Mind-controller Dominates Teen Girls at Pool Party Sleepover

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2019 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: Ever since I got the power to exert complete, irreversible mind control, I've taken great pleasure in having sex with young girls and their mothers, too. I make them do anything I want; things that they would never do if they still had any free will. I had been monitoring these particular girls and their smokin' hot mommas for a long time. I made sure they would be alone for the weekend birthday pool party sleepover. By the time I was done with them, their lives would never be the same.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Mind Control   Rape   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Rough   Anal Sex   Analingus   First   Oral Sex   Scatology   Water Sports   Big Breasts   Small Breasts   Caution   .

Ever since I attained the power to exert complete, irreversible mind control, I’ve taken great pleasure in raping young girls and their mothers, too. I can make them do the dirtiest, most degrading, most unsanitary, most sexy things; things that they would never, ever do if they still had any free will of their own. But they don’t have free will when I’m around. They can only say and do whatever I let them to say and do. They are completely under my power.

I had been monitoring these particular underaged girls for a long time. The beautiful young girls and their smokin’ hot mommas lived in an upscale suburban neighborhood. The tree-lined streets ran past large houses with broad lawns, and backyards with swimming pools. I’d set my plan in motion many weeks ago. I made sure that these pubescent girls and their big-breasted mothers would be alone for the weekend. The husbands and sons of the families were far away camping in the wilderness. Most of the other houses nearby were unoccupied while their owners vacationed.

The occasion for all of these pubescent girls to be home alone with just two of their mommies was a birthday party sleepover weekend. I had monitored these cunts for months. I had taken covert photos and videos of them all the teen girls and their mothers. I researched their backgrounds. I knew their personalities. And I had a plan to exploit these beautiful bitches to the hilt.

First of all, I should describe the line-up. Let’s begin with the Bollington sisters, Clarissa age 15 and Tiffany age 14. Like their mother Vanessa, the young girls are gorgeous blue-eyed blondes. Their mother keeps the girls’ golden hair long and full. Clarissa stood 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighed 115 pounds. Her younger sister Tiffany stood 5 feet 2 ½ inches tall and weighed 105 pounds. When they grow into full adulthood, they may end up sporting a hug pair of tits like their mother Vanessa Bollington, who stood 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighed 128 pounds, and had a super-curvaceous 40-inch bustline with a 28-inch waist and 38-inch hips. Vanessa had huge M-cup tits.

Next we come to some of their neighbor girls who were invited to the birthday pool party sleepover. Little Danielle Reed was 14-years-old, stood 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighed 100 pounds. The tiny redhead had green eyes. Her flawless skin was white as snow. And there was 14-year-old Liliana Wilson, a blue-eyed blonde who stood 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighed 103 pounds. Then there was 14-year-old Cherie Blackwell, another blue-eyed blonde beauty. Cherie stood 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighed 104 pounds.

Finally we come to the birthday girl herself and her family. Kirsten West was just turning 14-years-old. Like her sister and mother, she was a beautiful blue-eyed blonde. Kirsten stood 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighed 104 pounds. Her older sister Amanda was 16-years-old, stood 5 feet tall 4 inches tall and weighed 118 pounds. The girls’ mother Caroline West was a great beauty with a spectacular body. The seductive blonde stood 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighed 130 pounds, and had a very curvy 38-24-36 body with huge J-cup tits.

The pool party was already well underway when I casually entered the backyard wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses, with a bathing suit under my loose, colorful Hawaiian shirt. None of the women and girls had any idea that the little tingling they all felt at the back of their minds when I showed up was my puppet-master control over their very being. The mothers, Caroline West and Vanessa Bollington, were sitting under the shade of large, red and white stripped umbrellas. The beautiful blonde women wore stylish one-piece bathing suits that had wide shoulder straps. Strong straps were needed to uphold the chest cups of their bathing suits, which were filled to overflowing by their massive mammaries. The bathing suit tops bulged enticingly with the beautiful breast burdens of their chests. The beautiful blonde women looked up at me, startled and fearful for a moment. I removed my sunglasses and winked at them while mentally pulling the wool over their eyes. The women’s attitude changed in an instant. Caroline and Vanessa smiled and waved at me as if we were old friends. These big-titted blonde bitches would be no hindrance for my plans to fuck the young girls. Indeed, they would become my helpers.

Amanda, Clarissa, Tiffany, Danielle, Kirsten, Liliana, and Cherie were all over the place: running around the pool, diving in, playing around in the water, or tossing a ball. They all wore two-piece bathing suits, which I had chosen for them by sending their minds subconscious instructions. Little did the young girls or the mothers know that every detail of today’s party had been specified by me, from what they wore, to what they would be doing when I arrived.

“Hello, girls!” I said with a friendly wave. The girls looked up at me. For a moment they were puzzled and slightly afraid, just as Caroline and Vanessa had been. I tugged at the back of their minds, like a man pulling on a string, and suddenly their attitudes changed to friendly warmth. “You can call me Steven. That’s good enough for the moment” I said. “Later on I’ll give you a more formal name you can use for me.”

The girls smiled wide and clapped their hands with joy. The six blonde and one redhead jumped up and down, as if they had been awaiting my arrival for their entire lives. If I had not sent a mental command to restrain their enthusiasm, they would have emerged from the pool and rushed over to me, embracing me with their tender young bodies and wet bathing suits. It was too soon for that. I had some things to discuss with Caroline and Vanessa first.

“Keep playing, girls. I’ll come play with you shortly” I said. Walking over to where Caroline and Vanessa sat in the shade, I pulled up a chair. The big-titted blondes smiled vacantly, their blue-eyes vacuous of any self-will at all. I stretched out my two hands, resting one hand on each woman’s chest. I felt up their huge, soft, shapely breasts. “These fun bags will come in handy later, bitches. First I need to outline today’s basic activities for you whores” I said, addressing the middle-class mothers as if they were street slut prostitutes. “I am going to fuck every young girl here” I said. “Ass-fuck, mostly. Followed by dirty ass-to-mouth blowjobs And you whores are going to help me. Everything will be done for my benefit and my pleasure. I don’t care what you bitches like, or what the little bitches like. I will use you all, and abuse you all, to my heart’s content. Expect some very rough ass-fucking of those little virgins. Plus lots more dirty, degrading stuff. Any questions?”

Caroline and Vanessa looked at one another. Then they looked back at me. Caroline shrugged her shoulders, which squeezed her chest and made her cleavage bulge even more. “It sounds very straight-forward to me.”

Vanessa nodded her head. “Me, too. Whatever you want. Rape them however you please. Anal sounds good.”

Caroline nodded in agreement. “Raping a young girl’s asshole sounds like a wonderful way for her to experience sex for the first time.”

Vanessa said “I agree. But I have a confession to make. I’ve never had anal sex. I was afraid of it.”

Caroline bit her lip. “Me, too. Will you fuck Vanessa and me up the ass, too?”

I laughed. “You can bet on it, bitch” I said as I slid one hand into the cleavage between each woman’s big breasts. I fondled their soft mammary flesh as Caroline and Vanessa cooed with delight. “OK, big-titted bitches” I said. “I’ve been studying the personalities of the little bitches. I have specific plans for each one. And for how the little cunts will interact with one another. You whores wait here in the shade. I’ll call for you when I need you. Oh, and by the way, from now on you will call me Master.”

“Yes, Master” Caroline and Vanessa said in unison as I gave their udders a friendly squeeze, before digging in my fingernails just enough to show the bitches I meant business before removing my hands from their tits. The women winced at the sudden pain when I dug my nails into their massive, soft, white, breast flesh. But the women didn’t complain. Like a pair obedient, submissive cattle, the beautiful, bit-titted blondes smiled at me even as their faces contorted and their blue eyes squinted from the pain. I was confident that Caroline and Vanessa would do nothing to hinder my brutal anal rapes of the young girls.

The women watched me with smiling eyes as I walked to the side of the pool. All the young girls looked up at me, smiling. I smiled back. I then pointed to 16-year-old Amanda. “Come over here, sweetheart” I said. “I need to talk to you alone.”

The gorgeous blonde teenager’s pearly white teeth smiled a mile wide. Her deep blue eyes twinkled merrily at this signal honor. “Yes, Steven!” she said excitedly as she climbed out of the pool. The girl ran over to me. Her blonde head barely reached my chin. Standing inches away from me, Amanda lifted her blue eyes to look at me as I looked down upon her. I knew from my research that the girl had a forceful personality. Amanda was the queen bee of any group of girls that would let her in. She dominated her little sister Kirsten. Even her mother Caroline often gave in to Amanda’s demands. I intended to use the little bitch as my lieutenant in the process of raping the other young girls. I would also put Amanda under my will in a way she had never experienced before from anyone, male or female. The queen bee would be my queen bitch at first, and then become my gutter whore, degraded into a little slut slave.

“Amanda” I said, placing my hands on her bare upper arms. The girl shivered with joy at my touch. “You will be my special little bitch today. I am going to rape everyone here. You included. But you’ll go last. How much and how intensely I rape you will depend on how well you follow my orders. Understand, bitch?”

Amanda was slack-jawed. No one had ever spoken to her this way before. Mentally, I tugged on the string at the back of her mind. It was as if I were pulling her puppet strings. “Yes, Steven” the beautiful teen said in a soft, submissive voice. “Whatever you want.”

“Good bitch” I said. “And from now on, you will call me Master. Got it, little whore?”

Amanda nodded her blonde head and smiled. “Yes, Master” she said with a wicked twinkle in her blue eyes.

I knew from my research the entire layout of the West home. On the first floor near the pool there was a large playroom that featured lots of couches and day-beds that were upholstered in water-proof materials. I instructed Amanda to tell the other young girls and the two mothers to go into that room. I stood near the pool and watched the parade of swimsuit-clad girls and women pad softly across the deck and into the house. I followed behind them, watching their pretty asses wiggling ahead of me. I had big plans for the little asses of the underaged girls. The big asses of the two mommies would also come into use, by and by.

I entered the room and closed the door behind me. I took off my baseball cap, my sunglasses, my Hawaiian shirt, my sandals, and my swimsuit. I stood naked before the women and girls. With my right hand, I grasped my penis which hung down between my legs. “You’re all going to service my dick today, bitches” I said. With my left hand, I gestured for Amanda to come over to me. I put one hand around the shoulder of the blonde 16-year-old beauty. “Amanda will carry out my orders. When she tells you to do something, you better goddamned well do it. And from now on all of you will call me Master. Understand?”

The wide-eyed girls and smiling women in the room nodded their heads silently. I pulled the invisible threads in the backs of the minds. In one voice, the women and girls all said in chorus “Yes, Master.”

While I spoke, Amanda stared down at my penis. She couldn’t take her eyes off it. I leaned my face to her ear and, after brushing her aside her long blonde hair, cupped one hand around it. As I spoke to the girl, she continued staring at my dick. I whispered my instructions in her ear. The girl nodded her blonde head in acknowledgement of what I said, but without looking away from my cock, which still rested comfortably in my right hand. Her crystal blue eyes were fixated on my penis. Finishing my instructions to the girl, I said aloud to Amanda so everyone could hear. “You may now touch my dick, little whore.”

Amanda’s reddish tongue licked her full lips. The golden girl reached out tentatively with her right hand. Gingerly, as if she were about to touch a dangerous snake, the girl’s fingers lightly touched down on the flesh of my sex organ. A shiver ran up her spine. The 16-year-old reached out with her other hand and caressed my cock between her soft hands. She began to kneel down in front of me when I grabbed the girl by her long blonde hair and yanked her back into a standing position. “Not yet, bitch. You haven’t earned that honor yet Amanda. You’ve got to prove yourself to me. Show me how well you manage the young cunts and the big-titted mothers here. Then I’ll decide what sexual honor you may, or may not, deserve.”

Amanda looked up at me, crestfallen. The girl’s beautiful face showed that she longed to suck my dick. I could see it in her gorgeous face as well as read it in her mind. I shook my head from side to side in the negative. She got the message. Recalling the instructions I had whispered in her ear, Amanda retrieved a flash drive memory stick from the pocket of my clothing. She inserted it into the home entertainment system in the room. A large TV screen came to life. It began showing my home-made instructional video for little virgins. The 5-minute film explained the basics of what a man does when he fucks a woman or young girl in every hole, and how they should respond. It shows the man cumming in the mouth of a young girl. It shows the girl swallowing. While the girls watched this video in fascination and the two women watched it in anticipation, I tugged the strings at the back of each one’s mind. I was making sure that every single bitch wanted exactly what I wanted her to want from having sex with me. That is to say, I wanted her to do exactly what I wanted her to do to satisfy me.

Amanda turned to the assembled girls and women. The teenager barked out orders like a drill sergeant. “Master wants you all naked. Strip now, bitches!”

The young blonde teens (Kirsten, Liliana, Tiffany, Cherie) and lone redhead (Danielle) did as they were told. They removed their two-piece bathing suits and stood in a line, naked as the day they were born. The little blondes and one redhead displayed their smooth, unblemished white flesh, their virgin, young pubic areas, their cunt lips and slits, and their charming pale pink nipples. At the same time, the two buxom blonde mothers had removed their one-piece bathing suits. I was astonished at the amazing sight of Caroline’s J-cup tits and Vanessa’s M-cup tits, which hung down like massive white torpedoes tipped with wide pink areolae and prominent pink nipples. I immediately began making long-term plans for inducing lactation in the massive udders of these bitches.

“Very good so far, Amanda. Continue” I said.

The naked 16-year-old blonde beauty looked at me and smiled sunnily at receiving my approval. She then turned her head to face the eight naked females assembled before us. Amanda’s face assumed a commanding air. Pointing her finger at certain girls, she said “Tiffany, Danielle, Kirsten and Liliana. Master wants to have sex with your rear ends. He’s going to shove his penis up your hineys. He is going to butt-fuck you.” Amanda turned her gaze to her mother Caroline and neighbor Vanessa. In an authoritative voice, the girl said, “You two big-titted mommies will present your breasts for Master’s use.” Amanda then told each female exactly where to stand or kneel on the water-proof playroom furniture.

I watched all the naked female flesh moving to their assigned places. I watched the four teens kneeling on one long bench seat, their rear ends facing me. These were the girls I had chosen to butt-fuck first. I smiled and licked my lips as I gazed at the naked, shapely white bottoms and virgin cunts of beautiful 14-year-old girls.

I walked over to the girls. I began striding up and down the line-up of naked female flesh, all the while running the fingers of one hand lightly over their backsides, then using my full and to fondle their butt cheeks, before cupping my hands over the soft cunt lips of the young girls. “What a line up!” I said as I slapped Liliana’s ass with modest impact. Walking back down the line, I said “I love to fuck young girls. Especially up the ass. I’ll get around to your cunts eventually. And your mouths. But it’s very important to me that your first sex be anal. Ass-fucking is what I’m talking about. Sodomy. I want you girls to suffer a little ass-rape for my pleasure.” I chuckled. “Well, maybe suffer more than a little.” I ran the tip of my middle finger lightly around Tiffany’s pink 14-year-old anus. The girl shivered.

I gestured for big-titted blonde women, Caroline and Vanessa, to come stand on either side of me. “You bitches must give me your tits to suck and bite while I rape these young bitch butt-holes. Grab a couple of chairs. You may stand or kneel on them so you can keep your tits close to my face.” The two mothers followed my command and were soon at the ready beside me, holding up their massive mammaries so I could easily suck and bite each one.

“Amanda” I said. “Explain to Clarissa and Cherie what their duties are.”

“Yes, Master” said the 16-year-old queen bee. She directed 15-year-old Clarissa and 14-year-old Cherie where to stand. Then she told the little blondes “You’re going to use your mouths and tongues to lick Master’s cock, balls and asshole, like you saw in the video. After he is done butt-fucking a girl for the moment, he’ll pull his cock out of her asshole. Then you have to lick and suck him clean. You have to eat the shit off his penis. When he begins ass-fucking the next girl, you two will return to your jobs licking his balls and his asshole. Understand?”

The surprised girls nodded their heads dumbly. They had never before in their young lives imagined doing anything remotely like this. I smiled at them. I knew this was only the beginning of their new lives of sexual degradation and exploitation as my personal property.

My four-girl hiney line-up was ready to get ass-raped now. The only question was whether I should start with Tiffany or with Liliana. It really wasn’t much of a question in my mind, though. I was going to butt-fuck every one of the litter 14-year-old beauties in any case. That’s what I was looking forward to!

What I was going to do by brutally ass-raping these young girls will certainly cause some damage. But I had the power to completely repair any bodily harm I caused. The young girls might suffer and bleed, but there would be no permanent damage at all. Nor would all the shit-eating that was about to happen make anyone sick. Sure, they’ll all feel disgusted and degraded. They will suffer great pain. But that’s all temporary. After I’m done using the little bitches, any torn flesh will be completely restored to its original pristine condition. Only the girls’ wonderful memories of their pain, their degradation, and the pleasure I enjoyed by sexually abusing them will remain. The young girls will never forget me, the man who raped their assholes and now owns them forever more, body and soul.

I told Amanda to grab the container of lubricant from the pocket of my shirt. I allowed the naked 16-year-old to kneel before me and slather the stuff on my cock. I then took the tube from her hand and began lubricating the assholes of the young girls I was about to butt-fuck. This would make the entry of my cock into their rectums quite a bit easier. I didn’t want to irritate my dick in the process. That was my only concern. I couldn’t care less how painful it would be to the young girls. The more pain I inflicted on their tender virgin assholes, the better. That was my philosophy.

With the four young ass-fuck girls in position kneeling on all fours on the bench seat, I began taking their anal virginity one at a time. I began with Tiffany. The young blonde screamed and cried when I began shoving my erect penis through her virgin anus and into her virgin rectum. I sodomized the girl with wild abandon. The other girls turned their heads to see what was in store for them next. I watched their frightened faces. I observed their watery eyes and quivering lips with great amusement. It was always good to watch girls cower before the unstoppable power of their soon-to-be anal rapist.

I butt-fucked each of the four girls in turn, moving up the line and then down again, making sure to sodomize each girl repeatedly. Each girl cried. Some screamed, some merely grunted. I loved fucking their tight young white asses with my big manly white cock. While I butt-fucked the bitches, pretty little 14-year-old Cherie kept her tongue working in my ass. The blonde girl’s young tongue slurped, wet and warm, in my clenching asshole. I was frankly amazed at how far her tongue could reach up my shit hole. I was gratified by the knowledge of what the little darling was tasting. It was good that a girl so young should be doing something so dirty and degrading for my pleasure. It was character-building for her. At the same time Cherie was doing that and I was ass-fucking one bitch or another, 15-year-old Clarissa knelt between my legs, face up, and licked my balls. I looked down at the blonde head of the ball-licking girl. I saw Clarissa’s blue eyes looking up at me. The 15-year-old had a serious expression on her pretty face as the girl worked her mouth and tongue intensively, slobbering her saliva all over my hairy balls. Even just these two young blonde bitches by themselves were doing an incredible job of keeping my cock hard with their skillful little mouths and tongues. Clarissa and Cherie whined with a combination of disgust and pleasure as they performed their degrading duties.

As soon as I extracted my cock from one girl’s wrecked rectum, and before I switched to the next young girl’s asshole, Cherie would take her little tongue out of my ass and move around in front of me, next to ball-licking Clarissa. Cherie then sucked the ass-residue off my cock, combing the flavor of the ass-fucked bitch’s shit with the flavor of my own, which Cherie’s young tongue had been mining from my asshole. After the young beauty had licked and sucked my penis clean, I went on to sodomize the next young girl’s asshole.

To my right and left, big-boobed blondes Caroline and Vanessa knelt or crouched on chairs and used their hands to raise their massive white udders so their pink nipples were always near my face. Vanessa’s 40-inch M-cup tits and Caroline’s 38-inch J-cup tits were constantly available to me. I only had to turn my head an inch to the left or an inch to the right to find two massive mammaries with generously-size pink nipples and areolae waiting for my mouth. I sucked and bit those magnificent mammaries with wild abandon. I had no concern for how tough my teeth were on the soft white flesh of the women’s breasts. As time went on, I left more and more teeth-marks and black-and-blue spots on their snow-white udders, pink areolae and nipples. I told Caroline and Vanessa to consider the damage I inflicted to their breast as badges of honor. Both the beautiful blondes expressed agreement as they smiled through the pain.

Amanda, my little task-mistress in charge of the other bitches, was being starved for attention. There was no room for her in my moving caravan of ass-raping and tit-biting. I assigned her to stand in front of each girl I was ass-raping, stroking the hair of the young girl and telling her she was doing a good job even as they girl wept at the pain of being sodomized so roughly.

Big-titted Caroline and Vanessa were on either side of me, while Clarissa and Cherie were under and behind me. I had gone up and down the ass-rape line several times before I took pity on Amanda. When I pulled my dick out of the last little bitch’s well-sodomized, gaping little asshole, I waved Cherie’s mouth away. My penis was still smeared with dollops of young girl’s shit and some anal blood from her torn up asshole. I gestured for Amanda to come over and kneel in front of me. The 16-year-old blonde beauty was finally face-to-cock with my powerful cock, streaked with red and brown. It stunk from the shit I had pumped out of the rectum of last girl I had just finished sodomizing. I allowed beautiful, blonde, 16-year-old Amanda, the former queen bee and current sex slave chief bitch, to take my soiled cock in her mouth for the first time. Her pretty face contorted as her nose wrinkled at the smell and taste of shit and blood. But she sucked me anyway and swallowed what she had cleaned from my dick.

As Amanda took a dick in her mouth for the first time, I read her mind. She didn’t like the flavor of shit and blood at all. But she loved the feel of my penis against her lips and tongue. Within a minute, Amanda no longer cared that she was being degraded. She didn’t care about how disgusting her cock-cleaning duty was. All the pretty teen cared about was the fact that she finally had her Master’s dick in her mouth. The girl was elated.

Remembering what she had seen on the video, Amanda pumped her head up and down on as her mouth pleasures my penis. I grabbed the girl’s head, wrapping her long golden hair between my fingers. I helped her out with the blowjob by violently fucking her face. I pounded the teen’s mouth. Then with one mighty thrust I shoved my shit-smeared dick down the girl’s throat. Amanda choked and gagged. Her arms flailed wildly. But I used my mental control over the little bitch to prevent her from pulling away or pushing against me. The 16-year-old blonde beauty was being throat-raped and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

The feeling of having my penis deep down a girl’s throat while her gagging throat is trying to vomit me out is one of the greatest feelings in the world. The 16-year-old beauty was helpless. Her throat was trying to save her from choking to death. But in the process, the girl’s throat muscles were giving my dick the most intensely pleasurable blowjob possible. There is nothing better than raping a girl’s throat. Except raping a girl’s throat immediately after ass-raping a little bitch so the choking girl was also cleaning the shit off my dick and—even against her will—swallowing it.

At long last I took pity on the child. I pulled my penis from Amanda’s throat. She fell backward onto her bare ass. All the other girls and the two mothers stared at her wide-eyed. They had been watching the entire throat-rape in stunned silence.

As Amanda’s mother Caroline bent over to comfort her daughter, the blonde woman’s massive 38-inch J-cup tits swung from side to side. I noticed with pride the teeth mark bruises I had left on her pure white, pink-nippled udders. Amanda said, “Are you OK honey?”

Amanda used one hand to wipe tears from her eyes while her other arm helped prop up her sitting body. The naked teen then wiped the spit-up drool dangling from her pretty mouth. Amanda coughed and couple of time before answering in a girlish voice “Yes, mommy.” Then Amanda looked at me and smiled through her teats. The teen turned back to her mother. “Master gave me the greatest moment of my life. He almost choked me to death with his heavenly dick.” She looked at me again. “I hope you’ll do it again, Master!”

I smiled. My mind control over the bitch was working perfectly.

I resumed ass-raping the hiney line-up of young girls. I don’t know how long I went up and down that line of teenaged girls, fucking each one up the ass over and over again. Finally, while every inch of my dick was buried deep past the rectum and into the colon of blonde 14-year-old Tiffany, I paused. I don’t think I’d ever been this deep up the ass of a girl this young before. The young girl was helpless before me, impaled on my cock like a pig on a spit being slowly roasted. It felt too good to move my dick even a fraction of an inch. The young girl’s stretched, ass-raped, shredded and ruined anus, rectum, and colon had been butt-fucked into submission, reduced to nothing but a warm and soothing shit hole of solace for my dick. I rested my hands on the waist of the sodomized girl. I barely flexed my dick a fraction of an inch as I resumed my rhythmic fucking of her devastated asshole.

The sexually abused girl seemed to like this deep, gently ass-fucking much better than the brutal pace that had gotten me so deep, going completely through her rectum and into her colon. Tiffany had been whining before while I ass-raped her. Now she was silent. The girl even clenched her ass for me, over and over, milking my penis with her tight, deeply sodomized little butthole.

Amanda then spoke up. “Master, when you pull out, may I suck you again? Please mouth-rape me. Please gag-fuck me” the gorgeous blonde teen asked with pleading in her voice. “Or at least let me clean you with my mouth.”

I sighed. I was reluctant to stop butt-fucking the teen. Slowly, ever so slowly, I withdrew my penis from Tiffany’s tender asshole. Amanda immediately took my stinking, shit-smeared dick into her mouth. The 16-year-old sucked me like a mad woman, so eager was she to show me what her young mouth could do to pleasure me. At the same time, little Cherie continued probing my asshole with her delicate tongue. Clarissa tried to keep licking my balls, but Amanda’s larger 16-year-old body made it harder for the smaller 14-year-old ball-licker to do her job.

Caroline and Vanessa watched what they young girls were doing, even as they loyally maintained their positions to my right and left with their hefty breasts. Their massive white breasts sported little black-and-blue bruises inflicted by my teeth. Their pink nipples looked a little chewed on. As I continued to suck and bite their breasts, the women kept leaning their heads back and forth, to see what was going on down below. In front of my Caroline’s 16-year-old Amanda was sucking my cock like a pro. Behind with 14-year-old Cherie was eagerly pushing her young tongue into my asshole. I detected some jealousy in the big-breasted women. Caroline and Vanessa enjoyed my abuse of their breasts, but they also wanted to take their turns sucking my dick. Both women wanted a chance to tongue my asshole, and to feel my cock buried deep in their own assholes. Their time will come.

“Do a good job, Amanda” Caroline told her daughter. “Suck Master’s dick clean. I think he must have raped every speck of shit out of poor Tiffany’s little asshole.”

“And you, Cherie” said Vanessa, “you’d better clean Master’s asshole. If he lets me inspect him back there later with my tongue, I don’t want to find a speck of shit you didn’t eat!”

Cherie looked up into Vanessa’s eyes. It was clear that Cherie took her duty seriously. The young blonde was not enjoying being insulted by Vanessa Bollington, mother of her friends, Clarissa and Tiffany. Cherie was wishing that Master would rape her ass like he did with Tiffany. It was clear that Master enjoyed ass-raping the littlest girls most of all. Cherie was the same age as Tiffany. Why wasn’t Master raping Cherie’s little 14-year-old ass, she wondered.

“Do a good job serving Master’s asshole” Vanessa told little Cherie. “Keep your tongue inside it. That’s your job. Keep licking his asshole.” Cherie was shocked by Vanessa’s strict approach. The woman was every bit as harsh as Amanda. The girl could see that Mrs. Bollington was serious. Cherie took a deep breath and went back to work tonguing my asshole. It felt good.

The other girls were finding this bizarre scene very satisfying to watch. Every girl and woman, whether getting ass-fucked, or sucking my dick, or licking my balls, or having their tits sucked and bitten, or licking my asshole, wished that she had a chance to do some of what the other girls were doing. I read all this in their minds. Their sexual enslavement to me was deepening by the second.

I grabbed Amanda by her long blonde hair. Pulling my dick from the 16-year-old’s mouth, I reached behind me and grabbed Cherie’s head. Gripping the girl’s hair between my fingers, I yanked the 14-year-old’s face from between my butt cheeks and her tongue from my asshole. I pulled the girl in front of me. Cherie scowled at being taken from her assigned task. “Suck it” I said pointing to my dick. “Suck it like your life depended on it.” Using both hands, I gripped the girl by her long golden hair. I began thrusting my cock in and out of the 14-year-old’s mouth while she sucked me. I gag-fucked the girl. She loved it.

After I had fucked Cherie’s mouth for a minute, I said “OK bitch, it’s Danielle’s turn.” Redheaded 14-year-old Danielle, who was still kneeling in the ass-fuck lineup, looked over her shoulder at me. The girl’s snow-white skin was amazing. Her bright pink anus was still enticing, even after what I had done to it. The girl’s asshole was red and raw from all the butt-fucking she had endured already. Danielle’s anus gaped wide open, while the little valley between her snow white butt cheeks was spattered with little bits of shit and streaks of blood. Nevertheless, the green-eyed little beauty smiled at me. Clearly, the girl was ready for more.

I said “Cherie, go back and stick your tongue in my asshole again.” The girl dutifully obeyed. I watched as my big-titted beauties Caroline and Vanessa leaned over to look behind me. Both women smiled to see the 14-year-old resume her disgusting and degrading duties tonguing my asshole.

In front of me, Amanda ordered Clarissa to resume licking my balls. Amanda applied more lubrication to my dick, then helped me shove it into Danielle’s well-raped 14-year-old asshole. I began sodomizing the redhead for about the tenth time. I butt-fucked her little snow-white ass with brutal joy, forcing my penis deeper up her ass than I had ever managed before. As I had just done with 14-year-old Tiffany, I managed to bury every inch of my dick up Danielle’s asshole, going beyond her velvety rectum deep into the girl’s colon. I found this deeply satisfying.

I buttfucked Danielle for quite a long time. Then I pulled out of the girl’s asshole, stepped over to the next young girl, and did the same thing to 14-year-old Kirsten. After Kirsten, I did the same to 14-year-old Liliana, working my way up the line of little blonde’s asshole. In between each ass-fuck, I used little Cherie’s mouth to clean the bitch shit off my dick before fucking the next girl’s asshole. Sometimes I fucked 14-year-old Cherie’s mouth so hard the girl gagged. That was a real turn-on for me. When the girl gagged, she added more saliva to coat my cock. Depending on which bitch’s ass I’d just pulled out of, I sometimes had to hold Cherie’s head in place and force my dick in and out of the little bitch’s mouth. Other times, the girl sucked me warmly, lovingly. Apparently, some bitch shit tasted better to her than others.

Most of the girls screamed or cried or whimpered when I first started buttfucking them. By the third or fourth ass-fuck, the young cunts had adjusted to the pain. The sounds they made changed. As I went up and down the line, raping each girl’s asshole repeatedly, I got to enjoy a range of girl sounds in a kind of symphony of sodomy. This wasn’t the case with 14-year-old Liliana though. That little whore’s ass was a real challenge. No matter how brutally I ass-raped her, I couldn’t get any noise out of the young bitch. I tried pumping hard and fast. I tried using long, demanding stokes. I tried using short, easy stroked. No matter how I butt-fucked the little bitch, Liliana kept her mouth shut. The little whore was quiet as a mouse. I even started spanking the bitch while I sodomized her. The 14-year-old blonde just arched her back. She breathed deeply and steadily, like she was a woman in labor who was trying to be brave while something extremely painful happened to her.

Finally, I looked over at Amanda. The 16-year-old blonde was smirking as she watched Liliana endure her twelfth episode of brutal butt-fucking without making a sound. Amanda enjoyed watching Liliana stoically endure my raping of her young teen rectum. Liliana’s failure to cry out in pain seemed to defeat the entire purpose of my brutal raping of the girl’s asshole. Oh, well. At least I could enjoy the approving smirk on Amanda’s beautiful face.

During one of the many times my dick was buried deep in birthday girl Kirsten’s 14-year-old asshole, I turned to Amanda. “Who do you think I should honor with a mouthful of cum?” I asked.

“Me! Please me, Master! It’s my birthday” Kristin begged, reminding me of her special occasion. “You fucked my ass good. Tiffany, and Danielle, and Liliana too. Now we know what our butts are good for. Please let me suck your dick, Master! Please cum in my mouth! I want to eat your heavenly cum!”

I loved hearing the little birthday bitch beg to eat my cum. Before granting her wish, I grabbed the 14-year-old’s hips and butt-fucked her hard one last time. Clarissa kept licking my balls. Cherie kept tonguing my asshole. Kirsten’s body shook as I sodomized her. She panted softly as I fucked her asshole harder than ever. “I’ll come back to use your mouth later, birthday bitch” I said while pulling my penis out of the girl’s brutalized asshole. I didn’t want to cum just yet. My favorite young ass, Danielle, was next in the lineup, after shit-eating little Cherie had sucked my cock clean.

What I liked most about sodomizing Danielle’s asshole was the way the young blonde bitch grunted with each pump of my dick up her little asshole. Clarissa noticed it too. She paused in licking my balls to marvel. “Listen to Danielle grunt. Tiffany whines. Kirsten pants. Liliana just keeps quiet and takes it. But Danielle grunts when you pump her asshole, Master. I think you like that, don’t you? I can tell.” The girl giggled. “I can tell you like hearing Danielle grunt every time you pump your dick into her asshole!”

Clarissa was right. Her position under me, licking my balls as I sodomized each girl, gave the 14-year-old a unique perspective.

“You’re right, Clarissa. I like hearing Danielle grunt while I butt-fuck her. It’s good to hear that. I feel like I’m really having an effect on the little whore when I hear her grunt with every thrust. I love sodomizing a girl who really appreciates the pain!”

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