Finding Paradise

by wanderlust3030

Copyright© 2019 by wanderlust3030

Coming of Age Sex Story: With the help of his sister and step-sisters a young man realizes that he is creating his own hell and that in their arms awaits paradise.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Tear Jerker   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   .

Being a teenager was tough enough, not to have your parents fuck everything up for you even more. When I was 15 they decided to divorce. We had a good life, lived in a nice suburban neighborhood, always travelled to some amazing places for our summer vacations, and I had a close-knit group of friends. When my parents separated, we stayed with mom in the house, so there was continuity, but the next year all was lost. For whatever reason she decided to move my younger sister and I across the country to the west coast. It was fucked. I was just entering high school was on junior varsity basketball team, and had my eye on Katie Hollison, a cheerleader with a beautiful smile and even more beautiful cleavage.

Needless to say, when we moved to northern California, I lost everything. No friends, no basketball team, no Katie. I was angry and blamed everyone around me, finding solace by turning inside myself. It was a living hell, and I was going to make sure everyone around me knew that. I refused to make new friends, preferring to spend time alone in my room reading or going out pursuing my new interest, cycling. I could ride for hours, my mind wandering, freed from the shit of the world – at least as perceived by a 16-year-old! I know better now, but that didn’t help then.

To make things even worse, soon after mom moved my sister and I to California my dad remarried and didn’t even bother inviting us, Haley my sister and I, to the wedding. We had met Linda before; dad had introduced us during our last Christmas visit. Haley, who is a year younger than I, was not caught up in the ‘young angry teen’ act that I was and made an effort to like Linda, in fact they got along fabulously. To complicate things even more, Linda had two daughters, Jenny who was a couple of months older than I, and Anna who was almost exactly Haley’s age, shy by just a few days. I chose to hate them all; it seemed like the most reasonable thing to do at the time.

What made it difficult though was that they were all pretty cool – easy going, fun, always laughing and playing, and very loving. This was compounded by the fact that the three of them were also all very hot looking! Dad wasn’t stupid, I had to give him credit for that. Linda was gorgeous: buxom (I mean she had one set of bodacious tatas!), tall, radiant smile, long dirty-blond hair, and did I mention stacked? Wow! Her cleavage I could get lost in there for days. Imagining her luscious tits filled my fantasies on a regular basis. Linda’s youngest daughter, Anna was her spitting image, though obviously not yet stacked but she had some very developed tits, unlike my sister Haley who still had small, but noticeable nubs. And yes I noticed! Yes, she is my sister, but breasts are breasts, they have a life of their own, independent of the woman they belong to, even my sister’s. I should add here too that Haley could certainly compete in the good looks department with Anna, though not yet curvy, she was gorgeous – black hair, dark complexion (thanks to our Italian grandfather), sharp facial features, and long legs. The best thing about Haley was that everybody loved her. She was just a ball of joy and was one of those girls who was everybody’s best friend, including mine. Though young, she always listened, never judged, and always seemed to have something wise to say.

Linda’s eldest daughter Jenny on the other hand apparently took after their father, but equally beautiful. She had short brown hair, a petite body, and very shapely. She was a gymnast, worked out and practiced daily, and it showed. Fortunately for her she didn’t have her mother’s tits, but still, they looked perfect to me, particularly in her tight gymnast outfits.

We had a short visit with dad during the summer, and he even made a point of taking Haley and me on a vacation of our own, trying to reestablish his relationship with us. It worked with Haley, but I refused to cooperate. It seemed much easier to hate and blame than to love and get along. We spent a few days with the entire “new” family, but I had little to do with Jenny and Anna. Haley, on the other hand, got along well with them all, going to the pool, shopping, doing her girl’s stuff with them. I preferred to mope around the house and be miserable. It was a self-appointed hell.

The following Christmas Haley and I were once again flown across the country to be with dad and his family. Jenny tried to befriend me, but I gave her the cold shoulder. I think that bothered her a lot, reflecting back on it now and thus I became her pet project the next time we met, over the summer vacation when Jenny and I were 17 and Anna and Haley were 16.

My dad and Linda seemed excited that we would all be together for the summer and did their best to ease my increasing frustration. They bought me a new bike, trying to bribe me and then planned a two-week vacation to the shore. Everyone was excited and joined in the search for a rental house; everyone except I.

I rarely left my room except to eat and go for bike rides. Jenny tried to force me to go to the neighborhood pool a few times, failing each time. Once she came down to my room wearing her bikini, but not even that worked. Well, not in getting me to the pool, but it certainly worked wonders for my imagination. Seeing her young breasts and amazingly tight ass in a bikini inspired quite a few fantasies – who cared if she was my jerk of a step-sister, even if she wasn’t really a jerk, there was at least a lot to jerk-off about.

One Friday night, Jenny tried again, this time soliciting the support of her best friend, Monica. When I returned that afternoon from a long bike ride, sweaty, but exhilarated, they were both sitting around playing on the computer in our family room. Both were wearing shorts, and halter tops, both were braless. They invited me over to show me something on the computer. I tried to escape saying I had to go shower, but they insisted, Jenny getting up, grabbing my arm and guiding me over to the computer.

I have no idea what they were telling me, all I could see was the hint of Monica’s dark nipples underneath her halter. Fortunately I had had the good sense to untuck my cycling shirt, which was long, covering my crotch and my aching cock that was twitching, trying to find space within my tight cycling shorts. Somewhere amidst their blabbering I managed to pick out a few words about a party they wanted me to go with them to, I of course managed to refuse and finally broke free to take that much needed shower and relieve my aching cock.

Jenny tried a few more times to befriend me, joining me in my room and chatting, but never getting too far. She tried to take an interest in cycling, but it just wasn’t her thing.

Eventually we went for our vacation, down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. They rented a large house right on the beach that had an open loft space upstairs that became my room and brooding nest. I had my own deck I could sit out and watch the waves crash ashore, and more importantly for my 17 year-old imagination, see all the bikini clad women!

When I wasn’t cycling up and down the coast, I spent hours with a pair of binoculars spying on the women sunbathing on the beach and playing in the ocean waves. Once I even got to see a girl’s breasts as her bikini came off while body surfing – my first real, live, in the flesh tit. Not sure if it counts, as it was through the binoculars, but for my 17 year old imagination, that little nip slip was all I needed to get rock hard. She was probably in college, no more than in her early twenties; a brief glimpse of that naked orb and small pink nipple was enough to make me rush into the bathroom and relieve my hard cock.

One afternoon, I sat on my perch, scanning the shore for bikini-clad breasts yet again. As I roamed the beach with my binoculars I noticed Haley, Jenny and Anna sunbathing. Jenny was lying on her stomach, the string of her bikini untied, revealing the soft sides of her globes. Haley and Anna were goofing in the sand and then went into the water to splash about and body surf. It was then that I caught view of my second set of breasts. It wasn’t just anybody’s breasts, it was Anna’s! As she rode a big wave it smashed her into the sand, pulling her bikini top completely off. There were two nubile breasts, bare, so perfect, so soft, just for my viewing pleasure. As I watched her quickly fix her bikini it slowly sunk into my head that those breasts were my step-sister’s. While I had imagined them many times, seeing them in the flesh was a rude shock. With that realization my cock began to twitch getting harder and harder as my mind raced through all the opportunities I had to see her breasts around the house – as she wore a towel coming out of the shower, in her bikini at lunch, when she didn’t wear a bra under her white tee shirt every morning. Each memory of her young breasts made my cock harder and harder.

My cock was rock solid and all I could do was head into the bathroom and masturbate, coming quickly, spurting several huge globs of my semen into the sink. Having built up a bit of a sweat and still having images of young Anna swirling around my perverted imagination I decided to take a shower to try and cool down.

It worked, though I remained concerned about how my cock would react when I saw Anna again, face-to-face. After drying off I slipped on my shorts and walked out into my room and was startled to find Jenny there sitting on the edge of my bed, wearing her bikini top and a pair of cut-offs – a look that I find to be so damn sexy, seeing a woman dressed like that gives me almost an instant hard on. Fortunately, I had just masturbated, twice, and my cock didn’t respond so immediately to Jenny.

“What are you? Some kind of sick pervert?” she laid into me. Holding my binoculars up, she accused me, “I saw you spying on us. All day long you look at girls. But I saw you watching Anna and Haley, your own sisters. You are sick.”

“What the fuck! What are you talking about? And what are you doing in my room?” I yelled back at her.

Not letting up, she accused me of spying on women all day long, being a perverted voyeur, and on and on. Finally, she once again returned to Anna, “I saw what happened, I saw her bikini come off and I saw you watching her. I also saw you slip inside afterwards. What did you do, go masturbate in the shower?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” was all I could manage to reply.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about, I saw you very clearly. I see how you stare at girl’s breasts all day. But Anna’s? She is so innocent, she barely even knows what they are for. What, you don’t like mine?” she said, standing up and pushing her chest out.

“Come on pervert, what are you going to do now? You only look, but are too afraid of doing anything else? Don’t even talk to girls! God, you are sick. Monica even let you look at her tits, but would you even bother going out with us? No! What’s wrong with you? You make me so mad. Our parents are sick trying to figure out how to make you happy, and all you do is screw it up for them. You’re pathetic. You have an amazing life, everything you want, and all you do is mope around, thinking the world is shitting on you. Well it ain’t mister. You got it good. Very good. And now I discover you are actually a pervert. Going to grow up being some psycho pedophile, kidnapping girls and locking them in your basement when you don’t even know what to do with a real woman!”

“Shut the fuck up you bitch. Who the fuck do you think you are? Just marching into my life and think you know everything. Sitting in judgment of me. Fuck you! you pathetic slut, prancing around showing off your tits all day to any dickhead that would dare to look.”

“God you are such a pathetic fuckwad. You wouldn’t know what to do with a woman’s breasts anyway,” Jenny yelled back. She then reached around her and untying her bikini top, showing me her breasts, taunting me, telling me what a wuss I am, that I’d have no clue what to do with a real woman. As she shook her breasts in my face, I lost it. I pounced on her, grabbing her and tossing her on the bed. Roughly I grabbed one of her breasts, squeezing it hard, as she tried to push me off of her, yelling. She squirmed away but I was able to grab her by her shorts and pull her back on to the bed. I knelt over her, pinning her arms under my knees. She squirmed trying to get her lithe body free, making me pin her down harder. In so doing, she also was rubbing and pushing her bare tits into my cock, making me harder and harder, my cock tenting out my shorts right in her face. With my hands free I grabbed both her breasts, twisting her nipples as she cried out in pain.

As I was punishing her breasts, I reached around with one hand and squeezed her crotch, making her buck trying to push me off. I grabbed her pussy hard and twisted her nipple when all of a sudden I heard “KYLE!”

I jumped up, spinning around seeing my sister standing there crying as she started to yell at me too. A yelling match ensued with me finally chasing Haley and a topless Jenny down the stairs out of my room. I slumped into a corner, shaking, wondering what the hell had just happened and lost it. For the first time in years I cried.

I don’t know how long I had been sitting there; the emotional upheaval most have worn me out and I had fallen asleep. As I came too I jumped realizing that someone was sitting next to me, with their arm around me – it was Haley. She too had obviously been crying at what she had witnessed her own brother doing.

I didn’t say a word, I couldn’t say a word, I had nothing to say. But with Haley, usually nothing needed to be said. We sat there for awhile, silent, she, my younger sister, holding me, comforting me.

We eventually started to talk about everything except what had happened earlier that afternoon. Haley had a way of agreeing with me that everything our parents did was wrong, but then also tried to reason with me that there were a lot of good things too that they did for us. She then went on to describe how much she loved having two sisters and how important it was for her that we be a family. Yes, she was subtly laying a guilt trip on me; that it was I, her older brother, who should be her protector, who was fucking up her life.

I somehow was able to face up to what had happened earlier, and asked how Jenny was. Haley reported that she was obviously very shaken, but she also admitted to Haley how she had taunted me and how she had taken off her own bikini top to tease me. She suggested I go down and try and talk with Jenny before Linda and dad returned.

I wasn’t ready to do that. Instead I went for a long bike ride to clear my mind. It was exhilarating riding with an ocean breeze in my face, the late summer sun slowly beginning to set across the dunes. It cleared my mind, forgetting family, forgetting Jenny, forgetting breasts.

As I returned and neared our rental home I could see that Linda and dad were back and that dad was on the patio grilling. I circled around a few blocks away, not quite ready to face the reality of what I had done, particularly if the girls had told Linda and dad.

Finally, I mustered the guts to face the wrath of my father. As I pulled into the driveway, however, dad waved with a big smile, making me realize that the girls had not reported what happened. Over the ride, with my mind freed of baggage, guilt had set in. I wasn’t a violent person, a rapist, or would-be rapist as the case may be. There was no need for me to be so wound up, with so much pent-up anger. It wasn’t healthy. It was time to make amends.

A cool shower helped before I headed back downstairs for dinner. It was awkward seeing Anna in a tee shirt with no bra, I did my best not to look. It was impossible to look Jenny in the eyes, and I also felt the need to avoid Haley’s look. While I felt bad what I did to Jenny, it was towards Haley that I felt like the biggest shitwad. I was her older brother, I knew she looked up to me, respected me. We were close, she cried a lot on my shoulder the past couple of years and our bond was tight. And then she saw what I did to Jenny. I fucked up and would have to make amends. I spent the evening quietly staring at my dinner, eating quickly then escaping to my top floor perch.

After about a half hour, I heard some footsteps coming up the outdoor stairs and was surprised to see Jenny with two bowls of ice cream.

“A peace offering,” Jenny said after a very awkward moment of silence, sitting down next to me offering me a bowl. All I could say was, “Jenny, I’m sorry. I don’t...”

“You don’t need to apologize Kyle. What I did was wrong. What I said was wrong. And I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me. But it is so damn frustrating watching you and seeing how hurt your father is. Do you even see that?”

“Let’s not go there. Not yet at least. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Yes you did hurt me. But Kyle ... I don’t know. This is weird and I don’t know what you are going to think of me...”

“Think of you? It is I who attacked you!”

“No, that is not what I’m talking about. It is afterwards. I can’t...”

“Afterwards? What happened?”

“Kyle, yes, you hurt me, but I wanted it. I teased you, pushing your buttons to attack me. It hurt like hell and you scared me, but Kyle ... damn, how do I confess this? Listen, after you left I laid in my bed and ... well ... I ... I don’t know. Look, I masturbated three times this afternoon imagining you ... and I ... you attacking me, grabbing me, roughly. It’s fucked, I don’t know...”

My jaw just dropped open as I stared at her, trying to process what she was confessing. I wanted to say something, but nothing came out. Jenny nervously looked into her bowl of ice cream, twirling it around with her spoon.

After a few more moments of silence, she started to tear up. “Yeah, how fucked up is that?” Jenny went on. “Not just fantasized about you and I, but about you attacking me, raping me, hurting me. Kyle, I was about to have an orgasm from you grabbing me when Haley stopped us! I don’t know what is wrong with me! Seriously. I’m so screwed in the head right now...”

At that moment, Jenny looked so beautiful, so innocent, a tear running down her cheek, biting on her quivering lower lip as she herself tried to make sense of her emotions, her dark desires and fantasies.

I was speechless, I had no idea what to say. I had prepared myself to apologize, but not for this. This was beyond my ability to deal with. Jenny spoke, trying to get a response from me, “Don’t be so shocked! Say something...”

“Jenny ... I ... What can I say?” I replied, looking up at her. She was about to burst into tears, obviously needing someone to share and understand her own troubled state. “I’m still sorry I did what I did and that I hurt you. Haley said you were bruised. I’m sorry.”

“Stop being sorry. There is nothing to be sorry about. What happened, happened. Maybe it should not have happened, but it did. And two things came of it, one, we are talking for the first time, and two, I had an amazing orgasm masturbating about it! So there, nothing to be sorry about!” With that she let out a nervous laugh, still seeking some sort of acceptance.

Once again, her confession stunned me into silence. I had never even spoken to a girl about sex and here I’m sitting with my step-sister talking about her secret fantasy of being raped and roughly fucked. And, it didn’t slip my attention, she admitted it was I she fantasized about, masturbated about. I had no idea how to respond.

“But still,” I tried again to undo my own guilt, “I hurt you, I bruised you. Your ... I mean ... well, your breasts must be sore.”

Jenny laughed. “Yes they are sore as hell, and black and blue. Here, look for yourself,” she said as she lifted her tee shirt up exposing her naked breasts to me for the second time that day.


“Look what you did to me,” she said, not with anger but with a tinge of softness, almost desire.

Her breasts were indeed slightly black and blue. She kept holding her tee shirt up as I stared at her breasts.

Again, like earlier when an inner demon came to the forefront making me do things I never imagined I could do, another me started to act, all I could do was watch this other me lean over and kiss Jenny’s breasts. She didn’t pull back or push me away, in fact she moaned as I kissed her nipple.

I watched myself as I started to devour her breasts, making her moan, and then quietly yell out, “fuck that hurts.”

“Oh god, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Shit. What am I doing?”

“Kyle, god you are so stupid sometimes.” Again, I just stared at her as she stood up and went into my room. I didn’t know what to do and sat there for a few moments, lost, confused.

I finally found the nerve to get up and follow her. Jenny was sitting on the side of my bed, topless, biting her lower lip. It took me a while to figure out that look, an attempt of innocence when she is being the aggressor or desires to be taken, to be used, to be roughly fucked. At that point, it was just confusing.

But I knew an opportunity when it announced itself and I sat on the bed next to Jenny, leaned over and kissed her. It was all I had imagined, as her mouth opened allowing our tongues to dance, exploring our youthful sexuality. I reached over and gently grabbed one of her tits then squeezed it hard. She winced in pain, but continued our kiss and didn’t attempt to push my hand away. I teased her, touching her gently, softly tweaking her nipple, then I would grab her hard and twist her nipple. Each time she winced in pain, I could sense her increased excitement.

I broke our kiss and started to suck on her tits, again teasing her back and forth between gentle nibbling and hard biting and sucking. With my free hand I grabbed her crotch making her jump, and pressed hard. She humped herself against my hand and started to curse as she held my head tightly on her breasts. Within a few moments I sensed that she was about to cum and squeezed hard on her pussy and bit into her nipple, sending her over the edge.

She lay back on the bed, panting, her eyes radiating a dark desire to be possessed, to be taken, to be fucked. I had never been with a woman before, but I could sense her need. Her desire became mine. I could think of nothing else but to fuck her, to violate her. I reached over and roughly yanked her shorts and panties off of her, not even bothering to remove them completely from one of her legs, where they dangled off her ankle. I quickly removed my own shorts and knelt in front of her between her outspread legs. I had no idea what I was doing, except that I was about to fuck my step-sister and nothing else mattered.

I grabbed hold of my cock and guided it into her pussy. Though wet and hot, she was extremely tight and as I pushed my cock harder into her, she again winced in pain. Once I entered her, we were both panting uncontrollably and I started to fuck her with wild abandon.

“Oh fuck Kyle, yes fuck me. You’re fucking your step-sister, your slut of a step-sister!”

“You slut! You fucking slut Jenny, I’m going to punish you for teasing me! I’m going to fuck you and cum all over you slut!”

On and on we went, both of us verbally abusing her as she submitted to my rough fucking. I grabbed her tits a few times hard, each time I could see the shock of pain rush through her face followed by pure desire. While it seemed to have gone on forever, I know it didn’t last for more than a few minutes – I didn’t last for more than a few minutes. I sensed she had cum a few more times while I was fucking her and as I felt my own orgasm building up I quickly slipped my cock out of her now dripping wet pussy, knelt over her, and jerked off. I came on her face, in her hair, and over her tits, spurt after spurt, I had never cum so hard or so much.

I then rolled off of her, collapsing on the bed, our legs entangled, panting. After catching our breath, Jenny leaned up, her face worthy of any porn money shot I had seen, caked in cum. She looked beautiful.

I was still possessed by my other self, a self that Jenny helped release. “Lick it off,” I ordered her and she did, scooping it off her tits and face with her fingers then licking her fingers clean.

“Did I do ok Kyle? I hope I pleased you. All I’ve ever wanted was to make you happy. Are you happy Kyle?” As she was saying this, Jenny looked wistfully into my eyes. I couldn’t tell if she was acting, if this was real, or what was happening. All that could register now was that I just had sex for the first time and it was with my step-sister, my submissive step-sister who got off on being hurt and abused.

Returning to myself, I fumbled with words to express how excited I was that I was no longer a virgin. “Fuck Jenny, that was amazing! I don’t know what to say. You are so beautiful.”

“You don’t have to say anything Kyle. I can see in your eyes that you are pleased. I liked that, I liked what you did to me. I haven’t met a guy yet who was willing to do that. God Kyle, you made me cum so many times, I felt like I was going to pass out. That was amazing. You are going to fuck me again tomorrow, aren’t you?”

“Jenny, I don’t know. Can we do this? You are my step-sister, we live together. What about our parents? This is fucked you know, we can’t do this.”

“Yes we can, we just did. Kyle, seriously, I’ve never been so turned on fucking a guy before. And don’t start thinking I’ve been with a lot of guys, I haven’t, but the few others I’ve been with, most didn’t even make me cum and none of them got me, got my needs. You did and were willing to act on it.”

Jenny slowly got up and dressed, then went into the bathroom and washed herself thoroughly. When she returned I had put on my shorts and was lying across the bed. I sat up and she walked over and sat in my lap. I held her as we kissed passionately, her mouth readily accepting my tongue. My cock began to twitch against her ass. Jenny broke the kiss and slid off me onto the floor, kneeling in front of me. She undid my shorts and slid them to the floor. Grabbing my cock she played with it and my balls before she started licking the shaft, undoubtedly tasting her own juices, now dried on my cock. I watched in sheer rapture as she kissed the head of my cock and slowly slid it into her mouth. I was in heaven watching her, Jenny, my step-sister, suck my cock.

“God Jenny, yes, suck me you slut! Suck your step-brother’s cock. You just can’t get enough can you. Suck me good or I’ll have to punish you!”

I have no idea where the words were coming from, but Jenny moaned with excitement hearing me speak like that, becoming more and more enthused in sucking my cock. Needless to say, I didn’t last long, despite my earlier explosive orgasm. I held her head on my cock and shot my cum into her mouth. She gagged a bit, but I held her there as she worked to try and swallow it all. I pushed her head away from my cock, making a popping sound as it slid from her mouth. A few drops of cum dribbled onto her chin.

She beamed, smiling gleefully at having just sucked my cock, at having been abused.

“That was amazing! Thank you. And be prepared to suck me whenever I want it. Ok, slut?” As I said that I reached over and squeezed one of her breasts hard, making her moan out in pain. She looked shocked yet excited. It was so hard to explain that look.

She smiled and gave me a big hug before going back to the bathroom to wash her face and then bounced down the stairs.

I remained stunned and bewildered. It still wasn’t clear what had happened. Well, it was clear enough – I fucked Jenny and that she wanted it, desired it – and that she liked being called a slut, liked being told what to do, and even more confusing for my young mind, she derived great pleasure from pain.

I collapsed back on my bed trying to sift through and process all that had happened but sleep finally conquered my thoughts. Despite my confusions, I slept well, my body completely relaxed from the sexual release. When I awoke in the early morning, I went out to my deck and watched the ocean waves. I remained confused, but emotionally I was not as wound up as yesterday. I didn’t have guilt about what I did. I know I exploded, but Jenny had intentionally pushed me, wanting me to explode. It was weird, and I had no idea what was going to come of it, but where ever, even if nowhere, I was satisfied. I also knew Jenny and I would be having a lot more sex, I just wasn’t sure how it was going to happen.

After sitting for a while lost in my thoughts, letting them float across the open ocean, I decided to go for a long bike ride, along the inner coastal road. I knew it was going to be a long ride and prepared myself. No one else was up so I left a note that I wouldn’t be back till lunch time and headed out.

During the bike ride, my mind freed from other distractions, I made a decision. I knew I owed dad and Linda an apology for my behavior. I no longer had to shit on everyone else’s party. Haley and Jenny both made me realize that. I had to take responsibility. As for my relationship with Jenny – that, I had no answer to.

When I returned, exhausted, no one seemed to be home. There was a note that some were out shopping, others on the beach and that my lunch was in the fridge. I gobbled down a few sandwiches and made another to fill my hunger after the ride. I made my way upstairs to my bathroom, stripping off my cycling clothes and climbed into the shower to soak. After several minutes of enjoying the cool water spray over my body I was jolted by the sound of the bathroom door opening and closing. I quickly looked out to see Jenny untying her bikini top and letting it drop to the floor and pulling down her shorts, with a big smile on her face.

She hushed me as she climbed into the shower and gave me a hard, passionate kiss. My cock responded immediately, already stiffening watching her strip. We kissed long and hard under the shower. I then pushed her up against the wall and grabbed between her legs, squeezing her pussy tightly. It was now my turn to sample what she tasted like. I slid down her wet body, partially kneeling on the shower floor, and immediately dove in and devoured her pussy. Being my first time, save from watching lots of porn I had no clue what I was doing. I licked her slit then slid my tongue into her hot pussy, making her gasp. I then placed my mouth over her pussy and sucked on it, again making her squirm and scream out, softly with delight. I licked her like that for some minutes before she grabbed my head, pulling my hair as she came. I could feel her hot juices flowing onto my face and sensed her body tightening up then release.

I slowly stood up, Jenny holding onto me for support. She was panting, heaving heavily from her orgasm. It was amazing to watch her, so beautiful, with water pouring over her, catching her breath with the aura of arousal radiating from her eyes, her lips, her body.

Jenny then flicked out her tongue and licked her juices off my face. I must have shown a bit of a shock that she would lick herself; she informed me that she tasted herself often; she loved licking her fingers whenever she masturbated.

“Want to watch?” She teased me.

Saying nothing, I just stepped slightly away from her body as she reached down and slid several fingers into her pussy. She fingered herself a few times before pulling them out then slowly and very seductively licked them clean, one by one. My cock was now raging hard.

“God, Jenny, you really are a slut! I’m going to have to fuck you hard now.”

I then pushed her back up against the wall and with my knees spread her legs apart. Holding my cock with one hand I guided it to her pussy, at first gliding the head over her pussy lips. I then shoved it in. She gasped with the pleasure, being filled with my young cock. As I was pounding into her against the shower wall she whispered into my ear, informing me that it was safe to cum in her, that she was on the pill. I couldn’t help but let her know what a slut she was, making her teasingly bite my lip as we fucked. I then grabbed one of her bruised tits and squeezed hard, making her scream into my neck as the pain and pleasure rushed through her body.

We fucked for several minutes until I was ready; I felt my impending orgasm and let it go, filling her pussy with my cum. What an amazing feeling!

We both stood there for some time trying to catch our breaths. Jenny then untangled herself from me and without saying anything stepped out of the shower and dried herself off, even quickly blow drying her hair. I pulled the shower curtain to the side and watched her, enthralled by the ease of which she stood there, naked, drying herself in front of me. I could definitely get used to this, I thought to myself.

Jenny dressed then slipped outside and I went back to my shower. I washed up and soaked a bit longer, before stepping out. I put on my bathing suit, grabbed a beach towel and headed down to the shore. I managed to find Jenny and Anna sunbathing in the crowd and laid my towel down next to Anna.

“Just in time! You have perfect timing Kyle. You get to rub tanning oil on my back,” Anna commanded as she rolled over onto her stomach and undid her bikini top. I looked over at Jenny as I picked up the bottle and gave her a ‘what can I do?’ kind of look, as she smirked at Anna’s flirtations.

“Don’t wait till the sun sets, a girl’s gotta get her tan!”

“Yes ma’m!” I replied, laughing, as I doused her back with the cold tanning oil, making her squirm. Which of course, I could not help but notice also allowed me to see more of her nubile breasts pushing out from her sides.

“Ha, trying to see my tits again! It’s not going to work I’m afraid. You had your show yesterday, so I hear.” From her tone I couldn’t tell if Anna was serious or teasing me, but I was shocked and quite embarrassed that she knew I had watched her when her bikini top came off in the surf the day before. I glared over at Jenny who I assumed had reported me, but she just lifted her shoulders with a ‘I don’t know’, ‘don’t look at me’ kind of look.

I decided it best not to say anything in reply to Anna, I just let her comment go and started rubbing in the oil onto her back. As I set about my task, I couldn’t help but admire her tight young ass, particularly as her bikini bottom had slipped up into her crack, exposing a fair amount of soft ivory flesh. Anna was a stunner and I could see some difficult times ahead for her, for her mom and my dad, not to mention all the guys she would undoubtedly have eating out of her palms and kissing her feet – like me.

“A little lower Kyle! I’m your sister after all. Don’t be shy now,” Anna demanded, without even lifting her head or opening her eyes. Anna was a natural princess, there was no pretense about it, it was just how she expected to be treated and she would accept nothing less.

Jenny looked on amused as I tried to negotiate rubbing oil over Anna’s ass and then down her long legs. She was enjoying the show too, knowing that the more turned-on I became the more likely she would be the lucky recipient of my arousal. Thinking about fucking Jenny again combined with rubbing oil up Anna’s inner thighs and having her beautiful young ass on display for me was enough to give me a rousing boner. Of course at 17, the wind changing direction would have given me a boner.

After I had completed serving Anna, Jenny couldn’t help but notice my predicament and suggested we take the wakeboards and do a little body surfing. A perfect cover for the tent in my swimming trunks. Anna complained that we were abandoning her, so Jenny invited her to join us.

“No, no more body surfing for me. Don’t want to expose any more of myself to Kyle! Besides, I have a tan to work on.”

Again, I could not catch in her tone if she was teasing or upset by the fact I had spied on her. She said it so matter-of-factly. Without bother, Jenny and I ran to the water and dove our way through several big waves. We caught a few nice ones on the boards and then splashed about. Using the boards as floats we paddled ourselves out a bit.

“You really are a pervert,” Jenny laughed as we paddled out, “eyeing and feeling up your step-sister’s ass!”

“Well, I’d rather be feeling up yours, in fact remind me to give you a good spanking this evening, you deserve it for telling Anna that I saw her tits.”

“I didn’t tell her! But I’ll take that spanking anyway.”

“Well, I may be a pervert, but you really are a dirty ol’ slut!”

“Aren’t we perfect for each other!”

Saying that, Jenny reached over, catching me unaware and pulled my board out from underneath me, essentially dunking me into the ocean. We were out well above where we could stand, but that didn’t stop me from pulling Jenny into the water with me. As I grabbed her, I made sure to slap her ass first and even managed to pull down her bikini bottoms slightly.

As we treaded water laughing, the demon entered me.

“Give me your bikini bottoms!” I commanded her.

“What? You’ve got to be kidding. We can’t do that.”

“Take them off,” I said matter-of-factly.

“Kyle! I can’t.”

I didn’t say anything more, but I also stopped laughing and started to climb back up onto my board. I wasn’t watching Jenny, but once I got situated on my board, she threw her bikini bottoms at me. “Here!”

“Much better. You need to learn to obey me when I ask for something. Now, climb up on your board.”

“Kyle! I can’t do that, everyone can see me.”

“I doubt it, and if they can, so? Let me see your ass!”

Jenny reluctantly obeyed me and climbed onto her board, her legs in the water, her bare ass exposed to the world. And what a beautiful ass it was! Hers was bigger than Anna’s but more firm and shapely, payoff for her daily working out as a gymnast.

“Now that is something I want to see more of!”

I slowly paddled towards shore, making Jenny follow me, her bare ass up out of the water. There were a few people off a little ways swimming, so I started towards them. Jenny yelled after me, but I paid her no attention.

As we got closer, I noticed that Jenny had slid off her board and was holding it just with her hands so that her ass was no longer exposed. I then slipped into the water and swam up to her. Holding on to my board for floatation, I reached down between Jenny’s legs and felt her pussy.

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