Being a Bored Millionaire

by Mixerman

Copyright© 2019 by Mixerman

Fan Fiction Sex Story: I win the lottery and have some fun with some girls who, I call my pets.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   NonConsensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Spanking   Oral Sex   Squirting   .

Played the lottery and I FUCKING WON!! Holy Shit! $375,000,000!! OK, OK, after the government got their share and I took the instant payout, I walked away with around $135,000,000. Not a bad return on a $2 bet. What do I do with all this money? First I found a trusted money guy. He was instructed to put it in a nice and safe, slow building stocks. Something to protect me in case the economy crashed again. Then I told him to set me up with a ‘Living out every dream’ account. The one where I could take money and do what the hell I wanted. Yes I traveled over to Europe and met friends there that I only spoke with thru Facebook or E-mails.

After doing that for 6 months, it got boring. Yes, there is a lot to see, but soon the castles and ruins all looked the same. I needed something else to do. Then it happened, I discovered the world of web-cam girls. Holy shit! The things you could get them to do for a few tokens. Show tits, sure drop 60 tokens. Show my pussy, sure 100 tokens. Do a private show, most charge 30-50 tokens per minute. After a week though, I started to get boring. But then I found 2 girls online. They were absolutely beautiful women to me. Both in their 30’s and both had great tits. I wanted them both. Let’s see one has a regular job and cams at night. The other one cam’s as her job. I know what city and country they both live in. So let me start on the one who cams for a living.

She is a Latin beauty from South America and goes by the name of Luna. She is married and has 3 kids. She makes maybe $50 a week. So I started paying close attention to her, tipping just to see her tits and her pussy. She was one of the cheaper private shows, only 18 tokens per minute, with a 10 minute minimum. Fuck, had enough tokens for a 30 minute private show. Fuck the rest of those guys. She was mine! Had her finger herself, use her dildo and got her to finger her ass. Damn, did not know she was a squirter! Just about wore her out with that show. Told her to tell her hubby, about crazy man, who made her do a 30 minute show. The next day I asked if she told hubby what we did that day and she said she did and that he fucked her that night. I had her show tits and her pussy. Now she was starting to grow a landing strip. Asked her why, and she told me that the bosses, wanted the girls to change their look every so often. I asked her about her bosses. How did they treat the girls? She told me that for every 5 cents they made she got 3 cents and bosses kept the rest. They did provide the computers and cams for them. Did they make advances on them? She said no, they do not make girls into their whores. I asked how she got started. I mean, did she answer an advertisement? Was it thru a friend? She told me that her friend was pregnant and could not cam anymore. I asked her about the statement on her profile page, about fooling around with a co-worker in the elevator. That was, she said, just a kissing session between them, nothing more.

I asked for a price on a private show between her and her friend. Luna told me that she would ask her friend first. She went off cam and came back saying 1500 token for 30 minutes. I said if they did as I said, I would give 2000 token for show. She wanted to know what I wanted them to do, since I was going to pay more. I stated that I wanted to see them kissing and finger each other first. Then use a dildo on each other and to finish with a pussy licking. Oh, and you have to squirt on your girlfriend. And if you do squirt, you both would get a 200 token bonus. Once again she disappeared off cam and came back with a YES! Good, tomorrow I will be here at 9:25 and I wanted the show to start at 9:30.

The next day, we did the show. Her friend was also cute, a red-headed Latino. Her tits were a bit bigger, and she was shaved bald. She was also a squirter. Both girls were covered in each other’s fluids at the end of the show.

That day I made an offer to Luna, and told her to talk to her hubby about it. The offer I made was a simple one. I would rent her for one month and pay her $50,000. She thought I was kidding. I told her I was not kidding and explained to her how I would make the payments. They would get the first payment into their bank account when they said yes. She wanted to know how much the first payment would be. I told her 10%. Even if they backed out, they could keep the money, BUT I would contact all the cam sites and get her banished. Also would do the same to the other girls. She said that she would talk to her hubby.

That night I made an offer to the other girl, Victoria. I knew that she might take my offer. She did owe back taxes to her government. I told her that I wanted to rent her for a month and would pay her $25,000. She reminded me that she was a lesbian and that we would not be having sex. I told her that I remembered that, and that I was also bringing along another women that I was renting. I sent her a picture of Luna along with a brief background about her. She replied back that she looked good to her and wanted to know if she was a bisexual woman. I said she will be when the month was over. Victoria agreed, as long as the money was in her account soon. I told her that she would get 10% up front (that would cover her tax bill and give her a little extra). She said she wanted 20%, I agreed. All I needed was to wait for Luna’s answer.

The next morning I waited for Luna’s answer. She finally came online. She said that my offer was very tempting to her, her hubby had his doubts. I told her I would go to 20% up front ($10,000) and maybe a bonus to her. Then I told her to get her girlfriend and I would do a private show with them, IF they did a 69. She got her girlfriend and they did the show.

The next day she gave me her answer. Yes. Her hubby agreed to it. She now knew she was a prostitute. We agreed on a date for all this to happen, the first of the next month. We would meet at the airport and I would give her hubby the money.

The first came and I was waiting at the airport when I saw them. She looked nervous and he looked scared. I greeted them and offered to get us all some lunch from the airport café. Once we were seated, I handed hubby a wallet. In it were 10, 100 dollar bills and a check for $10,000. I told him the cash was a bonus for putting a collar on his wife and attaching a leash to it. He stood and did it. A tear leaked from Luna’s eye. I allowed them some time to say good-by and we left. We got on the plane and left her country behind. It was then that I told her that we were on route to see another woman and that both would be mine.


Unfortunately, the plane could not go directly to our next destination and we had to stop. Also the pilots needed to rest. So we landed in a large city that had what I wanted. I informed the pilots that we will be leaving in a few days.


I looked for a certain type of store and found one. We went there and I talked to the owner. She introduced herself as Lisa and her assistant; Sarah. She was more than glad to help when I gave her the amount that I was willing to spend in her store, but only, if we were not interrupted with other customers. In other words CLOSE the shop! Lisa quickly put up the closed sign and turned off the lights in front. We went to the back of the store and I informed the owner what style of clothing I wanted for Luna.

First Lisa had my Luna stand on a platform in the middle of a mirrored room and told her to strip so she could get her measurements. My girl was frightened to strip in front of us. I simply told her to, or be left here, never to see family again. She measured her from neck to foot. They were a longer time, than seemed necessary, around her breast and nipples and her womanhood. A cough from me brought that to a stop.

Then Lisa asked me what style of panty. I replied that G-string in black and red, thongs in black and red and bikini style in blue and black. She left and returned with the items. I saw some white ones in the pile and stated that I did not ask for white and that we were leaving. The owner apologized to me and asked me to what she can do to correct the error. All I said was one word, ‘STRIP’! Lisa looked at me with a shocked open mouth. I stated that we were leaving and I rose from my chair. Before I was standing all the way, Lisa stripped and made Sarah strip also. I stated to them any more infractions to my rules and we were done. I asked them if they understood me. Both shook their heads in an up and down motion.

“OK, ladies, we need some bras. No padded, no underwire, no full coverage. ½ cup, ¼ cup, only. Some in black, red, and some to match her skin tone. Sarah stated that those were out front and she would be seen by people in the street. I uncrossed my legs and made a movement to rise, but stopped as the Lisa went out front to get them. She came back with 3 of each. I had Luna try them on. The skin tone ones were all wrong. “Get more!” I said. Lisa ran out front and got some lighter and some darker shades. Luna tried them on. The colors were closer, but I wanted to see if they had others. Lisa said that if and when Luna tanned that the darker ones would match. She showed me with the tan on her arms. I agreed with her.

OK clothing time. I told Lisa I wanted casual t-shirts, button shirts, sweaters, and we would need jeans for casual wear, at least 10 of each. Lisa left and walked naked to the front of the store looking for everything. Sarah was looking uncertain about being naked in front of me and like she wanted to be anywhere but there. I asked Sarah if there were any high end pet shops in the area. She replied that there was one two blocks way. I took out $200 and gave her instructions about getting a leather collar that would fit Luna, also, not to forget the matching leash. Sarah picked up her bra and started to put it on. I stated NO bra or panty. She pouted at me. I called out for Lisa to get her ass in here. Lisa entered the back and asked what is wrong. I stated that I gave Sarah an order and she was not carrying it out to my specifications. Lisa inquired what my instructions were. I said I wanted Sarah to go to the pet store and get a collar and leash for Luna. Lisa asked if she declined my order. I said no, but she was getting dressed and I told her no bra or panty allowed. And she pouted at me. What are you going to do to fix this problem? Lisa stuttered over her answer, so I answered for her.

This is how we will fix this and any other problems we come across. Lisa you will lay over my knee and accept the punishment of your underling. Lisa’s eyes went wide. And she got out a few stuttered words. I told Luna to get dressed as this shop was not worthy of our time. Once those words were out of my mouth, Lisa laid over my knee to accept her underlings’ punishment. As Sarah was getting dressed, I started to spank Lisa’s ass. First was Sarah’s shirt, then her pants and last her shoes. I told Sarah to apologize to her mistress for her bad behavior. She said ‘Lisa I’m” ... I cut her off. NOT to Lisa but to Luna! She faced Luna and said she was sorry for her actions today.

Sarah left to get the items I wanted. I let Lisa up and told her to continue to get Luna’s clothing. Her ass was a nice shade of red. It looked good!

Luna spoke to me, ‘what did you mean by me being her mistress?’. I replied that in here the 2 women’s jobs were to serve her as I saw fit. They bring you things; they will do what I say as long as I spend money here.

Lisa returned with the items I requested. Luna wanted to see what was there. ‘Ahhh ... no Luna. Wait for Lisa to dress you. You are her Mistress. And she will wait on you.’ Let us start with the panty first.

Lisa helped Luna get in and out of every pair. I gave my approval for the whole lot. Next were the bras. Luna was uncomfortable with Lisa’s hands being on her tits. “Luna, is not better to have someone as beautiful as Lisa dress you, instead of doing it yourself?’ Luna looked unsure, but gave a meek yes.

After all the bras were tried on, I selected one. A black, ¼ bra for her to wear.

Sarah returned to the store and entered the back room with the collar and leash. I coughed and she looked at me confused. ‘STRIP!’ Was all I said. ‘LISA what kind of workers do you have here? They do not know how to act to a customer.’ Lisa told her to strip as the customer was in charge and his word was law in this room. I also said that, once again, you will have to pay for her mistake. Lisa lay over my knee. She receiver 10 slaps to her ass. I asked Sarah for the collar and leash. She brought them to me. ‘Lay down’ I told her. She looked at Lisa and Lisa gave a head nod to do so.

I asked Sarah if I should spank her, or should Lisa do it. Sarah replied that she would like me to do it. I gave her 5 on each cheek. Her ass was also a nice shade of red.

I took the collar and went to Luna and put it on her neck. I now praised Sarah for the fine collar. It looked beautiful on Luna.

OK ladies, get my pet dressed and then we will go out front and pay for these. Lisa asked about her old clothes. I told her to wear them and I left the back. Lisa came out in Luna’s clothes. They did not fit at all. Way too small for her. Lisa bagged the clothes and we left.

Luna was excited about the purchases and what happened. I asked her if she wanted something formal. Her eyes lit up. We walked and found another little shop. We entered and I stated that we were looking for a formal dress. What style, I did not know till I saw it. The owner walked over to Luna to guess her size. She brought us to some racks and I told her in a matter of fact way, that we could shop off the rack in any store. I wanted her to have personal and hands on attention. Close your shop, strip and show us the back of the store. The owner balked and I told Luna we were leaving. We walked out. End of story!


Another block down we found another little shop. I stated that we were looking for a formal outfit and the style would be known when I saw it, and we wanted a private shopping experience. I introduced us as Luna and the paying man. She said her name was Sherry and she owned the shop. She swayed her hips to the front door and put out the closed sign. She led us into the back and started to undress Luna and get measurements. She complimented Luna on her collar. Luna blushed at the comment. She told Luna that black is the color for a sexy formal dress and she had something in mind. She disappeared out front. I asked Luna if she was excited. She shook her head yes. When Sherry came back she had the dress and heels that she thought were going to be the winner. She helped her into it and the heels she said would go. The heels had Luna standing on her toes and Luna a frightened look on her face. I told Sherry to get different heels. Not these ridiculous 6 inch Come fuck Me heels get her 4 inch heels. Sherry left to get the other heels. The dress went to the floor with slits that went up to her waist. The gap between the front panel and the back was about 3 inches on either side. No panty to be worn with this dress. There was no back till about an inch above her ass, and the front plunged below the slits. No bra was to be worn either. Sherry returned with the heels and put them on Luna’s feet. Now she looked good.

BAM! BAM! BAM! Someone was banging on the front door.

‘Sherry, please get rid ... BAM! BAM! BAM! GET RID OF THAT PERSON! NOW!!!

Sherry ran to the front of the store and we could hear the door open and close. Sherry and a blonde waif came back.

MG: What are you doing?

S: She is my employee and is late today.

MG: What does she do here?

S: All the fine needle work. It is hard to find someone to sit for hours doing small stitch work.

MG: Is she really good at it?

S: Best I ever had!

MG: And you compensate her well?

S: I do not see where that is your business.

MG: Jill, I want an honest answer from you! What does Sherry pay you?

Jill looked meekly at Sherry. I saw Sherry give a negative nod to Jill.

MG: Luna, get changed. This shop is not for us. I will not shop in a ‘slave labor’ shop.

With that said I rose and left the store, Luna was a few minutes behind me as was Sherry. I turned to Sherry and told her it was too late for her words. When someone wants to spend money in your store, you should be a humble servant to them. GOOD-BY SHERRY!

Luna and I went back to our first store. When we entered Lisa, spotted us and rushed to the front door and put out the closed sign. We were ushered into the back and Lisa called out to Sarah.

I told Lisa of our ‘adventure’ at the other store. She asked if she may know which store. I told her no. She asked what brought us back so soon. I told her that the other store owner did not know how to treat a customer, unlike her. She said it is her pleasure to ‘serve’ us. I looked at her and cleared my throat. She understood and started to remove her clothing. Sarah also disrobed. I told them that we were looking for something formal for Luna to wear. Black dress, I do not know the style until I see it, stockings and heels. Lisa left to pick out some dresses and Sarah helped Luna get undressed. Lisa returned with some dresses and stockings and asked me about the shoes. I nodded for her to continue. She wanted to know how high the heels should be and what type of finish on them. I sat there a bit confused, but she showed me a book with different styles of shoes. I glanced at Luna and Lisa took the book to her. There were several pages turned and then Luna pointed to one pair. Lisa said she knew which shop had them. Lisa told Sarah to go and get them for Luna.

I said, WAIT, Lisa you get the shoes, I have a chore for Sarah. Sarah looked at me and waited for me to speak.

MG: Sarah, do you like working here for Lisa?

S: Yes sir. She is a good boss.

MG: And as a good employee, you do everything to make the customer feel good?

S: Yes sir! I try my best to.

MG: Luna, would you please sit in the chair over there. Sarah please, help her there.

Sarah does as I have instructed her to.

MG: Would you please lick Luna’s pussy.

S: I have never done that, sir.

MG: Well now you will. You see Luna is a squirter and needs to release her womanly juices.

L: Sir, I have never been with a woman before.

MG: Well you will not be able to say that after today.

Sarah lowered her head to Luna’s pussy and started to lick. Watching Luna’s face as Sarah licked her was amusing. She would scrunch up her face, then relax and smile. She would also make her mouth into an ‘O’ and pant. Soon her body started to move more as Sarah licked her. Soon she was vocal and then it happened. She squirted her juice all over Sarah. Sarah was taken by surprise as it happened. She was covered all over her face and chest. She rose to clean up. ‘Leave it! It has a nice smell. The smell of sex’ I said.

Lisa returned with the shoes and stopped as she got in the room.

L: What the fuck is going on here? Have you been having sex in my shop?

MG: No, Sarah ate Luna’s cunt. And Luna squirted on her. Doesn’t it have a nice aroma?

L: She did what!?

MG: Just what I said. She made a customer feel good. Is that not correct Luna?

L: Yes, she made me feel real good.

S: I don’t care! You cannot come in here and have my employee be a whore to you!

MG: Any different that you stripping and getting spanked. You see, Lisa you prostitute yourself every time a customer enters your store. You sell yourself to get their money and you really sold yourself earlier. If the other store owner was not a CUNT, I would not be here now! Luna apparently our money is no good here. Let us depart now.

I rose from my chair and told Luna to get dressed. Lisa sighed, and said ‘your money is good here sir. We will do whatever you say, and even prostitute ourselves. ‘

I sat back down and told her to get the dress we want and the stockings. You do have the shoes? Lisa nodded and went to Luna and helped her with the dress. I cleared my throat. Lisa looked at me and stripped. Both Lisa and Sarah helped to get Luna dressed. Both touched her a lot. On her breast, her ass and I think Sarah even gave her clit a rub or two. Once they were done getting Luna dressed, she looked very beautiful. The dress went down below her calfs and had a slit in it that went to about 4 inches below her womanly charms. The top showed some cleavage and the back was bare down to below her shoulders. I agreed on their fine selection. Next I told them to get her undressed and pack up everything, we had places to go.

As we left the store I told Luna to wait a second. I clipped on her leash and we walked that way for a bit. I know she was embarrassed to be seen in public that way. But I did not care. When I did get us a ride back to our room, Luna asked why I put the leash on her. I told her that she was mine till I released her, and also told her, that since she was mine, she would be my pet.

Back at the hotel, I told her to pack all of her things up, as we were leaving tomorrow and heading East across the ocean. And that we were picking up another pet of mine. This pet did not like men she liked women. Luna looked a bit disappointed, but I reminder her that I told her we were getting another woman when we first started. Luna told me that she remembered now.

L: will this other women be like me?

MG: How do you mean by ... like me?

L: Will she be my equal or will I be below her or will she be below me?

MG: Both will be equal to me. Treat me with respect and follow my commands and all will be good for everybody. Have I not treated you right so far? Bought you fine clothing to wear?

L: Yes, you have done that. And you have also not touched me yet. You have ordered others to touch me.

MG: And that will soon change.

L: You will be having sex with me soon?

MG: No Luna, we will be making love to each other.

L: Will that happen soon?

MG: When I feel you are ready and deserve it. Now is not the time.


I ended the discussion and went to sleep and advised her to. We awoke as we approached Europe to land and let pilots rest. Luna and I left. Where we were going or what I was looking for, I had no idea.

Outdoor café gave me an idea. We went and ordered a meal. Food was good, but I wanted to see what Luna would do when I asked her to do something for me. Nothing outrageous, just leave bra and panty on table as a tip for our server. When I told her of the idea, she first did not want to do it. All I said was ‘red ass’. She understood and went to remove them. We left them on the table and walked away. Went about 75 feet and looked back, waiter sniffed panties and put them and the bra in his pocket.

Back at the hotel all I said was STRIP and Bed. We got a good night’s sleep. I know Luna wanted sex, but I was waiting for the right time. And that should be real soon. All I did that night was send an e-mail to my next pet, letting her know that I was there and where I was staying.

The next morning, I got an E-mail from Victoria telling me that she will be there after work. She knows where our hotel is.


When the time arrived for Victoria to arrive I had Luna strip and sit beside me. OF course she was wearing her collar and leash. A knock on the door and I told Victoria to enter. Victoria’s eyes went wide at the site of Luna kneeling next to me.

V: I see she is a trained pet.

MG: She is learning how to be. So far I have spoiled her.

V: And you said she is a squirter?

MG: Yes she wet a sales girl. I made her leave it on her body.

V: You are a kinky one. Have you had her yet?

MG: No wanted you to have it before I shot in her.

V: Haw long since she had a cock in her?

MG: Answer her Luna.

L: It has been over a week now.

MG: Before we go any further, Luna would you put this collar on Victoria.

Luna takes the collar and puts it on Victoria’s neck. We all heard the click of the lock. Victoria looks at me with a quizzical eye and wants to know the meaning of the collar. No meaning, you are just my pet. Now, I want you to disrobe or Luna can do it for you. Mmmm ... Yes Luna can do it for me. Let me watch her eyes, as she uncovers my body to her. So Luna started to undress her. Removing her jacket, blouse, bra, shoes, pants and panties in that order, every item was folded and put aside. By the time Victoria was naked, there was dampness on her womanly charms. Nipples were erect and aroused. Now it was Victoria’s turn to undress Luna. Victoria was not as neat with Luna’s clothing. Throwing it away as it came off. Let me tell you Victoria was very hands on, along with her mouth and tongue. Luna was soon a pile of female flesh. As Luna laid there recovering, I called Victoria over to me. With a quick jerk of her body, she was over my knee and got 10 spanks on her ass. I told her to pick up Luna’s clothing and fold them. She did as she was told.

The next day, I told them to get ready to leave. Too damn cold here for me. We are going someplace warm. Victoria wanted to be allowed to go and pack for the trip. I told her we would shop as we stopped along the way. Tell her Luna, did you not have fun being waited on in the stores? Luna, still meek, gave a very quiet answer of ‘yes’. So off to the plane we went.

First stop was a large city in the USA. Told driver, of the car I hired, what kind of store we were looking for. He said he knew of one, but it would take about 90 minutes to get there. I said ‘let’s go!’ We arrived in a small town with shops all along the Main street. We stopped in front of the one the driver recommended.

We entered the shop and a pretty brunette introduced herself as Candice. I asked Candice if I could speak to her alone for a few words. She nodded to a small office. I told Luna and Victoria to look around. Inside the office I explained what kind of service I was looking for. She asked if she could call in her helper. I told her to tell her she had 10 minutes or we were gone.

While we were waiting, Candice asked if she could inquire about Luna and Victoria. I nodded. She asked about their preference in either men or women. I stated that Luna was straight, with what she will learn about her bi side. Victoria was 99.99% lesbian. Candice then inquired about their collars. I said they were my pets and were equal under me.

Nine minutes later and an out of breath blonde walked in. “Candice, I’m here!”

C: Come into the back and let me introduce you to everyone. We have a little Latin girl named Luna. The other is European named Victoria. And this gentleman is called ... errrr ... what is your name?

MG: Just call me the money guy. When we left Victoria had no time to pack. All the clothes she has is what she is wearing.

C: Well we can take care of her. Now my dear, please strip so we can get accurate measurements.

MG: Candice, before you start, please close your shop, lock the door and you and ... excuse me, but Candice did not give me your name.

A: Amber, Amber is my name.

MG: OK Candice. Since my pets will be naked, I want you naked!

C: WHAT!! You want us naked?

MG: Is there a problem?

C: YES! There is a problem! Why should we be naked?

MG: Because I am the customer! And this customer will be spending in your store! We can leave and you can get nothing!

C: Amber, close the store and make sure the door is locked.

MG: OK now Victoria will need panties, G-string, thongs and bikini. Bras that will be ½ cup, ¼ cup, all sheer and no underwire. And all will be in black, blue or red. NO white!

C: We can do that. Amber, my measuring tape please.

A: Here you go Candice.

MG: Before you start, you forgot something.

Candice looked at me and then she stood and removed her clothing. Amber followed Candice. Damn, what a body Amber had!

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