Natalie's Nasty Experiences
Chapter 4

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Sex Story: Chapter 4 - About Natalie who's a 20 year old college girl. She's taken on 7 guys in a gang bang and without her knowledge it's been video taped and now one of the guys is blackmailing her into being his slave girl. As the story develops she'll be used as his sex toy like a whore.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   Heterosexual   MaleDom   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Black Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Fisting   Bestiality   Exhibitionism   Size  

Another week went by and once again Nat thought that he had given up abusing her - and she almost felt a little sorry. Not that she in any way wanted him to contact her, because of course she hated being forced to let strangers fuck her and she hated the idea of him having all the terrible tapes with which he could make her do all the dirty things she hated. On the other hand, she sometimes felt stings running though her body when she remembered what they had done to her. Her pussy got so wet she sometimes had to ease the tingling between her thighs by fingering her well-used pussy or bouncing up and down on her rubber dildo in the shower. The images from the meetings with his friends popped up and made her climax very fast.

So without her having any control of it, her pussy instantly began to get wet again when she found a packet in her mailbox one day about a week later. She hurried to her apartment and tore the package open. It contained, as usual, a letter and videotape. Nat read the letter at once and the more she read, the wetter her pussy got.

"Hello, my little whore", her 'master' wrote, "sorry to have you wait so long for what I know you need so much. I know you're already hot and wet by now, so feel free to watch the tape and play with your wet snatch. The guys expect you to be dripping wet and ready when you come to our little party. Instructions follow at the bottom of this letter. I want you to buy a real nice school uniform and wear only that - no panties and bra, remember!"

Natalie followed the instructions and she could see that the address had to be out of town - he had promised to pay for the cab. Nat felt the whole situation making her hotter than she liked to admit, but being on her own in the apartment she couldn't stop herself from putting on the tape.

She sat in the sofa and watched what they had done to her on the latest meeting and soon she had to play with her swollen pussy. In the afternoon, she went to a special shop where her master told her that they sold uniforms like he wanted. It was an adult shop and she was the only woman in there. A few men walked around the shop and looked at all the sex items - videos, magazines and so on. Of course they all followed her with the eyes and she felt them undressing her with their eyes.

Nat walked to the clothes and found a uniform and tried not to look at the men around her. She walked to the desk and asked the price.

"It's for free if you put it on in here", the owner laughed and pointed at the front door. One of the other men smiled and walked to the door and locked it. Nat stared at the owner.

"No, just tell me the price", she whispered with begging eyes.

"Let me put it in another way", he said and looked not so pleased, "before you leave this room, you have shown us how exciting your young body looks in that little set. Go on, don't make a fuss, you can change in that room over there." He pointed at a cubicle in the corner of the shop and Natalie slowly walked to it, pulled the curtain and looked in the mirror.

She was blushing and felt so ashamed, but on the other hand she felt that she had no alternative, the men wouldn't let her go, and perhaps it was better not to make them angry. Slowly she took off her clothes and put on the uniform. Nat looked in the mirror and blushed even more. The skirt was so short, it barely covered her bum and the blouse was so thin her tits were easy to see through the white material. Nat put on the tie and the knee highs and her rather high heeled shoes.

She couldn't decide to walk to the men, but suddenly the owner divided for her by pulling the curtain away. Nat looked to the floor and felt their eyes suck in her body. They started clapping their hands and cheering.

"Wow", she heard, "you look terrific, take a walk and show us just how a slut like you show off to your boyfriend".

Nat walked round and they gazed up and down her half naked body and when she glanced at them, she saw the huge bulges in their pants. Bulges they caressed and fondled and a few minutes later took out and fisted. Nat didn't know what to do but she couldn't keep her eyes off the masturbating men who stared at her body from all angles.

H owner told her to lift the skirt and when she shook her head and looked at him with begging eyes, he said. "Don't worry, girl, I'll make sure they don't hurt you or try to rape you. It'd be bad for me if you went to the police. But on the other hand you could walk away with quite a lot of money if you played with their cocks and maybe let them spurt on your thighs or butt. Ok boys?"

"Yea", they all yelled and took out their purse.

"50 bucks each for a hand job", he said, "and 100 from me, if I can tape it, of course without showing your face. What do you say?"

Nat looked at the dollars. She could sure use the money and if he didn't show her face.

"Ok", she whispered.

"Ok, lady, me first", a man about at 50 years laughed and walked towards her fisting his huge cock. He stopped in front of Nat, and slowly she reached out and wrapped her hand around his warm, throbbing cock, which felt more exciting as she started fisting it up and down that she had expected.

The man grunted and the owner came to them with a video camera. Nat tossed up the skirt and stroked the cock and caressed the bulging head, and suddenly the man stiffened and the cock went rock hard. Nat knew that in seconds it would spurt it's loads all over her naked thighs, and it came as a shock to her that she in fact wanted him to shoot his warm sperm all over her legs.

He did. The thick white sperm suddenly spurted from the head and splashed onto her thighs and started running down to her knees. Nat looked down and found it very arousing and even pulled the cock to her bare skin. She enjoyed the feeling of the cock head massaging her thigh. The man thanked her and stepped back and another guy took his place. He also got a good fisting and shut his slimy sperm on her thighs while the owner filmed it all. The third man wanted to cum on her butt and Nat now more than gladly turned and wriggled her naked ass while he fisted himself to a huge explosion of cum which covered her ass and ran down over her unprotected pussy.

By now Nat loved the whole situation and stepped to a table and leaned forward placing her elbows on the table plate, a position that exposed her butt very exciting to the men. The men sheered her to wriggle her ass and stepped round her fisting their cocks and eventually spurting a lot of cum onto her ass and back.

At last they couldn't spurt one drop more and the owner gave her a towel to clean herself. "Thanks so much", he laughed and gave her the money. "You have more than deserved it, please come back another time".

And then Natalie changed into her own clothes and walked out in the sunshine and home, not really sure what happened. At the instructed time, Nat put on the school uniform and rang for a cab. As she walked to the cab, she felt it like both the driver and by passers in the street could see, that she wore neither panties nor a bra under the short and very revealing uniform.

It felt so humiliating and also so naughty, and Nat could fell her pussy getting wetter and wetter during the drive out of town, perhaps also because she saw how the driver had to look in his mirror all the time to gaze at her half naked tits which she knew he could easily see through the thin blouse. She was so ashamed and got hotter and hotter and suddenly she couldn't resist the lust to show him just a little more - teasing men had always been a thrill to her.

So she moved to the middle of the back seat where it would be possible for him to look between the front seats down her body. Slowly like she didn't think about what she exposed to him, she let her thighs slide apart. It made the skirt slide even higher and Nat enjoyed the way he stared at her and knew he could look her right up to her naked pussy. Suddenly the driver reached back between the seats and his hand started caressing her knee.

For a moment Nat thought of moving away from his hand, but she was already so worked up by the teasing, that she just opened her legs even further and the guy let his hand slide up her inner thigh. Suddenly Nat found herself sliding her bum forward longing for this stranger to reach her itching pussy with his fingers. Nat closed her eyes and enjoyed his fingers stroking her swollen pussy lips. Soon he managed to part them and she felt his thick fingers penetrating her by now very wet and ready pussy. She even helped him by moving her hips forth and back on the seat to feel the fingers move in and out of her while she started to massage her clit with several fingers.

Very soon she felt her pussy racing towards what she wanted so badly. When the climax exploded in her half naked body, she let out loud sighs and her hips wriggled and thrust up and down while her pussy squirted its hot cunt juices all over the driver's fingers. Being a polite man, he soon after pulled his hand away and Nat smiled at him in the mirror.

"Thank you, Sir", she giggled.

"All my pleasure, lady", he smiled.

A few minutes later they reached the address. Nat paid him and gave him a big, happy smile and stepped out of the car. He had taken her to a small farm, very secluded with no neighbors, and Nat looked a bit confused at the old house. A moment later the front door opened and her 'master' came towards her.

"Hello, little lady", he said and looked up and down her body.

"What a fine outfit, you have put on for me and my friends sake", he laughed and stepped up to her. Without warning, he lifted her skirt and pushed his hand against her naked pussy.

Nat thought for a second about turning away from his fingers, which in a second were examining her pussy in a way that made her feel like an animal being examined before sale. But she dared not put up any struggle and automatically she spread her legs to make it easier for his fingers to part her pussy lips.

"Just what I thought", he laughed, "My little whore is already dripping wet. Obviously you can't wait for my friends to start using your horny slutty little cunt, can you?" Nat looked down and didn't say a word. "Answer me, slut", he yelled.

"Yes, I need your friends to fuck me", she whispered and blushed - and felt her arousement rise again. If humiliation wasn't a strong turn on to her before, it was a big thrill to her now she had to admit. The way he just took control over her made her pussy contract and get even wetter. She was actually enjoying what was happening to her.

"That's right, and very soon your wishes will come thru", he laughed and pulled his hand away. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her towards the house. He pushed her into the living room and Nat stopped and looked at him in a kind of shock. In the room sat 6 old guys, old enough to be her father, maybe even her grand father, if they weren't black.

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