Ariadne and the Tales of Heroes (No Sex Version)

by TheUniverseofCMed

Copyright© 2019 by TheUniverseofCMed

Historical Story: Here is the same version of Ariadne and the Tales of Heroes without the sex in case there are those that are squeamish towards sex or just wanted to avoid it all together in my readings. There is still nudity (Nothing extreme), romance, events leading to the sexual encounter but the actual depiction of sex is omitted. Both the Erotic Version and the No Sex Version are canon to my universe. Violence depicting war is still part of this story.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Magic   Romantic   Fiction   Historical   Military   War   Science Fiction   Alternate History   Far Past   Furry   Nudism   Violent  

This story is of my own creation based on historical events or mysterious happenings here on Earth.

Tags: Swearing, Violence, Blood, Execution, Graphic, Drama, Love, Pregnancy, History, Myth, Gods, Religious

Disclaimer: This story is a collection of stories dealing with mythological stories, and historical events. This version is the no-sex version. Sex is led and implied between characters but the sexual scenes are omitted (Both the Erotic version and No-Sex version are canon to this universe). This story is historical fiction or close to accurate with what-ifs with historical events serving as a backdrop. Careful attention to detail on historical accounts was made and liberties were used to ensure story flow. No intention is made by the writer to devalue religious or mythological views that some may hold sacred. With that being said reader discretion is advised.

The source of this story is Storiesonline

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