Game of Thrones: the Lion, the Rose and the Wolf

by Eddie Davidson

Copyright© 2019 by Eddie Davidson

Fan Fiction Story: This is Game of Thrones fan fiction set around the War of the Five Kings after the Battle of the Blackwater. Sansa's betrothal to Joffery is annulled and she must do the walk of atonement. An act that inspires the High Sparrow in future episodes and that Cersei herself will one day walk.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Fan Fiction   High Fantasy   Incest   Sadistic   Exhibitionism   .


The story so far is that War of the Five Kings progresses, Sansa’s position in King’s Landing became increasingly perilous. On Joffrey’s name day celebration, Sansa savedan inebriated Ser Dontos Hollard from execution, by convincing Joffrey to instead make Dontos his fool. While at the celebration, Tyrion offers his condolences for Ned’s death, in response to which Sansa insists her family are all traitors, and she is loyal to Joffrey.

Later on, when her eldest brother Robb wins a battle against the Lannisters, Sansa is publicly beaten and humiliated in front of the court by Joffrey and Ser Meryn (on Joffrey’s orders), as payment for her brother’s crimes.

Tyrion Lannister entered the court and rescued Sansa. Despite being a dwarf, Tyrion takes pity on Sansa’s situation and offers to have the engagement called off. Sansa maintains her facade that she is loyal to Joffrey, which impresses Tyrion to the point he believes Sansa might just survive King’s Landing.

Tyrion has his lover, Shae, positioned as Sansa’s handmaiden. Sansa and Shae form a friendship in which Sansa is able to vent about her hatred of the Lannisters without fear of being betrayed. Sansa is present when the royal family bids farewell to Joffrey’s sister, Myrcella, on her departure to Dorne to form an alliance between the Lannisters and the Martells. Joffrey had tried to take Myrcella sexually but she refused and spurned him. He vowed to take vengeance but the girl merely ignored her older brother saying that what he wanted was unnatural.

Neither sibling new of the twyst between Jaime Lannister and their mother Cersei.

While returning to the Red Keep, a riot breaks out in the streets of King’s Landing, amidst which Sansa finds herself caught in the fray. Three peasant men chase Sansa and attempt to rape her, before she is rescued and returned to the castle by Sandor Clegane.

The following morning, Sansa has a nightmare of the incident and wakes up in a bloodstained bed. Sansa had flowered, which meant she could bear Joffrey children. Sansa and Shae attempt to conceal this, which involves Shae’s threatening to kill a witness handmaiden if she tells anyone. However, Sandor Clegane sees the blood, and both Cersei and Joffrey are informed.

Cersei invites Sansa to her chambers to share some of her wisdom and experience as a wife and a mother. Cersei reminisces that her husband Robert was not interested in her childbirth. Cersei explains to Sansa that while Sansa may never love Joffrey (and vice versa), she will love his children. Cersei warns Sansa that the more people she loves, the weaker she will be. Therefore, Sansa should only love her children, as it is the only love she has no choice in.

Before the Battle of the Blackwater, Joffrey forces Sansa to kiss the blade of his sword, while bragging he will kill Stannis himself. Sansa implicitly taunts Joffrey by remarking he must be battling in the vanguard (which of course he would not be). Joffrey responds to this by insisting Sansa will kiss the blade again with Stannis’ blood on it, and later, will lick her brother Robb’s blood off it. During the battle, Sansa takes refuge with Cersei, Shae, and the other women and children of King’s Landing. A drunk Cersei openly torments Sansa and the women, by explaining that if the city falls, they will all be raped and have bastards in their bellies come morning. Cersei continues her taunting by also telling Sansa that tears are not the only weapons women have; the greatest weapon they own is between their legs. Following Cersei’s departure from the refuge with Tommen, Sansa leaves to hide in her bedchamber, where she finds Sandor Clegane. Sandor, about to leave King’s Landing, offers to take Sansa home.

Sansa declines, insisting Stannis would not harm her. After the battle is won by the Lannister-Tyrell forces, Loras Tyrell asks Joffrey to take his sister, Margaery, as his bride. Joffrey accepts the proposal, which annuls his marriage with Sansa. Sansa, while pretending to be devastated, is secretly delighted she no longer has to marry Joffrey. However Petyr Baelish warns that while Sansa is no longer engaged, Joffrey would have greater rein to abuse Sansa, especially now she is a woman. Petyr assures Sansa he will help get her home, in which Sansa once again displays a facade, asserting King’s Landing is her home. Petyr advises Sansa that everyone in King’s Landing is a liar, and that they are much more cunning at it than her.

It is here before the Purple Wedding of Joffery Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell and even Sansa’s forced marriage to Tyrion that we begin our tale.

“Mother says you have to seek penitence before the old gods and the new,” Joffery was teasing Sansa. Her eyes seemed as red as her hair these days as she looked somberly out the window of the tower in the Red Keep where she was as much a prisoner as a guest.

“Your mother is just shaming me and now that I will no longer be a Queen she cares not for what little reputation I have. Please if you had any affection for me at all, you will not expect this of me,” Sansa still naïve to the ways of the world expected honor amongst the nobility. She had always been taught that in her upbringing but she was being foolish to expect that from Joffery.

“Just walk the walk and you’ll be purified. The Maesters will find a suitable husband for you afterwards,” Jofferey sneered sarcastically.

“After the walk of shame no noble house would have me,” Sansa glared sharply at the vindictive boy standing before her in her chambers.

“I said a suitable husband and I mean perhaps a stableboy or a pimp. You were observed talking to Lord Baelish. You could make some good coin in his employ and if you like I could put in a good word for you if you are willing to accommodate special requests after I am married to Maergery and tire of her,” Joffery smiled wickedly.

“You are a beast!” Sansa was about to throw an empty wine goblet when the door opened.

It was Cersei followed by her youngest son Tommen. The blonde, blue-eyed boy is all smiles as he follows his mother about her day.

“Is she not prepared? We must get this ceremony over with. I have much to do and little time,” Cersei commanded her son. She was the only person who could get away with talking down to the little snotty boy that way.

“She is ready for the Mother’s Mercy. I’ll have the Kings Guard escort to the Great Sept of Baelor so she can make the long, slow walk back here,” Joffery assured his mother confidently.

“I won’t go! This unthinkable! No one has done this form of atonement in ages!” Sansa was horrified. There was a time ages past when those who had committed sins could ask for the Mother’s Mercy, have their hair cut short and be walked through the city streets in shame before being forgiven. This was quite seldom performed to those of noble birth. Noble men who had shamed their families would be sent to the Night’s Watch and serve on the wall for life but noble women who had shamed their families would usually be sent to a cloister to serve the priesthood. It was only in rare occasions when a marriage was too important that a noble woman would be made to take the walk of shame and seek the mother’s mercy and it had been more than a century since the last walk.

“You’ll be stripped here and now if you put up any resistance. My brother Tommen has never seen naked breasts even ones as small as yours. Have you Tommen? Would you like to see Sansa’s breasts?”

Tommen looked at his brocaded shoes shyly and turned red. “But you have seen breasts haven’t you? Did you ever watch Mycella undress? She has some lovely tits, pointing straight out,” Joffery often bullied and teased his siblings.

“Enough!” Cersei interrupted him and told Sansa she would undress at the Sept or it will be as her son has said. She had no desire to belabor this and no interest in educating Tommen on the female anatomy either – he would learn all in due time. She merely intended to humiliate Sansa and permanently remove her as any serious potential rival politically in the process. She would never live this indignity down and be able to rally the people of the North against her son. It was shrewd and evil and she liked it but she wanted it to be efficient.

“Ah but Tommen here is a serving girl though,” Joffery was not finished teasing his innocent little brother. He called Shae who had meant to clean the bedchamber but seeing it occupied tried to walk the other way over to them. “Show your breasts to my little brother so that he can see the differences between boys and girls,” he said quite simply.

Shae was a prostitute and army camp follower when Tyrion met her. She had a Lorathi accent but her origins were unknown and she liked it that way. She obviously had long since cared about her nudity and yet displaying her chest to this cherubic young boy was a fresh new humiliation to even her.

Shae opened her white shirt top to expose her pert, dark nipples without appearing to give it a second thought as if it were merely a trifle. Cersei rolled her eyes although she did notice that Shae had an excellent set of breasts.

Tommen stared at the boobs before him in awe. This made Joffery laugh wickedly. “If we had time I would have you inspect her backside next,” he promised his little brother.

“Where she makes poop?” Tommen asked innocently and when his mother looked at him scornfully he looked up at her ask “Do women not make poop then?”

Cersei ignored his questions and ordered her stripped and brought to the Sept immediately. “Keep her in a closed litter with curtains and locks so that we are not delayed.” She insisted Tommen walk with her as they left.

Shae continued standing with her shirt open as if waiting for a babe to breast feed or an order to close it. It was a tiny act of defiance – by seeming not to care what he saw or told her to do, Shae had removed Joffery’s pleasure tormenting her.

“Strip her and bring her to the gates of the Red Keep or you’ll be walking with her,” Joffery snorted and walked out of the room with a warning that Shae would do this or the King’s Guard.

Once he slammed the door and left Shae approached the young, red headed lady delicately. “Do you need assistance, milady?” she said in her thick Lorathi accent.

“No, and thank you,” Sansa said as she looked sad while undressing and removing her ornate courtly gown.

“A word of advice?” Shae offered.

Sansa could hardly believe a chambermaid dared offered her advice but given the situation she found herself in she was willing to listen and silently nodded while she removed her clothes.

“You must do whatever it takes to get far from King’s Landing. Do this walk and smile the entire time. Do not let them get under your skin. You will hear and see some things you have probably never encountered before. Pay no attention and hold your head up. A few days from now, a few weeks from now an opportunity will present itself to escape and when it does – take it. These people will kill you,” Shae assured her.

Sansa nodded although she wasn’t sure what Shae meant or if she should heed the advice of a commoner. She was down to her undergarments that barely covered her breasts and nether parts. Shae’s face suggested Sansa should remove those as well.

“Surely, he doesn’t mean for me to walk through the Red Keep completely naked? Shoes and all? I am still nobility,” but even as Sansa said those words she knew they were wrong.

She removed all of her clothes and shoeless and naked she walked through the Red Keep. The cold stone tiles felt alien to her feet. She had seldom walked on bare stones since she was much younger and certainly not without any clothing.

Servants covered their mouth to prevent themselves from laughing as she pressed on through the keep.

Lord Varys the eunuch was leaving a room when he saw her. He looked disappointed with her and hardly aroused but then he had no manly parts any longer to become aroused. Sansa was strangely thankful at that.

“Ah the time has come for your walk of shame. You demonstrate tremendous courage seeking the mother’s mercy,” Varys’s words were carefully selected as if he had some hidden agenda within another agenda to play out.

Tyrion Lannister walked out of the room after him. He had taken an interest in Sansa since the Battle of the Blackwater and felt some empathy for her. “I’ve no doubt that Lord Varys could fill your ear with the words of little birds for hours but I believe you have an important ceremony to attend too and you wouldn’t want to be late. Do you want an escort?” he said trying not to stare at the thick reddish pubic hair jutting out from between Sansa’s legs. The lusty dwarf tried but failed and she noticed.

“That is quite alright Lord Tyrion, I know the way to the gate well,” Sansa said formally.

“None the less, I shant let a maiden in peril tarry for long,” Tyrion grabbed a jug of wine to drink along the way and escorted the girl briskly away from Varys.

“I am so sorry that my sister is making you do this,” Tyrion said once he was sure there was no one listening – no one who mattered anyway.

“I know it isn’t your fault, Lord Tyrion,” Sansa admitted she held no ill will towards him.

“It is liberating though,” Tyrion observed and when Sansa failed to get his meaning he explained “Once my sister removes your ability as a threat to the crown then you will be free of her and the insipid politics of the court and this game of thrones. There is no way to win, you know? Not and keep your head,” Tyrion had already had a few cups of wine but he still seemed sober enough to make sense.

“Thank you, Milord,” Sansa said as she prepared herself for walking through the courtyard where dozens of courtiers and advisors stood next to the gate where she would be met by the King and Cersei.

Tyrion walked her all the way there and his sidelong glances at lesser nobles and servants alike served to quiet some of the giggles and remarks. Cersei gave him a look of displeasure when he showed up next to her for making things easy on Sansa.

“I see that you know how to obey. That may yet serve you well,” Cersei told her to get into the litter and be quiet lest she be required to get out and walk before they get there.

Margaery is there next to Joffery and looks uncomfortable. She wonders if this fate awaits her if she ever crosses Cersei.

“Don’t make that face,” Joffery warns her.

“What face is that, milord?” Margaery is practiced in dealing with courtly matters and inquires politely. She has a tendency to hold a smirk in an unusual but charming way that makes her look very quizzical and she knows that is what he is referring too.

“Just that face, you know what you are doing,” Joffery ignored his bride to be to watch Sansa placed in a litter. He had selected one designed for a royal dog – too small to sit up in.

Sansa had to get on her hands and knees and crawl into the tiny litter. It was carried by strong slaves. Cersei and Joffrey had proper litters that permitted them to sit that were carried in front of hers and escorted by the King’s Guard the royal party left for the Sept without Tyrion.

Once there a peasant with white hair approached Cersei. He wore a simple garment and was shoeless. “Queen Mother, I want to thank you for bringing back this most holy of ceremonies and honoring the gods with the granting of Mother’s Mercy,” he said.

“The Mother is merciful,” she gritted her teeth. It was not this peasants place to give thanks or even speak to one such as Cersei but she repeated the oath and proceeded to the steps of the great holy shrine.

“We are all equal in the eyes of the seven! All sinners are equal before the gods!” he shouted as she walked past him flanked by her guard. He tried to get her attention and proclaim that the Gods were happy that she had honored them but she was already seeking the attention of the High Septon and had forgotten the diminutive little man. That little man would become the High Sparrow in the following days but for now he was kept behind the guards that brought forth the royal processing.

The High Septon was dressed in his finest red regalia and flanked by high ranking servants of the church including the Septa that will perform this ceremony. He waited at the top of the Sept and Sansa’s litter was carried up the stairs – roughly jostling the naked girl around inside.

Once at the top she was unceremoniously dumped naked out in front of a throng of citizens from King’s Landing who roared uproariously.

There was no shortage of naked whores and sluts in King’s Landing. One didn’t have to look hard to find a lowly tavern wench baring her bosom, and for a few coin you could spend time in one of the pleasure dens with a perfumed whore trained to do things behind closed doors for men that their wives would never dream of.

However, seeing a noble with skin as pale as the snows of the north and red hair as she blossomed into woman dumped naked on the steps of the Holiest of Holy places in the city was a rare sight indeed and anybody and everybody who was somebody was there to watch, sell food and drink or to pick pockets and make their fortunes.

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