Meeting Bast

by Mixerman

Copyright© 2019 by Mixerman

Fan Fiction Sex Story: She liked the first story I wrote, but she wanted more of a story. She did have a 'woman problem' so that figured into the story

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Anal Sex   Enema   .

Oh my fucking God! She is a beauty! Having only seen her on my computer was nothing to what my eyes saw. This raven haired beauty, with a blush on her cheeks, looking so innocent. She was wearing a white shirt and a blue skirt, red lips and a hint of blue around her brown eyes. Some would call her Angelic. I called her BAST. Not her real name that was Emily. BAST was my name for her: Big Ass Small Tits. She liked to call me Batch. She said it stood for ‘Big American That Chases Her’. What am I to say? If she likes it, I do too.

Why she was here I do not know, yet. All I got was a message that she would be at airport on Friday at 5PM. It is Friday at 5:30 when we meet. I give her a hug and a kiss on top of her head. Why not lips? I am 60 and she is 25. So we play it like a family reunion. Get her suitcase and head for the car. We get in car and she quickly has her tongue down my throat looking for my tonsils. Sorry, they were removed many years ago.

I ask if she wanted some food before we headed to my home. She said that she was hungry and that she forgot to order a meal on the flight, but she had slept most of the way here. We went to a diner for a meal and I told her to order what she wanted. She asked for a simple salad and a soda. I had a burger and fries with a beer. She excused herself and went to bathroom. When she came back, she handed me something made of lace. I looked and she gave me her panties. Her bra was in her handbag. “Being formal is over, have to keep my Batch happy.” We ate the food, with her stealing most of my fries.

Back in the car, she told me that she was here to meet me in person. Ok, so we flirted, had cam sex, made each other cum, but that was thru a computer. She wanted to live out her life as she wanted to. It was hers and hers alone. I slammed on the brakes and pulled over and asked her to explain what she said. She had a hard time saying it in English, so I brought up my translator app on my phone and she explained it to me in her native language. I knew she was feeling a bit sick and that she went to the doctors to get it checked out. The news was not promising. They told her that they will run some test to be sure what was wrong with her. They also told her that 99 out of 100, the results were not favorable. So she decided that she had nobody to answer to, except her dog, that she was going to meet someone special in her life. Yes, she had a boyfriend back home, but this was all for her. It was her ‘bucket item’.

I was lost in my mind with what she said. She was sick and they had no idea what was wrong with her. I said that I will try to get her to see an American Dr. we can go to her embassy, and see if she countries insurance will cover her here, as an emergency. But that would have to wait till Monday. She said not to worry; she saw many doctors and all said the same thing. They all ran the same test. All she could do was wait. She hated the waiting and did something about it. Right now I had tears in my eyes and was feeling very depressed. She took my hand and held it in two of hers. She told me that crying would not make things better. She wanted to have joy here that is why she came to me.

We got to my place and she was amazed at the size of it. Twice the size of her abode. She had a corner kitchen and eating area. Living room or parlor, bath and bed room. She said it was 200 euro a month plus heat and electric. No A/C, just fans.

I took her bag to my bedroom and told her to use the dresser. Also use the closet to hang anything. Shower is here and towels are in the linen closet. She turned around and again planted her lips on mine. She wanted me to join her in the shower. To make sure she was clean. So we showered together and cleaned each other.

“Fuck, showering with someone makes me so horny! I need your cock now Batch!”

So we fucked. We did not make love, we FUCKED! I put my cock in her and fucked her. I learned that she liked to be fucked hard. She loved to have her tits squeezed, her nipples bitten. The harder, the better. She could not get enough of my cock. When I said I was going to cum she said in me. “Cum in me!” so I did. Gave her 2 powerful shots and then 2 more with less force. I withdrew my cock and she was smiling, happy. We showered again. She found one of my oversized t-shirts and wore that. We sat and drank some wine. She told me her story and that she decided to meet me. The whole flight she was nervous that I would not be there and she would be alone in a strange country, chasing some silly idea. But here she is, sitting in a chair flashing me her kitty. Do I mind? Is the pope Jewish? Is there crying in baseball? Answer to all is ... NO. She rose from her seat and sat on me. She put her face in my neck and sighed. Soon her breathing was relaxed and she was asleep on me. I pulled down a throw and covered us. We slept.

The next morning she woke with a start. She forgot where she was for a moment. She looked at me and said “Batch, it was not a dream. I am with you.” “Yes, yes you are.” was my reply.

She rose and went to the bedroom, I made us some pancakes. When she returned she had on a knee length skirt and a top. She looked very pretty. I gave her 3 pancakes and butter and syrup. We also drank coffee. She wanted to go out and see where I lived. I asked if she wanted to see anything in particular. “You mean besides your cock Batch? Yes, show me that river I flew over.” So I took her down to the river side and we walked among the paths there. She was excited to see all the plants and animals we came across. She wanted to get real close to the river and I told her that there was a spot ahead. We got there and I helped her down the small hill. She removed her shoes and walked into the water up to her ankles. Where we were, was once a brick yard that was reclaimed into a park. So the mud was actually clay. Clay, once wet is slippery and, you guessed it, she ended up on her ass. I never heard someone laugh like she did! She acted like a 5 year old than her real age. I reached out for her to get her out of the water. She pouted, but did come out. We walked back toward the car and had some people looking at her and her dirty backside. A few laughed. Back at the car I opened the trunk and told her to get in. Her mouth opened in shock. I said “You’re not sitting in my car with a dirty ass. So in the trunk you go.” She thought I was serious. Then I smiled. I brushed off as much as I could and had her sit on a towel. She had a different idea. She lifted her butt and raised her skirt. Took the towel and covered her front and removed her skirt. Take me someplace where we will be alone and I can let skirt dry. I took us to a nature preserve. We parked and she moved to my lap. A fellow could get use to this. She sat there and relaxed. He felt her breathing change again Yes, she was asleep. She slept for about 20 minutes. She woke up and smiled at me. ‘Batch, do you mind me sleeping on you?” “How can I be mad? I know you are sick and your body has to rest. We did walk quite a distance this morning. Are you hungry now?” “Batch, my dress. Remember?” “So, we stop home and get you a change then get food.” She changed into jeans and a top. We again went to a diner. This time she got a burger and fries, I got one also.

Back at home we sat and drank some wine. We talked about growing up in our countries, our families. Time flew by. We went to bed. She stripped and got in I did the same. She asked me to hold her. So we slept with her in my arms.

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