Kathy Carlson
Chapter 31

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Sex Story: Chapter 31 - Kathy is married to a hero, but now she learns how truly heroic he was. Part of the Ali Clifford saga, parallel in time with Allison. The later chapters -- those recently posted -- are, in effect, a book within a book with its own characters. The reasons for not making it a freestanding book are two. First, it uses many of the same characters. Second, and more importantly, it will clean up some loose ends regarding Kathy Carlson.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual  

Mike Morris awakened with a start the next morning when he felt an unaccustomed weight on his shoulder. Then he realized there was something supple and warm molded against his right side and his right hand was cupping ... a woman's very firm breast. Then he remembered: he was in bed with Judy...

My God, I still don't even know her last name! he thought, as the events of the preceding night came back in his memory with a rush. When he gently squeezed her breast, he was looking down at the girl and enjoying the feeling of her beautiful head on his shoulder.

Then he realized he was looking directly into her bright blue eyes. "Good morning, darling," she whispered. "Did you sleep well?" she asked with a wonderfully warm little grin. Judy stretched like a great golden cat and then burrowed even closer against him.

Then, with an incredibly quick and smooth motion, she rolled on top of his body and lay face-down on his chest with her chin resting on her folded hands. Moving up farther she positioned her mouth over his and lowered it until her lips just made contact with his. Their good-morning kiss was literally electrifying. Both of them felt the flow of electricity between them.

Easing upward she focused her eyes on his and whispered, "Michael Morris, I love you very much."

Reaching down behind her she found Mike's cock in full erection and his balls full. "You are so utterly spectacular, darling," she said softly. "You have stretched my insides so wonderfully." With her eyes wide she asked, "But don't you ever run out? I haven't even made a dent in your supply of wonderful cum."

Moving further down on his body she rose, placed his rod at the entrance to her vagina and lowered her body on it. "Oh God!" she moaned, "this feels so great!" Very slowly she began to move up and down on the cock impaling her body. Then she stopped and leaned forward asking, "Mike, would you squeeze my tits? Please?"

He did and she just moved her body slowly while she enjoyed his caresses. Meanwhile, she discovered internal muscles in her loins that she began to use to rhythmically squeeze his cock.

Meanwhile, Mike ran his hands lightly over her body focusing on her breasts and her buns. With daylight now coming in through the drapes, he could see that she had a perfect all-over tan and an utterly flawless body. Then he felt her loins quiver as she achieved an orgasm but at the same time strove to prevent him from releasing.

"What are you doing?" he asked softly.

"I'm fucking myself, darling," she replied, "but I'm doing it a new way — or trying to, anyway. I'm not really sure it will work." Remarkably, it did. She found that she could sustain her own orgasm by just playing with her internal muscles but without moving on his organ. When he finally released, his flood of cum took her over her crest and caused her to black out. Her body collapsed on top of his in a dead faint.

When he felt his pulsations stop and her involuntary vaginal contractions end, Mike carefully rolled her body off him, moved down on the bed, and then began carefully to lick out her cunt. He found he loved it. In spite of what he had expected, she smelled fresh and clean and tasted lovely.

As he was finishing, her eyes fluttered open and she trapped his head between her muscular thighs. "Look what I found!" she exclaimed with a grin. "What is it, do you suppose? Whatever it is, it's eating me up!" When he finished she asked, "Was that your breakfast, darling? Or would you like something more?"

He grinned back realizing that not only was Judy spectacular in bed but she seemed to have fun — she wasn't taking sex as a terribly serious thing.

They got out of bed and again shared a shower. While Mike shaved, Judy washed her hair to get rid of the sweat in her hair and scalp. Finishing first, she put on one of the two unisex terry robes and went to the sitting room to order breakfast from room service.

Mike came out wearing a robe at the same time the waiter arrived. Together they finished a remarkably large breakfast. Mike was amazed to see Judy eat it all and eat with relish. When he asked her, she replied simply that she was hungry pointing out that he had been getting all the rich protein from his cum, not her.

When they finished, Judy, who had taken off her robe as soon as the waiter left and had been sitting naked at the table, knelt on the floor in front of Mike and said, "The time has come, Darling. What changes would you like me to make in my appearance? I want to be as perfect in your eyes as I can be."

The intervening hours had done nothing for Mike except to confirm his original impression: she was utterly perfect as she was. At the same time he had come to realize that she was absolutely serious about her question so he decided to tease her.

Holding his chin in his hand he tried to look pensive. Finally he brightened and said, "Tattoos! That's what you need, Judy. Tattoos."

"What would you like, darling, and where?" she asked simply.

"Well, how about the Marine emblem across your chest, in red and gold, of course. Then in big red letters above your cunt the words, 'Property of Michael Morris'. I'll want something on your arms and back, too, but I don't know quite what, yet..."

Rising to her feet she asked, "Is there any place special to go? And do you want to come, too?"

Suddenly he realized she was absolutely serious. He asked incredulously, "Judy, do you know what you're saying? Do you know how they make a tattoo?"

"I think they will put ink on my body and then use a needle to drive it under the skin. It's something like that, isn't it?"

"But do you realize how painful that is? Can you imagine a needle over every square millimeter of your breasts? Can you believe how much it hurts?"

She looked genuinely puzzled. "I don't understand, Mike. What does that have to do with anything? If that's what they do, that's what we'll do. If it hurts, it hurts."

Shaking his head in disbelief he asked, "Judy, what would you do if I told you I wanted your tits for breakfast?"

"I would ask you how you wanted them prepared," she replied simply. "Then I would pray that I could be strong enough to cut them off and still prepare and serve them to you before passing out from the pain."

Shaking his head in utter disbelief — although, in fact, he believed her completely — he extended his arms and said, "Come here, Judy."

With her eyes wide she came to his arms. Then he lifted her up as if she were weightless and sat her across his lap. Hugging her tightly he whispered, "My darling, you are utterly perfect the way you are. You make me feel so incredibly humble, too.

"Now I know you were absolutely serious: You would make any change in your appearance I asked for — regardless of what it might be. Moreover, you would do anything I asked you to do without regard to what it might do to you. I'm right, aren't I?"

She just nodded her head once and nuzzled into his neck. Lifting her chin, Mike melted his lips against hers realizing only then the degree to which, from the very beginning, Judy had taken the initiative in their relationship. When they parted he said, "Judy, do you realize I don't even know your last name? How can I ask you to marry me, or have the Church publish the banns of marriage without it?"

"You don't ask me, darling," she replied. "You have to ask my parents." Mike was stunned by her reply. She eased his shock by adding, "It really doesn't matter what they say, my darling. I'll be your mistress for as long as you want me, regardless."

"But ... But when... ? How... ?" he stammered

"How about this evening?" she replied. "They're expecting us for dinner tonight. Cocktails at six."

Mike was so surprised at her responses, he didn't even notice that she still had not told him her last name. "But ... But what will their reaction be to my being a Marine?"

"That's a very good question," Judy replied looking pensive. "There's something you should know, I guess. Mom was one of the original anti-Vietnam protesters. You know: 'Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh! The Viet Cong are going to win!' — that stuff? I'm not sure what her reaction will be. Dad won't mind though ... I don't think."

Then she said, "Come on, lazybones. It's almost eleven o'clock already and I have the day planned. Looking outside, it appears that the weather is even cooperating."

Then Mike realized that all he had was his service dress uniform. Shaking her head Judy said, "No, you don't. It has to go to the cleaners so it will be spotless for tonight."

Reacting to his baffled expression, she continued, "I have a couple of things for you to wear." Going back to the bedroom she gave him a golf shirt and a pair of shorts with a drawstring waistband that fit him. She put on a pair of shorts and a tank-top. When he pointed out that her nipples showed clearly, she glanced down and said disinterestedly, "Yeah, I guess they do, don't they."

After giving Mike's uniform to the valet, she picked up a small purse and they left the room. Going outdoors, they found that the day was utterly perfect with the temperature already in the mid-80's and with the sun shining brightly. Leading the way, she went out to a Jeep in the parking lot and motioned for Mike to get in.

Driving over to the coast road, Judy headed north for a few miles until she reached a barely-visible track on the left heading down towards the water. At that point on the coast, the road was high on a cliff above the ocean. When they were off the road, Judy engaged the four-wheel drive and dropped the transmission into its lowest gear. Handling the vehicle expertly, she dropped down a series of switchbacks that Mike thought would have given pause to a mountain goat. Finally they reached the shore at a little cove with a tiny sand beach. He realized that with the cliff behind them they were out of sight of anyone on the land.

"Get dressed," she ordered. Mike didn't know what she meant but then laughed when he saw her stripping off her clothes. Reaching into the back of the jeep she took out a large hamper and led the way to a sun-drenched part of the beach. By now the sun was high enough to clear the cliff — Mike realized that the beach only got the sun in the afternoon as it moved towards the west; earlier in the day it was shaded by the cliff.

Carefully she spread two beach towels side by side, then took out suntan lotion to spread on Mike's white loins. When he insisted, she took out another bottle for him to use on her. He utterly delighted in the feeling of his fingers on her golden skin. For her part she began to explore his body, ending by lying on top of him and poking the dimpled bullet holes with her engorged nipples. She loved it.

Later they went into the water and Mike received another surprise. All members of the SEALS had to be very strong swimmers. Nevertheless, he couldn't come close to keeping up with Judy who moved in the water with the speed and effortless grace of a porpoise. The afternoon was an utter delight as they got to know each other's bodies even better, making love several times and swimming and sunning themselves the rest of the time. Somehow — he never found out how — there was a picnic lunch in the jeep along with a half-case of beer. During the afternoon they talked about all sorts of things and Judy realized that Mike was very widely read — it turned out to be about his only leisure-time activity.

Finally, at four o'clock she indicated it was time to leave. By the time they reached the top of the track up from the beach Mike was again shaking his head in amazement. Several times he thought they would have to abandon the Jeep, but each time Judy nursed it up yet another unbelievable incline.

When they returned to the hotel, Mike was skeptical about wearing his uniform. He wanted to go back to the base and put on civvies, but Judy wouldn't let him. "Darling, you are a Marine. It's a fact. If my mother doesn't like it, she doesn't like it, but it isn't going to change anything."

After showering, Judy had fun with Mike by making him dress her. For his part, he was astonished to realize that Judy wore no makeup at all except for occasional lipstick which she had worn the night before. He realized that her lips were naturally so red it scarcely made any difference, anyway. What she did use, though, were large quantities of musk oil and Mike applied it where she told him. When he was finished, she asked him to kiss her.

When he did and her passion released the potent perfume base, he was almost bowled over by the glorious smell of her perfect body. She just smelled fresh and sweet and clean. After slipping on the same white dress she had worn the previous evening, he even brushed her hair and reveled in the sensation. For her part, she insisted on then dressing him. It was apparent that she knew exactly how uniforms worked and how they should be worn. He even conceded that she tied his tie in an even more regulation knot than he did. Finally they left the room.

To Mike's surprise, they didn't go to the Jeep. Rather, they went to a sporty convertible. After putting the top down, they drove off. Reaching the main road, she headed towards Camp Pendleton and it was only then that Mike realized she had said nothing further about her parents other than the few sentences in the morning. "Where are we going?" he asked.

"To my parents', silly," she replied. "You know that."

"But where are they?" he persisted.

"At home, waiting for us."

A few minutes later, he was surprised when they swung into the main gate of Pendleton. She eased to a stop as the Marine sentry came to a meticulous salute. Mike returned it and she drove through. It was only then that Mike realized she had not picked up a vehicle ID card for visitors.

He was about to say something when she began a series of turns, ultimately heading for the most senior officers' housing. "By the way, Mike," Judy said with a grin, "I just remembered. I never answered your question about my last name. It's Jeffries."

Glancing at him she giggled as she saw Mike's face turn scarlet with embarrassment. It's a damned good thing I'm driving, she thought. If it were Mike, he would drive off the road!

"But ... But ... But..."

"But what, Mike?" she teased. "Spit it out."

"You ... You're ... General Jeffries' daughter!?" he stammered. "My God! Are you really?"

"Well," she said softly, "I call him Dad, but yes, he is Major General Stanton P. Jeffries."

As Mike sank back into his seat in a state of utter shock, Judy pulled the car into a driveway and shut it off. There by the front walk was a small sign reading, MGEN S P JEFFRIES. Mike looked at it in utter horror while Judy just casually opened her door and got out.

Turning back to Mike, she couldn't resist continuing her teasing: "Aren't you coming? I doubt if he'll bite. Shoot you, maybe, but I don't think he'll bite."

Mike slowly opened his door and got out. Straightening his back to ramrod stiffness, he marched beside Judy up the walk. As they approached, the front door opened and an officer with two stars on his collar came out to wait for them. When Mike was precisely two paces away, the general's hand came up in a meticulous salute. Although taken aback, Mike as meticulously returned it. Then with a yelp Judy dove into her father's arms.

"Darling, you look utterly exquisite," her father said when they ended their embrace. "You have never looked nearly this good in your whole life!"

At that point a beautiful woman came out of the house. Mike carefully saluted and then diffidently extended his hand. Ignoring his hand, the woman hurled herself into his arms and mashed her lips against his. Shocked, Mike almost fell over.

When she released him, she said warmly, "Oh, dear! Mike, I'm Sue Jeffries, Judy's mother. I guess you have really been assaulted by Jeffries women in the last twenty-four hours, haven't you? But you look like you survived the experience. Why don't we go out back and relax?"

"Ma'am ... General ... Sir, I should not enter your home. I seduced your daughter, sir. I took her virginity last night. I'm sorry, sir, but I am prepared to accept any punishment..." Mike's little speech was interrupted by gales of laughter from the two senior Jeffries.

When her mother started to howl with laughter, Judy punched her on the arm and said, "Mother! It's not nice to laugh at other people!"

While Stan Jeffries took Mike by the arm, Susan took her daughter's arm and said, "Darling, you're absolutely right! It's something your father and I have always taught you." Then she stopped and wheeled on her daughter exclaiming, "But Judy, Mike is so funny!"

The foursome went through the house and out to the patio in the rear. "Mike, may I take your coat?" Stan Jeffries asked. "I hope you'll stay for a while, now." Mike allowed the general to help him off with his uniform jacket. Then he sank into a chair and tried to clear his head.

"What can I get you to drink, Mike?" Susan Jeffries asked. Then she looked at him closely and said softly, "It looks like Judy was very good to you. Was she good in bed? She certainly has all the equipment. Her body is utterly fabulous!"

To his utter dismay Mike broke down into tears. "Mrs. Jeffries, I adore your daughter. She is perfection! But I was such a cad..."

"Mike, darling," Susan said softly while taking him into her arms, "she seduced you." Then she pulled up a chair, sat beside him and said, "I'm sure you have no idea what's going on. So let me just tell you that all she was doing was continuing a Jeffries' family tradition.

"You see, the first time I laid eyes on Stan he was in his command tent in Vietnam. The choice he faced was whether to fuck me on his desk or on his cot. I think we settled on his desk. I went there to interview him in my rôle as a broadcast correspondent and ended up marrying him.

"You see, Mike, he was exactly the way you are. If I hadn't stripped naked and asked him to please fuck me, I never would have had Judy — I would have been much too old. You're the same way, Mike.

"Even though I wasn't there, I can tell you what happened. Judy came into the room and saw you. My bet is that her heart turned over the first time she saw you. Then she asked you to dance and kissed you when the number ended." With a warm smile she asked, "Did you feel a jolt of electricity when she did?"

"Yes, but how did you know?" Mike replied looking utterly bewildered.

"Because it's exactly the way I felt," she replied. "Of course, when I first kissed Stan I was completely naked and my cunt was already running rivers."

By that time Stan Jeffries had rejoined the group. Judy was sitting across from Mike while her mother talked to him. Then she said, "Mike, I told Judy about you a few days ago. Looking at her now, I can tell that you and she created exquisite pleasure for each other, didn't you?" Smiling at him warmly she asked, "Mike, is my daughter good with you in bed?"

"Mrs. Jeffries, she could not possibly be better. I adore her and I want to marry her."

"Mike, you'll have to take that one up with my better half," she said with a warm smile. Turning to her husband she said, "Darling, Mike has a question to ask you."

Swallowing very hard Mike sat up as straight as he could and said, "General Jeffries, I would like to ask your permission to call on your daughter, Judy. I ... I love her more than life itself, sir, and want to marry her. In spite of what I did to her last night, may I have your permission to continue to see her?"

The general jumped from his chair and went to Mike. Lifting him out of his chair, he hugged him and then gripped his hand saying, "Major Morris, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to have you marry my daughter, Judy. In you she would be getting one of the greatest heroes our country has ever had." Then he looked at Mike and asked, "Major, do you want children?"

Taken aback, Mike didn't know what to say. "Sir, I haven't had a chance to talk to Judy about it yet. It's all up to her. Personally, sir, I would like children. I would like it very much."

"Mike," the General continued, "she hasn't talked to you, but she has certainly talked to her mother and me. The answer is she wants lots! Does that bother you?"

Mike was dumbfounded. Then he displayed the happiest smile the others had ever seen and said, "Sir, the fruit of her womb will be the most perfect little people God has ever created. Oh, yes, sir! As many as she cares to have!"

With that Judy jumped from her chair and leaped into Mike's arms. "Darling, thank you! Nothing would make me happier than to carry your children in my belly. Oh God! Thank you!" With that she melted her lips to his. Ignoring her parents he held her tightly and ran his fingers over her exposed back.

Drinks were produced and Stan Jeffries offered a toast: "To Michael Morris: Welcome to the Jeffries family. We could not possibly be more proud than we are to welcome you as our son. Now Sue and I can sit around and wait for the appearance of grandchildren we can love and spoil."

Then with a very warm smile he added, "Mike, I want to emphasize one point: We don't want to think of you as a son-in-law. We want you to be our son — the son Susan wanted so desperately but who we never had. Will you allow it? Please?"

Jumping to his feet Mike grabbed Stan's hand in a solid grip. Before he could do anything more, though, the general had wrapped his arms around the younger man and hugged him close. When he relaxed his embrace, Susan was standing there to take him into her arms to give him the most loving kiss he had ever had. When she released him Mike's head was spinning.

Judy said acidly, "Mother, he's mine! I trapped him fair and square!"

"Oh, pooh!" her mother exclaimed sticking out the tip of her tongue. "Didn't you ever hear of sharing? I mean ... Really!"

Sinking back into his chair, Mike just shook his head in bewilderment. "I don't understand," he said. "Judy said her mother was an antiwar protester. What happened?"

Susan winced and rubbed her ass which was as small and tight as her daughter's. "I really wish you hadn't said that, Mike," she said ruefully. "It's almost that time again."

"'That time?' What time?" Mike asked, puzzled.

"At least once a year — usually around Christmas — Stan takes me over his knee and spanks me hard. He says it's his way of getting my attention, claiming that I sit on my brains. Given some of my incredibly stupid ideas and attitudes in college, he's probably right, too."

Then she smiled and said, "Last year, now that she's an adult, Judy saw the whole thing. He takes my pants down and spanks the hell out of my bare ass."

"But then what happens?" Mike asked.

"Then I wipe away my tears, kiss his hand, kiss his lips, and thank him for refreshing my memory," she replied simply. "Since his hand is so hard, I normally still feel it for at least the next two weeks. Once, a couple of years ago, he spanked me on Christmas morning so hard I couldn't sit down. I ate my Christmas dinner kneeling on the floor. It served me right, too."

Then she looked at Mike and asked, "But how are you? I see the three Purple Hearts. Are you okay, now?"

"I'm fine, Mrs. Jeffries. Honest!"

"I wish I could be so sure," Stan interjected. "Mike, there's something you should know: At headquarters we got a memorandum about you from the medical people. On your last checkup following your release, they didn't like a couple of things they found. After the first of the year they want you back for retesting." He looked concerned as he added, "Mike, you could be looking at a medical retirement."

Mike was stunned at the revelation. Tears began to flow as he rose and said, "Judy, I don't know what to say. I ... I took your virginity. It's something you were saving for your husband. Since we can't marry, I can't tell you how terrible I feel about what I did to you..."

"You did nothing!" she cried as she jumped to her feet and into his arms. "Besides, you asked me to marry you and my parents approve. The only open question is the date. Now what is this nonsense about not marrying me?"

"But darling," he protested, "You heard your father. I'm defective. I..."

"It's only your brain that's showing signs of a major defect, darling," Judy interjected. "But your body is simply glorious!" Turning to her father she asked, "Dad, do you know what it is the doctors are concerned about?"

"Mike, it has to do with shoulder mobility. It's something pretty technical but has absolutely nothing to do with your life expectancy. I guess it means you shouldn't do much Arctic camping in the winter — your shoulder might stiffen up or something."

"See, idiot!" Judy exclaimed. "You can't get away from me that easily." Then she went to his arms and melted him with the most passionate kiss he had ever had. When they parted, Judy said, "As a matter of fact, darling, you got permission from my parents to continue to see me but you haven't asked me. What about it?"

"Darling," he asked, "may I see you again?"

With an impish grin Judy unzipped her dress, stepped out of it and then stepped out of her bikini. "The answer is yes, darling. Is this soon enough? Or would you like to see more?"

"Judith Barnes Jeffries, get your clothes on this instant!" her mother ordered while barely able to control her giggles. "You're not two years old, anymore. What do you think this is, anyway?"

Judy was back into her dress almost as fast as she had removed it. Looking at her mother she said in her most reasonable tone of voice, "But Mother, my fiancé asked if he could see me again. I was just being agreeable."

The foursome then relaxed around the patio table and got to know each other. For Mike, who had been an orphan for years, it was a delight. When he finally recovered from the shock of finding that his lover's father was also his commanding general, he found he liked the idea. They certainly had a great deal in common. Moreover, Stanton Jeffries was one of the most respected generals in the armed forces, combining the skills of a strategist and tactician with those of a troop commander. When they finished dinner, the four agreed that the wedding plans would remain open pending a resolution of Mike's status with the Corps.

As they were leaving, Judy kissed her parents and then told her father, "Dad, if Mike has the duty on the weekend before Christmas, I will personally shoot you! I have plans for him. It's our Clifford & Jamison Christmas dance and I want to show off my new trophy. Besides, it's my chance to gloat at Kathy and Ken Carlson's expense."

"Ken Carlson?" her father exclaimed. "Do you mean Carlson's Rangers?"

"Sure do, Dad," she replied. "His wife is paying for all the arrangements for this weekend. For some stupid reason or other she thinks she owes it to me. The fact is I think of her as my sister. She's just great!"

While she was talking Stanton Jeffries was looking thoughtful as he searched his memory. Then with a snap of his fingers he exclaimed, "Kathy Carlson? Kathy-grams?"

"That's her, Dad," Judy replied. "She is the most beautiful, most loving and purest person I know. She also singlehandedly saved a man's life in a sewer collapse and won the first golf tournament she ever entered by fifteen strokes. That's Kathy. She was Ken's inspiration with all of her letters to him when he was in Vietnam."

"Darling," her father said, "the only person who can conceivably rival your lover for heroism is Ken Carlson. If his wife is your best friend, you can't possibly do any better." With a grin at Mike he added, "You can tell Ken that his guys are still giving Mike's people fits! And there aren't many guys who can give Marine Force Recon fits, believe me!"

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