Sacred Garden

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Sex Story: Prologue - A woman's affinity for nature lures her into a liason with a marshland denizen.Deep mud, arboreal penetration, non-fatal impalment and non fatal asphyxiation. - fetish material

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Fiction   Science Fiction   Masturbation   Sex Toys  

Placing her back inches from a large tree, Brenda stooped down and teased open a brown canvas satchel. The occasional wind-rush of a car traveling on the road, several yards away, served as a reminder that civilization seemed always to be only one step away. Her son, dear Christopher, had dropped her off on that highway a little over an hour ago. Brenda planned to return to the same rest area, four miles distant, at eleven a.m. tomorrow. Then her niece would pick her up there. Brenda intended to spend the night in the woods. A car left in the parking lot would provoke the Park Rangers into scouring the forest for her. That would hardly suit her needs.

From this parking lot, the Park Department maintained a seven-mile hiking trail. Hikers could follow this pathway as it wound its course up a mountain, and looped back to this lot. The trek was a scenic circuit. Numerous sparkling pools of mountain water were nested in solid stone. Small waterfalls and caves were chiseled out of the densely wooded mountainside by a labyrinth of small streams. Most tourists walked the confines of this course and returned feeling they had really experienced the wilderness. For the truly initiated; this is only the manicured door-stoop leading to a world where all boundaries to what is primal, and what is civilized, can become gray and hazy.

Brenda inventoried the contents of the medium-sized daypack again as she peripherally monitored the nearby family. The canvas sack held a blanket, a poncho and a beach towel.

The poncho was folded to hold a black silk scarf and also shrouded a quart bottle of blackberry brandy. A camera, a sketchpad and a hairbrush were also nested in the pack. Wrapped inside of the towel was a neon-green cylinder, ten inches in length. The tube was two inches in diameter, with a gently rounded nosecone on one end. The vibrator also had a knurled flat butt, which overlapped a small electrical switch on the opposite end. The device was accompanied by a black and silky nightgown. A pair of black pump high-heeled shoes with ankle straps had been secreted at the pack's bottom. The one remaining item was a small, jade vial, which had a screw on cap. Butterflies nudged against the inside of Brenda's ribcage as she wrestled with the anticipation of the adventure ahead.

It was only two o'clock, and yet it was getting late to start up the trail. Some of it was steep, and although the path was open to the public until dark, most people tried to be out of the woods for supper. Indian summer was upon the land with fierce warmth that rivaled the climate of summer. This was October's second week and the darkness of night would soothe the heated blisters of day by seven o'clock.

Although five vehicles were in the parking lot, the only other people in the staging area were a tourist family with license plates from an adjacent state.

The doting parents tended to a whining six-year old boy, as his slightly older brother and sister explored the perimeter of the parking area. Brenda's shoulder-length straight blonde tresses draped forward and veiled her impish blue eyes. She was watching them, and biding her time. Brenda wanted them to go ahead and enter the trail. Then she could be the last person to enter the trail today. Brenda's eyes sparkled as she rationalized that she had her reasons and needs to have the forest to herself.

Drawing the pack flap closed and cinching the hasp straps, she drew the pack between her tanned knees and leaned back against the chip-shingle bark of a Hickory trunk. This caused her cargo shorts to hike to the upper thighs of shapely legs and her light flannel shirt to snag on the rough bark in several places. Brenda caught the "Papa tourist" ogling her and nervously she smiled and moved the pack closer to her tummy. This caused him to tremble in an agitated manner. Brenda had never considered the enticing appearance that she projected, as she had smiled and drawn the pack against her crotch.

The voyeurism was not missed by the "Mama tourist", who in a loud voice, summoned her two meandering children and declared that their hike would start now! As they departed the parking area like a row of ducks, the mother shot a burning stare back-wards at Brenda, and Brenda sheepishly smiled again. She had to smile. The parents were only in their mid-thirties and encased in cellulite. The whole family was also sporting the sagging zippered belt pouches that made them appear like a band of urban marsupials, to her.

Brenda was a two months away from being fifty years of age, and in the best shape of her entire life. Her body was a tightly toned and tanned, five foot and four inches in height. The only clue to her years may have been the few crowfoot wrinkles at the outer corners of her eyes. Most men didn't start out by looking at Brenda's spectacularly deep blue eyes however.

Three years ago, after raising two children to adulthood, she had terminated her marriage to a cold and distant spouse named Louis. Rebounding from the resulting emotional cesspool, Brenda decided to rebuild herself. Evening classes at a nearby community college and running several miles a day were two of the steps she ventured in that direction. A home gym machine added to her fitness routines.

This combination resulted in many of her classmates and fellow workers of both genders hitting on the firm breasted beauty with heart-attack legs and taut round gluts. Although Brenda was fairly sure that she was heterosexual, she had no desire to have a man in her life presently. The moronic intricacies and rules that she deemed would be the accompanying baggage made her cringe.

The icy man, who had been her husband of twenty-five years, was her first and only lover. Louis had never given her the pleasures a woman needs. Brenda had never even known that such bliss existed. She had dreams and fantasies, but until a friend of hers gave her a book by a noted female psychologist, she thought she was alone with such wonderfully dark cravings. Brenda even had speculated that her sinful daydreams would cast her into the ranks of the sexual deviants that made newspaper copy with their arrests. In the anthology of fantasies many other women spoke of their wants and needs. It was while reading this book and touching herself, that Brenda masturbated for the first time in her life. When she experienced the intense gratification of her first climax, she wept for the lost years.

The new, rebuilt and improved Brenda was an explorer. Not dwelling for long on her losses, she sallied forth to gather every bit of information concerning anything she found even remotely erotic. Brenda's son, Christopher had moved back into the house when his father moved out. With him he had brought a computer. Brenda was set up as a user on her son's computer and had Internet access. The horizons of Brenda's quest broadened exponentially. There were so many forbidden avenues for her to investigate and so much self-revelation to catch up on.

Brenda was not a stranger to hiking. Her family had backpacked on weekends and vacations when she was a child. The lady had always loved the woods. She relished its bouquet of aromas and the changes that the seasons would render to it. Every glade was a place of great magic to her, and she would often skirt them and observe the beauty they held from several points of vantage. The reason Brenda was here today, was a blend of her newfound sexuality, and her intense affinity with the woods.

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