How I met Sandra
Chapter 5

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"Wow" I sat back in my seat and digested what I'd just seen, Sandra's hand was still between my legs, but she too was recovering from her own little orgasm, we just looked at each other and smiled.

"Well boss lady?" she smiled and licked her fingers, "Enjoy it?"

I really had to think about that one, there was no doubt that I'd been aroused, I'd even climaxed, but enjoyed it? No I don't think I did.

"Well it was different Sandra" I smiled, "I'll give you that, but to be honest, I'm more interested in Roscoe and what he's got to offer!

"A ten inch cock" she giggled and looked surprised when I laughed and said,

"You daft little bar manager slut, that's not what I meant, I was referring to what he's after in a business sense!"

"Your bar" she replied, "It's in a prime position and it's been established a lot longer than this place"

Roscoe rejoined us then and asked if we'd enjoyed the show, to which we replied that we had and he beamed happily.

"Why don't you come over and see me tonight Roscoe?" then realising my error, I pulled Sandra into my side, "I'm sorry, I mean us!"

She giggled and caressed my inner thigh again, "I think my beautiful boss lady's got the hots for you Roscoe!"

I detected a hint of uncertainty in her voice so I leaned into her and kissed her on the mouth,

"No I haven't got the hots for Roscoe, but I have got them for you" I caressed the nipple of her exposed breast, "He's a very attractive man Sandra and I'll cheerfully admit that I could enjoy a romp with him, but if you weren't with me, it wouldn't even get to the starting line!"

She turned to me and the dampness gathering in the corner of her eyes confirmed that I'd been right, "You're the boss, boss lady"

"I'm the boss lady in the bar, anywhere else I'm your lover, got it?"

"Got it!" and she returned my kiss tenderly.


Roscoe was still there with a big smile on his face and a handkerchief in his hand, which he used to dab his eyes, the big silly sod was getting as emotional as us two!

"Aw Roscoe!" We both leapt up and embraced him while he stood there looking quite embarrassed and uncertain.

"Please come over baby" Sandra begged him, "I even promise not to sulk if you and the boss lady, well, er, you know!"

"Ok, Ok, I'll come over, as long as Tara can come with me!"

I watched mystified as Sandra scooted over to the bar and clambered up to kneel on a bar stool so she could lean over towards Tara.

"Oh my God" I moaned to Roscoe, "Look at her gorgeous little bottom"

Sandra said something to Tara that we didn't catch and for a moment the beautiful black girl didn't move or speak, then suddenly she nodded, smiled and kissed my sexy little lover on the lips!

The naked bottom, which was the focus of our attention wiggled sexily and she scooted back over to rejoin us.

"Sorted" was all she'd say, but as we took our farewells, she added mysteriously, "I'll tell you in bed, boss lady!"

The girls in the bar all approved of our dresses and voted unanimously for wearing them as a uniform especially when I said there was a bonus of ten per cent of their wages if they wore them without panties for every shift!

Several booths were occupied and quite a few women were on the dance floor, although what they were doing could never be described as dancing!

One couple who I noticed were practically devouring each other, but they both wore a wedding ring and another idea began to formulate in my mind. As the music ended, I approached them and introducing myself, asked them if they'd join me and my manager in opening a bottle of champagne.

They looked a bit surprised but I assured them I wasn't about to try and sell them any timeshare and they agreed.

When I introduced Sandra, they both said with a laugh, "Hi again Sandra, you're not still sore are you?"

"Well the reason I've asked you to" then I turned to Sandra.

"Still sore?"

"Beats me boss" she said with an innocent look on her face and looked up to admire the ceiling!

"Hm" I smiled and turned back to Kathleen and Brenda, "Basically, I've just taken over and I want to expand the club, now here's the delicate part, as you can see, I'm not wired or anything and there are no hidden mikes anywhere in the place, but feel free to look"

"You can search me anytime" came a chirpy statement from beside me and she stood up in readiness.

"Ignore her" I laughed, "She's slightly deranged"

"Oh yes, we know that" laughed Brenda and Sandra decided it was time to go for the champagne!

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