherry, you gotta let me do you too, turn around." I gasp. She sucked harder then pulled her mouth away with a pop.

"Come" she said, pulling me up, from laying to sitting then to standing on weak knees. She pulled me across to a chest and bent over it, legs together, holding her self up with one hand.

She put my one hand around her, on her full tit, then partially raised and grabbed the hem at the bottom half of her dress and pulled it up. She took my other hand which was reaching for her pussy and pulled it up to her other tit, bumping back into my jutting dick with her rounded Ass.

"Pinch them, squeeze them" she gasped, rubbing back against me. She reached behind her and grabbed my dick and moved it between those big globes. I started to bend my knees to get under her to thrust but she went with me.

Again she said "Let me, let me do it." breathing hard from excitement.

She reached behind her with her other hand and pulled her globes apart. Then with both hands behind her she rubbed my dick up and down between those cream peaches. I could feel material in between her butt cheeks with my dick head. She must have had a thong on or the like. With her butt spreading hand, she pulled on the material and with the other hand she directed my dick. Her bottom, (butt, ass, tush, ) pushed back into me and my dick landed square on her pucker. Her bottom pressed into me, pressing the head of my dick into her ass. It felt slippery, greased almost. Oh man, my first ass fuck, and I'm so delirious with lust my knees are week. My hands slid down to her hips, then to her globes, pulling apart her cheeks as I moved my hips forward. She dropped her hands to the chest and pushed back.

We both gave an unintelligible "aannuuugghhh" when the head of my dick sank past the tight ring, about three inches. How that little place took my large head in, I can only wonder. Sherry clinched her ass tight, then relaxed it a bit, pulled forward and forced herself back, impaling herself even more. Oh man, tight.

"Hold my tits, pinch them puulleeease," she gasped and forced more of me into her. "Oh Steve, Oh Steve" she gushed as she pulled back and jammed at me with her butt again.

As my belly started coming into contact with that wonderful tight butt, I was sliding a little easier, getting near all me into her. Sherry kept "Ohhhing" and "Aaahhing" as we slammed into each other. Her nipples were taking a lot of abuse. Squeezing on her tits, pinching and twisting her nipples, using her tits for handles to drag her back into me.

"Oh shit, Sherry, this is to good, I'm not gonna last" with another pump into her. But then again, nature takes care of that and doesn't allow us to come that quick the second time around anyway. We fucked long enough that Mr. Dickey was getting sore.

"Fuck me Steve, Fuck me harder, harder, harder," she moaned, moving a hand from the chest and rummaging between her legs.

My dick was getting sore, my balls were bloated, and the twin darts were racing down my sides to my balls near ready to explode. "Gonna cum Sherry, gonna cum."

"Yes, Yes, Fuck my Ass, Fill my Ass, do it, do it, do it," she huskily whispered while banging back and forth into me, all the time feeling her tits being mauled and doing herself.

I could feel her arm working on herself as I kept plowing as deep as I could.

I started coming with an "Aaaagh," pumping back and forth into her all through my orgasm. Sherry must have been coming too as her butt clinched with me inside her, hard, squeezing the juice half way up my dick.

"Oh god, Steve, it's so good." she whispered. At almost that precise moment her ass relaxed, releasing me, my juice blasted, and my dick was near instantly sliding easily in and out of her hole, aided by my juice. I kept stroking right on through my spasms, sending everything in me, into her gorgeous ass.

More "ooooows" and "aahhhhhs" as our mutual pace started to slow till I pushed every millimeter into her and pressed my chest to her bare back, forcing her to put both hands back on the chest. The last of the tummy tightening spasms trying to push cum that was not there into her was making me shiver, the after shocks of a great cum.

Starting to get real weak in the knees, I slowly pulled free of her now soft hole and staggered back till the back of my knees hit the bed, forcing me to sit, then sprawl flat on my back, arms out stretched. Looking at Sherry I could see my cum oozing around the strip of thong that had returned to center only partially obscuring the closing hole that had so recently held me.

Sherry slowly straightened, her rumpled dress dropping down over her globes and legs with the top still bunched at her waist. She turned and climbing onto the bed to the side of me, leaned over and gave me an open mouthed wet kiss.

She reached between her legs and came back with a hand full of whitish man juice, brought it to her nose, darting her tongue out to make gooey contact. Then Sherry brought her slimy hand to just under my nose lightly touching my lips with the juice. It smelled like cum all right. No hint of ass. Just cum and that ever present, maddening perfume. (Must be getting used to the taste.)

Sherry said "Ah, so good" as she brought her hand back to her lips. "Don't you think?" and leaned down and kissed me again letting me taste our efforts together. "Lay still," she said and scooted off the bed and headed to the bathroom. She was only gone a couple of seconds and returned with a wet wash cloth. She gently held my now wilted man meat to wash it thoroughly. When she was done, Sherry bent over and sucked me entirely into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head.

"Oh baby," I said "you trying to do me in or what?"

She pulled her lips off me slowly then holding, squeezing me in her hand, looked up at me with a pout "you don't like this?" With her dark blue eyes sparkling and her deep auburn hair all tumbled, those beautiful full lips turned up into a great smile. "You've worn me to a frazzle too, Steve." With that, she tossed the wash cloth to the floor, and lay on me pressing her great tits into my chest. They didn't squash down like some do but pressed into me with a bulge.

"You are great Sherry" I sighed contentedly. The relax signal was enveloping me while her fragrance was surrounding me. The lethargic, sensual, aftermath of total muscle relaxation was gripping me. My consciousness was ebbing. I held her tight to me. Sherry's face in my neck. That is always a choice moment. Only this time, very special to have such a fox snuggled onto me, apparently equally satisfied,

"Steve, honey?"

"Yes?" I said in an almost moan.

"I have a ton to do tomorrow and need some sleep" she said in her husky voice. "We are both going to need our rest." "Go to your room, and get some sleep. Tomorrow evening, same place, same time, can we do this again?"

"You bet we can do this again" I said. "How about we strip down and snuggle to sleep. I promise not to wake you up more than a couple of times." I begged.

"We both need to be rested for work, baby, we'll do even more tomorrow, OK?"

"Oh Sherry" I squeaked begging, "It would really be great to cuddle you all night long. Honest, I don't snore. Please?"

"No, honey, go to your room, you've done enough damage to me for one night. But I promise, we'll do this again tomorrow, OK?"

Well before total lethargy set in, I rolled her onto her back and gave her a nice sloppy open mouth kiss with lots of tongue, getting an "Ummmmm" from her. I pushed back and said "Well if you insist my lovely, just didn't wish to lose such a gorgeous, good smelling creature for a second."

"You've got me Steve, believe me, we'll see how you feel tomorrow when I ravish you some more." she said with her great grin.

I gave up and pulled on my socks, pants, shoes, shirt, and just draped my tie and coat over my arm. Didn't even bother tucking in the shirt.

She walked me to the door, held me close, pushing her chest into me, then separated, giving me one of those unforgettable looks. You know the ones, has to be practiced probably, they have their head tilted down just slightly. They are looking up at you, but somehow they can keep their eyelids at half-mast. Awesome, mind wilting looks. She smiled real big, gave a light lip kiss and turned me to the door with a "Night Steve, see you tomorrow evening."

I stumbled out as the door closed and locked behind me. I started down the hall toward the elevators but then remembered, my room was right across the hall from this very alluring, fascinating, feminine creature. I looked at my watch, thinking I might want another drink, then realized our dinner and tryst had been a near four hour adventure. It was just after twelve. I went into my room quietly, stripped, pulled back the covers, called for a wake up, and was asleep in an instant.

The next morning when the wakeup call rang, I was in the midst of a great dream. Damn, that always happens. I answered, and tried to grasp the dream again, as it was a re-enactment of the previous evening. Oh well, may be tonight there will be more. I was thinking "Hope I still have tonight whatever it was that attracked that babe last night."

As I started the AM routine of peering at myself, I was conscious of the fragrance of last evening. It had engulfed me, saturated me. Almost thought of not showering, it smelled so good. Opps, "good morning to you guy," as my dick reacted to the perfume. But no, got to have that shower to get going. Did the triple S routine, quick neck shave, a dump, a shower and got ready to leave. Looked over a couple of notes for the day and felt hunger. Ah, breakfast time, then let's meet the world. I headed for the door.

As I was unlocking the door I heard activity from across the hall. Thinking I might get some delicious breakfast company, I snatched open the door and was saying "Sherry?" while doing it.

The door opened and,,,,,

My chin hit the floor, my eyes were probably bugging out, my gut did instant flip-flops.

There stood a guy in a camel double-breasted suit, About 5'10", Big Blue eyes, long dark auburn hair pulled back in a ponytail, thick full lips but looking very athletic, very masculine. My jaw must have been bouncing off the floor.


The guy had a dumbfounded startled look on his face. The near perfect features were turning red, becoming confused, eyes assuming a scared look.

There couldn't be two people in the world with eyes like those. There couldn't be another with that full lipped mouth, and beautiful auburn hair. But,,, this was different! Definitely different.


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