A Blind Date for Prom

by Eddie Davidson

Copyright© 2019 by Eddie Davidson

BDSM Sex Story: Sam has a blind date for prom but he has no idea the girl he is bringing is a slutty submissive in training and her parents try to prepare him. This is a follow-on to "Do you have a big dick, why not?"

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   Incest   BDSM   Light Bond   Spanking   Exhibitionism   .

The events in this story occur approximately a month or two after the close of “Do you have a Big Dick? Why Not?” The story centers around Eddie Davidson’s family (Justin’s Uncle) and are a direct result of events that occur later in that story. If you wish to avoid spoilers you may wish to not read. If any sort of fetish or situation could potentially offend you in fantasy then you may also be so inclined to stop reading here.


(Skip this if you don’t give a shit about background)

Sam Worthington was a decent athlete who played football and a he was a good student in his senior year of High School. He was already accepted into Stetson University in the fall. He wasn’t going on an athletic scholarship but he was 6’2 and 220 lbs. of lean muscle. He had a handsome face, reasonably popular and an all-around pretty good guy.

Sam’s girlfriend of three years had recently broken up with him before prom and started to date his best friend. His ex-girlfriend Valerie was a cheerleader and very shallow and conceited but she was also hot as hell. Valerie wasn’t that way when they met but during high school her body developed and as she grew in popularity and hung out with other cheerleaders she had grown to be something like Gretchen Weiners the villain from Mean Girls. Sam had realized he would have to break it off with Valerie months before the break up because they would be going to different Universities anyway and he no longer had the same feelings for her but he was such a nice guy he just couldn’t find a way to do it so in a way it had been fortunate Valerie broke up with him for one of his friends.

He wasn’t heartbroken over it but it meant he would miss prom since all of the girls in Sam’s circle of friends which were mostly popular cheerleaders had long since been taken. Sam’s mother worked in a bank with Marlene Davidson and she told Sam that Marlene was looking for someone to take her daughter to the prom. His Mom wanted Sam to experience Prom and enjoy it. She knew that a blind date was a last resort but Marlene asked it as a favor of his mother and his mother always got her way.

The tux was already rented. The limo was already reserved. He already had the tickets. Sam decided that he would just have an open mind and try to have fun. He wouldn’t ditch her at the party. He wasn’t that kind of guy. He would just politely spend time with her and then at the end of the night he’d take her home and thank her for a lovely time because Sam was just that kind of guy.

Sam wasn’t sure he liked that idea. He assumed any girl that desperate for a date to prom that needed her mother to fix her up would be a dog. His mother told him her name was Victoria Davidson and that didn’t ring a bell to him. Sam didn’t usually mingle with students that weren’t involved in Football or Cheerleading and he looked her up in his yearbook.

It took him a while to find her in the yearbook because her real name was actually Juanita Davidson. Victoria was just a nickname. She looked like Selena Gomez if she were dressed as a Goth-Emo chick in the yearbook. She had long dark hair and dark circles of make up around her eyes in the picture. She was wearing a lacey Victorian style dress with white frill in the front that covered her long neck. Sam did remember seeing her around school but she tended to be a loner who didn’t talk much to anyone and always ate alone.

He did know of her brother though. They were obviously twins because his name is Juan. He looked a bit like a young Mario Lopez (The actor who played A.C. Slater in Saved by the Bell). He was gregarious and always smiling. Juan was always active on the track team but since he wasn’t in football they never spoke. He did know that Juan went by the nickname Junior so he assumed his father was also named Juan.


(Read this if you are a pervert)

“Hello? This is Marlene Davidson. Is this Sam? Hello, I know this is a strange request but we’d like you to come over tonight for dinner and meet Victoria before the prom tomorrow night. There are some things about her you should know and I think if you see for yourself then you would be able to decide if you really want to go with her,” Victoria’s mother asked him on the phone nervously.

“I am sure it will be fine, Mrs. Davidson,” Sam wasn’t doing anything tonight but he didn’t seem nervous about the prom at all. He wasn’t going to let his old girlfriend make him feel jealous by rubbing the fact she was dating his friend Rob in her face. He was a well-adjusted and grounded young man who wasn’t petty at all.

“Sam, I am going to be honest with you. I’d rather you come over tonight and meet her before prom. If the two of you hit it off you can go out tonight and get to know each other a little better. I am not asking you to be her boyfriend. I just don’t want Victoria to miss out on prom and she is going through a phase right now. We’d like to prepare you for that. Your mother said you had an open mind and were very understanding,” Marlene made it sound imperative he come over.

“I am not doing anything tonight and it is not a big deal to come over. We all go through phases. I saw her picture in the yearbook and know she dresses a little Goth. I’ve even shopped at Hot Topic before. I doubt I listen to any of the same bands she likes but if you really want me to come over then I am happy to do it,” Sam answered politely.

“Oh thank you Sam, and if I could just ask for your discretion. I have to work with your mother and I didn’t share with her everything about Victoria. I ask that if things do not go well you just be honest with us that you don’t want to go to prom and not share any details with your mom?” Marlene sounded desperate and that made Sam a little apprehensive.

He agreed, took a shower and put on a fresh shirt before driving over to their house. They lived in the same housing community in Deer Park. Sam was driving his parent’s old 2010 Honda Accord after they bought a new car they gave it to him. He parked in the drive way and walked up to the house and knocked on the door.

Eddie and Marlene Davidson met him at the door. Eddie had red hair and a beard. He looked a lot like Zach Galifianakis. His wife Marlene also had red hair and she was tall and attractive. She looked like Juliane Moore in the face and definitely too hot to be with Eddie. It was obvious to Sam at that point that Juan and Juanita Davidson must have been adopted because with their darker skin and black hair they looked Hispanic.

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting such a full grown man,” Eddie introduced himself to Sam with a handshake but he blocked the doorway so that Sam had to wait outside while they talked.

“Your mom says such wonderful things about you, Sam. How you are understanding and considerate and open to new ideas. You seem very mature,” Marlene smiled at him awkwardly.

Sam politely accepted the compliments from Victoria’s parents and waited to be asked to come inside and meet Victoria. The couple seemed like they wanted to talk to him first or maybe even give him a chance to run away. They may have even been thinking about changing their minds about asking him inside.

“There are some things we need to make you aware of before you come in,” Eddie said nervously.

“Let him just come in. If we go through a demonstration he’ll understand but if we just stand out here and talk about this it will just create apprehension and misunderstanding,” Marlene disagreed and wanted to invite Sam inside to meet Victoria and get this introduction over with.

Sam politely waited for the two to make up their mind. He was fine to come in if that is what they wanted. He was actually curious now what could possibly be such a big deal.

“That is what you said about my parents and they freaked out,” Eddie argued with his wife.

“It worked with all the neighbors and your brother’s family, Just trust me,” Marlene implored her husband to be more open minded.

“My brother’s family is crazy, and I still get dirty looks from some of the neighbors. You’d let the paper boy come in and see our dirty laundry if he wanted,” Eddie continued to be negative about the idea of letting Sam inside.

“The neighbors understand and if the paper boy was mature enough then it would be okay with me. The Pizza guy had a pretty big laugh when Victoria came to the door,” Marlene said.

Victoria’s parents both seemed like they had a funny sense of humor and even though they argued and joked with each other they really did love one another. Marlene had a kind of worldly, earthy quality to her like she’d been around and was very tolerant of different lifestyles but Eddie was being uptight.

“It is like ripping off a Band-Aid. We’ve done this before and I really doubt this will be the first time Sam has ever seen a naked girl before,” Marlene was talking to her husband.

That really piqued Sam’s interest. He had dated the same girl for the last three years and they had gone all the way many times. His girlfriend had a fantastic body but she always insisted they make love with the lights off due to her insecurities. Sam had seen a little porn and was a red-blooded straight male who obviously liked girls. He was now extremely curious.

“Well, that cat is out of the bag anyway. Come in, please Sam. My wife has a little presentation she wants to give you that she prepared to explain things,” Eddie accepted his wife’s suggestion and invited Sam inside the foyer.

“It is a demonstration and it takes about twenty minutes. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or want to leave all I ask is that you let us know and then let us talk to you outside for a few minutes before you leave so that we can answer any questions before you leave,” Marlene smiled at Sam with confidence that he wouldn’t freak out but she wanted to offer him the opportunity just in case.

“I was a little apprehensive at first about meeting Victoria but after hearing you two talk I am curious now. I can tell you both care a lot about your daughter and I appreciate the concern for me too. Sure, I’ll let you know if I have questions,” Sam assured them that he was fine with whatever. He was also excited at the mention of nudity. That was very unexpected.

They led Sam through the Foyer into their living room. The TV was on and there were younger kids all running around chaotically like Rugrats playing tag in the living room with one another. They all looked Hispanic like Junior and Victoria. They didn’t stop playing to even notice Sam.

Junior greeted Sam with a high five and welcomed him to the house. He was wearing a tank top and some running shorts and eating an apple. Junior looked like he had just come from a work out or a lap in the pool. “Sam! Number 49! All-star Running Back, they call you Sam the Train! I am so glad to have you in my house! It is so cool you are willing to take my sister to the prom! I hope you don’t freak out,” he said.

Sam still hadn’t seen Victoria yet. He assumed she was upstairs getting ready.

Her parents pointed her out in the corner of the room. Victoria’s long dark hair was tied into a pony tail behind her head. She was facing the corner. She was completely naked from head to toe except for an ornate gothic leather collar with metallic spikes on it. She had her arms raised with her hands were behind her head and her fingers were interlaced. Her feet were strapped into a metallic spreader bar that held them about a yard apart.

Sam could clearly see a shiny circular crystal between her butt-cheeks stuck in her asshole. Victoria had writing on her body in black and red marker. “PAIN SLUT” was written on her shoulder blades. On the right ass cheek was the letters “WH” and on the left was the letters “RE” and with the crystal in her asshole standing in for the O it spelled WHORE.

Sam did not expect Victoria to be standing so calmly like this or everyone to act like this was perfectly normal.

“You see?” Eddie asked his wife when he saw Sam’s reaction was shock.

“Any questions before we begin?” Marlene asked Sam with a look of concern on her face for his well-being.

“A lot, but I think you should go ahead and begin,” Sam answered her and then referred to the younger siblings and asked “Should they be in here?”

“They barely even notice their sister anymore. They run around naked sometimes themselves and they don’t see what she is doing as sexual. I understand though how this looks and I’d like to give you some background and a demonstration before we get into your obvious questions as I think that most of them will be answered by that. Would that be okay, Sam?” Marlene asked.

Victoria did not move although she heard Sam and could feel his stare on the nape of her neck. Small goosebumps appeared on her skin and she blushed although Sam couldn’t see her face.

“Yeah, that would be fine,” Sam laughed his answer that at this point he had no idea what was going on and may as well.

Eddie asked Sam if he wanted a beer for this.

“I am not old enough to drink, Sir” Sam answered. He had drunk beer before obviously with high school buddies at parties but he wasn’t going to take a drink in front of adults. He was certainly no alcoholic.

“Good answer,” Eddie was just testing Sam to see if he would accept the beer. He had never intended to give it to him. He still wasn’t sure if he could trust Sam even though Marlene had told him all about how his mother had described him. Eddie had told her that his mom was biased just like Marlene was about Victoria. He thought his daughter and Marlene had gone off the deep end recently but he had been over-ruled after lengthy discussions.

“Junior, would you unlock your sister and tell her to assume the demonstration position please,” Marlene asked Junior and he dutifully obliged and went over to unlock Victoria’s leg spreader bar. Marlene asked Sam to sit on the couch with her and her husband.

“My daughter has been into the goth and emo culture since before high school. Her room is mostly black with a trace of pink. Her walls are covered in posters for Bauhaus and Misfits – bands that were around when I was a kid. I have to admit that I was probably the reason for her interest in that because I was a Goth girl in my high school days,” Marlene admitted to wearing Doc Martens and dressing like a punk girl back when she was younger.

Sam knew what Goth kids were. He had never hung out with them. They dressed in all black and liked to sit around smoking cigarettes and reading bad vampire poetry and brooding around school. He didn’t know it had anything to do with being naked though.

“Juanita created an alter-ego named Victoria that you probably know from school or maybe you didn’t. She wouldn’t make friends. She didn’t talk to anyone even other Goth kids. We tried to socialize her. She is a pretty girl and she wouldn’t go to any school clubs or events. She took no interest in anything other than sitting in her room in the dark. She was sarcastic and cruel to all of us. She wouldn’t help around the house. She didn’t care about school. However, I knew what teenage angst was and I love my daughter and I accepted her. I knew she was smart and she would eventually grow out of her Victoria phase so while I was concerned I didn’t try to stop it,” Marlene explained.

Victoria walked slowly to the front of the couch and introduced herself. “Greetings and welcome to our home. I am Vixen and I am here to serve. May I offer you any refreshment before our demonstration, Sir?” she bent her knee to curtsy politely.

Vixen had a silver nose ring in her pretty upturned nose and two matching snake bite piercings that gave the impression of sharp fangs on either side of her lips in her pretty face. She wore make-up that made her appear aloof and uncaring with a dark shade of lipstick and eye liner.

Vixen as she was calling herself now had twin nipple piercings. She had 32B cup tits – they weren’t huge but they jutted out in the middle of her tan chest and looked like perfect half-circles sitting atop her chest. The piercings were ornate silver crosses dangling from her dark nipples and they looked painful. They were held in place by a metal skewer that went through the areola and not the nipple itself and then there was a pin through the nipple to keep the heavy cross from dangling. She had washboard abs and was clearly as fit as her brother although she had never been into athletics. It appeared to simply be genetics and diet.

Vixen also had a belly piercing that was the shape of a silver penis in her belly button. It looked like a tiny demon succubus was riding the penis and she was made of bronze. The word “VIXEN” was embossed on the piercing.

Vixen’s pussy was hairless and exposed. She had two tight clamps on each of her pussy lips firmly squeezing them that were connected by a slender silver bar that held her pussy wide open. In the center on her clit hood was a large silver hoop. Her pussy was wet and inviting and a deep shade of pink and you could see all the way inside of her as she stood in front of him with her hands to her side.

“Wow, uh, yeah I guess I would have water?” Sam tried not to look directly at Vixen’s tits and pussy but he couldn’t help it. He blushed and shifted uncomfortably on the couch which was very understandable.

“It is quite alright to stare, Sir. In fact, it would help me if you did. I am natural very bashful and shy and stingy with my body and I am trying to overcome that shortcoming. I won’t be offended if you stare. I know how I appear, Sir” Vixen said calmly to Sam as she stood there waiting for him to have a final look. She asked her parents and Junior if they wanted anything and her father said a beer.

“I’ll have a beer as well, Vixen but make sure you bring a cold one and not the warm ones again. You don’t have to try to get punished. We are going to do a complete demonstration for your date for the prom,” Marlene said to her daughter.

“Yes Ma’am, I understand” Vixen answered very seriously.

“I’ll take water too, Sis!” Junior was hanging around in the living room. His sister acknowledged his order by calling him Sir and waited.

“At this point if you wanted to run for the hills no one would blame you,” Eddie assured Sam that it would be quite alright if he abruptly left and everyone would understand. “Her grandparents were a lot less calm then you are at this stage.”

Sam said he was a little overwhelmed but he thanked Vixen and smiled politely at the awkward situation. He certainly had never imagined anything like this when he came over.

Vixen told him that no thanks are necessary or expected for one as lowly as her in a polite and submissive manner and then slowly walked into the kitchen.

“Do you know what BDSM is?” Marlene asked Sam and he said he had the term before. “It stands for Bondage, discipline, dominance and submission but some believe the SM stands for Sado-Masochism. There are entire sub-cultures but it all predicates on voluntary consent. A few months ago at my nephew’s birthday party her cousin and his girlfriend and her sister introduced Victoria to the concept of BDSM. It was like a light bulb went off in my daughter’s head that this was the experience she had been longing for,” Marlene explained and said they’ve had to learn and adjust themselves a great deal in the last few months to accommodate their daughter.

“We were very reluctant to allow her to start the training but it kind of evolved and snowballed over the last two months. I know it looks weird but it works. Vixen has been thriving with the discipline and structure and the house has never been more spotless. It may seem dysfunctional but it works for us,” Marlene said. Eddie didn’t look like he agreed entirely but he didn’t disagree either.

Marlene explained that before the training Victoria had been cutting herself to feel pain. Marlene said often it is girls who engage in using needles or razor blades to cut their skin. It was a way of dealing with emotional pain for some and for others it was a way to feel something when they felt nothing. Marlene said it was quite a problem and that Victoria had been compulsively plucking her eyebrows to the point they were almost gone at times.

Vixen however had thick, dark, luxuriant eyebrows much like Selena Gomez does now.

Her parents had sent Victoria to a therapist and the only thing he provided was a rubber band around her wrist she could use instead to slap her wrist when she had the impulse to cut herself.

Marlene explained that her daughter immediately began researching everything there was about BDSM on the Internet and the more she did the more she found in common with the submissive mind set. “We always thought she was so controlling and manipulative and I would have expected her to be a dominant personality. I think for her Victoria is a dominant personality and the person she wanted to become was Vixen –a submissive personality.”

“More like it was another opportunity for her to shock us with outrageous behavior,” Eddie chuckled but he still believed on some level that his daughter was having a laugh at his expense by being boldly outrageous despite the cost to her own reputation and the humiliation of being naked and disciplined at home. He suspected his daughter might be the type would be willing to endure even the harshest of humiliations just to see the look on his face.

“My husband still has his doubts and it is possible this an elaborate game of hers but we all sat down and talked about why she wanted to elect to change her role in the household and what would be acceptable around our kids and we finally hashed it out. There is obviously a sexual aspect to this kind of training but my younger children are not involved at all in that I assure you. There are some things that couldn’t be helped like the nudity and I hope she grows out of this by the time we have to explain it to them,” Marlene explained patiently.

“I hope she moves out and goes to college by then!” Eddie exclaimed.

“SOMEBODY invested all our money in AOL stock instead of starting college funds for the kids,” Marlene reminded him that he hadn’t set aside any money for that in a passive aggressive way.

“I thought it was a sure thing and we had twins. It had to be a 50/50 shot either of them would even be smart enough to go! I am sorry, okay,” Eddie apologized angrily.

Vixen returned from the kitchen walking slowly. Vixen had attached a silver platter to her nipple piercings and was returning with their drinks wobbling on the platter that was steadied by pressing into her ribs. She attempted to walk very carefully with her shoulders straight and not spill a drop. She had her hands behind her back holding her ass cheeks apart as she walked in a straight line towards the couch.

“The service is slow but at least you don’t have to get up to get your own beer,” Eddie seemed to appreciate that much in the change in his daughter.

Vixen bent over at the waist holding her ass cheeks apart and offered a drink to each person in the order in which they asked for it. She was wobbling and shaking slightly at the effort to hold herself in that position while she served each person.

“Attention Vixen!” Marlene ordered her daughter into the attention position once everyone had their drink. She abruptly stood straight with her legs apart as they had been in the spreader bar exposing her pussy towards the couch. Her hands were now behind her head. Tits bounced slightly and the tray still hung from them.

“Good girl, now tell Sam why you believe you needed training,” she asked her daughter.

“When I was Victoria I used to experience nothingness. No feeling at all. I swam in an empty blackness of the mundane and I sought escape through music and loneliness. It is true I used to cut myself and inflict pain. It was pain I could control. I could choose and decide when I needed it and when I did not feel like it I could unleash a storm of rage and a torrent of anger towards those who cared about me. I did not care about their feelings. I did not care who I hurt. I did not have the capacity for empathy, Sir and that is a shortcoming of Victoria. I discovered that by becoming Vixen I could feel empathy and give of myself to others. I could surrender control of my pain to someone else and channel it towards improving my behavior and preventing destructive impulses of hurting myself or anyone else, Sir” she said.

Marlene also explained that attention was the default position when Marlene had nothing to do which is why she was that way when he came over. “We’ll attach a spreader bar to help her remember to keep her feet apart,” she explained.

“We have five positions here at the house. Anyone may order my daughter to assume them as they are needed. The first one you see now is Attention. It is when we want her to be attentive and wait. The second is table. Vixen, remove your tray and assume the table position for Sam,” Marlene ordered her daughter.

“Yes Ma’am, thank you,” Vixen removed the tray and carefully set it on the coffee table. She moved the coffee table away from the couch and then assumed a position on the floor on her hands and knees in the same spot while straightening her back. Her father and mother removed their drinks from the coffee table and set them on her back. They invited Sam to do the same but he declined.

“Vixen, are we making you behave this way?”

“No Ma’am, it was at my request that we implement this system. I appreciate you using me as a table. I ask that our guest feel free to treat me as he would furniture. My brother is welcome to as well if he so desires.”

Junior was seated on a nearby chair. He pulled it up closer and put his water bottle on her butt cheeks. It was cold but she didn’t flinch. You could see her pussy from behind still spread open by the tight clamps.

“Vixen, why do you want to be a table at times?” Marlene asked her daughter to explain for Sam’s benefit.

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