The Three Plump Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf

by SciFurz

Copyright© 2019 by SciFurz

Fantasy Sex Story: A retelling of the story where three plump pigs have to deal with a big bad wolf who has a certain big appetite.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Fairy Tale   Polygamy/Polyamory   BBW   .

01: First Piggy

It was a warm, sunny day when Zoë decided to take a swim at the large pond in the forest after she was done with her household chores and tending the vegetable garden. The pond was a bit out of the way and usually a quiet place. She grabbed her towel and picnic basket and headed out, humming a song that was stuck in her head for the better part of the morning.

At the pond, a large and clear U-shaped one which was perfect for cooling off in the summer, she put down her towel and basket and took off her summer dress and underwear, then untied her long, blonde hair. She stepped into the cool water and stared at her reflection for a while.

She was glad to have a secluded place to swim, ashamed of others seeing her pink, plump body naked. Even though it was normal for a pig, she often thought about how some had been able to gain a slender body and become models and attract handsome men, while she had only known joking remarks until now. Even from men who weren’t nature’s best physical examples. But they were just as willing to take her virginity after some drinks. The decision to become an old maid instead was easily made.

Putting those depressing thoughts away she aimed to have a relaxing swim today and enjoy the latest romance novel she had bought. At least she could dream of an overpowering love that swept her from her feet and steamy nights of passion. Which is why she had bought the whole series and grabbed the latest book the day it was out in stores.

A satisfying hum escaped her as she let herself float on her back into the water. The cool embrace and silence made her forget about everything for a while and she took deep breaths of the refreshing forest air. Remembering there were blueberry bushes on one side of the pond, she swam lazily towards them to collect some to eat while reading.

She stepped out of the water and found the large bushes full of berries. She reached out for them but froze when she heard a rustle to the side which made her heart rate jump up. The rustle came near and a large dark wolf appeared out of the bushes, his hands full of berries. He froze and gazed at her in surprise.

Zoë’s heart stopped at the sight of the predator. Not only were wolves deadly, but this one was naked as well. Very naked. And very much the size she dreamed about in her hot fantasies.

His eyes went slowly down to her big breasts topped with rosy red nipples, her plump belly, firm thighs and stopped at the blonde patch between them. His intense stare burned across her skin while his muscles twitched and his dick grew in size. He bared his fangs in a hungry smile.

Zoë’s body turned to ice at the fright welling up inside her. He growled softly and took a step towards her before her instinct took over and she ran away squealing.


Zoë had run without looking back, her heart beating fast and hard in her chest, her eyes focussed on the path to the safety of her house. She ran through the back door and grabbed the kitchen table, trying to catch her breath. When she could think a little clearly again she realised she had left her things behind and cried. The one place she could enjoy herself out in the open, and now a wolf had appeared. She didn’t dare to go back there to retrieve her things and cried more. She had lost her little place and barely got away with her life.

The sudden opening of the back door startled her. She turned around at once and gazed upon the wolf again. She squealed again as he stepped toward her, dropping her basket on the floor.

“He sniffed out my scent!” she thought and knew she would die by his sharp fangs.

His strong hand grabbed her hair at the back of her head, pulled her head back to expose her throat, and his jaws clasped the side of her neck. His growl vibrated through her neck as he licked and bit softly into her skin. His strong embrace pulled her tight against his hard, furry body. His claws dug into her back, she went limp and wished he would finish her quickly with the least amount of pain.

He pushed her further back against the table and moved his licking and biting down to her breasts, stroking his long, rough tongue all around and over them. Her skin tingled all over and her nipples itched as they hardened. “Oh gods ... Why... ?” she thought as arousal filled and heated her body.

A moan escaped her at the first rough lick across a nipple and his touch flowed through her breast into her chest, then came another as he licked her other nipple. He grabbed her breasts in his hands and pressed them closer together, alternating quickly between licking and sucking on her nipples, enjoying the taste of her flesh and feeling of hard nipples against his tongue. Her heart was still racing, but it was less from the fright that she had felt before.

She moaned louder as he took one breast each in his jaws, biting softly in her skin and running his tongue all around them, the rumble of his low growling resonating in her chest.

Then he pulled back, grabbed her wide hips into his embrace, and lifted her up on the table, pushing her back on it to lick the underside of her breasts and move down across her soft belly. She wanted to stop him, ashamed of her plump body, but she couldn’t. His tongue felt good as he stroked it in long licks across her and heat welled up more inside her.

He spread her plump legs and she feared she knew what he would do next. Despite the fear of this predator her pussy itched and grew moist at the thought of him licking her there where no man had ever showed interest in doing. Her body tensed at the first lick inside her thigh, then tensed harder as he licked and bit inside her thighs and made her squeal more. And then she gasped at the first lick across her hot mound.

His tongue slid along and between her lips, sending shivers through her body and making her moan again. His agile muscle slipped between her wet lips and stroked along the length of her pussy and across her hardening clit. It grew with every lick and Zoë thought it could burst soon. She writhed her mound against his muzzle, moaning harder with the waves of pleasure and shame of enjoying this dangerous wolf’s attention.

He loved her musky and sweet scent, the taste mixed with the sweat from her running. He licked every bit of her plump red lips and slid his tongue inside her wet cunt, hearing another gasp as her heart stopped for a second. She squeezed his tongue and he growled against her wet pussy.

She moaned more while his tongue twisted deep inside her and pressed her hips up. His fangs scraped her lips and she wanted more. She didn’t care anymore if he killed her by biting her there, the sensation inside her stoked up her desire and she couldn’t hold back her body.

He pulled up her legs and moved his tongue in long licks from her tight asshole along her lips to her clit. She moaned and groaned with every rough lick, tightening her ass and abdomen at each wave of pleasure shooting though her insides until it became too much. She tensed her whole body in her explosive climax and her mind went blank but for the thought she had her first orgasm caused by a man.

She twitched as she slumped back onto the table, her body giving in to the pulses going through her. The wolf grinned as she panted and rubbed his slick dickhead between her pussy lips, making her gasp. She looked down at him but had no chance to beg for him to stop when she gasped for breath again, the moment he slid his large dick in one smooth thrust all the way inside her.

She grabbed the edges of the table as she twisted her body, unable to get away from the heat shoved inside her soaking cunt. He gave her no time to get used to the pressure inside her, moving his dick slow but hard in and out of her, his growls matching her loud moans.

She cursed her body for accepting him, tightening even harder around him and letting her feel every ridge of his hot dick inside her and pushing her toward the next climax. Her hot cunt felt fantastic around him and he wanted to get even deeper inside her, pressing his hard disk against her womb, the touch sending shivers through his dick and up his spine.

Another uncontrollable surge of pleasure overwhelmed her and she moaned hard and tightened her cunt more around his dick. It was too much for him and he lost his control, groaning hard as he shot his hot seed inside her and triggered her second climax.

He panted hard, the release inside her hot depths using up all of the energy that had been building inside him over the last months, and slumped on top of her as she breathed deep and tried to control the twitching of her cunt in response to his pulsating dick. He licked her neck growling in satisfaction and moments later she heard him breathing softly, seeing him sleeping happily.

She figured this would be the only chance of getting away with her life. Carefully, she rolled him over and he slipped out of her. She suppressed a moan and laid him down on the table, stepped back from him, went to the door, and made sure he was still asleep when she silently opened it and slipped out of the house.

She ran to the nearest safe place she could think of, her sister Petra’s house.

02 - Second Piggy

‘Zoë!’ said Petra when her sister stumbled inside, out of breath. ‘What happened!?’

‘ ... wolf... ‘ Zoë gasped. ‘ ... chased me... ‘

‘Wolf!?’ said Petra, running to the door to see if it was outside.

‘ ... at my... , place now... ‘

Petra grabbed a glass of water for her sister and let her catch her breath on the couch. ‘Your place?’

Zoë nodded. ‘I was at the pond, wanted to relax there with swimming and reading, then swam to the blueberry bushes there, you know the ones I mean?’ Her sister nodded. ‘Well, I was about to get some when he came out of them.’

‘That wolf?’

Zoë nodded again and took another drink of water. ‘Scared me to death. Grinned hungrily at me with his sharp fangs and... ‘ she said and couldn’t say the other thing she had noticed. ‘I ran for it. Straight home. I was barely there when he walked in.’

‘He followed you home, shit!’

‘And that’s when he pushed me back on my kitchen table and... ‘ she said, her mind remembering the scary parts but her body remembering the pleasure, and she looked away in shame. ‘Then he took me... ‘

Petra raised her eyebrows. ‘Took, you?’

Zoë wrapped her arms around herself. ‘He, licked and bit me all over.’ she said softly, a shiver shooting through her body.

‘All over? Like, everywhere?’

Zoë nodded.

Petra embraced her sister. ‘I’m so sorry! It must have been terrible!’

‘It was, but my body reacted to his tongue and I couldn’t hold back. Not even when he... , he... ‘

‘He used you?’

Zoë nodded.

‘My poor sister... ‘ Petra said softly, stroking her hair. ‘It must have hurt a lot... ‘

Zoë shook her head a little. ‘It didn’t... ‘ she said, her shame growing. ‘It was so intense he made me come again when he came in me... ‘ She looked up at Petra with tears in her eyes. ‘I feel so dirty for having enjoyed it so much. He made me come twice!’

Petra tried to imagine what it would be like to be taken by a deadly predator, but she couldn’t see herself enjoying it. ‘Then what happened?’

‘He fell asleep on top of me.’

Petra’s eyes grew wide. ‘He fell asleep!?’

‘I crawled out from under him without waking him up, then ran here.’

‘Damn... ‘

‘If he hadn’t fell asleep, I’d probably been eaten by him by now... ‘ Zoë said, crawling closer to her sister.

‘I’m happy you got away... ‘ Petra said and gave her sister a kiss on her forehead.

They sat for a while when Petra suggested they take a shower where she would help wash Zoë. Zoë felt she could use a long warm shower and they went after Petra checked outside for any sign of the wolf and made sure the door was locked.


The wolf stood outside Petra’s house after he followed Zoë’s clear scent and tracks. The smell of one more pig was obvious, and looking at the inside of the house it must be another female pig. One more sow to eat made his dick grow hard again and he tried the back door. Finding it locked he looked around the back of the house and spotted a window which had been left partially open. He opened it quietly all the way and sneaked inside.

With a deep breath he filled his lungs with the scent of the two sows, hearing their voices and water running from the bathroom. He licked his lips and fangs and sneaked up to the door, taking a peek inside through the crack.

The look of his delicious blonde pig with another plump and brunette pig made his heart beat fast in anticipation of their taste. He watched for a moment while they rinsed each other and slipped inside when they were distracted.

Zoë and Petra heard the door close and froze as they saw the wolf standing there, sporting his deadly grin. The click of the door lock caused a chill to run down their spines. He moved slowly closer and wagged his tail in pleasure.

‘NO!’ Petra shouted the moment he shot forward and grabbed both sisters in his arms.

They tried to struggle free but his strength was too much for them. He growled, licked, and bit in their wet necks as he pressed their backs against the wall, his legs pressing hard between theirs and against the front of their mounds.

Zoë cursed herself for reacting at the touch of his fur between her thighs and against her front. Her nipples welcomed the firm softness and got sensitive again. Petra felt chills running down her body from his sharp fangs and rough tongue moving along her skin. She tried to push him away despite knowing he was too strong.

He moved his head down and licked Petra’s breast, curling his tongue around her nipple as it hardened and she suddenly realised what Zoë had went through. She didn’t want this, but her body heated up with a desire she shouldn’t have.

Both sisters succumbed to the pleasure of his fangs and tongue and massaging fingers all around their breasts, their bodies wanting more of his touch. Petra had massaged her own breasts before, but the way his tongue licked the underside and his fingers touching her nipples was so much more intense.

He moved down on his knees, licking their plump bellies as he went down and grabbed their soft tushes hard in his hands, forcing a moan from the girls. He pushed their hips closer, massaging their behinds while he stuck the tip of his tongue between their swollen lips to massage their clits, alternating between them.

Hungry for them, he growled loud as he tasted their leaking juices and massaged their soft flesh, moving one finger between their cheeks to massage their tight assholes. The sisters groaned at the new sensation flowing through their intestines, involuntary pressing their buns back against his fingers.

He pulled back, moved his hands between their thighs from the front and slid two fingers inside each hot cunt with a gasp from Petra and a moan from Zoë. Massaging their tight insides caused them to moan and groan more and he licked one clit while massaging the other with a thumb. The girls couldn’t resist the heat spreading through their bodies, the pleasure driving away any sense of trying to get away from the predator that would surely kill them later.

It didn’t take long for them to tighten their cunts hard around his fingers, pushing themselves against them to feel his claws press against their wombs and trigger the explosive climax they secretly desired to experience. Zoë came first with a loud cry and slumped down against the wall, his hand softly massaging her mound. Petra came as he licked her clit, her heart beating hard in another experience of receiving an orgasm brought on by someone else.

She thought about finally knowing what it was like for other girls who had gotten boyfriends and the irony of getting it from the species who always hunted them for food. She wasn’t sure if she could regret it, but she didn’t get much time to think about it when he moved her down on her back, spread her legs and moved between them on his knees.

She looked at the huge dick standing and feared it would never fit. She tried to crawl back but he grabbed her wide hips and pulled her back, then up, and moved the tip of his dick between her lips, sliding it along until he found her opening and pushed himself inside with a loud gasp from her. She had anticipated pain, but his slick head merged with her soaking insides smoothly and she felt heat and pressure building up inside as he slid deep inside her cunt with ease.

He pumped slowly inside her and she couldn’t hold back her moaning with each thrust pumping pleasure through her abdomen. He reached all the way to her womb and pulses of electricity shot through her spine. Her thoughts became garbled. How could she receive so much pleasure from him? How could a predator and prey be so compatible as to generate this much desire? This was the shame Zoë had held when the wolf had taken her. And now he did the same to her. And she couldn’t stop hoping to have him do it more before he’d eat the both of them.

This new sow was as wonderful as the first one and the wolf tried prolonging the sensation of sliding his dick inside her tight cunt, but as she tightened and moaned more and more she fuelled his desire. His balls tightened as the pulses running through his dick increased, and he pumped erratic inside her. Petra sensed he was about to come and the image of this wolf coming inside her triggered her own climax. The grip of her cunt and loud groan of satisfaction made him shoot his hot seed deep inside her with every throb of his dick while he growled low and long.

Panting hard he leaned over Petra, who felt shivers with every throb of his dick inside her. His hot seed spread inside her and she looked up at the ceiling. “If only...” she thought.

Zoë had gathered enough energy while she had watched the wolf taking her sister to crawl away to the door, hoping to get out and find something to knock out the wolf.

The wolf saw her move in the corner of his eye and watched her big bottom, wet pussy, and curly tail wiggle as she crawled on her knees. Renewed desire filled him and he slipped out of Petra, who had closed her eyes from exhaustion. He growled softly and moved behind the blonde sow.

His firm grip with his claws on her hips startled Zoë. Fear welled up as she was caught. Then she was startled again by the push of his hot dick inside her. A long moan escaped her as her cunt reacted to his dick again and flared up her sensitivity. He slid all the way inside her and the pressure against her womb and his fur against her tush made her lose all motivation to get away, and she let him use her as he wished.

He loved the sensation inside her and just stayed there, pressed deep inside her. A twitch shooting through his dick made her moan softly. The pressure and heat against his tip was the best feeling he had ever known and he moved his hips slowly back, only to ram them back hard against her, slapping hard against her tush and making her flesh ripple with each thrust.

She moaned hard from the thrusts inside and against her, the pleasure engulfing her with every ripple of her flesh moving from her tush through her thighs and lower body. Even her breasts became sensitive to it and she grabbed them with one arm, her nipples pricking her skin. His dick reached so much further inside her now and his balls kept slamming her hard clit, pushing her lust higher again.

She moaned hard, wishing he wouldn’t stop despite her rational mind telling her this was a colossally bad idea. Her body had taken over and it wanted to have what other girls had experienced years before, his growls of desire adding to her lust instead of her fear.

She gripped him tighter, her orgasm coming closer and with shame she hoped he would come together with her again, filling her up with his seed.

‘ ... come... ‘ she moaned and he increased his thrusts inside her soaking cunt, the slaps of his hips against her big tush echoing in the bathroom.

His lower growls and tightening of his dick told her he was about to come and she pushed her hips further back against him, letting go of her restraints and another slam of his balls against her clit shot the release of her climax through her. Her sudden tightening made him lose control and the hot stream of his seed shot from his balls through his dick, and deep into her body.

She moaned as she felt his dick pulsating inside her and welcomed the touch of his fur against her back as he rolled with her on his side and embraced her. His soft licks in her neck sent chills down her spine and she ran her fingers through the fur on his hip while she closed her eyes.

‘Zoë... ‘ whispered Petra.

Zoë opened her eyes to see her sister on her knees before her, putting a finger to her lips and gesturing at the door. She looked back and saw the wolf had fallen asleep again, satisfaction radiating from his smiling face.

Petra pulled on her arm. ‘Let’s get out of here while we can.’ she whispered.

Zoë’s heart sank a bit at the thought of having to run away again, but if she didn’t, she and her sister would surely become food for him. She nodded at her sister and moved carefully out of his embrace, feeling his slightly hard dick slip out and missed the feeling of him inside her for a moment. She pushed aside that feeling because she had no other choice if she wanted to live beyond today.

The sisters sneaked out of the room, grabbed t-shirts to wear, and left the house in a hurry.

‘Let’s go to Amy!’ Petra said. ‘She might know what to do.’

Zoë agreed and they ran to their other sister.

03 - Third Piggy

‘What!?’ said Amy after hearing the accounts from her sisters. ‘Are you joking me!?’

Zoë and Petra shook their heads.

‘But, I’ve never heard anything like this before. Why would he do it with you instead of what wolves always have done, and devour you? Not that I wish for it to ever happen of course.’

‘I don’t know... ‘ said Zoë, fiddling with her fingers. ‘Maybe he needed to blow off steam or so... ‘

‘Weird... ‘ said Amy and sighed, grabbing her own plump belly in her hands. ‘Also, because you, like me, aren’t exactly the attractive kind of women that men want... ‘

They all had the same plump figure with just a little difference in size and height and all had lacked the attention many of their slim friends got over the years, apart from the few drunk assholes who seemed to have no other choice, and they didn’t get it with these sisters either. Amy thought she might have had more chance because of her curly red hair, which was praised by other girls, but wasn’t enough to get the right guy.

‘If what he did prevented him from eating us so far, I’m glad it happened. I’d rather not die.’ said Petra.

Zoë nodded.

‘Yes.’ said Amy. ‘But now that he has been able to follow Zoë to your house, I expect he will be able to follow you here after he wakes up.’

Her sisters hadn’t thought about that after they fled the house. ‘Shit.’ Zoë said. ‘True.’

‘Don’t worry though, I think I have an idea on what to do when he comes.’ said Amy, smiling deviously.


It was dark by the time the wolf had found the third sister’s house. He could smell her and was even more excited about the prospect of a third sow to satisfy his enormous appetite.

He watched the house from a little distance and saw movement behind the closed curtains. A little while later light turned on upstairs and off downstairs. It looked to him like they were going to bed. The first girl passed the window and his hunger and dick grew at the sight of her big breasts and plump curves. Soon the second girl appeared and the memories of taking her on the floor emerged with more desire. Then the third one appeared and he was pleased to see the beautiful redhead had an equally delicious body as the others. He imagined himself go all the way with those three and have the biggest feast a wolf could ever have.

Amy closed the curtains and turned back to her sisters. ‘I saw the reflection of two eyes in the dark. Looks like he’s here so take your places and get ready.’

Her sisters nodded and they all were nervous as they spread out into the room before Amy turned off the light.

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