My Wild Summer Vacation in California

by Smjle

Copyright© 2019 by Smjle

Erotica Sex Story: 18 year old virgin seduces her boyfriend then goes on a summer vacation in California. She cheats multiple times on her boyfriend. She goes to an exclusive sex party for the rich and famous where she is auctions off for sex which something she agreed she wanted. She is lashed or her bare bottom. The lashing is painful but not harmful. Then she is gangbanged. Later after more cheating on her boyfriend, she returns to marry him and mostly intends to be a good and faithful wife.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Fiction   Gang Bang   Orgy   .

Primary Characters:

Alexis: F, age 18 (main character)
Austin: M, age 21 (Alexis boyfriend)
Aunt: Alexis paternal aunt in California
Kyle: M, age 15
Keith: M, Corporation CEO
Thomas: M, age 17 – Keith’s son

My name’s Alexis, I’m eighteen and three months shy of my nineteenth birthday. I had just completed my freshman year in college. I’m still a virgin, but not for much longer. My boyfriend doesn’t know it yet, but this weekend I’m going to give him my virginity. I’m sure I can seduce him, but I will rape him if I must.

Living in a small town where my family is very religious and where everyone knew me, I have always been a good girl. In fact, I’ve been too good, but that’s going to change. I’m going to go crazy if I return to Harding University without first experiencing my ‘wild side.’ My parents are Church of Christ members and they are very religious, especially my mother.

Mother insisted that I attend Harding University, where I was almost accepted in the ‘honors college.’ Let me tell you about Harding University. Not only is it ‘Church of Christ, ‘ it may also be the most conservative University in the USA. Dancing is not allowed on campus since it is considered ‘wicked.’ There are separate times for men and women to use the swimming pool. Heaven forbid we see each other in bathing suits; there might in an orgy.

Freshmen and sophomore girls must live in the girl’s dorm unless they live with their parents or guardian. There are curfews after which the doors are locked, and there are bed checks. The controls on male students are not as rigid.

Harding’s policy states that drug and alcohol possession or use will not be tolerated and can result in expulsion. Students are expected to dress modestly and appropriately at all times. The requirements are strict, including nothing sexy or revealing or not wearing shoes. No shorts except when participating in sporting events. Chapel attendance is mandatory and a Bible course is required each semester. If you don’t mind all the rules and regulations, Harding is a very good University. However, as I already stated, I will go crazy if I must return to all that without first experiencing my ‘wild side.

I met Austin, my boyfriend, at Harding University. He will be a senior. He lives in a nearby city and is a member of the Church of Christ so my mother thinks he’s perfect. Austin is religious but not to the degree that my mother is.

I made a reservation at the Holiday Inn the next town over. They have a popular buffet that I’m taking Austin to. That way, if anyone we knew sees us, they would not think anything about it. I told my mother that I’m spending the night with my BFF. I called Austin, and told him I’m taking him to the buffet and that we would not be back till morning.

Austin, get in my car and let’s go.

What’s going on and why did you say we won’t be back till morning?”

I’ll let you know after the buffet. We will have a long visit and it will be fun.

During the buffet, I excused myself for a couple of minutes and picked up the card key to our room. After the buffet, I grabbed Austin by the hand, led him to the elevator, and then to room 418. I opened and then closed the door after we stepped inside. I opened the curtains and the door to the balcony and said, “Austin, take off your coat and shoes. I’ll be right back.

Changing in the bathroom, I returned wearing a negligee with nothing under it. Then I stepped out and onto the balcony and say, “Austin come and enjoy the view with me.

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Austin stood next to me and put his arms around me. I stood there for a couple of more minutes enjoying the view and feeling the cool night air. Then I turned, put my arms around Austin’s neck and gave him a long series of kisses.

Austin wasn’t complaining, but he did ask, “Alexis, just what are your intentions?”

Since I told you we will not be returning until morning, and from the way I’m dressed, I would think it is quite obvious that we are going to spend the night sleeping together in this hotel room. Tonight, I’m a virgin; tomorrow morning I’ll not be.

Alexis, don’t you think we should talk about this?”

Sure we can talk, but the night air is cool so let’s step inside first. Then we can talk all night if you wish. Say whatever you want to say while I unbutton and take off your shirt.

Don’t I have a say so in this?”

I’ve already made the decision for you. Now be still while I finish taking off your pants.

Alexis, this is not at all like you.

Well Austin, you are seeing the ‘new and improved’ me. Now hop in bed and hold me and kiss me all over, “ I said as I turned off the light leaving the room dark except for the night light that came through the balcony doors. Then I grabbed Austin’s hand and pulled him onto the bed and against my body.

With our bodies pressed together and with me kissing Austin I was thrilled when I felt his cock getting hard. I said, “Austin take off my negligee so you can feel me up and kiss me all over.

Alexis, don’t you think you might regret this later? Your parents will kill me if I make you pregnant.

What’s to regret? What I regret was not letting you fuck me six months ago and I won’t get pregnant because last month I was fitted with a copper IUD. Now ravish me, pop my cherry, and give me a good and proper fucking.

Alexis! Your language!?”

Okay, more action; less talk. Actually, if you take your time and I’m properly sexually excited, you may not actually pop my cherry. I believe it will just stretch so there should be little if any pain or blood. And, I don’t care if there is because that’s what I want. Now suck my titties and play with my pussy. Make me so excited and wet that I’ll be begging you to fuck me.

Austin did as I expected he would. He kissed my lips, my face, and my neck. Then he was sucking my titties with a hand between my thighs and caressing my pussy. Perhaps Austin wasn’t experienced, but it didn’t matter what we did, because everything we did was fun and felt good. I started moaning and said, “Ee eee, Yes, yes, there! Do more.

I knew I was dripping wet and I couldn’t wait any longer, I grabbed Austin; pulled him on top of me and spread my legs; wrapping them around his legs. When Austin’s cock finally penetrated my pussy, it felt really good. If there was any pain, I was too excited to notice or care.

Austin took his time going all the way in. Then he fucked me; slowly at first and then faster and harder. I moaned a little; I’m not sure that I climaxed, but it felt so good knowing that he came in my pussy that I didn’t care. I relaxed and cuddled in his arms. After thirty minutes to an hour later Austin fucked me again. This time I did have a climax and we both fall to sleep. It was maybe 7:00 AM when we woke up and Austin fucked me a third time. Clearly, Austin enjoyed fucking me; maybe as much I liked being fucked.

We showered together, got dressed, and went to breakfast. I drove Austin home. We kissed and then I drove home. After arriving home, I made plans and arrangements to visit my aunt in California for eight weeks from early June until the first week of August. Before leaving for California, Austin fucked me twice more.

However, between returning to Harding University and all their restrictions for my sophomore year, I want my pussy stuffed by more than just Austin’s cock. And, what happens in California would stay in California. My aunt, my father’s sister, is rather liberal and lives in Del Mar within walking distance of the beach. When I visit, I knew she would not be placing restrictions on me, so if I need to stay out all night, I can. I only need to tell her so she would not worry.

Before leaving for California, I packed several bikinis and plenty of broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen lotion. I might use a sunscreen lotion with a lower rating after getting a suntan, but I knew with my light skin, I could start getting sunburned in the bright California sun in less than an hour without any protection.

I was delighted to arrive in Del Mar California. After getting reacquainted with my aunt, the following morning I put on my skimpy polka dot bikini.

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Then, carrying a beach towel, sunscreen lotion, and an inexpensive small coin purse with ten dollars for lunch, I walked to the beach.

Being alone and wearing my polka dot bikini, I seemed to be a magnet for guys. They were mostly older or military guys; neither of which I was interested in. If I ignored them, usually they would take the hint and leave. Otherwise, I would pick up my stuff and move to another location.

I did talk to several guys, but none that I was willing to fuck. I would swim some, but the water was too cold to stay long and I would return to my beach towel to warm-up in the sun. I also explored more of the beach, the first day, before going home for supper.

The next day, I sat close to some middle and high school boys that were playing beach volleyball. They noticed me and three Kyle, Jacob, and Michael came over to talk. They were cute and polite, so I enjoyed their company. I asked them to apply sunscreen lotion, which they seemed eager to do. Lying face down on my beach towel, I unhooked my bikini top. They applied the lotion all over my back and legs and seem to take extra long applying the lotion to my inner thighs, especially after I moaned.

After re-hooking my bikini top, I turned over and they applied lotion to my front, shoulder, and legs. They paid special attention to my inner thighs all the way up to my bikini which caused me to give a tiny, but audible moan, “mmmm“. Every hour they suggested that I needed more sunscreen lotion. Although they already had tans, I insisted they use the lotion too since we were in the sun for hours.

The first day, I was not approached by any gorgeous, athletic, sexy 18 to 22-year-old guys that I would have loved to drop my panties for; but, at least, the young teens kept the creeps at bay. Both the creeps and I knew the young teens wouldn’t tolerate it if they harassed me. I knew a fifteen-year-old boy can’t or shouldn’t fight an adult male, but three certainly could.

Thinking I had enough sun the first day about 1:00 PM, over their objections, I left the beach and the three young teens. However, I promised them that I would be back the following morning. I believe they did enjoy talking to an older girl. Even more, I believe they were hoping and would love to fuck an older girl.

When I arrive at 9:30 the following morning, the young teens were playing in an impromptu beach volleyball game and invited me to join. I said, “I need to apply sunscreen lotion first.” Quickly, with me standing, two of the boys applied the lotion all over my front and back. Then I joined the game for thirty minutes or so before jumping into the water to wash off the sweat and sand.

When I laid back down on my beach towel the boys applied sunscreen lotion all over my front, rolled me over, unhook my bikini top and applied lotion all over my backside, with their fingers going a little under my bikini. However, I didn’t mind or complain. Then to their minor objections, before I turned over, I re-hooked my bikini top.

An hour or so later, I got back in the water and had a water fight with the young teens. While in the water, I met and flirted with a sexy good looking guy about age 20 until his girlfriend came over to claim him. She looked me up and down. I gather she wasn’t too pleased with my obvious flirting.

I returned to my beach towel and the boys reapply more sunscreen lotion. Encouraged by my previous failure to complain, their fingers went further under my bikini and linger longer. When a finger touched the edge of my vulva I moaned a little, “Ohmmmm.” That only encouraged him to touch my pussy so I said, “Kyle, that feels good, but we can’t do that on a public beach.”

“We can go to my house.”

I said, “I don’t know if your parents would approve a girl visiting you, even an older girl.

They work during the day and never get home until after 5:00 PM,” Kyle replies.

How far from the beach is your house?” I ask.

One mile.

I’m tempted, but it’s already late afternoon and I’m on foot.

You can come to my house tomorrow morning.

And, what would we do at your house?”

“We can do what we can’t do in public!”

“I would like to. However, if we get carried away and fuck when you tell someone, I might be arrested for statutory rape. That’s similar to what happened when a 20-year-old babysitter fucked a 12-year-old boy. He told his friends, and his mother called the police.”

“I won’t tell anyone.”

“Of course you will. You will tell your best friend and tell him it is a secret and not to tell anyone, but since you have to tell someone, what makes you think he can keep a secret?”

“I won’t tell anyone; I promise.”

“We maybe we can just touch and play. Statutory rape is defined as penetration so if I don’t take my panties off, I guess there is no rape. Just the same, I want you to Goggle ‘Don’t talk to the police‘ and watch both videos. Always remember the police are the enemy and they lie and only pretend to be your friend so you will say something that they can use to hurt you or in this case, hurt me.

“Before I go to your house and take off any of my clothes, I’ll ask a couple of questions to make certain you and the other boys watched the videos. Meet me here at the beach tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM and we will walk or I can ride on your bicycle to your house. You can kiss or feel my titties; but, whatever we do, I keep my panties on.”

I had been in California for over three days and haven’t been fucked, but playing with the young teenage boys would be fun. The next morning, Kyle, Jacob, and Michael were with two other teens that didn’t appeal to me so I whispered in Kyle’s ear, “You, Jacob, and Michael, but not the others, meet me at McDonald’s in fifteen minutes and we will go from there.” I didn’t know what if anything, had been said to the other teens; but, just in case, my leaving wouldn’t imply that anything was going to happen.

At McDonald’s, Kyle told me they were all just hanging out and he never told the other two anything. So, I hopped on the back of Kyle’s bicycle and Jacob and Michael hopped on their bicycles and we all went to Kyle’s house. Once inside Kyle’s room, I strip down to my white panties, jump on his bed, and jump up and down for about half a minute.

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Then with me on lying on the bed on my back, Jacob and Michael started French kissing me, sucking on my ear lobes, kissing my face, neck, tummy, and sucking on my titties. At the same time, Kyle sucked my toes and slowly worked his way up kissing my legs and inner thighs all the way up to and then inserted a finger under my panties and into my pussy.

With so much stimulation, I couldn’t help moaning if I wanted to. Then as Jacob and Michael each held one of my hands slightly above my shoulder, Kyle started peeling my panties off. I said, “You can’t take my panties off;” but, with my hands being held, what could I do? However, it was more like a game because I was laughing and didn’t really mind. In fact, I wanted the boys to fuck me, but not consenting was my protection in case the boys ever talked. Even then I knew any risk was infinitesimal since the only women every arrested for fucking teenage boys were in a teacher/student relationship and the babysitter that fucked a 12-year-old.

After removing my panties, Kyle started licking my pussy and I was moaning, “Oh, ahhhhh, eeeee, yes, oh yessss.” I knew the young teens were inexperienced. However, I suppose most boys learn from watching porn on the internet.

After licking my pussy and making me moan, Kyle climbed on top of me and as I felt his hard cock pressing on my pussy, I said, “You can’t fuck me,” but I was laughing and spread my legs wider so two or three seconds later his cock was entering my pussy and moments later when he was all the way in my pussy, Kyle started hammering my pussy fast and furious and causing me to moan even more. I may have sensed it more than I felt it when Kyle squirted deep into my pussy.

Kyle and Jacob changed places and as Jacob’s cock entered my pussy, I said, “I won’t let you fuck me.” Jacob ignored that and started pounding my pussy and as I was moaning, I stopped making any pretense of objecting and wrapped my legs around his body to pull his cock deeper into my pussy. Even before Jacob came in my pussy, I started my orgasm and squealed, “Yes, oh yesss, AHHHHEEEEEEeee.”

Next, Michael grabbed my ankles and lifted them over my head which was easy for me since I’m very flexible. Then with one or two strokes, he was deep in my pussy giving me a great fucking and another orgasm. By then cum was seeping out of my pussy so I said, “Boys, I’m getting messy so I’m going to take a shower. I’ll be back.”

After I showered and dried off and with the towel wrapped around me, Kyle by slight tugs directed me to get on my hands and knees then he fucked me doggy style. While he was fucking me, Jacob put his dick up to my face so I sucked it. Until then, I had never sucked a cock, but I knew that lots of girls and women do.

Kyle came in my pussy and, 30 seconds later, Jacob shot his cum toward my throat which I found didn’t taste bad so I swallowed. A little later Michael fucked me doggy style and gave me an intense orgasm. We lay naked and fucked on the somewhat crowded in bed for the next few hours until about 3:00 PM during which I got fucked and sucked cock several more times. I was gangbanged and with my legs apart and cum seeping out of my pussy, I was a fuck-dazed glassy-eyed slut and I loved every minute of it.

I knew two of the boys and I believe all three were virgins so I got me some cherries. I think; in fact, I knew that I want more cherries. I took another shower, got dressed and, with me on the back of his bicycle, Kyle took me back to the beach and from there I walked home. I never gave the boys my last name nor did I want them to know where my aunt lived.

I didn’t think the boys would tell any adults, but I wasn’t certain. Even if they did, since I’m a girl, probably nothing would happen. Nevertheless, I decided to play it safe and avoid the Del Mar beach for the next couple of weeks. I could just go a mile or two either way to another beach location.

On another beach a couple of days later, wearing a Brazilian bikini tied with 4 bowties, I met a sexy, athletic 17-year-old boy in high school. We played in the water, laid on our beach towels in the sun, and I flirted with sly double entendres that indicated that maybe he could get into my pants. Therefore, he didn’t leave and, after dark, we moved closer to the cliff. It was even darker in the shadows of the cliff so, unless someone was very close, they couldn’t see us.

I let him know by my actions and expression that he can kiss me so he does and I rubbed my almost naked body into his and lay down on the beach towel when I feel his cock getting hard. He kisses me again and pulls the bowtie on the back of my neck to my bikini top. That mostly exposes my titties and when I didn’t make any attempt to retie it; he pulls the other bowtie leaving me topless.

He immediately kisses my titties and when I moan he pulls the bowties to the bottom of my bikini. He lightly caresses my pussy and I said, “Mmmmm mmmm“ and then he fucked me. While he fucked me, I encourage him with little sex sounds and expressions, “Ahhh oh eee yes yes oh yesss“ and “Aaaaaaiiiiiieeee mmmmmmm“ when I climax. We lay there naked for the next hour or more until 11 PM or so, and then he fucked me again. Then well fucked and sexually satisfied I went home.

There wasn’t much that happened for the next couple of days. I would go to the beach, play in the water, and lay on my beach towel in the sun. I met a black guy and flirted a little with him. I wondered if I should fuck a black guy. I haven’t decided whether or not to fuck a black guy. Regardless, I’m not attracted to any of the blacks I met on the beach.

I met and flirted with several good looking young teenage boys that applied suntan lotion as I laid on my beach towel. The way their fingers went as far under my bikini as I would allow let me know that I could get their cherries if I tried. I might have if there was any place private on the beach. However, I decided to pass; at least for now.

With not much happening on the beach, I decided to check out the nightlife near San Diego. Most nightclubs required that you be 21 or older. However, several allow 18 and over by stamping both hands if under 21 and a couple others don’t serve alcohol.

I decided on ‘Margarita Rocks.’ They cater to the college-age crowd; have a dress code, a DJ, and dancing. ‘Club Fusion‘ is another and I may check them out too.

Before heading out, I choose a tight-fitting blue mini dress that barely covered my panties and I didn’t wear a bra.**

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I tell my aunt I may not be home until morning. She looks at my dress and said, “Have fun.” I think she guesses that likely I would spend the night with some guy.

The club was fun and full of good looking college students. I was on the dance floor a lot since I would dance with any attractive guy that asked. With so many good looking sexy guys, my only choice was who I would go home with. I dance with a half dozen or more very sexy and charming guys, any of which I would be delighted to fuck.

Then I dance with David and James. They were good looking and very sexy identical twins on UCLA’s track team. Once I danced with both at the same time; grinding my ass into one then the other. I joined them at their table, sipping on a non-alcoholic drink, and flirted. David said, “Double your pleasure“ followed by James saying, “Double your fun.

You talked me into it, “ I reply. I knew that they came to the club hoping to get laid and with me, they were going to be very lucky. The DJ was playing ‘I Will Always Love You‘ by Whitney Houston and David asked me to dance. On the dance floor, David squeezes my ass and I press my body against his cock.

When the song was over, David said, “Let’s go to my place.

Okay, “ I reply. We both knew we were going to fuck. I got into their car between David and James and I was kissing and being fondled all the way to their place. My pussy was dripping wet when I step into their apartment and almost before we got to their bedroom, my clothes were coming off. I kick off my heels; David grabs the hem of my mini dress and as I lifted up my arms, he pulls my mini dress up and off. At the same time, James peels my panties over my hips, down my legs, and I step out of them naked.

Neither guy nor I wanted to wait so I got on my hands and knees and while James fucked me doggy style, I sucked David’s cock. Their cocks were huge, by far the biggest I’ve ever had which so far was only two. Their cocks were at least seven inches long and maybe1-3/4 inches thick. Any thicker and it would have been a strain to get it into my mouth. Fortunately, it wasn’t. I had to open my mouth wide, but not as wide as I could. I was able to take almost four inches of his cock.

James had to push hard to force his cock deep into my pussy. He was stretching my pussy like it had never been stretched before. However, if there was any pain, I was too sexually excited to notice. With his big cock stretching my pussy and fucking me so deeply, as sexually excited as I was, almost immediately I had a big orgasm. However, with my mouth stuffed full of David’s cock, instead of screaming all I could say was, “Aahhhrrrrrrrrrrr.” It was a wonder that I didn’t lose control and bite David’s cock in half.

I had to push David back a bit since he was trying to fuck my mouth deeper and I can’t deep-throat without gagging. However, when I pushed back, David knew enough not to force. I just sucked hard, licked the head of his cock with my tongue, and bobbed my head. David squirted toward my throat even before James came deep into my pussy. I was pleased to know that I was good at sucking cock. Perhaps it was because I was so sexually excited but maybe it’s because David’s cum tastes so good. I look at him, grin and said, “Yummy.

Then James shoots his load deeper into my pussy than anyone ever had, I’m not sure that I feel his cum, but I do feel his cock pulsating when he came. That triggers another orgasm and I scream, “Ahaaaaaaiiiiiiiiieeeee” and as I relax, “mmmmmmmmm.” As soon as the guys recover, I was ready for my pussy to be stretched and fucked again by a huge cock.

I lay in bed, in post-coital bliss, enjoying the afterglow with a naked guy on each side of me. I enjoyed fondling their cocks. After some time, I feel a naughty thrill when David’s cock reacting to my fondling got hard. As I spread my legs, David grabs under my knees lifting my legs over his shoulders and plunges his huge cock deep into my pussy; even deeper than James did earlier. And I love how David fills and stretches my pussy. I love it even more when he hammers my pussy with long deep strokes. Soon I was moaning and begging for more. I moan and scream, “Oh eee, yes, yes, oh yessssss ahaaaa eee iiii aaaaaaeeeeeiiiiiii, ooommmmmm, “ as I had a climax that seemed to last and last.

All my moaning and sex sounds must have triggered James’ erection because as soon as David squirts deep into my pussy and pulls out, James takes his place causing me to orgasm yet again about the same time he was cumming in my pussy. I fall asleep between David and James. That morning after I went to the bathroom to pee and shower, David had me get on my hands and knees and fucked me doggy style while I suck James’ huge cock.

I got cleaned up and dressed, and David drives me home. David kisses me, gives me his cell phone number, and said, “Call me when you want another threesome or if you only want to fuck me.

When I got home, my aunt was up and fixes me breakfast. “You look radiant, “ my aunt said. “I suppose you got fucked last night.

Did, I ever; I got fucked by identical twins on the UCLA track team.” My aunt wanted all the juicy details, so I tell her. I think she likes to live vicariously through me, although I suspect she had her share of good looking sexy guys when she was much younger.

I decided to give my pussy a rest for two or three days until it tightens up to its normal size. One night fucking huge cocks wouldn’t make my pussy any larger, but fucking huge cocks for a couple of months probably would.

I decided to try Club Fusion. It was similar to Margarita Rocks, but more expensive and the dress code was stricter. However, it was within three miles of two colleges so there were a lot of college students. I decided to wear my tight-fitting hot pink mini dress and 4” high heels.

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I tell my aunt that I was going to ‘Club Fusion.’ She looks me over and said, “You will attract plenty of hot guys in that outfit so I won’t expect you back before morning. Have fun but be careful and very choosy.

The club was swinging, the guys were hot, and the girls were sizzling. I was tapping my foot to the beat when a hot guy asks me to dance. He was a student at San Diego State, just two miles from the club and I was just the kind of girl he hopes to get lucky with tonight. And, he might, but it was too soon for me to make my choice.

We danced a second dance and I agreed to join his table with four other guys, for a few minutes. The guys were cute and they all want to fuck me.

I thought about it, but I’m not ready for a five guy gang-bang. That was what it would be if I was agreeable or I could just choose one of the guys. I danced with a couple of the guys and then, in spite of their objections, I left to mingle with the crowd. I asked and then joined a table with three other girls. They were students at San Diego State University. Academically, SDSU has very high requirements for admission test scores with an average ACT of 28.

I liked sitting with the girls because that doesn’t prevent hot guys from asking me to dance like sitting with guys would. The girls liked my southern accent. I told them I attended Harding University and I explained what that was like and that I was in California to enjoy some freedom and experiment before returning to Harding’s restrictions. The girls thought Harding was like being in prison and find it hard to believe boys and girls can’t use the swimming pool at the same time. Like me, the girls were here to meet hot guys, and wouldn’t be opposed to a ‘one night stand’ if the guy is exceptionally attractive.

The girls and I spend at least half of our time on the dance floor. I guess one of the girls did find a guy exceptionally attractive because he and she left. After dancing several times with Carter, a sophomore at Stanford, I joined a table with him and two other guys and a couple of hot girls. Carter’s father was the head of a big law firm and the other two guys have families that were equally as wealthy. Carter suggests we all continue the party at his house. I was kind of interested in how the rich and famous live so I accept. The other two girls were just hoping it develops into a serious relationship. However, I knew the girls and I were just playthings so that’s not going to happen. But, that’s okay, I’m only looking to have fun and get fucked.

I got into Carter’s Audi A8 and the others went in another car. I didn’t know that I had ever seen an Audi A8, let alone been in one because obviously the car was much too expensive for the crowd I’ve always associated with. When we got to Carter’s house, I thought, ‘Now I know what a mansion is like. At California prices, I can’t even imagine how many millions of dollars this would cost.

I would have fucked Carter anyway, but that was an added benefit. The girls and I wanted to explore the house so Carter gave us a tour. Carter instructed a servant to make us strawberry daiquiris which I suppose suggested that it’s time to start what we came here for.

We sipped on our drinks and watched a soft porn video. Carter started kissing me and removed my mini dress and I kicked off my heels, Then Carter takes me in only my panties to the bedroom where my panties came off. Soon the others follow and we all got on this massive bed for some kind of orgy.

Carter fucked me and while the other girls were being fucked, Carter’s 16-year-old brother came in and decided to fuck me. That was probably the plan, but the brother was cute, so why not? However, I’ll leave if Carter’s father comes in. The orgy continues with four guys fucking three sexy girls. By morning all the girls had been fucked and/or sucked cock at least twice and I got fucked three times and suck two cocks. I also had several orgasms so I really enjoyed the orgy. All four guys fucked me so I have been fucked by eleven guys.

I wondered if the girls were on birth control pills and what the guys would do should a girl get pregnant. However, most likely money, and if not money, then power, would take care of that problem. I had no illusions that the elite were subject to the same laws that we peasants are. The servants had prepared a big breakfast. However, I said, “I’m having breakfast with my aunt so I’ll pass. Can you take me home now?”

Carter insisted that I at least have something to drink; cranberry juice, etc. Then I understood. The servants put levonorgestrel (the morning after drug) in our drinks last night and in the food this morning. No wonder the guys were so carefree about fucking sexy young things. And, of course, they each fuck one most every week since almost all young girls will drop their panties for a rich guy. Carter drove me home and I told my aunt all the juicy details.

I decided there were four more things I should do before returning to Arkansas and Harding University: (1) Fuck one and only one black guy, (2) a five or six guy gang-bang, (3) go sailing, get naked, and get fucked under the sun far from any land, and (4) a month-long torrid romance with a guy that would fly me places I could never afford.

The black guy should be extra special, smart, good looking, sexy, and athletic. My choice was a black scholarship basketball player at UCLA or the University of Southern California. They are elite basketball players, and less than 1 in 1,000 high school basketball players could play for either university. Many would stay in college during the summer and I can meet them by watching their pickup basketball games.

I decided to dress in hot pants and a tight-fitting top and leave several buttons unbuttoned. I won’t unbutton enough to look sleazy, just enough to look very sexy. And, the first pickup game I watch would be at UCLA. I knew their basketball team was half white but, if half the team stays for the summer, there would be 3 or 4 elite black players I can choose from.

UCLA has an athletic facility open to students and faculty that has a couple of basketball courts so I went there. I showed my Harding University ID. He started to say something, but he was a guy so he let me in.

I found half the team and two other guys playing pickup basketball. There was also a very pretty white girl watching. She was the girlfriend of the point guard, a black player. I sat on a bench and watched.

After playing for about fifteen minutes more, they take a break and six of the guys, four white guys and two black guys, came over to visit with me. Right away they notice my southern accent so I explain that I was a college sophomore in Arkansas, visiting my aunt, and looking to have some fun in California. I direct most of my attention at Isaac, a black guy about 6’7” or 6’8”, more than a foot taller than me. I watched him play. He can shoot, dunk, guard, and handle the ball. I’m no expert, but he might be good enough to go pro. However, he’s a sophomore so he wasn’t a one-and-done.

It was soon obvious to me that he wouldn’t mind wetting his wick in a pretty southern white girl. He suggested that, after the game, he would show me around, and I replied, “I would like that. I will sit here and watch until you stop playing.

They played until noon then Isaac took me to the student union where we had sandwiches and a something to drink. Then he took me to his apartment so I suppose showing me around means showing me around his apartment. But, no matter, I was here for sex by a black guy, not a relationship. Isaac didn’t waste any time. He kissed me and unbuttoned the other four buttons, grabbed the hem of my top and, as I lifted my arms pulled my top over my head and tosses it on the floor,

As Isaac sucks on my titties, I kicked off my shoes. Next Isaac peeled my hot pants down from my hips and they fell to the floor. Isaac pulled down my panties, and I stepped out of them, naked. Then as Isaac removed his shirt, I unbuckled and unzipped his pants; letting them fall to the floor, then I pulled his shorts down.

His big black cock was even longer than the twins’ was, but not as thick. I said, “My God, you are big, much much bigger than my white boyfriend. After you, I may throw rocks at him and his little dick.” I knew saying that would please Isaac and sure enough, it did. I had to measure it so I measured from the tip of my middle finger to a point on my wrist that I would accurately remember. Later with a ruler, I found it was 7.75” so basically 8”.

Isaac said, “Pretty lady, I’m going to stretch your white pussy and give you the fucking of your life.

Okay; but, before you start, take your time going all the way in so my pussy will have time to adjust to all the stretching; otherwise, it will hurt. My boyfriend has a short dick so my pussy has never been stretched before. Then I hope you will pound my pussy with your big black cock like my little dick white boyfriend can never do.

Okay pretty lady, I’ll give your pretty white pussy a fucking you will never forget.” Isaac effortlessly grabs me under my thighs, spreading my legs, and lifts me up above his cock. Isaac was very strong. I put my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs around his waist as Isaac slowly lowered me and inserted his big black cock into my pussy.

When Isaac’s cock was about three quarters in my pussy, I said, “Stop for a moment while my pussy adjust to be being stretched“ and a few seconds later, I said, “I’m okay now; go deeper. Yes, yesss. Now give me a good hard fucking.” Then he started fucking me by bouncing me up and down on his black cock.

It felt great and I started moaning, “Ohhhh aaaaa eee aaeei.” From his expressions and the pulsations of cock I can tell he was thrilled that he was cumming deeper in my pussy than anyone else ever had and so as I climaxed I screamed, “Ahhhhheeeeeeeiiiiiieuhhhoo.” Isaac laid me on his bed and we cuddled. I had a big smile and said, “You are great and I’ll hold this in memory for as long as I live.” I said that because it was true and because I knew Isaac would love hearing it.

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