One Bite at Midnight | Lesbian

by TristyPixie

Copyright© 2019 by TristyPixie

Romantic Sex Story: A spooky tale about Tristy seeing her girlfriend at night...

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Fiction   Fairy Tale   Paranormal   Vampires   Small Breasts   .

Out into the spooky fairy-tale night,

there was always something out there to take a bite,

there was always something out there to cast an unfortunate blight,

but not the darkest sprite in the Old Trail Woods...

Once upon a time out in a spooky night, Tristy took a trip to the local churchyard in order to see her girlfriend ... a certain sprite. She was always happy to see her and pleased with the evening time she would spend. She went out to the Old Trail Woods, which was where her girlfriend remained.

With a smile, she waved to the Gatekeeper ahead, and through the gate, she fled. The Gatekeeper acknowledged her wave, although they just looked at her with the greeting she gave. They believed she was a sweet girl; they’ve seen her visit once in the monthly moonlight and it was like she gave the graveyard a pearl.

They knew why she was here, and she was certainly nothing for the churchyard to fear.

Chancing upon a lit torch at the entrance of this setting, it really helped with the exploration around this graveyard. The only problem was that the fiery light seemed to be attracting some abnormally aggressive moths, but that could never be helped anywhere. It was always the night they share, and on the many tombstones were the dancing shadows that flickered with the torch’s flame.

This night was chilly with the evening breeze; this nippy air gave Tristy’s skin a tease.

But suddenly, what was that weird feeling?

Never an unusual occurrence, a hand shot out of the soil and grabbed Tristy’s ankle. Even though it was a hand of the dead, Tristy never wanted to just kick it, but instead, she attempted to skip it.

“Oh no,” Tristy tripped up on the muddy ground, and within this graveyard, she made a lot of sounds.

What was she wearing? It looked ever so shiny! Under the vivid moonlight, this piece of jewellery shined so brightly, and a curious magpie could never resist and so they swiped the necklace there and then.

“What, again?!” Tristy watched the magpie fly off into the air, she watched the rascal steal her necklace without care. “What a little turd!” Tristy remarked with a huff, it was just a shame that the magpie was her favourite bird.

Shooting back up to her feet, Tristy noticed her red skinny jeans were mucky, and with that, she pulled a face after realising just how yucky. What an unfortunate blight, but that was a usual Old Trail night.

The magpie’s call filled the graveyard atmosphere,

along with the crows that gave a cheer,

the necklace was stolen from the fallen wandering princess,

and this necklace shined like the brightest night star...

The catacomb was situated up ahead, despite right now Tristy wanted to be in bed. No! Her girlfriend was out here waiting, either resting in the catacomb or out on the ice pond skating. The time struck ten o’clock in the evening, and this was usually the time the undead would be teeming.

Into the underground passageway she goes, Tristy walked through the tunnel like a river flow. She stumbled across a torch in the centre of the span, and it automatically switched on its flame to light up Tristy’s path.

In every direction she looked, she met skulls engraved into the stone walls that really gave her the spooks. Oh well, she knew she was closer to her darling which was all the more charming. A shiver trailed down her spine at the many bats that suddenly charged in her direction, but then again Tristy was attracting their attention.

Without a second prompt, Tristy ran through the second passageway just as fast as those bats. She never cared how mucky her trousers were, or the surrounding ghostly voices that she heard. Tristy was here for one thing, and that was to find the woman that sings.

It was one room that she rested in, a stone coffin within. The many cobwebs on the stone walls decorated this dark span, and the spiders came out to dance with Tristy’s spooky-beautiful plan.

Down the passageway she went, she found the vampire princess resting in the coffin ... despite the scent. The coffin had no lid to cover the undead woman, and yet Tristy knew she was waiting for pudding.

“Finally, Camellia,” Tristy leaned down to give Camellia a kiss in order to awaken her greatest wish.

There her vampire princess awoke with the darling kiss,

it was a special kiss that had a charming twist,

it was a kiss that she so missed,

and this was a magical kiss that was always on her waiting list...

“My dear Tristy, you have come to me this powerful night.”

“The full moon only occurs once a month,” Tristy frowned.

With the full moon that creates a force on the ocean tides, it also held the supernatural’s love and that could not hide.

During that moment a werewolf’s call sang nearby and this enraged beast leapt onto the coffin right beside Tristy and Camellia. Spooked, Camellia grabbed Tristy’s hand and the two of them darted out of the catacomb once and for all.

If they stayed, they definitely would catch a terrible blight...

Out of breath, Tristy stopped running once down a path of tall trees with Camellia. She looked behind to see if the werewolf was chasing after them, but fortunately, he was not. He was gone.

All Tristy could smell was death and decay, and in her sight was this woman that lit the darkness like a flame with that red dress.

“It’s the foreboding full moon, darling, everyone gets a little crazy at these times of night.”

“It’s just fortunate that you’re only in my sight,” Tristy beamed from ear-to-ear at the cold-blooded woman.

Out into the spooky fairy-tale night,

the two women shared a kiss under the moonlight,

was there always something out there to give a nasty bite?

Camellia will never know when that is right...

“My dear Tristy, it’s not like I can ever see you in the morning or the afternoon; I’m always expecting you out here with me at midnight. I’m sorry,” Camellia cried.

“That’s not a problem; I enjoy coming out here at night,” Tristy admitted.

What was on Camellia’s mind? Why was she saying words that were so blind?

“What’s this, that has sprung in mind, Camellia?” Tristy asked as she felt concerned for the vampire princess. She moved in closer until there was no breath left in between them, and she felt her girlfriend’s cold skin ... as cold as this evening breeze.

She smelled of decay, but Tristy never cared in this embrace.

“Play with me, Tristy,” Camellia took Tristy’s hand into her own.

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