Grandpa Rapes Granddaughter

by Daisy Desiree

Copyright© 2019 by Daisy Desiree

Erotica Sex Story: I stay home because I want alone time. Grandpa stays because he wants me.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Rape   .

I’m sitting on the couch watching TV ... kind of. My 13-year old little sister Emma and 8-year old brother Ethan are watching TV. I’m just out there on the couch looking at videos on my phone and texting with a couple of girlfriends. I’m just being social because my Grandpa Chester and Grandma Betty are coming over. It’s so boring when they’re here.

I glance at the TV. Huh? What are they watching? Back to my much more entertaining phone. The doorbell rings. Shit! They’re here. Boredom time.

I see Grandma first who gives my mom a big hug and a more casual hug to my dad. My mom hugs Grandpa and my dad shakes his hand.

“Come on, say ‘Hi’,” Mom says waving the three of us over.

I stand and so does Emma and walk over to our grandparents.

“Turn it off, Ethan,” says Mom.

Ethan gives a disapproving look but turns off the TV.

“Emily,” Grandpa says, pulling me into his arms. “How does it feel being 18 now?”

“Okay,” I mumble, waiting for his embrace to end.

He’s six feet tall so a good half foot taller than me. He has thinning, graying hair. He wears this cologne that I hate but the smell is uniquely Grandpa.

Emma and I switch grandparent embraces. Grandma is about five four with a full head of gray hair.

Ethan is now subjugated to grandparent hugs.

Everyone sits down and we talk. I can sneak in a few texts to my friends but not much more else. Emma is not as covert so she is chided by Mom to put her phone away.

At some point Grandpa makes his slow walk to sit over by me.

“So Emily you never answered me on how it feels to be 18 now?”

“It’s okay.” I say. I know that’s what I said earlier but there’s no point in arguing with Grandpa I’ve learned over the years.

“You feel like an adult?”

I shrug.

“Grandma and I wish we could have been here for your birthday.”

I just nod. I hate to say it but it was just as well Grandma was sick so they couldn’t come for my birthday.

“You’ve grown into a beautiful girl.” He pats my legs.

“Thanks.” Grandparents would always say that even if you were the ugliest grandchild.

I know I’m pretty. I get looks from the boys at school. I’m five foot eight with straight brown hair and I weigh 130 pounds. I’m in my senior year at Walton Wells High. I’m happy with my looks except for my boobs. They’re only a small B or large A depending on the bra.

Grandpa gets up and moves back to where he was seated before. He calls Ethan over to talk to him. Poor guy but better him than me.

I’m able to sneak more time on my phone. Emma notices and copies me.

“Is everyone about ready?” Dad says.

Finally, peace and quiet is coming soon.

“Yes!” Ethan says enthusiastically.

Emma stands looking excited. I stay seated.

Everybody stands except Grandpa Chester who looks sleepy.

“Ready Emily?” Dad says looking over at me.

“I decided I’m just going to stay home,” I state.

“You sure?” Mom speaks up. “I thought you wanted to come.”

“I changed my mind,” I reply. In reality I didn’t change my mind. I had just given in earlier and said I’d go. I didn’t care about the latest Disney remake. I like the original animated version of “The Little Lion Beast”. I’m not interested in the live action film. “I just want to stay home and relax.”

“Okay.” My mom looks disappointed. “Are you ready, Dad?”

“I feel tired,” Grandpa answers. “I can either take a nap here or you can pay fifteen bucks for me to take a nap in the theater. I’ll probably be sitting right here when you get back.”

“Oh, okay.”

Everyone heads out the door and piles into our minivan. Grandpa looks like he’s asleep already.

I head to my room where I wanted to be all along. I sit up on my twin bed with my pillows at my back. I put on my headphones and turn on my music. I look at my phone. This is what I enjoy doing when I’m at home.

I’m only relaxed for about five minutes when there is motion near my bed.

“Grandpa?” I question. I slip my headphones off. Does he need something?

“Emily,” he replies with this big goofy grin.

I look at him confused.

He grabs my legs and with surprising strength pulls me sideways on my bed. He seizes the top of my jeans and manages to get the top button open.

“Grandpa?” I say panicked. Is he crazy? He’s now trying to get my zipper down! “What are you doing?”

“You and I are going to have some fun.”

What? He wouldn’t! Grandpa?

I roll toward the end of the bed and manage to get to my feet. I race toward my bedroom door that he must have closed. Grandpa Chester is not as slow as he seems. Just as I reach the doorknob, he rams his shoulder into me. I slam into the corner. My head bangs against the wall. He grabs my wrist firmly and guides me back to the bed.

“Let’s not try that again, young lady. We’re just going to have some fun.”

He guides me back into the same position, sideways on my bed. My head aches. I feel in a daze.

He gets my zipper down then puts his fingers into my jeans at my hips. He yanks my jeans down over my hips and pulls them all the way off my legs. I suddenly feel cold and exposed.

“Gran...” I start to say.

“Shhh,” he interrupts. “Take your shirt off.”

I don’t know why, state of shock I guess, but I do what he said. I should kick at him or something but I realize he’s not as feeble as I thought.

“Now your bra.”

I shake my head slowly and my heart feels heavy.

“You do it or I’ll do it!” he says firmly. I’ve never heard Grandpa sound so stern. I don’t think he’s ever said a mean word to me.

I sit up enough to undo my bra. I don’t take it off. I just let it sit there loose still covering my boobs.

I should’ve taken it all the way off because he does so by grabbing my bra right in the middle of my small cleavage and pulling it away. This is the first time the touch of his fingers ever creeped me out.

Now his fingers go in the elastic of my plain white panties. He pulls them down and away. I’m naked. In a few short minutes I went from clothed to naked.

He lifts my legs and pushes them back toward my head.

“Grab your legs,” he says.

I’m too foggy to hear or understand.

“I said grab your legs!”

He takes my right hand and puts it behind my right knee. He does the same with my left side. I am on my bed with my pussy very exposed to Grandpa.

“Well, I’ll be...” he says and touches a finger on my pussy. I jump and close my eyes. “You’re still a virgin. You got your hymen right here.” His finger lightly runs over the thin membrane.

“No,” I mouth but no sounds come out.

“I didn’t expect that you were still a virgin. It sure is nice that you saved this up for your Grandpa Chester.”

No, Grandpa, no, my brain shouts.

A couple of fingers rub my clit. How can he touch me there? It’s so personal. I’ve rubbed my clit many times and it’s super pleasurable. I don’t like Grandpa’s touch.

He just keeps slowly and gently rolling my clit and I feel my breathing increase and there are little gasps escaping my lips. I don’t want it to feel good but my body is feeling good.

Now his other hand has fingers tracing between my outer and inner pussy lips. I let out a soft moan. Grandpa is soft and gentle. I don’t want this to feel good!

“You got a couple of nice titties,” he compliments.

Both hands move forward and cover and rub my boobs. He pulls on the nipples and they become hard.

“Nice little titties. Now get on your bed. Lie down.”

I’m still confused so Grandpa grabs my legs that I’m holding and turns me. He pulls my legs down to the bed and opens them. He takes my pillow and tosses it away to the floor.

He unbuttons his shirt. I turn my head away.

“No, no, Emily. Look at me.”

I turn back and stare blankly.

He removes his shirt then the undershirt beneath it. I see his gray chest hair and a small paunch for a belly.

He sits on the edge of the bed and undoes his shoes. For a moment I consider bolting up, sliding down the bed, and making a run but I don’t think I’d get very far. He slips his socks off. He opens his pants and slips them down his legs. Now would be a good time. He can’t run.

I sit up abruptly but again Grandpa is not as slow and weak as I think. He turns and a strong forearm pushes against my stomach while his other hands pushes down on my shoulder forcing me back on to the bed.

“No, Emily!”

“Grandpa,” I whisper.

“It’s going to be great,” he says.

I’m not so sure. I close my eyes.

I feel his weight get off the bed.

“Emily, I asked you to look at me.”

I open my eyes and turn my head toward him.

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