Curiosity Killed the Cat
Chapter 10: Confrontation

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 10: Confrontation - This is a story about a loving incestuous relationship between a brother and sister. This will be a very long story, very descriptive and realistic. The story is character and story driven, and while there will be many sex scenes this is not a stroke story. This about life, its ups and downs and the risk of true love between siblings and its effects.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   Spanking   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Squirting   Voyeurism   Water Sports  

Saturday, May 25, 1996, Sanford Maine

Whew, it was a real scorcher out, I felt like I had lost 5lbs., in sweat. I had been mowing the lawn and trimming the bushes, I had finished the front already, and was working on the back. I started trimming the hedge that divided our property from the Anders house on our right. I had already cleaned the pool and the hot tub as well. I was keeping up my end of the bargain for us being allowed to go to Martin’s house until midnight again. It was a party hosted by college kids, our friend Martin’s older brother had said that we could all join in if we stayed cool. He was willing to sell us booze, a sweet deal for us. We kind of fibbed to our folks, the party became a gathering, college kids weren’t mentioned, neither was the fact that there were not going to be any parents there either.

“Hey Bro, you look super sweaty!” Amber said as she walked past me wearing a small black bikini.

It was three tiny triangles of black cloth, meager enough that over three-quarters of her breasts were bulging out at all angles. The bottoms were almost as small as her new lacy underwear. The front triangle was a tad smaller than her pubic area, so if she wasn’t bare down there already she would’ve needed to shave a good portion of it. She spun around when she noticed me staring at her, I tried in vain to close my mouth and stop drooling. Her ass crack was covered, but the beautiful sides of her cheeks were hanging out as if to say ‘hey what’s up?’; which was cheeky in itself because they definitely knew ‘what was up’, every damn cock within viewing distance.

I swear my sister really was a She-devil sometimes, I mean she knew exactly what effect that would have on me, I tried to will myself to stay soft. My cock thought it was time to choose a side, and so he decided to take a stand for what he believed in. He obviously sided with the sexy sister that welcomed him with open warm spots; the traitor. Because of her, I had to hope that my folks didn’t come out to see their son doing yard work with a piece of wood bulging out of his shorts. This was one of the negatives about having a very large cock because when it got hard, it was impossible to hide.

“You are a Demon, if Mom or Dad sees me now they’ll think I’m a perv!” I whispered accusingly, giving her my version of the wounded puppy dog look.

Amber glided over to where I was clipping the hedge near our pool and stopped just short of causing her gorgeous tits to smoosh into my upper abs. The way she walked to me didn’t help my erection problem, her hips swayed seductively, her breasts jiggled enticingly and her mouth wore a crooked sexy grin. Yep evil as only a teenage girl who has recently discovered her sexiness could be; or a bona fide She-devil, one of those two.

“Aww poor Baby, you look so ... uncomfortable ... in this heat ... Would you like it if your sweet baby sister went and got you something cold to drink? An ice tea, or something, Baby?” she spoke softly making sure that only I could hear her while batting her eyelashes at me.

“Um ... yeah. That would be great actually, ice tea sounds perfect right now. So does you wearing a burlap sack; it’s so not fair, look at what you did to me,” I mock-complained, glancing down at the hard bulge in my shorts. “I swear someone needs to invent a pill that does the opposite of Viagara,” I grinned ruefully.

“I’ll be right back, lover,” Amber said as she made sure to exaggerate her ass movements as she swayed away, giggling the whole time.

I groaned, my eyes were traitors too, they refused to look elsewhere until she disappeared back into the house. I figured that I would have the hedges all done in about another 20 minutes. Then I could take a dip in the pool before lunch. I turned back towards the hedge, at least in this direction no one could see my cock doing it’s best impression of a crowbar.

“Hey, Davey. Here’s a big tall glass of ice tea for you,” Amber said in a husky sultry voice as she came up from behind me, her fingertips snaking out to trail sensually across my lower back.

“Thanks, Amber,” I said while my eyes tried to figure out where to look, she was so bloody hot that they bounced all over her body.

“You know how sexy you look cutting the hedge big brother? Watching your muscles flex and bunch up when you clip makes me get so very wet. I imagine that your arms are flexing like that, wrapped around me, making me move up and down on your huge cock. Mmmm you don’t realize just how gorgeous you are at all Davey, “ she purred to me quietly, her gaze roaming all over my shirtless chest and arms in appreciation.

“Not half as sexy as you are in that bikini, besides that’s just because you love me Amb,” I grunted as I drank half of my ice tea.

“Nah Babe, it’s just the truth that you don’t see. You know that CC has a major case of the hots for you right now don’t you?” she inquired.

“What! I don’t buy that, no way,” I said incredulously.

“Yes, way brother. Don’t tell her I told you, but she admitted it to me the other day. I mean it’s so bloody obvious that you’d have to be blind not to notice. You can see right?” she asked while waving her hand in front of my face exaggeratedly.

“But ... but ... CC has been my friend forever! She always jokes around with me,” I spluttered.

“The jokes are a bit more flirty now Davey, or have you not noticed? I mean since when did she start calling you stud? Huh? I have seen how she’s been looking at you, especially when you don’t see. So I asked her what was up about it. She tried to deny it, but she caved when I told her exactly what I had seen her doing.

“She wants you so bad, but it sucks. I wish she didn’t, she’s my best friend; she can never know about us for sure now. Just be careful about how you flirt with her, okay Baby? I don’t want her hurt. I’m telling you this so that if she tries anything tonight when we are all drinking, that you’ll be prepared somewhat. I don’t want you doing anything dumb,” she smiled sweetly at me while explaining all that.

“Yeah! Holy shit though, I mean wow. Thanks for telling me Sis, if she does anything I’ll blow it off somehow. Blame it on being good friends for too long or something. Jeez, I never saw this one coming,” I sighed.

“Here, finish your ice tea, I’ll get you another. Get the hedges done and then jump in the pool with me. I’m going to tan until you’re ready to swim. I wish you could rub oil all over me...” she whispered huskily.

“Goddamit, you’re mean...” I groaned quietly, my cock so big and hard that it would probably count as a concealed weapon in some states.

Amber giggled her ass off as she glided away to lay down on a lounge chair.

I got back to the task at hand and finished clipping the hedges, raked up the mess and swept down the patio. I was finally done everything; I was super hot and very dirty.

“I’ll be back out to swim in a few minutes Sis, I’ve gotta shower first. I’m too dirty to jump in the pool, I just cleaned it,” I said as I made my way to the house.

“That reminds me I need the book that I am reading that I forgot in my room,” she said as she winked at me and followed me in.

“Hey son, you’re all finished with the yard work?” our Dad asked, looking up from where he was reading a book while sitting in his recliner.

“Yeah, did the lawns, the trimming, cleaned both the pool and the hot tub and swept the patio. I just finished, was heading up for a shower, and then was going to take a dip,” I answered.

“Good, thanks, David. I appreciate it. I left both of your allowances on the kitchen counter. Your mother and I were just about on our way out to do the groceries for the week, anything either of you wants in particular?” our Dad asked us.

“Thanks, Daddy!” Amber yelled while grabbing her allowance. “Ummm, can you get more Nutella, please? Oh ... and bacon!” she replied while she hurried back to hug our Dad as she gave him a sweet smile.

“All I can think of is strawberry jam, I know it was almost empty. Thanks for the money Pops!” I told him as I grabbed mine and made my way upstairs.

I quickly stripped down out of my sweat-soaked clothes and started the shower. It was the hottest day that we’d had so far that year, but I still made the temperature of the water almost scalding. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it actually makes the air feel cooler when you get out after. I got in, soaped up and got clean, it felt good.

The vision of my sister in her bikini was still in my mind, my member started to stir again, hoping for attention. I started jerking off while thinking about the sex that we had had last night. It was so hot; after a lot of touching each other and kissing all over, she had sunk down onto my flagpole and rode me until we both came. After which she had swung around and put her pussy over my face, asking me to eat her as she sucked my cock clean.

I was a little hesitant at first, but then just I figured, what the Hell. I had eaten her ass, tasted my cum on her mouth, so eating her freshly fucked honey pit wasn’t that big a deal. I loved licking her and tonguing her tight hole all the time anyway. So I dove right in, my cum ran out into my mouth with a lot of her juice, it ended up that it actually turned me on, a lot. It didn’t taste bad at all either, a little salty from my sperm maybe, but her juices were delicious as usual. When I realized that it was our juices ‘mixed’ together, and knowing just how much being ‘us’ meant to me; licking up ‘us’ was something erotic, and I became very enthusiastic.

Amber really got off on it, and she sucked me like mad. She kept pausing during her sucking and licking to tell me how much it turned her on that I was licking up both our ‘mess’ together. I think she really worked herself up on feeling me eating my own cum. She rubbed her mound all over my face and she came hard and quick. After coming, she asked me to eat out her ass and finger her at the same time, so I did. I loved her ass, it turned me on like crazy to stick my tongue in it. That is a huge understatement, like saying that sugar was sweet, or that sex was fun.

She continued sucking my cock as I licked her asshole and fingered her tight beautiful pussy, she had taken about 7 inches into her mouth and throat which felt amazing. Without any warning, she had started to finger my butt. She spat on my pucker and slowly pushed one in, up to the second knuckle, she kept adding more spit and working at it until she was all the way in. I just moaned and licked her asshole even harder. Once she had her finger all the way up inside me she started to wiggle it around, exploring, and she also started pulling and pushing it in and out. It had felt so fucking good, but I was ashamed for liking it, but I did, it felt amazing. She sucked me super deep, and fingered me, I exploded into her throat which then triggered another climax from her.

We didn’t talk about it at all afterward, and I wasn’t about to bring it up. I hoped that she didn’t think I liked guys or anything weird like that. I was seriously embarrassed because I had really enjoyed what she did, but when I wasn’t feeling super aroused I then felt dirty about it in a bad way. (I explained this teenage boy butt thing earlier, and seeing that it had been merely days since my first bum experience, I regretfully admit that I had not matured in any significant manner during that time).

Remembering what she had done to me last night and what I had done to her, had me moaning as I stroked myself harder then. I was guiltily thinking about how good her finger had felt combined with her mouth on my cock. Because I was super horny at that moment, her fingering me was something I could fantasize about, I was confused though, I knew that I would feel bad about it after I came.

I heard the bathroom door open.

“Hey, Baby! Mom and Dad just left. What’s taking you so long?” she asked while popping her head through the shower curtain.

I just looked at her as I kept stroking myself, grunting with the effort. She grinned sexily when she saw what I was doing.

“Mmmmm, that is so fucking hot Baby! Were you thinking about me? Did I get you all hot and bothered before big brother?” she asked innocently while she rustled around on the other side of the curtain.

“Yes, always you Amber, only you ... And you did you big tease...” I said with a moan as I thought about my tongue in her ass and her finger in mine.

She stepped into the shower, her green eyes sparkling with naughty desire. Her fantastic tits jiggled as she moved towards me. Her bare pussy looked so sexy and inviting, her mouth was enticing, she had a sexy pout on her lips.

“Mmmmmm Baby, your cock looks so delicious, you turn me on so much that you drive me crazy. Which part do you want to look at Davey? My ass? I know how much you love my ass, you want it don’t you Baby? You just love your little sisters’ tight firm bouncy ass, hmmm? Tell me how much you wanna fuck it, Baby,” she purred as she turned around and bent over to show me her perfect butt.

I groaned, and reached out and grabbed it with my free hand, while still fisting my cock with my right. She moaned as I touched her and her legs spread. The view of her asshole and Venus mound from that angle brought my arousal spiking up. I needed her, I wanted her, and I was going to take her as presented.

I stepped forward, holding her hip with one hand and I lined up my rigid rod with the other, she was steamy and sopping wet. I pushed in and pulled her to me.

“Oh! Davey! ... Yes! Take me, Honey! Use me ... love me. Oh!” she grunted in pleasant surprise.

I had sunk an inch into her velvet purse, my cock head throbbed with delight. It was home and it was time to wear out my welcome. I grabbed her other hip and pulled her back while I thrust with my pelvis, I sank about half my length into her. I pulled out slowly and then slammed back in going deeper. I repeated this over and over, withdrawing slowly and slamming back in fast and hard. It was only a few strokes until I was bottomed out inside her, she was taking my whole 9 inches. She was moaning gutturally with each thrust.

“Oh, oh, oh ... Davey ... so good Baby ... oh ... yes ... fuck me ... fuck ... me ... oh ... shit Baby ... so good ... you fuck me so good ... Uggh ... Harder Baby ... Do me harder ... That’s it ... oh ... yeah Baby ... that’s it ... fuck your sisters’ pussy ... hard ... ugggh ... So good ... I’m gonna cum Baby ... Oh shit ... Making me ... ugghh ... almost ... I’m ... I’mmm cuuuuuuummmmmminnnnggg ... Unnnnnngngghhhhh ... I’m ... cuuuuuuummmmmiiiinnnngggg!” she screamed as I slammed into over and over again.

Entering her from behind like that was an amazing feeling, it was like her tiny sex tunnel had a little built-in tongue that was licking the underside of my cock head with each thrust. That felt way different than missionary or when she was on top. She was so tight, yet so slick with her natural lubrication that it didn’t chafe. It just felt insanely good as her silken vice-like grip clamped down on me like a wrestler’s chokehold.

“Oh fuck, Amber, this feels so fucking good! I’m going to cum Baby ... soon ... going to cum in your tight little pussy Sis ... Ugggh ... need it sooo bad ... You want your big brother to spill his seed in you ... Don’t you baby sister? You love getting fucked by your brother ... turns you on so much ... like me ... I love sticking my cock inside my baby sisters’ pussy ... and shooting in her ... Filling her with my naughty jizz ... OH! Fuck! I’m going to cum ... Ugggghhhhhh Shit Baby I’m cuuuuummmiinnng in yooooouuuuu!” I yelled as I slammed into her hard, shooting a huge load deep inside her, pulse after pulse flooding her.

Her love canal was so tight that my cum was squishing out between my cock and her walls, creating a white froth as I didn’t stop thrusting. She had gone semi-limp right after her screaming orgasm, and I was holding her up with one arm around her waist; the other holding her by the left tit. I pumped the last few shots of my jism and grunted in animalistic pleasure as I squeezed it. My sister’s sweet body had taken another load from her brother’s manhood, and every time I thought like that; it made me want to do it all over again right away.

I withdrew my cock and stood her up, kissing her neck as she struggled to regain her strength.

“Oh god Davey, I’m never going to get used to how good it feels when you fuck me. I never understood the expression ‘it hurts so good’ until now. Your cock is so freakin’ big Baby! It fills me up to the point where I am overstuffed, and it hurts a bit, but it feels so amazingly good at the same time.

“My orgasms are so powerful that they make me feel faint. It was nothing even close to this when I used to masturbate before. If I had of known just how good sex was going to be with you my brother, I would have seduced you two years ago when I first started playing with myself!” she spoke with quivering enthusiasm, her voice shaky from sexual exertion.

“I’ve always tried to imagine what sex would be like, how it would feel to be inside a pussy, or to get a blow job, Hell even just a hand job. Nothing could have prepared me for how awesome it is, and although I have no experience with other girls, I somehow know that what we have is way better than what we would get with anyone else. Our orgasms are so strong. It felt so good fucking you from behind Baby, and your ass felt so amazing to bang into!” I said while turning her around to face me while grabbing it.

“That’s ‘cause my ass is your favorite part of me!” she said as she giggled and threw her arms around my neck to draw me down for a kiss.

“That’s not true actually. My favorite part of you Amber is who you are, and a very close second is your eyes and face. I swear I could live frozen in your gaze and never even realize that my life had slipped on by. It’s when you smile at me with your full love showing; that is my favorite thing, your eyes speak volumes, and your smile energizes me like the sun does a leaf. I can soak up your love like it’s a physical thing Baby.

“I felt that way about your smiles since as far back as I can remember; even when you smiled at me as a Baby. They always made me feel ... special ... now they do so even more so. When it comes to sex, yeah, fuck it’s good, like amazingly good, and your body is perfection, like an angel come to Earth. So yeah I love that too, and your ass is one of my biggest turn-ons in a huge list of them. But it’s your eyes Baby, it’s your eyes that will always get me though, ‘cause you’re my Amber and I love you more than life itself,” I said to her in a serious tone, willing her to understand.

“Oh, Davey! You should be a poet you know. The words you say to me sometimes ... are just so ... so breathtaking ... you make my heart go pitter patter with excitement. When you talk to me like this Baby, it makes me think, ‘oh’ how could I feel even more love for this man when I am already so full to bursting? Yet I do, and the impossible grows,” she said her face glowing with emotion, as she pulled me down for another sensual kiss.

I grabbed the soap and washed us both quickly so we could get out. We ended up on my bed, our bodies entwined, kissing softly, caressing. The pool was forgotten, I had more important things to take a dip in. We took our time and we made love, gently and tenderly. Our lovemaking was emotionally fulfilling; different from our fucking. Sometimes we needed the raw animal lust, but we were discovering that we also needed to simply make love. The spiritually connecting, and the passionate kind, we learned we needed that just as much, if not more.

Looking back at ‘us’ and how we started, it would be easy for an outsider to wonder at just how fast our progression had gone from a normal platonic sibling relationship to a full-blown serious and sexual one. Not to mention that the relationship was also a fully loving romantic one that demanded a lifetime commitment. Have no illusion, we were truly in love with each other as much as any two people could be. It is not easy to convey to strangers what 15 years of growing together did for us, and just how deep and strong the foundations of our incestuous relationship was. We were already remarkable in our sibling dependency, we not only relied upon each other but we needed each other as well.

We literally did everything together at all stages of life, it was not as big a leap as one might think to form a sexual bond when we came of age. We spent almost 50% of our time together without our parents. I naturally had a huge place for Amber in my heart from when she was born, and our parents constantly reinforced that with positive and caring emotions. My sister felt that love, which was much stronger than the average sibling shows. I spent more time with my sister than even our parents did. When we started to grow and we learned about fantasy, I was the image that she saw in her mind when she learned about Princes, Knights, and Warriors. I was the face she put to any Hero type that we read about or imagined. She was the face that I put to any Princesses or Damsels in distress types or warrior women types who fought alongside their men.

When she skinned a knee, I kissed it better. If a kid hurt her feelings I talked to her and made her smile again. If a scary storm happened at night I cuddled her underneath the blankets. If she thought there was a monster in her closet I checked it. We shared the same friends, interests and we grew up as best friends. She saw me as a life mate a long time before I did. When she hit puberty, I was her only real love interest, even though I didn’t know that at the time. It was I who she masturbated thinking about. It was I who she wished she could marry one day. She knew it was wrong, and that she wasn’t supposed to think about me that way, but she couldn’t change how she felt, and she didn’t want too. Unlike me she never felt guilty about it, she simply thought that society could go take a flying leap off a cliff.

She had had years to think about what she needed, and what she wanted, she knew without a doubt that she desired to be in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with me. She wanted me to take her virginity, she wanted to mate with me for life. I being a horny teenage boy had a much harder time of it, so it took me a few sexual encounters to ease my conscious enough to embrace what I truly wanted anyways. I didn’t have years of thought behind it, I just knew one day that she made me sexually aroused.

I did have the protector role well mapped out, so it gave me pause. I thought that I should be protecting her from my own feelings and desires. Which was like trying to stop a fire with a piece of paper for all the good it did. When I realized that Amber was a sexual creature, it didn’t take me to long to figure out I was in love with her. I had always been in love with her, the sexual part just mutated what type of ‘in love’ it was, or more accurately how I saw that love.

So it was natural for us to progress from being mutually attracted to each other; to our acting on it and forming a serious relationship, one that was fully sexual within a couple of weeks time. Even though it was fast, it seemed normal to us. It didn’t take me long to erase any doubts in my mind about being with her, my Amber.

“Hey Sis, I just got off the phone with Martin. He said not to bother bringing any swimwear, his brother told him that the pool was reserved for his friends only. Apparently, he has over 30 people going and they want to have all of their girls in bathing suits. We’re allowed to hang out on the deck if we stay out of their way, and we have the basement all to ourselves. I told him we were calling a cab to bring us over at 6,” I informed her while smiling at her with eager anticipation.

“Okay, but it’s too bad I couldn’t wear my new bikini over there...” she said as she smiled mischievously.

“Yeah, well I’m actually glad you can’t, not around those college idiots. I would probably end up needing to fight them off you, and that would spoil everyone’s fun,” I said in all seriousness.

We arrived at Martin’s at 6:20 and rang the bell. I glanced over at my sister next to me and again couldn’t get over how smokin’ hot she was. Wearing another new outfit, she looked like a young sexy woman more than a young teen girl. She had worn a short blue denim skirt and a white tank top that accented her boobs nicely. Her long blonde hair was loose over her shoulders and fell to the middle of her back. Her bright green eyes were accented with a powder blue eye-shadow with black mascara. Her lips were the same light pink that she always wore lately and that suited her perfectly. She wore knee-high black leather boots that showed off her shapely calves. The bracelet and silver hoop earrings finished off her look to a tee.

I was in black cargo shorts and a tight white t-shirt, my hair was gelled how I liked it, a little spikey and I had shaved and splashed some cologne on. (I had started wearing it every day since Amber had told me how much she loved the scent).

“Hey, guys! Shit Amber, you’re so bloody hot, again! So when are we going out, huh?” Martin greeted us as he opened the door.

“When are we going out? As soon as pigs fly, Hell freezes over and you’re declared the last man on Earth ... and even then I might have to do my hair that night!” she quipped with an evil laugh as she pushed by him through the door.

“Ooooh, Bro, sorry I didn’t bring any Aloe for the burn...” I chuckled as I too moved past him.

“It’s all good Bro, she just likes the chase!” he grinned slickly.

“Is everyone here yet?” Amber asked.

“Yeah, you guys were the last, we’re all out back for now,” Martin said.

“Hey, um ... who do we pay for some beers? I figured me and Amb would split a six pack...” I queried.

“Zeke will hook you up, it’s 20 for 8 so you might as well do 4 each instead,” he replied.


“Hey Martin, I ahh ... guess I should have asked this before ... but ... are those two creepy guys here again? I mean I know my Bro will protect me and all, but they did make me very uncomfortable,” Amber asked quietly.

“Um ... well ... I never saw what you described ... so to be honest, I don’t know who those two guys even are. So ... maybe they are? I dunno, my brother has a lot of friends. If they are and they do anything like last time just get me, and I’ll get Zeke to deal with it. He’s cool,” Martin assured her.

“Okay, thanks Marty,” my sister said with a touch of relief in her voice.

“No worries, and if you do get nervous or something you can always come to me and I’ll hold, you,” Martin said leering at her with a smirk and a wink.

“Pigs, Hell, last man thing, and my hair probably needs washing...” my sister laughed.

“Woman are always so difficult, am I right Bro?” he quipped as he elbowed me with a grin.

“Yeah, but I get her point though, you are small and kinda ugly!” I chided.

“Man I love you guys, let’s go out back and get y’all some beers,” he laughed mirthfully.

As we stepped out onto the deck we heard the loud buzzing of multiple simultaneous conversations filling the backyard. There were at least 30 college-aged looking people, about close to half of them were women, and most of those were wearing bikinis. The majority of the guys were shirtless and everyone had a drink or a beer in their hands. There was a lot of giggling and splashing going on from about a dozen of them or so, that were in the pool. It was still quite warm and the sun had just begun its final segment of descent into dusk. There was a stereo blasting some tunes, mostly grunge rock, but with the occasional rap song thrown in.

Spotting all of our friends sitting on the deck benches drinking beers we walked over to them as they all greeted us loudly and enthusiastically. Everyone was there, the twins, Kim and Josh, Mark and Jenny, CC, and it looked like Jenny had brought her friend Julie again.

Julie was a cutey, she was short like maybe 5 foot if that and probably a 100 lbs., wet. She had red hair and bluish grey eyes, she was small chested but she had a great ass. Stewart was deep in a conversation with her at the moment.

“Amber!” shrieked CC as she rushed over and hugged her. “Hiya stud, looking good!” she told me while giving me a crooked grin, and hugging me tight too.

“Hiya Babe! You ready to party!” Amber asked while hugging her tightly.

“Heya CC! You’re looking pretty darn good yourself!” I said with a smile.

I swear it had felt like she had ground herself on my cock for a few seconds while mashing her tits into me, and I definitely had felt her nipples poking me like hard rivets of steel. I couldn’t help but start to get hard, she just smirked and wiggled her tits at me before turning to talk with my sister.

“Zeke!” Martin shouted at his brother who was talking to a girl near the pool. He frantically waved him over to us when he caught his attention.

“What’s up twerp?” he asked as he ruffled his younger brothers hair when he arrived.

“David wants to buy 8 beers, Bro, please,” Martin grinned.

“Sure. Twenty bucks kid; the beer is in the cooler right there, count out 8 and put them in the fridge down in the basement, otherwise, we might drink em on ya,” he said while holding out his hand for the cash.

I gave him a twenty and me and Amber grabbed our beers, Budweiser, they weren’t the best, but we were teens so any beer was a good beer.

“Davey,” Amber said getting my attention while we were putting our beers in the downstairs fridge.

“Yeah, Sis?”

“Umm, I saw one of those idiots from last time ... Please stay near me okay?” she asked me, genuinely looking worried.

“Hey, Amber, of course,” I said pulling her into a tight hug while we were alone in the basement for a minute. “Nothing bad will happen to you as long as you’re with me, and if I catch ‘em making dirty motions towards you again, I WILL be stopping them,” I said, deadly serious.

“Okay Davey, I love you,” she breathed and kissed me softly.

We each popped opened a can, cheered each other and took a healthy swig. Then we went back outside and joined our friends. The music was rocking and we started to have a great time with our buds; and other than a few of the guys staring over here every once in a while, the college kids left us alone. We all had a good buzz going and we joked, laughed and flirted with each other. The couples were sharing some smooches and cuddling, which made me a bit jealous that I couldn’t do that with Amber. I did my best not to stare at her and she actually didn’t get too touchy-feely with me for once. Though we did manage to sneak some kisses in when we snuck off to use the washroom a couple of times.

At around 10 we decided to go down to the basement and play a drinking game. Martin broke out a bottle of vodka that he had bought from his brother earlier and grabbed some shot glasses. I was feeling pretty good, and a few of us seemed pretty drunk. Amber was starting to slur her words a little and I figured that I had better get us both to back off the booze a bit before we got too far gone.

It was almost 10:30 and Josh and Kim had disappeared into the basement bedroom, the twins were looking pretty glassy-eyed and Stewart was in the corner making out with Julie. Andy was still playing darts for drinks with Martin. CC had slammed back quite a few shots and was really hammered. Mark and Jenny were actually dancing and laughing, they were looking very tipsy also.

I caught Amber’s eye a few times, I was getting crazy horny thinking about her and how sexy her naked body was. She was starting to stare openly at me, the booze was the greatest cause of uninhibitedness known to man. It could also help create dangerous situations, I tried my best to keep my focus. I could be with my love when we got home later. The thought of sneaking off for a blow job was trying to win the argument that I had going in my head though, and I wasn’t sure if I could wait for home. My cock was voting for a sneaky blow job, I told you that he was a traitor. No sense at all that idiot.

“Heyyyy David, ya knowwws thatz yours slexxy don’ cha’?” CC slurred at me as she stumbled over to me giggling.

I caught her as she lost her balance tripping over her own feet. She giggled incessantly as she flopped against me trying to regain her balance.

“TThhankss Daaaavid! I’m druuunk! Yooouse shouldz kizz meez,” she demanded of me while stumbling to stay upright.

“I think you’re way too wasted to be kissing anyone CC,” I said in my best caring voice.

“Hey CC, maybe you should go lay down for a bit? You’re going to be soooo hungover tomorrow sweetie,” Amber said coming over to help her stand.

“I luvs yoouse Amberz, youz the bezst! I’m dizzzy...” she stated while giggling incessantly.

“Hey, Martin. Anywhere that we could let CC lay down for a while bud?” I asked him.

“Yeah, let’s take her upstairs, we can put her in the guest room,” Martin replied, beckoning us to follow him.

“Here this will be easier on all of us,” I said as I scooped CC up in my arms and carried her.

“I’mmm a prinnzsesss! Wheeeee ... Youse should kizz da prinnzsess...” CC giggled drunkenly.

“I am soooo making fun of you when you’re sober tomorrow Babe,” Amber told her as she laughed at her best friend, while not being too steady on her feet herself.

We followed Martin to a guest room on the main floor near the bathroom and we placed CC on the bed. Martin got a big glass of water for her and we told her to try and sleep for a bit. She giggled but seemed happy to be lying down.

The three of us went back downstairs and played some darts for a while. We joked around, and Josh and Kim rejoined us with glowing happy grins on their faces. Stewart and Julie were still cuddling on the couch talking and kissing. Andy had passed out in a chair, and Mark and Jenny were in serious lip lock mode.

At around 11:30 I thought that I should go and see how CC was doing, “I’m going to go check on CC, and see how’s she doing, we need to be cabbing it in about half an hour and I hope that she can get into her house without getting caught for being drunk,” I announced as I made my way to the stairs.

“Good idea Bro, I’ll come too,” Amber said as she jumped up to follow me.

My hand was reaching out for the bedroom door handle when I heard CC’s voice, it was muffled but it distinctly sounded like she was protesting something. It sounded like she was saying, ‘no, no, no’, and sobbing.

I threw open the door and stepped through, letting my eyes scan the scene.

“CC! Get off her you asshole!” my sister yelled from behind me.

A college guy was laying across Cindy with his pants down around his ankles. He had her mouth covered with his hand and she was weakly struggling to get out from underneath him. Her shirt and bra had been forced up over her head and was trapping her arms by her elbows. As we burst into the room I saw him raise off her tits; where it looked like he had been sucking and biting on her. Her large breasts were bruised with bite marks and with what looked like hickeys. I recognized him, he was one of the assholes who had pantomimed fucking my sister at Martin’s birthday party.

He had her pants and underwear dangling off one ankle and his knees were trying to force her legs apart. We could see his hard-on as it was rubbing on her hip, she was trying her hardest to wiggle her hips away from him. CC’s eyes locked onto mine and I saw the instant relief there as she realized her savior had arrived. She was snuffling and bawling her eyes out, her cute face beet red as she struggled for breath, terror, and panic contorting her features. Lying there in the process of being raped, her gorgeous body exposed against her will, her brown eyes had never looked so scared.

That was my friend, she was like a sister to me! Nobody fucked around with my little sister, nobody hurt my friends! And nobody tried to rape someone that I cared about! All of that happened in the space of a few seconds, as I turned an ugly shade of red, rage swelled up in me as fast as the realization of what was happening reached my brain.

I charged at him as he tried to scramble up off her. I heard my sister screaming for Martin to come. The college guy had managed to stand and was in the midst of bending for his pants, one arm held up to fend off the attack that he knew was coming. His arm was of little consequence, like a twig to be brushed aside. I angled his outstretched arm down and to the side by knocking away his wrist and I threw my right fist down and hard into his nose.

I aimed for three inches behind his head, his nose exploded in a shower of mucus and blood. His eyes rolled up and I saw the whites as he fell backward onto the bed and then bounced sideways onto the floor. He was out cold. That was the first time that I had ever hit anyone in anger, the murderous rage left me almost as soon as I visually confirmed that he was no longer a threat and thoughts of CC then took over my priorities.

Cindy, our beautiful, bouncy and vivacious little CC, so nicknamed for the two prominent protrusions that were crassly displayed in an ugly vulgar way, was curled up in a ball wailing her eyes out. She was struggling to get her arms unstuck from her shirt and bra, I was at her side in an instant, helping to pull her shirt down and to cover her up modestly. Amber appeared behind her and started to get her underwear and pants back on.

“Shhhshh it’s okay CC I’ve got you, David’s got you, Baby. It’s going to be all right sweety, you’re safe now, he can’t hurt you anymore. I’ve got you, Amber is here also sweety, we’re going to take care of you. Shhhssssh, it’s going to be okay, Baby Girl. You’re safe now,” I kept repeating my words to her over and over, trying to soothe her.

“I’m here CC! It’s okay now sweetie!” Amber soothed her as well.

Amber had her pants back up by the time Martin came running into the room.

“Whoa what the fuck happened here man?” Martin asked it bewilderment.

“This piece of shit on the floor at my feet was in the middle of raping our CC!” I said as I kicked the perpetrator in the ribs, making my point.

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