Natalie's Nasty Experiences
Chapter 8

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Sex Story: Chapter 8 - About Natalie who's a 20 year old college girl. She's taken on 7 guys in a gang bang and without her knowledge it's been video taped and now one of the guys is blackmailing her into being his slave girl. As the story develops she'll be used as his sex toy like a whore.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   Heterosexual   MaleDom   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Black Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Fisting   Bestiality   Exhibitionism   Size  

Over a week went by and Natalie began wondering about at least two things; would her master again contact her and why didn't she have her period? The reasons for both could be many, but after a week she wanted to get at least one of the things straight so she bought a pregnancy test and went home and tried it - negative.

Ok, that meant that she had not been knocked up, yet. That knowledge made her both happy and strangely also a bit sad as she, on one hand, knew what big trouble getting pregnant would get her into... but on the other hand she had kind of gotten used to the idea, the inevitability that she would get knocked up, and secretly hoped it as she felt a deep, perverse, animalistic urge inside herself.

The more times she had played with the knocking up fantasy, the more it had settled in her mind as something she kind of longed for. Being the mother of a little child got more and more desirable to her. 'Oh Christ, ' she thought to herself, 'I can't help it, I have to try again.'

In her fantasy, she wanted not to know which man knocked her up. For some strange reason it had to be a stranger. She didn't want one of her friends to feel obligated to marry her or play the father of her child. Partly because she wanted to raise the child on her own and also because it was such a huge thrill not knowing who was the father or even the colour of the child.

All these thoughts turned her on and she had to play with herself while dreaming about yet another gang-bang involving a totally new group of total strangers. Perhaps the group of old men, perhaps Danny, his father and his friends or perhaps the group involving Suzy, or perhaps another trip to the adult shop. Perhaps the owner would arrange something for her. She could easily use some extra money, especially if her got pregnant and later would be a single mother.

In the end she decided to visit the shop just to see if he would be interested. She put on one of her new mini dresses, stockings and heeled shoes and walked to the shop. Alone the walk through town was a huge thrill as she felt every man she met stared at her. That may also be because she swayed her hips so vulgarly and dreamt about what naughty thoughts she would give the men.

As she stepped into the shop, she was already hot and felt her pussy swell and even ooze a little juice out between her pussy lips. "Hello, young lady", the owner said and smiled and glanced up and down her half naked body.

"Hello", Nat said and blushed a little.

"Anything special I can do for you", he asked, "you know I'm always happy to help a young attractive girl with special wishes she might have".

"It's too embarrassing", Nat whispered.

"You want to earn some money, is that it", he asked.

"Yes" Nat whispered and blushed even more.

"Ok, since your last visit, I have thought of something a little special", he said, "but you could earn quite a lot of money. What about a real porn movie with you as the star"

"Still without my face showing on the film?" Nat asked and felt how the thought of being a porn actress thrilled her.

"Yes, but if I can't show you face, you can't make that much money, unless you do more bizarre and perverted things", he said and looked at her to see if that was a problem for her.

"What sort of perverted things", Nat asked and looked at him.

"Oh things like spanking, fisting and so on" he said.

Nat blushed and looked away. It wasn't that easy to agree to that. He could think she had done that before, and she didn't want him to know that - what would he think of her.

"Well, I don't know, I've of course never done things like that", she said and tried to hide her thoughts. Was that all he would demand from her in return for a lot of money. She had been afraid that he meant real sick things like animals and so on.

"Oh I'm sorry, and of course I didn't think you would let strangers do nasty things like that to you", he said, "let's forget all about it. You're not that kind of girl."

Nat was too occupied with her own thoughts to see the little smile on his face. He already knew she would accept, and the way she moved her thighs against each other and the look in her face told him, that it even aroused her and made her pussy swell and get more and more lubricated.

"If you promise you'll take care of me and not let them hurt me in any way, I guess I'll try", Nat whispered and looked down not to meet his eyes.

"Oh great", he said, "what about tomorrow. I have a little farm outside town where we won't be disturbed".

"Yes, why not", Nat said with a trembling voice. Shall I wear anything special."

"You just come here at about 5 p.m. and I'll give you the clothes we want you to wear", he said.

"There's just one thing", Nat whispered and blushed even more.

"Yes?" he said

"I'm not on the pill", Nat said.

"Oh that's a problem", he said, "I'm afraid my friends are not that happy about condoms. I'll have to lower my offer then"

"No you don't understand", Nat whispered in a very low voice, "they won't have to... wear... any."

"What", he said and looked most interested, "do you men that they can fuck you unprotected. They might knock you up"

"Yes", Nat whispered.

"Oh I see", he said, "it turns you on that they might impregnate you. What a wonderful thought. If I can tell that in the movie and to the buyers, I'll raise my offer"

"You can", Nat whispered with her face very reddish from shame. She had never thought she could or would tell him that. Then they agreed on a sum that was a huge amount of money for Natalie and when she should come down the next day, and she left. Between the time she left and the time she came back, Natalie had a great deal of difficulty keeping her thoughts off of the arrangement she'd arranged with the owner of the shop and what she would do with all of that money.

Natalie almost couldn't wait for the clock to be 5 p.m. She dressed the sluttiest way she could in her most revealing mini dress that clung to her body in all the right ways, too short stockings which showed far too much of her naked thighs between the dress and the stockings - and a pair of very high platform heals.

Of course she walked to the shop and got hotter and hotter, because everyone in the street gazed at her. From the women she got the look saying what a slut walking around in such a hooker outfit, and from the men lusty and admiring eyes flicked up and down her half naked body. And she felt their eyes burn on her body from behind like they tried to rip off her dress with their eyes imagining her all naked with her swaying and wriggling butt.

When she reached the shop, she met the owner and a man she hadn't seen before. "Oh hello, dear", the owner greeted her and gazed up and down her, "I don't think we'll need any changing of clothes, you look exactly like I and my friends love. By the way, this is John, and he's looking after the shop while I'm taking care of you."

"Oh thanks", Nat said and smiled and loved the way the two men almost stared at her.

"Ok, let's go to my car", the owner said and opened a door in the back of the shop. Natalie walked with him and stepped into his car while he held the door and in so doing managed to show him that she had forgotten her panties by spreading her legs wide while slowly placing her little butt in the seat. The dress rode up her ass as she sat and was way to short to hide much of her pussy if someone really wanted to look. She could tell that he had his eyes in the right place and got a look at her bare shaven naked pussy - already swollen and well lubricated - under her dress.

He stepped in the driver's seat and they drove off. "Why don't you slide that lovely dress up your waist. Its not like its hiding much," he said and smiled, "it seems like you like to expose yourself in public"

"Oh sir", Nat giggled and tried to act prudish, "then every man passing by can see my little naked pussy, it would be so humiliating to a innocent young girl like me"

"Yes, and that's exactly what you like, isn't it", he said and reached over and pushed her knees wide apart.

"If you force me to expose myself, I must obey you sir", Nat whispered and pulled up her tight dress and spread her thighs as wide as possible, "is this what you want, sir?"

"Yes, that's right", he laughed and couldn't keep his eyes on the road.

"Go on play with yourself", he moaned and grabbed Nat's one hand and placed it in his crotch where a huge bulge pressed against his trousers.

"Oh sir, am I giving you such a hard-on", Nat giggled and started caressing herself with the other hand while she fondled his huge cock through his trousers.

"Yes you little tease slut", ha laughed, "go on open my trousers and fist my cock.

"Oh you're so naughty, sir", Nat giggled and played the little prude girl, "I'm not used to handle grown men's big penises." But seconds later she had pulled down his zipper and had his rigid cock out and in her hand. She stroked it in long strokes up and down making his cock head bulge out and him signing from pure lust while his precum oozed from the little hole and lubricated the cock.

"Oh sir, what's that coming out from you penis", Nat giggled and grabbed the bulging head in her palm and smeared the precum round the cock.

"Oh I like it when you play the little innocent girl", he laughed, "Go on little girl, suck Daddy's big cock"

"But sir, I don't know", Nat giggled, "I've never had such a big cock in my mouth before. It's so big and thick, I might gag on it".

"Oh christ", he grunted and grabbed Nat's head and pulled it down in his crotch, "suck me right now, whore"

Nat didn't fight him at all as she loved the way he took control of her. She stuck out her tongue and licked his big, swollen head, circled her tongue round it and finally opened her mouth and took the thick pulsating cock down her throat. In the background, she heard the man grunt and pushing hard at her back head to have her take his long thick cock all the way to the base.

She took a deep breath and relaxed her throat and he thrust her mouth down inserting the huge cock in her throat. She couldn't breathe but the feeling of her throat being outstretched by the thick meat aroused her and made her feel like a real professional hooker pleasing her stud. Nat tasted his precum oozing down her throat and his cock swelled even more.

Suddenly she heard him yell out and the cock contracted and spasmed in her throat. Moments later his first hot load of sperm spurted from his cockhead and down her throat. It filled her throat and instantly she tried to pull up her head, but he pinned it down forcing her to keep his cock buried in her throat while he kept firing his huge amount of hot sperm into her. Finally he loosened his grip at her back head and Nat pulled free and gasped for air while his thick white sperm drooled out of her mouth covering his crotch.

"Christ you're good", he gasped and tried to concentrate on the driving.

"Oh thank you sir", Nat giggled after having gained control of her breathing, "I hope my master is pleased with me."

"Oh yes, I'm very pleased", he laughed, "the more I get to know your abilities the more I'm looking forward to see you act in my film. Or perhaps acting is a wrong word, cause I don't think we'll see much acting, more pure real sexual lust and horniness. You seem just to follow your natural instincts"

"Oh thank you sir", Nat giggled, "I'm just doing my best to be a good little girl."

After about twenty minutes after they had left town, he pulled down a small road and stopped in front of a small farmhouse with a barn. In the farmyard were several cars and out from the house came a bunch of men. All well build and from 20 to about 50 years old. They surrounded the car and gazed into it where the man told Nat to stay inside and keep her dress tossed up and just play along with what the men were going to do.

He stepped out and someone handed him a camera. He made it clear to them that he started filming and the men indicated to Nat that she should roll down the window. She did and immediately two of the men stuck their hands through the open window and started caressing her thighs.

"Hello, little lady," one said, "Did you come all the way out here to show us your little slutty body"

"Yes, I love to show my body to strangers," Nat giggled and leaned back spreading her thighs wide apart, "do you like what you see, sir"

"Oh yea", the man laughed and slowly moved his hand to her pussy.

"Oh yes please touch my pussy", Nat giggled and saw how the other man unzipped his pants and took out his fat rigid cock. He stepped to the window and stuck it the car next to Nat's face.

"Oh sir", she giggled, "what a wonderful penis you have there. Perhaps you want me to lick it."

"Yes, and now" he yelled, "or we'll pull you out of the car and spank your ass".

"Oh sir what if I want both", Nat giggled and turned her head, "what if I lick your big penis now and then you could spank me later." And the she opened her mouth and the guy slammed his cock into her mouth, grabbed her head and fucked her mouth hard and deep while the other man played with her pussy and inserted several fingers in her already well lubricated slit.

Oh christ it's hot, Nat thought and saw the shop owner moving around filming both the hand buried in her crotch and the cock buried in her mouth. The fact that he was showing her face never even occurred to her. The filming of their use of her turned her on even more and she sucked hard on the cock thrusting in and out of her mouth and wriggled her ass on the seat to tell the guy how much she loved his finger fuck.

"God damnit", the guy in her mouth suddenly shouted, "I can't hold back any longer. That damn slut is milking my cock for sperm with that pierced tongue of hers."

The shop owner moved the camera near to his thrusting cock, and suddenly he pulled out and a second later his hot thick white sperm gushed from the bulging head and sprayed onto her face and mouth. Over and over the man shot his slimy load, the thick sperm flowed down her face and filled her mouth. The feeling of the warm sperm splashing onto her face, the camera recording every detail of it and the other man's fingers sinking deep into her pussy made Nat climax. She grunted in sexual excitement and her whole body shook with ecstasy, finally leaving her deep breathing and with a satisfied smile on her sperm covered face.

The shop owner opened the door. "Step out, slut", he shouted, and Nat slowly turned her body spreading her thighs wide to let the others have a glimpse of her naked and wet pussy and got on her feet.

"To the barn, whore", the shop owner shouted, and Nat walked towards it very much aware of the eyes following every move.

"Pull up your dress, slut" he shouted, "and wriggle that whore's ass."

'Um wonderful, ' Nat thought and pulled the dress around her waist and swayed and wiggled her naked butt while they kept behind her to enjoy it. She went into the barn and in there she was told to walk to a big wooden cross with rings in all four corners. Four men stepped to her, grabbed her arms and legs. Arms over her head, ropes around her wrists, her leg spread, ropes round her ankles too, and before she really realized what was going on, she stood there tied to the cross. Nat wasn't really scared, but assumed they wanted her to act frightened.

"No, what are you doing, let me go", she sobbed and tired to pull free.

"You just behave, slut whore", one shouted. Another man grabbed the spaghetti strings on her dress, tore them apart and pulled her dress down leaving her stark naked except for what was left of her the dress around her hips and the stockings that elegantly encased her legs. Two men stepped to her and without a word they started fondling her tits, pinching her erect nipples and caressing her pussy. Nat loved it and especially because she couldn't move or prevent them from using her as just their toy. When she saw another man coming towards her with a long thin whip in his hand, she got both a little worried how far they would go and aroused - she wouldn't mind just a little bit of spanking now.

The men got back and Nat got more than just a spanking. The man began touching her tits and nipples with the whip causing Nat to wiggle in fearful anticipation. Suddenly he hit her tits, and Nat cried out when the whip landed across them. It stung and burned.

"No, stop", she yelled and tried to wrestle free, but he followed and kept hitting them with not very hard slashes but hard enough to make them glow and get thin red stripes. Nat moaned and groaned, but after the first shock, she felt the heat and the itching pain turning her on.

"Oh yes, whip my slutty tits", she grunted and pressed her chest forward to meet his slashes, but suddenly he stopped and moved the slashes down her chest to her thighs. Nat held her breath and again got a bit frightened. Would he dare hit her pussy lips?

Yes, he would. Nat felt the whip slashing against her most private parts and yelled out again in shock as they started to burn. The remains of her dress began being torn to pieces against the whipping. Eventually her dress was nothing but tatters in front protecting her anticipating pussy. The thin whip kept striking her, fueling the fire between her legs. The man was experienced and knew exactly how hard he could hit her pussy to get just the right combination of pain and lust to raise in her. It was not long before Nat pushed her hips forward and tried to spread even further while she grunted and moaned and felt how her pussy leaked more and more juices. When she finally was on the edge of another climax, though, the man suddenly stopped.

Nat opened her eyes and looked at him like she asked why he'd stopped. "You want me to stop?" he asked. Nat hesitated for a moment not sure she could get over her lips to beg him to continue. But that was what her burning pussy longed for.

"No, please whip my pussy a little more," she whispered and swayed her hips to urge him on.

"Do you really want me to continue whipping your cunt? You want to climax while getting whipped little girl?" he laughed.

"Oh yes, please make me come. Abuse my horny pussy and make me climax on your whip". Nat whispered and blushed and, of course, he did what she asked. He snapped and slashed her swollen pussy and Nat again closed her eyes and concentrated on the wonderful pain and lust that spread from her pussy through her entire body. Suddenly she felt the orgasm racing through her. She hung in her arms, her thighs and hips shook and twisted and she cried out her climax while the man increased the power in the slashes.

"Oooooohhh christ... I'm coming!!!!!!" Nat yelled out with open mouth. For a very long time her body contracted in orgasmic contractions until she hung in her arms heavily breathing.

Slowly she gained control of herself and looked around and saw the happy smiles on the men's faces and got a little proud - she could please them so much with her sexuality. Then she was released and turned around and tied to the cross again.

"Now its time for you beautiful ass, slut," the shop owner laughed.

'Oh my God they're going to whip my ass, ' Nat thought and felt her submissive lust rush through her body.

"Oh no, please don't beat my ass too," she shouted and hoped it would urge them on and make them even hornier if they thought she was scared. Her plan seemed to work alright.

"Oh yes, we're going to whip your nice young ass bright read," one of them laughed, "we love when sluts beg us not to, whore".

"Oh no, I'm not that kind of girl", Nat whispered, "only perverted women want men to spank them"

"Exactly", he laughed, "and you're such a perverted whore, aren't you"

"Please don't talk to me like that and call me those awful things," Nat giggled.

"Because it makes your pussy drip with juices, doesn't it", he laughed. But he didn't wait for her answer. Suddenly the whip landed on her ass, ripping what little bit of her dress she had left. Nat cried out and tried to turn away, while a thin red line appeared across her soft white ass cheeks.

"NO!, Stop", Nat shouted, "it hurts"

"Of course it hurts, dirty sluts like you deserve to be shipped and feel the burning heat in their asses" he laughed and kept hitting her swaying and wriggling butt over and over. Her dress was reduced to nothingness. Again he turned out to be an experienced master as he used exactly the power that shortly after made Nat grunt and moan in pure lust feeling the pain and warmth combining with arousement in her body.

She stuck out her burning ass and waited for the next smack and her pussy went wild. And suddenly she felt another orgasm overwhelming her. Her whole body shivered and twisted and she screamed out loud pushing back her ass to meet the last slashes which increased her climax and prolonged it, until she hung in her arms gasping for air.

While she tried to regain her consciousness they released her arms and legs and pulled her to kind of a huge pillow on the floor. Before she really realized what they were doing they had her on her knees, her chest lying on the pillow and her hands tied to her thighs. In this position she could move and lay with her ass high in the air.

"What are you doing", she asked and was now really scared.

"Just assuring that you won't try to keep away or try to prevent that's next", the shop owner laughed, "and try to remember that you gave me full control over your body in return for the fee I gave you."

Nat didn't answer that, she, in fact, remembered the agreement quite differently. She had other things on her mind as she heard something behind her. She turned her head and got a huge shock: A large dog came towards her.

"What's that", she screamed knowing exactly what it meant.

"Yes, you're right", the shop owner laughed, "this fine animal is going to mount you and fuck your horny, dirty, perverted pussy".

"Noooooo!", Nat screamed and tried to pull her hands free from the strings tying them to her thighs. She was really fighting now; it was no act. "You can't be serious", she sobbed, "you're not going to let that filthy animal do anything to me".

"But of course I am", he laughed, "if you knew what kind of money I can get for a video where such a young good looking girl like you is fucked by a big dog".

Suddenly Nat felt the warm breath of the dog against her totally exposed ass. She wriggled it and tried to avoid the warm wet tongue which seconds later touched her pussy.

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