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Humor Sex Story: A sister catches her brother fucking the pet dog. He'll do anything to stop her telling their Mom.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Heterosexual   Humor   Incest   Oral Sex   .


“Bye Candy, thanks for the lift, I’m back way earlier than usual.”

“See ya, Mona”

She shut the car door and walked her elegant way up to the house and then round the back, ever conscious of the mesmerising way her tight bum wiggled back and forth. Mr Smith, across the road, was probably watching with his mouth open and his tongue hanging out, she thought. Nigel was in so the back door would be unlocked, no need to find her key in the dustbin that was her bag “I must sort it out” she said to herself and walked past the big patio doors, stopped, looked back and stared, horrified at the scene in the room before her. Her mouth hung open in a distinctly inelegant way, that was how shocked she was.

In the room Nigel was kneeling behind the dog with his trousers round his ankles. Minda, the Labrador was looking her normal easy going self, if slightly bemused, as Nigel enthusiastically boned the dog. Minda looked round and saw Mona at the window and her tail began to wag. Nigel became aware of this and could be heard saying “Oh, yeah, you like this don’t you girl, oh yea!” then he caught sight of his sister at the window “Oh SHIT! Oh fuck! Oh fucking, bloody bollocks!”

By the time he had run out of swear words, Mona had burst into the room from the kitchen “What the fucking hell are you doing you disgusting turd!” She hit him a couple of times to emphasise the point, and was tempted to kick him in the balls while his trousers were down, but he was too quick and pulled them up so he could dance out of the way. The dog looked at them both and decided it had played enough and headed out to the back yard to lie in the sun, she looked totally unperturbed by the incident. By this time Mona was thinking there could be some benefit in this; blackmail is such an ugly word, but if she forgot to tell people what she saw, surely he might be grateful?

“Mona, I...” What could he say? What excuse could he come up with? “Minda doesn’t mind and...”

“What do you mean you ... you! What do you mean ‘doesn’t mind’? You’ve done this before? HAVE YOU?”

“Umm, well, once or twice”

“How many times?”

“Three, plus this one. Minda is okay, you know she likes to hump the armchair, I’m just helping her”

“Oh, don’t you dare! Don’t you dare blame Minda. Minda is a DOG! You should know better. Mum will kill you!”

“Fuck! No, don’t tell her. I know. I shouldn’t. She just seemed to be happy to join in and I know I was wrong. Please. I’ll do anything. I’ll clean your room for a month” which might seem a small offer, but one month’s worth of dirty knickers dropped on the floor, one month’s discarded tissues which might be for makeup, nose or who knows what; it wasn’t such a small offer. But then his crime was pretty big, the ramifications of discovery were huge.

“Clean. My. Room?” she emphasised every word like they were each a soiled nappy “You shag our pet dog and then offer to clean my room in payment? What kind of a world do you live in you perverted little creep?” Which was a little unfair really.

“Well “ he paused, he smelt a rat “what then?”

“What would you have to do for me so I wouldn’t tell Mum that you were shoving your scrawny little dick up the dog’s vijazzle? Is that what you want to know?”




“Say it” she could be cruel sometimes, but Minda seemed okay, so she was going to milk this a bit

“What would I have to do so you wouldn’t tell Mum”

“... ?”

“that I was shoving my dick –”

“Ah ah! Missed some words there”

“that I was shoving my scrawny little dick up the dog’s vijazzle? – is that really what you call it?”

“Don’t get smart! I’m not the one breaking town, state, and probably federal laws ... as well as the laws of decency”

“Okay, okay. Just tell me, you know I’ll do it”

“I want sex with no ties. No, not with that thing” she looked at his groin “I know at least some of where it’s been. I’ll not be eating liver next time Mum cooks it, I’ll tell you that. Or apple pie” she was really enjoying this. “No, I want a boy I can call on to give me blow jobs whenever I want. Maybe the occasional hand job too.” He was looking horrified “Well, take it or leave it. It’s that or reform school I suspect, and I know what they’ll do to a pretty young boy like you there. Your choice”

“You want me to lick you whenever? But ... that’s perverted. I’m your brother”

“And THAT, IN CASE YOU FORGOT, IS OUR DOG!!” Her voice rose and she was going just a bit purple. He suspected if he didn’t take the deal it would be withdrawn; she was like that.

“Okay, okay, whatever you say”

“Damn right whatever I say. And you fail “ she meant ‘you fail to bring me to orgasm’ “and I’m off to Mum like a ... a boy’s cock up a dog’s vigazzle” she couldn’t help herself. It really was like the gross-out plot rejected by American Pie, but it was quite funny because of that.

“When do you want me to ... you know”

“Now seems like a good time, Minda has been serviced and is happily sunning herself. Just you and me, no time like the present eh?”

He gulped, visibly, he hadn’t expected to be called upon to deliver so soon, he’d expected to be able to build up some courage. He had never given any girl a blow job, he wasn’t a very outgoing, charismatic boy; that was why he was shagging the dog after all; so this was all new territory for him. What would it taste like? What would it look like? Of course he was excited, but also quite overawed; she’d said if he failed to deliver she would shop him, that wasn’t a good way of encouraging him.

They went upstairs, and now she hesitated. Mona was going to have to show herself to her brother! She hadn’t really considered this from the point of view of what he would see, only from what he would do for her. She hit on a solution. “Here, turn around.” She took a scarf and tied it round his eyes.

“Woooaa! What’s that for? I won’t see where to go”

“I’ll direct you. And what is it for? It’s so a perverted little prick like you doesn’t see my vagina okay? Clear enough? Listen, you don’t like it? Tough Titty!”

He stood and heard the rustling of clothes being re-arranged, she lifted her skirt and pulled down her pantyhose and panties, then she took him by the hand and led him to the end of the bed. She sat on the edge and positioned him, kneeling, between her legs. Grabbing his hair in both hands she pulled him towards her.

“Oww! That’s too rough.mmmmm... !”

His face was buried into her and his objections went unheard. He was her sex slave, and sex slaves didn’t invoke human rights agreements.

By the end, the movement and the rubbing of her legs on his head had moved the scarf enough for him to be eyeballing her most intimate pussy areas as closely as anyone could without having a speculum and microcamera. He managed to forget that she was his sister, she was a slim attractive girl – he suddenly had an image of Miss Perkinson: 280 pounds of 55 year old scary lady; he desperately pushed the picture out of his head and focused on the flappy minge in front of him.

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