Kathy Carlson
Chapter 24

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Sex Story: Chapter 24 - Kathy is married to a hero, but now she learns how truly heroic he was. Part of the Ali Clifford saga, parallel in time with Allison. The later chapters -- those recently posted -- are, in effect, a book within a book with its own characters. The reasons for not making it a freestanding book are two. First, it uses many of the same characters. Second, and more importantly, it will clean up some loose ends regarding Kathy Carlson.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual  

During the last week of their stay on Maui, Kathy began to play tennis with the Trangs. As she suspected, they were both remarkably well coordinated. Since the game she played was against the twins playing together, they quickly became very good because of the way they seemed to share a single brain. It was like playing one person with two bodies, employing each one to maximum effect.

When she insisted on massaging them after their match, Kathy realized how perfect the two girl's bodies now were. With all their exercising, their muscles were now similar to Kathy's. She continued to teach cooking to Hank and to play golf with Ken who was now playing regularly in the seventies.

She knew they were scheduled to leave the following Monday morning so, after consulting with Ken and the Conroys, she made arrangements to charter the same yawl on Friday to return Sunday evening. Even though she ensured that it was fully provisioned, there was another idea developing in the back of her mind.

After casting off on Friday afternoon, they quickly cleared the harbor and then headed straight out to sea. When they were out of sight of land, Celeste changed course and headed for the tiny cove they had found on their previous expedition. Once again, as soon as they cleared the harbor, everyone shed their clothes.

Ken and Kathy along with Jim and Hank were lying on the fantail soaking up the warm sun. As they lay there, they watched Marie talking with Tommy on the foredeck by the mainmast and then begin to give him more lessons in lovemaking. He was just verging on puberty and had started to sprout. Already he was taller than Marie's five feet one. His normally sandy hair was bleached by the sun and he had the characteristic Conroy deep all-over golden tan.

The boy's eyes were wide as Marie took his hand and gently used it to stroke her full tit. Then she showed him how to tease a woman's nipple and finally introduced him to her cunt, showing him where the clitoris was and how to stimulate it. He did and kissed her on the lips at the same time.

The boy was exhilarated. Her lips communicated the same love as his mother's but it was different. There was an overtone of latent passion in her kiss. Meanwhile he continued lightly to stroke her clit the way she had shown him. Moments later, he was startled as her loins began to buck involuntarily and she released a small flood of love juices.

Marie just kissed him and said softly, "You did it, Tom. Now you clean up the mess!"

He looked at her, not knowing what she meant. Tenderly, she pushed his head down towards her crotch which she raised up for him. Understanding now what she meant, the boy's head went down and he began to lick up her love juices. When he lightly bit her clit, he was rewarded with another stream of juices as her hips bucked in another orgasm.

When she was cleaned off, she pulled him up beside her, held him tightly and whispered, "Thank you, Tom."

He looked into her face and was surprised. There was something in her eyes he had never seen before, but beyond that, it was the first time she had ever called him anything but Tommy, so he asked her about it.

Cradling his face in her hands, she slowly kissed him full on the lips and then ran her tongue into his mouth where she could still taste her own love juices. There was even more in this kiss than there was in the last. When she released him, she said softly, "Tommy is a boy's name. Tom is the name of a man. When you made me cum, you became Tom."

Meanwhile her hands were moving gently over his body and she could feel his early muscular development. Although he had only just reached the onset of puberty, his penis was already growing. Marie was fascinated to see that it was in full erection although still only a fraction of the size it would ultimately become when he matured. The first traces of his pubic hair were also beginning to appear.

She admitted to herself that the size of Ken's cock frightened her because it was so large. Looking at Tom's, though, she found it both beautiful and fascinating with its perfect shape and pink head.

Almost without conscious volition, she moved her head down and took the lovely thing into her mouth. She sucked it, then removed it from her mouth, kissed the tip and began to lick it like an ice-cream cone. Tommy was utterly astonished at first, but then he remembered what his parents did all the time.

He had been resting with his back against the mainmast. Now he changed position and lay on his back on the teak deck. Then using his developing muscles, he lifted Marie's lower body over his face and began to work on her cunt again. This time he found the entrance to her vagina and worked on it with his tongue. Meanwhile, he couldn't believe the sensations he was feeling in his loins. His erection, the largest of his young life, was getting even larger in response to Marie's oral stimulation.

While sucking as hard as she could, she was also manipulating his balls. Then she squeezed hard. His pelvis involuntarily jerked and he exploded with jets of cum in her mouth. At the same time he bit on her clit triggering an explosion of her own. After she relaxed on top of him while she regained her breath, she again began working on him.

The idea had just occurred to her to drain him dry. With the combination of her mouth and fingers, she was able to get him to cum a second and then a third time. Tommy was finding he loved the taste and smell of this beautiful woman's cunt and was now practiced in stimulating it. Finally he realized that he could play this woman's body as if it was an organ. On the third time he came in her mouth, he nearly blacked out. After biting her clit hard, he realized Marie had gone limp on top of him. She was unconscious.

Easing out from under her, he leaned back against the mast and reoriented her body against his own. Now her head was on his shoulder and his arms were around her body with her tits cradled in his hands. When she recovered consciousness, he reveled in the feeling when she stretched and he could feel her very firm tits move under his hands. She turned her face towards his.

When she did, he lowered his lips to hers and kissed her as passionately as he could. Marie just snuggled back against him and asked him to grip her tits tighter. Then, with her eyes closed, she said softly, "Tom, in my country when a boy is about to become a man, his father takes him to a woman who teaches him about lovemaking. As far as I know, there are no such places in the United States. I was very pleased to do it for you. Did you like it at all?"

He couldn't even speak, but he vigorously nodded his head. A few moments later he could feel Marie's body go limp as she just fell asleep while being held in his arms.

Meanwhile on the stern, Samantha had rejoined her parents, the Carlsons and Celeste. She whispered, "Mother, what was going on up there? Why is Tommy looking like the cat who just swallowed the canary?"

By this time Hank was stretched out flat on the deck with her eyes closed. Without opening her eyes she said softly, "Samantha Conroy, that has to be the all-galaxy dumbest in a long line of dumb questions from you.

"If you were a twelve-year-old boy and a Playboy centerfold came to life in your arms and then drained your balls with her mouth while letting you entertain yourself with her cunt, how the hell do you think you would look? Tom is in heaven right now, but heaven is here on earth."

Then she raised herself up on her elbows and said, "Incidentally, Miss Superior, I don't think you'll have to worry about your brother embarrassing you with the girls." She shook her head and smiled warmly. "Can you imagine? Compare Marie's body to the most-developed sixth grader you know. What do you think the comparison would be?"

"But Mom, that's unfair!" Sam protested. "Marie is a perfectly-formed, mature woman; they're only starting to bud ... if they've even gotten that far."

"You're right, darling," Hank replied. "She is a perfectly-formed adult, isn't she." Twisting her head to look at Celeste she asked, "Does that embarrass you, Celeste? Or make you jealous?"

The girl replied, "You forget, Mrs. Conroy, that my sister and I share each other's great pain or great pleasure. That was an exquisite pleasure for my sister and I enjoyed it with her."

While the lovemaking on the foredeck had been going on, the boat had reached the cove. Celeste had ordered the sails taken in and, with the auxiliary engine engaged, very delicately eased it over the cut in the reef into the little bay. Then she ordered the anchor dropped and backed down on the engine to set the anchor flukes in the bottom. To be safe, she maneuvered with the engine and ordered the second anchor dropped, as well. After setting it, she shut down and started below to gather up their provisions.

It was only then that Kathy laid out her idea. She said, "Folks, we're out here as sort of a back-to-nature thing. How about doing it right? What I mean is let's pretend the boat is wrecked and sinking. The only things we have are what we can bring ashore, swimming." Looking around for Hank she said, "And Hank, that includes baby Kathy. Are you game?"

The idea was greeted with enthusiasm. When Hank explained to her little girl what was in store, Kathy clapped her little hands in glee. They took direction from Ken and each took an article or two that they could swim with. Hank got into the water and Marie carefully lowered Kathy over the side. In spite of being only two years old, the little girl immediately struck out for shore with her mother swimming the breast stroke behind her. To Hank's utter amazement, the little girl made the whole distance by herself — a distance of almost 500 yards.

When they were ashore, the men began by cutting saplings to use to make a shelter, while the Conroy children started digging a fire pit. Kathy and Marie had brought tridents with them and immediately swam out to the reef to see if they could spear some fish. They did, and brought them back and cooked them on an open fire. By nightfall they had built a lean-to that was shared by the adults. On Friday night, Kathy and Hank linked wrists as their husbands plowed their insides.

The following two days were the most remarkable of the entire honeymoon. In spite of the yawl being anchored only 500 yards away, it was exactly as if they had been shipwrecked. While exploring in the jungle for a source of fresh water, Ken found a waterfall coming from over 100 feet above their heads. In spite of being in the tropics, for some reason the water was icy.

When he reported back, Kathy was the first one to take a freshwater shower in the falling water. Ken watched as she walked in and just stood in the frigid water in spite of the goose bumps appearing on her skin. When she finally came out, she was shaking from the cold. He wrapped her in his arms and just held her tight, feeling her body shake.

When she had warmed up, she just raised her face and he gave her the most passionate kiss she could remember. Smiling up at him she said, "Ken, darling, help me get warm again. Fuck me, please."

He grinned, picked her up in his arms, carried her back to the beach, lay her down and tried his best to fuck her ass off.

On Saturday morning, they heard a screaming in the jungle. Since Ken had set snares, he followed the sound and found a wild boar caught in one of them. When he and Jim carried it back to the beach, Kathy took one look, set up a tripod to hang it from, slit the boar's throat and gutted it, giving some of its internal organs to the older Conroy children to use for fish bait. With help from Jim and Ken she finally set up a spit and asked Tommy and Kenny to take turns turning it.

On Saturday afternoon they had the most magnificent roast pig anyone could ever remember eating. Even little Kathy made herself useful by finding leaves of an appropriate size and shape to serve as plates.

Late Saturday afternoon, while Sam and Tommy were with their younger siblings, Jim and Ken emerged from the water where they had been spearing shellfish for dinner. They found their wives side by side on the beach holding hands. Their legs were spread wide while Marie and Celeste worked on them. Using two shells as tweezers the girls were working on the women's pubic hair, pulling out everything except the dense curly bush each had above her cunt. They had already worked on the labia, painfully pulling out every stray hair to leave a hairless area on each side of their slits.

It was apparent to Ken from the tears rolling down their cheeks, coupled with the intensity with which the women were gripping each other's wrist, that it must be terribly painful. The two men remained out of their wives' sight line and watched as the Vietnamese girls finished up. Finally they put their weight back on their heels and admired their handiwork.

The two women sat up and carefully studied themselves and each other. Then Kathy asked, "Hank, do you think Ken will like it? I think it looks pretty neat."

"Ken thinks his wife is the most beautiful thing on two legs — with or without a couple of stray pubic hairs," he said, dropping to his knees beside her. Taking her into his arms he asked, "Why, Kathy? Jim and I could see that you and Hank were in agony. Why did you do it?"

She melted her lips against his in a kiss that was loaded with passion. With her eyes still glazed she asked, "Do you remember Sam's story about Hank and the salt and pepper? Darling, the object is to be more attractive to you in any way I possibly can. If it causes me a little pain, that's the price I pay."

"What if I wanted to brand my initials on your body?" Ken asked with his face impassive. When he did, Marie and Celeste looked meaningfully at each other.

"Where would you like them, darling?" she asked. "How big do you want them to be?"

Ken took his wife in his arms and held her tightly. Then Kathy could feel a wetness on her cheeks and moved away so she could look at him. When she did, she found that he was crying. "What's wrong, my darling?" she asked.

With tears continuing to roll down his cheeks Ken just shook his head and said, "You would do it, wouldn't you? Just because I thought it might be intriguing. You would mark yourself for life just for that?"

Looking puzzled, Kathy just replied, "Of course."

"Darling, don't you dare!" Ken nearly screamed. "I adore you just the way you are ... And you make me feel so humble in the presence of your love, that I can't stand it. Darling, I'm not worthy—"

"You are worthy of anything I can possibly do for you, Kenneth Carlson, and don't you dare forget it!" she exclaimed, cutting him off. "You are my life in the same way Jim is Hank's. I can't live without you, my darling. I really cannot." Then with a little smile she asked, "Now would you please try out my newly neatened-up pussy?"

"But honey," he protested, "it's still in agony. You couldn't possibly—"

"My darling," Kathy interrupted, "Ginger told me about a time when her asshole was stretched to three times its normal size and hurt so much she couldn't sit down. Her cunt was so sore she couldn't touch it, and her throat hurt so much she couldn't eat. It was all from taking Charley inside her, of course. She told me how she tried to determine which way she should take Charley first — the answer being the way in which the pain wouldn't be so great that she would pass out.

"You see, it was only a question of the first time because after he was inside her, the pleasure he created drowned out any amount of pain. She did take him all three ways that night, too." Then with a little grin she said, "Darling Ken, you could consider it to be an anaesthetic fuck. I need it to kill the pain."

By this time Ken's cock was at full erection. Kissing her as passionately as he could, he entered her. Despite her one involuntary scream of pain, in moments it was forgotten as her passion and joy mounted with Ken moving inside her.

On Saturday night, Kathy noted that Marie was sleeping beside Tommy. The boy had spent hours that day with some dried palm leaves he had found. Using one of the knives, he had cut it into strips, carefully wove it into a band, and formed it as a bracelet that he gave to Marie. That night, with the Carlsons and the Conroy adults sleeping beside each other, Marie slept in Tom Conroy's arms wearing his bracelet on her wrist.

On Sunday morning, the Carlsons and the Conroys went spear fishing near the reef, looking for a dinner. They planned on leaving the island after lunch to return to Kapalua. While they were gone, Marie and Celeste stayed ashore to prepare the fire and to look after Kenny and little Kathy.

When the others were well away from the beach and away from the anchored boat, Marie swam out to it, retrieved something she had brought with her, and swam back to shore. By the time she returned, her sister had the fire banked to packed coals which were now glowing red hot. Marie put the end in the fire and went off to play with the children. As she did, she worked them farther and farther away from the fire, then started to build a sand castle with them. When they were engrossed in their task, she quickly slipped back to the fire.

When she returned, Celeste asked, "Let me go first. Please?"

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