Marnie's Test Experiment | Monster

by TristyPixie

Copyright© 2019 by TristyPixie

Science Fiction Sex Story: It was all for science, not only to have sex with giants...

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Aliens   Lactation   Masturbation   Pregnancy   .

Buzz, buzz, buzz, the alarm clock rang.

Today was a usual workday, and at six in the morning she was up. The first thing she ever did was open up her wardrobe, watching the double doors slide open as her gaze automatically fell on her display of undergarments.

“Black or purple...” Marnie questioned with a murmur, just thinking for a moment or two. “Frilly or silk, maybe I’ll go for my best velvet.”

Laying out her chosen underwear onto the bed duvet, Marnie quickly hopped into the shower. She loved her showers hot, scorching, and it always made her think of the germs on her body now burning in hell.

Tick tock,

tick tock,

and then buzz, buzz, buzz went her mobile phone.

She rubbed the soap over her breasts, stomach, and then over her hips. She dreamt of how today would go, and the mere thought of it sent her in a daze. The bar of soap slipped out of her hand, and that hand went south between her thighs.


Thinking up scenes where her test experiments would suck on her clitoris, fiddle with her bean, and these test days have always gotten her keen.

“Cheeky, always owning my pussy...” Marnie cooed.

Biting onto her bottom lip, it was not long until she felt a wave of pleasure run through her body. These thoughts had always excited her, even before her study. Today her career was going higher than normal, her sex life was planning to slip into the paranormal once again.

“Wait till later this morning, my sweet.”

Feeling satisfied after pleasuring herself, she stepped out of the shower and went on to dry her body with a towel. She heaved a sigh and wiped her eyes, and she popped on her glasses and was off like a milkweed butterfly.

Her velvet purple bra was on, along with a matching thong and suspenders, and she merely hid her underwear behind her lab coat. All that could be seen was her stockings, but that was the usual wear.

Tick tock,

tick tock,

and now the time struck eight o’clock.

The start of her day was at nine in the morning, and on the radio the weather forecast announced it was bound to be storming. The doctor simply rolled her eyes in contempt and soon switched off the radio. She had packed her documents and test experiments, not to forget her lunch for later on.

“Good morning, Dr Estos.”

A co-worker waved, soon scanning her key tag to get into her office with a cup of coffee in hand. Marnie gave a simple smile in the other woman’s direction, shortly before moving onto another section.

“Good morning, Dr Estos.”

A second colleague passed a greeting to Marnie, and fortunately it was fleeting. Along the way she met with Mrs Hobbs, who was a receptionist that was often a perfectionist.

“Good morning, Dr Estos. Do you want a coffee?” Mrs Hobbs asked, smiling a friendly beam at Marnie.

“No, thank you. I’m going straight into the lab to test a few subjects right now.” Marnie mentioned.

“Oh, really? Dr Jackson wants to see you at ten o’clock.”

“Then tell him I’ll be late.”

“Sure, Dr Estos.” Mrs Hobbs went on the pick up the phone, now dialling Dr Jackson’s number.

At this point Marnie sped up her pace, almost attempting to run but without space. The building was big, hectic, and often low in staff. Today, however, the latter might be a stroke of luck for Marnie.

“Hurry up, slow thing.” Marnie huffed, swiping her key tag to get into the elevator.

Once in, she was gone three minutes later.

Passing dust piles after dust piles and her cell phone was vibrating in her pocket, Marnie still ran down the hall and paid no heed to her surroundings. As she trod with footsteps firmer, she could hear her co-workers upstairs murmur. All she was worried about was if she failed to attend her plan today.

Down in the basement was a generator cupboard, together with a secretary place where bigfoot was held, and then there was the freezer that stored extraterrestrial corpses, the cupboard of resources, and finally there was the laboratory down another flight of steps. Marnie was in a rush all thanks to Dr Jackson.

Bolting the door inside the lab, Marnie made sure nobody was able to enter this span. There was a new test subject she was now putting on her tab, for she had a plan. She had a secret that she would never tell anyone else in this top secret building, that she had yet to fulfil her excellent structural engineering.

Marnie went around to check every security camera that dotted this room, hastily covering them up before allowing any creature to get into her womb.

It was all for the good of science, at least that was what test subjects should constantly repeat to themselves. A little shock here, a potentially revolutionary serum here ... it was all in a day’s test tube. Dr Estos had to do an independent experiment, testing out various elements.

It was all for the good of science, not only to try out supposedly mean giants!

There was an alien autopsy at the south of this room, along with two alien heads on display. It was a test subject Marnie had to take care of, though after this test in the closet.

“Come out, big boy...” Marnie purred, she was already filled with excitement at the mere thought of trying out her brand-new toy.

After the amber door was towed down, green mist emerged from the laboratory closet; it was as green as vomit and not at all a rainbow deposit. The mist rose, it was swarming the atmosphere of this span, though lastly this creature had a chance to develop an embryo.

“We are all alone here,” Marnie told the creature.

With those words, the beast came in like a strike of a spear.

Marnie was ambushed by an unusual creature, and it took the appearance of a giant king prawn that shaped its feature. It was a humongous monster covered in many pulsating veins, and its eight eyes looked down upon what it was about to gain.

“Oh my, what have I done?” Marnie bit down onto her lower lip hard, whilst watching the creature tear open her lab coat with its talon-like aculeus.

The creature glanced at her bra, and even her erect nipples could be seen through it.

It slipped its strange tentacle tongue into the scientist’s mouth, all whilst its penis went in down south. It proceeded to insert its penis into her vagina; a rather large manhood that could barely fit. It had slimy appendages that gripped her legs, lifting one leg up to make it easier to fertilize her eggs.

She rose an arm and held onto the creature’s head, taking the tentacle into her mouth and tasting the monster’s saliva. She was blushing, her features were bright red and flushing. She was incredibly horny and had to tend her glory. She could not be dealing with a shift without having some monster cock.

It was only a five hour shift but she also had been waiting all week to be alone in the laboratory.

One sharp talon tore the velvet bra she was wearing, as two slimy appendages came forth and placed their gooey sucklers onto her erect nipples. A few more suckling tentacles came in triple, now placing alien kisses onto her belly and stockings.

These tentacle sucklers hugged her nipples, nourished those erect buds and even nipped at her breast milk. Marnie droned at the feel, this creature knew how to make her squeal.

“Good boy, good boy...” Marnie just made out with words behind the kiss, feeling her breasts ache and twinge.

This monster had eggs to bake, so its penis slithered inside her like a snake.

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