Anal Wife
Chapter 12: Home Sweet Home

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Sex Story: Chapter 12: Home Sweet Home - Susan Bunkers and her obsession with backdoor pleasures.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Anal Sex  

"What's the sour puss for, baby?" asked Charley Bunker as he scooped up a forkful of mashed potatoes. "You look like some one smacked you around." He cut himself a piece of steak while he swallowed down the potato.

"I'm horny," said Susan, nibbling lightly at the remains of her salad. "I'm so fucking frustrated you wouldn't believe it." She waited for Charley to say something. But he was already chewing on his steak meat and getting ready to cut off some more. "Didn't you hear me?" she asked. "I said I'm horny. I want an ass fuck. I want that hog of yours in my butt. I want you to play with my cunt, too. I can't be any clearer than that, can I, Charley? Charley?"

He looked up and belched. "I get it," he said. "You want to go to bed now, is that it? Well, you got to wait until after dinner, baby. I had a long tough day today, and as soon as I get the ol' bod replenished, I'll give you a fuck you'll never forget. How's that sound? Maybe two even." He swatted at his peas and scooped them into his face. "Mmmmm," he said, "you're a good cook, baby. And you're always horny. What more could a man ask for?"

It didn't take long for the couple to finish coffee and dessert. From then on it was a night of pure sex. First they took a quick shower, and Charley even shaved, just to make sure he was clean and neat. He wanted to give Susan a really fine anal fuck, and he always, performed better when he felt neat and clean. Susan, for her part, used a new depilatory, one that left her long shapely legs as smooth as tanned calf leather. She was soft and slick by the time she stepped out of the shower, and Charley felt up her smooth thighs immediately. He reached one hand down between her lovely legs and eventually landed a finger in her cunt tube. "There," he said, "is something worth eating again." He sat her down on the edge of the tub and tongued her clit into a frenzy. She held his bobbing head in her hands and moaned in the tiled bathroom. "Oooh, God, Charley. Do it harder, honey. Really lick it good. Baby, I love you." She pressed her ample tanned thighs close on his cheeks. A moment later Charley came up with a Chin of clit juice. He washed his face off and Susan finished drying her body.

Then they went to the bedroom. "First the dildo," said Susan, climbing onto the bed. "Which end you want to start with?" She had a big lecherous smile on her face. Charley couldn't help but laugh. "Which end do you think?" He greased up the electric cock and his wife lay on her belly. He spread her legs and he parted her buns so that he could get the thick vibrating rubber prong well into her rectum. "Oooh, yeah," she cooed as soon as the rubber stick started shaking in her asshole. "Oh, yeah, Jesus!"

Charley pushed down hard. He used his free hand to keep her ass cheeks wide open. Simultaneously, he rotated the mechanical pecker so that Susan's anus got the best possible stimulation. It didn't take a hell of a lot of time before she was groaning. She came up on her hands and knees panting for breath. "Do it hard, honey. And get my clit. Do it really hard and rub my little twat-penis. Please?"

He reached around and while he held the dildo in place in his wife's asshole, he located a finger in her cunt. There he rubbed her clitoris and got the juices of her pussy flowing evenly. "Nice," he said, finger-fucking her pussy, "really nice." The machine, however, grinded to a halt. "What the hell?" he growled. "This thing's got no juice in it. Batteries are dead." He tossed the useless vibrator aside. "We don't need that thing," he said. "I got two fingers that work better than that dildo." He kept one of those two fingers in Susan's cunt channel and on her clit, and the other he poked into her anus. "There," he said, stretching out the iris sphincter muscle, "isn't that better?"

"Fuck yes," she moaned. "That's the best." He stroked all the way into her tube and filled the hot little butt crotch with digit. "I like that, Charley, A lot!" She wiggled her rump and started panting. "I sure do hope you don't get tired, honey," she said, "because I'm as horny as bull frog in spring." Thus Charley had successfully plugged both of his wife's pelvic holes with his fingers. She swung from side to side, up and down, pumping herself with the two fingers. If she pressed forward, her cut was smoothly scraped with his index finger. If she leaned back, her anus was gouged with his middle digit. It was, for Susan, close to total stimulation. "Oh, God," she gasped, "I can't stand it any more, Charley. Get the grease and put your prick in me. Come on and do it to my bunghole, honey. I need it."

Charley yanked his fingers Out of Susan's sweet little holes. He picked up the tube of grease and spread enough ooze to make penetration of her asshole so easy that a child could do it. He pushed some of the lubricant down into the hole with his finger. When he was quite sure she was ready -- it was obvious from her moaning and groaning and her swinging hips and flapping butt cheeks -- he put the oily cream aside and mounted Susan's rectum. His thick cock head squeezed into the tight circle of anus muscle and filled the narrow space. A moment later he'd thrust himself all the way down her asshole tube, had filled her fanny with cock meat, and there was no stopping him. His jackhammer stroke action pounded her meaty rump with penis flesh.

"Oh, God, Charley," she cried out, "give me your hand. Let me have your hand." She reached around the side of her body and took one of his butt squeezing hands in her own. She took his middle finger and stroked her clit with it. "Just let me rub this way while you fuck my anus. Just a little." She used his finger the way she would, have used an artificial phallus. She 'pumped herself, rubbed her clit, and massaged her interior vagina cabe with Charley's willing finger. At the same time as she did this, Charley continued to screw her rump into a crimson blush. Soon his cock was entirely buried in ass meat, and his groin was flush with her cheeks. It was a good tight cornhole nailing.

"Jesus," moaned Charley in a whisper, "this is good, baby. You've come a long way since those virgin nights, 'eh?"

"Oh, yeah," Susan agreed, taking his hand from her twat and applying his fingers to her titty. "Rub there, too, Charley. Make my breasts hot, too."

He gladly palmed her big pendular breast. He rolled the hilly flesh in his fingers. He pulled on the nipple and pinched it lightly. Every now and then he took as much of the big titty as would fit in his hand and squeezed. "Wow," she would moan, "that's nice." Or, "Fuck me, Charley," she would scream. And all the time that she gasped and moaned and enjoyed the, feel of his hand on her chest, she also worked her ass on his cock. She moved and swiveled her butt as though there were no stopping her. Her ass was a big flesh swing, and Charley's cock was getting the rubbing and the ride of his life. "Wow," he whispered, "baby, you really are horny, eh?" He shoved in deeper, it seemed than ever before. The tip of his cock was buried in bowel flesh.

"Oh, God," she cried. "Oh, God, here I go."

With that she came all over herself, puddled between her loins. Charley, feeling his wife's intense sexual excitement, prepared to ejaculate. He waited for the involuntary ripple of Susan's anal muscle. It arrived a moment later, undulating, squeezing, milking the jism out of his bone-on. The spongy mushroom head of his meat exploded inside her bowels and flooded the back cave with sperm juice. "Yes, Charley," she cried softly. "Oh, God, yes!"'

When it was all over Charley pulled his hog out of his wife's dorsal hole and sat back on the bed. He lit up a cigarette. "You've been doing a lot of ass fucking, baby."

"Thanks to you," she said.

"No," he contradicted her calmly, "not just thanks to me. I mean you have been ass fucking a lot of guys. Not just me."

"Charley!" she exclaimed and blushed. "You don't think I've been fooling around, do you?"

"No," he said, exhaling from his cigarette. "I don't think so. I know so. So can the bullshit and let me tell you that it's alright by me. I mean that, Susan. It's o.k."

"Really?" she said.

"Yup. You know what makes me say that? I been doing a little tinkering on the side myself. I fucked Gloria and a couple of other assholes just this week."

"You're kidding," said Susan. "I didn't know that. Well, I'll be damned. And here I was feeling guilty about it all this time."

"No need for that," said Charley. "You've become a better fuck for it, too." "You want to do it again?" she asked.

"If you wash out first," he said. "With my help, that is." He smiled and took her by the hand and led her into the bathroom. He'd arranged the douche bag before they got into bed. Now all he needed to do was stuff the plastic nozzle up Susan's asshole. "Come on," he said, pointing to the tub, "bent over and let me get this thing cleaned out." She rolled onto the edge of the tub and straddled it. Her anus was available to him. He poked the plastic head of the douche applicator into her sphincter. "Careful," she said. "Don't want to break anything now, do we." He took the cock-stop off and the douche poured into her bowels. She felt like a balloon was being filled up inside her, blown up so full that it would burst. "Oh, God, Charley. Please. You better stop. It's getting to be too much. Please. No." But he filled her up the rest of the way, drained the bag entirely and all of the contents were flooding the inside of Susan's ass bowels. Then he pulled the nozzle out. "Oh, God," she moaned. "Look out." She pushed him out of the way and sat down on the toilet.

A little while later she was clean and showered. She was drying in front of the bedroom mirror. "How about that," she said, patting her big pendular titties dry. "And all this time that I was out balling these guys and wondering if you'd care, it didn't matter a bit. I just find that amazing."

"Give a little," said Charley, who lay on the bed smoking a cigarette, "and get a little." He exhaled a long puff of grey smoke. "I like your butt, baby. It's cute." She leaned over so that he would have even a nicer view of it. "Good," he said. "That's good." He could see the hot little hole, the clean anus tissue, and the narrow crack. His cock started firming just from one little look. The moon globes were smooth and silky and nearly perfectly round. The backs of her thighs were shapely and supple. And her calves were nicely rounded, too. She was clean and beautiful and young, and it was one of the few times that Charley didn't mind the fact that he was not single but married. His wife was a fine piece of ass. "Come on over here," he said, "and let's get started on fuck number two, eh?"

She finished drying her back and joined him on the bed. "How shall we do it this time?" she asked. "Right on up there in my butt or a little bit of play first?"

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