Kathy Carlson
Chapter 15

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Sex Story: Chapter 15 - Kathy is married to a hero, but now she learns how truly heroic he was. Part of the Ali Clifford saga, parallel in time with Allison. The later chapters -- those recently posted -- are, in effect, a book within a book with its own characters. The reasons for not making it a freestanding book are two. First, it uses many of the same characters. Second, and more importantly, it will clean up some loose ends regarding Kathy Carlson.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual  

When the women reached Hank's ball, the men had been waiting and had started to wonder what had happened to them. Jim started to make a crack to his wife about getting lost when his jaw just dropped, realizing that both women were now nearly nude. Then he just grinned at Hank whose naked blonde beauty was overwhelming. She was a vision in shades of gold with her golden tan, brilliant golden blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes.

After motioning to Kathy to put sun protection on Ken, she spoke in low tones to her husband. Without saying a word about their nakedness, she said, "Hon, could you help Kathy? Believe it or not, this was the first time she ever hit a golf ball except in a computerized golf trainer. The girl who taught her is a general physical education graduate with no golf experience at all. Kathy really doesn't even know how to hold a golf club."

Then she smiled warmly and said, "Darling, I love her. I really do, and it has nothing to do with the fact that we owe our lives to her and Ken. Honest! It's something else ... something I can't put my finger on. But really, she's got the potential to be a really good golfer. You saw how far she hit the damned ball!"

Jim just shook his head and waited for Kathy to finish with the suntan cream. When she did, she grinned and wiped her forehead saying, "Good grief! Have you ever tried to oil a brown bear? That's Ken."

While Hank looked over her own ball lie and got ready to take her shot, Jim took Kathy out of earshot and gave her a club to hold. When she did, he frowned. The way she held it made it remarkable that she could hit the ball at all. He showed her the correct grip for her, and she took a couple of practice swings.

Even her practice swings caused Jim's eyes to widen. As a professional athlete, he got a hint of Kathy's hidden muscle development. He gave her a couple of other suggestions while Hank hit her second shot to a position short of the green but on the fairway. When they reached Jim's ball, he just glanced at the flag-stick, selected a club and smoothly lofted a shot that landed to the right of the pin and rolled about thirty feet beyond. He was in perfect position to make his par.

Ken's ball was found, but it was in rough so dense that he had no possible shot. Claiming an unplayable lie, he took a penalty stroke and dropped his ball out on the fairway. He hooked his next shot which carried beyond the hole and into more rough. Jim watched his swing, was troubled by what he saw, but couldn't figure out what the problem was.

When the girls reached Kathy's ball, Hank looked at it, then at the green, selected a club from Kathy's bag, and then gave it to her saying, "Just hold it the way Jim told you and swing the way you did on the tee."

Kathy positioned herself, carefully gripped the club lightly with her hands on the grip the way she had just been taught, and then took an easy swing. The ball soared in a high trajectory in a line straight for the pin. It landed on the green about twenty feet past the flag, but its backspin brought it back to within six feet of the cup.

When Kathy saw what she had done, she leaped joyously into the air and then hugged Hank tight. As she did she felt the odd but pleasant sensation of feeling her bare tits crushed by another pair nearly as firm as her own. Jim missed his first putt but the ball stopped only inches beyond the cup, leaving him a tap-in par. Then Kathy lined up her putt carefully, assessed the roll of the green, and firmly stroked the ball. It followed the green contour that she had accurately read and dropped in the hole for a birdie three.

This time it was Hank who leaped up in the air while Kathy, still unsure of herself, asked, "Was that good?"

Her friend grinned and replied, "Let's put it this way, Kath: We get a stroke a hole. In addition we get a stroke on the women's handicap holes one through nine. This is nine. You scored a three, minus two strokes for a net one! Hell yes! it's good. Sweetheart, a one beats a four almost every time," she finished with a grin.

When Kathy apologized for being so stupid, Hank took her in her arms and kissed her solidly again, murmuring, "Kathy Carlson, I love you like the sister I always wanted but never had. You are just great!"

For his part, Ken was having problems with his game. Although he hit very powerful shots, they were going all over the course. Nevertheless, he was having a wonderful time talking with Jim and just watching his wife's body move so gracefully. She had an apparent total disregard for her nudity.

Then he watched Hank and commented to Jim, "You're a very lucky guy, Jim. Hank is an incredibly beautiful woman." When he said it, he was reminded of Mike Higgins comment Saturday night. He really didn't normally see women as women; rather, he just saw them as people. From his reaction, Ken thought Jim was the same way. His eyes were locked on his wife's beautiful body and he seemed to delight in just watching her move.

The match settled into a pattern. Hank was just hitting her ball for the hell of it but having fun. She was never in serious scoring contention. Instead, she was concentrating on coaching Kathy. On each shot she would select Kathy's club, show her where to aim and then watch the ball fly off her clubhead toward the pin. She just shook her head in amazement when she realized that her new friend was regularly hitting the ball nearly 200 yards off the tee, and her irons proportionately as far.

After just a few holes all the rough edges were off Kathy's swing and she was playing as if she had been born with a golf club in her hand. Jim was playing his usual conservative game and shooting par golf, while Ken continued to be all over the course, yet he was still hitting the ball a mile. Unfortunately his balls were sailing off in all directions. The result was that the men were down five holes by the time they reached the sixth. Moreover, they were down by one hole without considering the handicap.

The sixth hole on the Bay Course does the sixteenth at Pebble Beach one better. While the Pebble Beach hole has the Pacific on one side, the Kapalua sixth uses the Pacific as a water hazard: A player shoots over it. The tee is on the north side of a narrow, rocky defile with the Pacific waves breaking inside, while the green is on the south side. With the waves breaking far below, there is no such thing as trying to retrieve a ball that lands in the water.

As she stood on the tee looking at the green across the water, Kathy looked like a goddess standing nearly naked against the wild backdrop of volcanic cliffs and the breaking waves. Hank put a club in her hand, winked and said, "Kathy, do your thing!"

Kathy winked back, deciding that Hank was a great coach and a wonderful friend. Moreover, in spite of finding it so easy, Kathy found she loved the game of golf.

Teeing her ball very low the way Hank told her to do for an iron shot off the tee, she swung the short iron with a smooth, easy swing. Completing her follow-through, she looked up in time to see the ball in a mile-high trajectory coming down headed right for the pin. This time it landed three feet beyond, but the backspin on the ball walked it back towards the hole. It stopped almost on the lip of the cup.

This time everyone cheered, and Kathy jumped up and down. Ken swept her into his arms and kissed her for luck, but then, tasting her lips, kissed her again seriously. Kathy wrapped her arms around his neck and hung on as her knees turned to rubber and the electricity flowed between them. She was still wobbly when he released her.

She yelled, "Director! Where in hell is the tournament director?" Then looking at Hank she asked, "Isn't that against the rules or something? This big bear knows damn well that every time he kisses me like that my knees turn to water and I end up as just a glob of warm mush."

Hank, who had seen the passion and electricity in their kiss, thought, Just like Jim and me! In response to Kathy's complaint, though, she tried to appear sympathetic and said, "Kath, it certainly ought to be. On the other hand, given a choice of a hole-in-one or one of Ken's kisses, which would you take?"

"Damn it, Conroy! That's an unfair question. Of course, I'll take the kiss ... But why should I have to choose?"

Hank just stuck out the tip of her tongue and grinned.

Kathy, feeling warm and wonderful, just grinned back. Her tap-in birdie won the hole outright, although Jim just missed a birdie himself to tie — gross — when his putt rimmed the cup, but didn't drop.

When they reached the tenth green — Kathy had refused to put on a shirt on the tenth tee in spite of being in sight of the clubhouse — she looked at Hank and asked with a mischievous grin, "Are your pants as wet as mine? You know, wet pants can cause chafing and irritation and..." With that she just slid her bikini off and stood up, proudly naked. Hank just grinned and slipped hers off, too. When the men saw their wives, they grinned at each other and just shook their heads but didn't say a word.

Finally, on the seventeenth hole Kathy had a very make-able twenty-foot putt. As she was standing lining it up, Ken came up behind her, put his arms around her, gently ran his fingers over her bush and into her slit, and then gently teased her clit. The instant orgasm she experienced resulted in her vaginal juices dripping onto the ground, while Kathy just leaned back against him and moaned softly. Then he raised his hands, cupped her sweat-slickened tits, and gently pinched her nipples.

When Kathy took her putt, her knees were still wobbly and she wasn't close. At that, she started to cry and Ken took her in his arms to comfort her. Actually, it was all an act. When she was in his arms, she started to pound on his chest with her fists, exclaiming, "Kenneth Carlson, I hate you! You are a brute, a bully, a ... an ... an attacker of defenseless women..."

Ken howled with laughter and exclaimed, "Defenseless? You? Kathy Carlson, why do you think I work to stay in shape? If I didn't, I'd be killed! Defenseless, indeed!" Although she tried to act mad, Kathy couldn't control her grin.

It was with the greatest reluctance that the girls put on their clothes after teeing off on eighteen. In defiance, they refused to put on their bikinis — they were wearing their shorts and shirts and nothing else. When the match was finally over, the men had been devastated. Although Jim had shot a two-under-par 70, Kathy had finished with an astounding score for the first round of golf of her life — a one-over-par 73.

Kathy was utterly ecstatic and kissed everyone. When she kissed Jim, it was the most loving, yet the most passionless kiss, he had ever experienced. He held her in his arms after the kiss was ended and looked at her. He could see her eyes dancing with delight when he said, "See? Aren't I a great pro? One lesson and you shoot a 73!" Then he kissed her again.

Hank tapped him on the shoulder and pretended to frown. "Conroy, remember me? Henrietta? Referred to by some as your wife?" They winked at each other and he folded her into his arms. Their kiss had all the fire and passion that Kathy's lacked.

Kathy watched as the electricity flowed between them and Hank wrapped her arms around Jim's neck to keep from falling. She giggled when she heard Hank whisper, "Darling, don't we have time for even a quickie?" Then she understood the woman completely when Hank continued in a whisper, "Jim Conroy, I love you desperately, my darling. You are my love and my life!" With that, she kissed him again, totally oblivious to the people watching from the nearby terrace.

Kathy now knew why she felt so close to Hank: They saw things the same way and loved their husbands the same way, too.

The guys were bleeding about having to pay their bets, but the girls showed no mercy. Hank said, "James, pay me now or pay me later. And I'm not sure you would survive 'later'." Jim complained that his wife kept him penniless but she just stuck out her tongue.

When Ken tried to renege on the basis of Ali's threat to ship them to Devil's Island if they spent any of their own money, Kathy told him it didn't include his dumb bets. He caused his eyes to tear as he appeared reluctant to give her thirty dollars.

Kathy grinned and then melted him with a kiss. Then she said caustically, "Stop your bitching. That kiss alone was worth at least thirty bucks!"

Ken just laughed and kissed her again.

Jim said he was going to take Ken out to the practice tee and make a videotape of his swing. The girls headed towards the locker room and found Marie and Celeste there waiting for them.

"Good afternoon, Lady Kathy. Good afternoon, Mrs. Conroy," they said. Hank just stood there and looked at them with one eyebrow raised saying nothing. Then Marie said, "Oh pooh, Hank! You're not fair. We're trying to be on our very best behavior for the hotel's most honored guests — and our saviors." Quickly they explained how they had first encountered Ken Carlson, and how he had saved their lives. Hank was crying when they finished the story and said that she never knew.

Entering the locker room, the Trangs began to undress the women. When they did, they expressed surprise that their clothes were so dry on such a hot day. Hank commented to Kathy that this was an advantage of nude golf she hadn't even considered: no sweaty clothes to wash. The Trang girls quickly undressed too and then led them to the shower room.

On the way, they passed an exercise room. Glancing inside, Kathy saw a weight machine that was the same type she used at her health club. Although she told the others to go ahead and shower, they elected to see what Kathy was going to do. At the back of the unit, a series of levers controlled the amount of weight being used. It was obvious that most women used the machine at between five and twenty percent of its weight capacity. After connecting all the weight, Kathy lay on her back on the platform and began to work out.

The other women just watched in utter amazement as she appeared to move the weights effortlessly. Clearly, it was not effortless as they saw her working muscles bulge from the strain. After twenty-five quick reps, she sat up with her back to the weights and with her arms outstretched, held the handles and, by swinging her still-outstretched arms, touched her hands in front of her. By the time she was finished with her workout, Hank was watching in utter amazement. She had never seen any person as strong as Kathy, let alone a woman.

Now sweat was dripping off Kathy's naked body as they went into the shower room. When Hank asked her about her workout, instead of answering directly Kathy asked, "Hank, did you take a good look at Ken? That was purely self-defense. If I'm not in good shape I could accidentally get killed in bed with that man!" Then she winked and went into the shower.

The Trang girls got under the showers with the women and began carefully to wash them with soft wash cloths. Kathy thought that the cool water felt delicious on her skin as she just reveled in the sensations caused by Marie's hands. When they were rinsed off, the girls asked them to kneel and carefully shampooed and conditioned their hair. When Marie went to lead Kathy by the hand, Kathy stood still and instead pulled the girl back into the shower.

Hank watched and grinned, following Kathy's lead with Celeste. Just as carefully, they washed the small Vietnamese girls, in spite of their protests that it was not right. Because Kathy and Hank were so much taller than they were, it wasn't necessary for the girls to kneel for the women to wash their hair and condition it. While they were working, Kathy pointed out the terrible scars both girls carried on their bodies and explained in greater detail what had happened on that terrible day and in the days following, as they escaped through the jungle.

Kathy finished by saying, "Hank, the one bright spot is that all of those butchers are dead. Ken turned out to be a tidy housekeeper. His men checked and all of the enemy were dead. The ones that weren't killed in the initial assault were later hung."

Then she told the girls, "Ken told me something that you may not know, because you were unconscious: He and his men dug graves for your parents and buried them side by side in the church cemetery. He said some prayers for the repose of their souls, and he made sure they were buried in a marked grave in consecrated ground." Tears were in her eyes as she finished, "I thought you might like to know."

Marie just dove into Kathy's arms and bawled while Kathy held her wet body and just stroked her head and shoulders. With tears still in her eyes the girl looked up and said softly, "Lady Kathy, we owe you a debt we can never repay. How did you know that it still bothers us thinking of our parents just left lying in the mud?"

Leaving the showers, the girls carefully dried off Kathy and Hank, then led them into a massage room. The women lay on the tables face down, but then received a surprise. Before beginning to work on them, Celeste left the room and came back moments later with two Bloody Marys.

Hank just shook her head and asked Kathy, "Aren't you really leaning pretty hard? I mean, you asked me to play golf with you and I did. I take a shower with you and allow these two urchins to wash me and give me a shampoo. I even get on the massage table to humor you. But do I really have to drink a Bloody Mary, too? Is there no end to your demands?"

Kathy saw the gleam in her eyes and pretended to look thoughtful. Finally she replied, "Hank, that's a very interesting question: Philosophically, I would have to say there must be some finite limit." Then frowning, she added, "Of course, wherever the limit might be, I am sure that I'm not even close."

Hank giggled at her reply. Then they propped themselves on their elbows and sipped the drinks while the girls began at their feet and started working up their bodies, massaging with very strong fingers. Hank saw one of the girls refilling a plastic bottle containing the massage oil from a gallon jug. When she asked what the oil was, the girl blushed and said it was musk oil. Although priced and sold like the finest perfumes — by the quarter ounce — in Kathy's case, the hotel had received a case of six one-gallon jugs. It was just a quantity to get started on.

For her part, Kathy relished the wonderful sensation created by the girl's fingers and the feeling of the oil being worked into her body. Marie took the remains of the drink from her hand as she reached her shoulders. When she had to lie flat, she promptly fell asleep. When Kathy awakened, she found herself lying on her back. Lifting herself up on her elbows, she found that her whole body glistened with the oil which was still soaking into her pores.

She had been awakened as Marie poured a thin stream of the precious oil the length of her slit and was gently spreading it and working it into the crevices behind her labia. Looking over at Hank, she saw that her friend was still sound asleep, although Celeste was working on her cunt in the same way.

When Marie helped her off the table, Kathy was surprised to find she felt almost groggy. Then she realized that it was just the effects of the massage itself and the way it had relaxed all of her muscles.

She giggled at the sight of poor Celeste having a terrible time trying to awaken Hank. The woman just muttered, "Just le' me sleep ... Feels so great..."

The girl persisted and Hank slowly sat up on the table and then swung her beautiful legs to the side. It seemed like she was giving serious thought to the process of standing up, and finally did. When she was standing, she yawned and stretched, then rolled her torso on her hips. When she did, Kathy could see her friend's muscles expand and contract. She, too, was in marvelous physical condition.

While they were still naked, the girls sat them down at makeup tables and began to style their hair. Kathy's was restored to Henry Hall's style, but Celeste created an entirely new style for Hank that took advantage of her hair's greater length. Looking at herself in the mirror, Kathy was almost sure that her tan had noticeably darkened and was now only a lighter shade of the same gold as Hank's.

After slipping on a fresh bikini, Marie slipped a white sleeveless silk dress over her head and smoothed it out. With her golden complexion it looked beautiful. Hank was about to put her shorts and top back on when Celeste produced a dress for her, too.

"Where in hell did this come from?" Hank asked. "And what's wrong with what I was wearing?" Celeste explained that there was a lovely luncheon planned, and she saw the dress in a shop, so ... Realizing it was a near-duplicate of the dress Kathy was wearing, Hank said, "There's no way I can afford a dress like this! My God, it costs more than Jim makes in a month!"

Celeste just smiled and said it was just added to the Carlson's bill, along with the cost of the jewelry she had bought for her to wear with it.

When the girls were finally satisfied with the effect they had achieved, they each took a small white carnation and put it behind each woman's right ear. Then Marie asked, "Would you look in the mirror, please. I think you both look marvelous! Of course, you both always do."

Hank looked at her reflection and gasped. Her skin glowed and the dress featured her golden skin. When she looked at the gold jewelry she protested, "Now wait a stinking minute! Carlson, this stuff is all 14-carat. What, in hell, are you doing to me?"

Kathy's face fell and she started to cry. "Hank, I'm so sorry!" she sobbed. "It's all my fault, too. Celeste told me, but I just wouldn't listen. When she said they had nothing in 18-carat, I told her to just make do. Can ... Will ... Could you find it your heart ever to forgive me?"

Hank just glared at Kathy, then raised and eyebrow, and finally shook her head slowly with a quirky smile on her face saying, "Okay, Carlson. I give up this time. But sometime, somewhere, I'm going to get even."

Then she reached out and Kathy dove into her arms. The two women embraced and then kissed. When they did, their mutual love just flowed between them. When they released, Hank looked and saw that all traces of Kathy's phony tears were gone and the woman was smiling at her warmly. She whispered, "Kathy Carlson, I hope you know that I love you very much?"

Kathy just grinned and winked. "Come on, Conroy. Get your tired ass in gear."

The girls led the way to a private dining room that was set up for them. Unlike the typical function room, this one looked like a family dining room complete with a lovely chandelier, a sideboard, and very comfortable chairs. At the end of the room there was a sitting area with chairs arranged around a round coffee table. The dining table was set for four. Since the Trang sisters had only slipped on terry robes to lead them to their private room, after serving more Bloody Marys when they were seated at the coffee table, the girls disappeared to get dressed.

After a short time Ken joined them, with Jim following moments later. He was grinning from ear to ear and claimed to have located and solved Ken's control problem. He put a video tape into a player, turned on a small TV set and then ran the tape. The first scene showed Ken on the practice tee hitting balls. Although his swing looked good, the balls were spraying in all directions. "Now look," he said. "The next shots were taken in ultra-slow-motion. Watch!"

The tape continued to run. Now it was apparent that Ken's sheer strength was bending his club's shaft to an incredible degree. The problem was it was also twisting the shaft at the same time. As a result, at the time the clubhead hit the ball, it was either still twisted or had rebounded beyond its normal plane.

"In Ken's hands that shaft has all the stability — and usefulness — of a piece of overcooked spaghetti."

Then, with a big grin, he said, "Now watch this. I gave him a club we've had around for months. We call it the gorilla club. It's got a metal head with an ultra-stiff titanium shaft."

He left the room for a moment and returned with a driver in his hand and passed it to Hank. She tried to flex it but couldn't. When Kathy tried, she could flex it but her muscles were standing out from the strain. Hank now had another glimpse of the power in her friend's muscles and gasped.

Then Jim ran the tape again. As it started to roll he said, "This is Ken's first shot with this club. Just watch!" Again it was ultra-slow-motion. Now the club was substantially flexed but no more than a club should be at the same point in a good swing. The clubhead was correctly aligned at the point of ball contact. Jim fast-forwarded a bit and found the shot he was looking for.

Before running the tape he said, "Remember one thing: The practice range is 325 yards deep. Now watch. This section of tape was recorded at normal speed." Ken addressed his ball, and then took a swing. The ball went off the clubhead like a rocket. It seemed still to be climbing as it went beyond the far edge of the practice range.

Then Jim asked, "Now, can we have a rematch tomorrow? By tee-time, Ken will have a full set of clubs with shafts like that."

"Of course, darling," Hank replied. "And we won't even ask for more than our usual 27-stroke handicap." She grinned and stuck out the tip of her pink tongue at him.

Having been talking about golf club shafts, Jim had an idea. Looking at Kathy he said, "I would like you to try a different set of clubs tomorrow, too. I saw what you did with that titanium shaft, lady! On the course today, I don't think you used a fraction of the power you can develop. In fact, I remember being amazed at the distance you were getting with a very easy swing. Now I think I know why: You have to use an easy swing or you would be doing to your clubs what Ken was doing to his — and for the same reason."

He smiled and asked, "Does that make sense?"

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