Cunt on a Stick

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2019 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: Dirty, dirty, dirty. This story is nothing but my love-letter to my online slave. Yes, I wrote this hot, sexy story for you, Abby. You are my Babygirl. I am your Owner. Read this story and get hot all over again.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Slavery   BiSexual   Heterosexual   DomSub   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Analingus   Oral Sex   Scatology   Big Breasts   Small Breasts   2nd POV   .

MASTER STEVEN: Listen to me, Abby. I’ve wanted you ever since you first approached me. Your face and form are entrancing. The pure white, Irish-American skin of your lovely face. Your reddish-brown hair and green eyes. Your 27-year-old, 36D-26-38 frame. Your submissiveness and your desire to become a slave to a strong Master. The fact that my kinky stories resonate with you. All of these together comprise a package wrapped tight in sex and desire. I bind you and keep you that way. I called you my little cunt. And now that’s what you call yourself. You are my little cunt. And my Babygirl.

That’s what I like. That’s what I want. That’s what I need from my precious cunt Abby. What a good cunt you are, my love. How well you worship your Owner with your tongue in my ass, and how my cock in your mouth and down your throat. I rest the palm of my hand against your forehead and gently extract my cock from your loving mouth. As your sparkling green eyes gaze up at me, I move my hand to your chin and then reach my other hand down to grab your breast, first by cupping it, then my holding the nipple. With both hands, I tug you upward. You understand immediately what you must do. Following my tugging motion, you inch your way up until we are face to face. I kiss your lips. You open your mouth to me. Our tongues twirl and dance. I taste my own bodily aromas in your mouth. You taste the juice of your own cunt in my mouth. We embrace one another as we kiss, our hands moving across one another’s bodies like the winds that sculpt desert sands into graceful, curving dunes under the blazing sun of lust that drives us both. I hold you firmly and we both rise to our feet, moving inch by inch to the nearby bed.

We lay down together on the large, soft bed. Not a word has been spoken since you charmed me by begging to be fucked in your little cunt and your beautiful hot ass. Now I say “My Babygirl needs her Daddy’s dick in her little pussy and her little ass, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, Daddy!” you say, your green eyes sparkling. Then you lick your lusty lips.

I press the head of my cock against your pussy lips, which admit my penis as eagerly as your mouth did earlier. You are so wet and juicy that initial entry to your little twat is easeful. I begin my slow but insistent thrusting, a little at a time, as my cock pushes relentlessly deeper and deeper into your cunt, where it belongs. Your cunt and your mouth are two places where my dick always feels it is welcome and at home.

“You are my little cunt, Abby. I am your Owner” I say in between kisses as the tongue of my mouth and the cock of my loins both claim ownership of your body, top and bottom. You moan with pleasure. Your hands scratch at my back. You kiss my face. I begin to fuck you. I fuck you harder and faster and deeper, always deeper. I fuck you until your inner depths have been conquered, occupied, and fully dominated by the invading force of my masculine power. Now we are moving together rhythmically, our bodies synchronized in love and lust and the luminous heat of passion. I reach down and grab your magnificent ass with one hand. With the other hand, I grasp one of your breast. My hips move back and forth, and then slightly side to side, swirling myself inside you, sending rippling sensations of pleasure through your body. Your arousal reaches new heights. You feel yourself on the precipice. I sense your state, and begin driving home my passionate penetration of your pussy. At the same time, I tilt my hips slightly forward to press my pubic area against your clit. This pushes you over the edge to orgasm. You feel yourself dropping down in free fall, and yet also somehow rising up at the same time. These are the sensations in your own body combined with mine into a single mechanism of pleasure for us both. I feel what I am doing to you. I feel how much you like it. This drives me to do it even more. And more. Your pleasure is indescribable. For seconds at a time you lose yourself in sheer bliss. You lose any awareness of body or mind ... until to find yourself again a few seconds later. You reconnect with bodily awareness as your pussy throbs and your clit tingles. You know that another orgasm is approaching. It comes on you with the unstoppable sound and fury of a freight train of pleasure.

After a timeless time of pleasure beyond pleasure ... you feel your passion has been slaked. Your body practically melts into your Master as we embrace and kiss. We are both hot and sweaty. I have not ejaculated yet. I pause in our lovemaking and roll off to your right. Lying on my back, I catch my breath. Your roll on your side to face me. I turn my body to face you. Your smile is like a tropical sunset, warm and relaxed. “Thank you, Master” you say. “You didn’t cum. Would you like me to suck you off?”

I kiss you. “Not yet, darling” I say. “I have other plans first. Roll over on your belly.”

You give me a knowing smirk. “Yes, Master” is all you say. I place a pillow under your hips, and then another, raising your magnificent, snow-white ass into position. The bountiful beauty of your bottom is presented to me in all its perfection. I lick my lips in anticipation.

“Did you take an enema earlier as I told you to?” I ask.

“Yes, Master” you reply.

“And did you take a bath afterward, as I commanded you?” I ask.

“Yes, Master” you reply while looking at me over your shoulder. I see on your face a combination of eagerness and trepidation. You know what’s about to happen. Or think you do.

“Slave, I am going to tell you a secret” I begin. “I am going to reveal something of myself. Something you probably did not even imagine.” I kiss one of your pure white butt cheeks and then the other. “You know that I can be forceful” I say and then slap one of your cheeks twice and then do the same to the other. You wince and cry out softly at the little spanking. Then I spread your ass cheeks apart to reveal your pretty pink anus. “Hold your cheeks apart for me, slave” I command, which you immediately do. Then I lean in and begin kissing my way from your butt cheeks in a circle down towards your anus. When I finally reach you anus, my kissing turns to licking. You coo with pleasure at the sensation of my tongue against your wrinkled pink star. “Here is what you may not have imagined, my darling” I say before kissing and then licking your anus again. “To me, your anus is you. I mean YOU in some deep, silent sense” I say in a voice that changes from deep command to tender intimacy. I kiss you anus again. “It’s so good to finally kiss you, my darling” I say. “You are so beautiful. Incredibly beautiful.” Kiss, kiss. “I am going to fuck you, my darling.” Kiss, kiss. “I am going to ream you out.” Kiss, kiss. “I am going to buttfuck the living daylights out of you.” Kiss, kiss. “And then when I’m ready to cum.” Kiss, kiss. “I am going to pull my dick out of your ass” kiss, kiss “and shove it right into your mouth.” Kiss, kiss. “And you are going to suck me clean.” Kiss, kiss. “And suck me off.” Kiss, kiss. “And swallow my cum.” Kiss, kiss, kiss.

Your mind is reeling with anticipation and fear. You wonder how all of this will feel, what it will smell like, and taste like. You wonder what will happen afterwards. You see my hand reach for a container of lubricant. You hear me squeeze out some lube. You feel me lubing your anus, and then inserting one lubed finger up your ass. And then a second finger. I kiss your lovely white ass cheeks as my lubed fingers probe and stretch your anus and rectum. After a short while, I announce “I think you’re ready to take your Owner up your ass, slave. Now beg for it. Beg me to fuck you up the ass.”

You turn your pretty face to look at me over your shoulder. “Please fuck me up the ass, Master” you say. “Please buttfuck your slave.”

“Good!” I say in response. “That’s what I wanted to hear.”

You feel the head of my penis pressing against the outer ring of your anal musculature. You want to let me in, but you are also scared. You’ve never done this before. I reassure you. “Don’t worry, Babygirl. Daddy just wants to buttfuck his little girl. Daddy likes buttfucking little girls like you. You want to make your Daddy happy, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy” you say in a little girl voice that surprises us both.

“Good girl!” I say as I pat your ass with one hand while pushing my dick all the way through your anal gate. You draw a sharp intake of breath at the sensation of anal violation. I go slowly, pushing my penis into your asshole a little at a time. “Go ahead and finger your clit, Babygirl. You can use the vibrator if you want.” You decide to use just your own fingers for now to stimulate your clitoris as your Owner’s penis practically rapes your rectum.

As you adjust to being penetrated anally, you relax more and more, which allows me to thrust into your asshole more freely and more deeply. In a matter of minutes you have relaxed enough for me to fuck your asshole almost as freely as I was fucking your cunt moments ago. To your great surprise, you feel yourself building towards another orgasm. Then WHAM! It hits you like a ton of bricks as your Owner fucks your asshole like a cunt. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! You have three more orgasms. You have lost any concern about what my penis might be doing to the tender tissues of your anus and rectum. You feel marvelous!

I am breathing hard and making grunting noises. “It’s coming, bitch!” I said. “I am getting ready to cum!” I pull my penis out of your asshole and move up towards your face. “Suck me clean and suck me off, bitch! Make me cum in your mouth! Eat your Owner’s cum, whore!” I say, using my most foul language to heighten my pleasure during this extreme act of Male Dominance.

You open your mouth and I shove my dick inside it. Grabbing you by the hair, I roughly fuck your mouth, face-fucking you with wild abandon. You use your tongue to both clean and pleasure me, which adds immensely to my enjoyment. “Yes, bitch!” I say. “That’s the way, bitch! You suck your Owner so good, bitch!” I say, over and over, until I change my tune for the crescendo. “I’m cumming, bitch!” I yell. “I’m cumming in your motherfucking mouth! Eat me, whore! Swallow every drop of your Owner’s cum!”

I fuck your mouth and press further into your throat as my cock shoots load after load. You continue sucking and licking and pumping your head in synchrony with my thrusts in order to maximize my pleasure. When I finally stop thrusting into your mouth, you gulp down the last few swallows of my cum. But I do not release your head yet. Holding you by the hair and the back of the head, I gently guide you to stay with me as I move, adjusting my body into a more relaxed position. You look up at me, your green eyes quizzical. I know what you’re wondering. “Yes, baby, you did a very good job. Daddy loves what a good little buttfuck-blowjob his Babygirl slave is.” You smile at me with my cock still firmly lodged in your mouth.

I smile back at you. “Now Babygirl, your Daddy-Master is going to tell you all about the rest of your life” I say. You lay there with my softening cock in your mouth, continuing to suck it as you love to do. You gently nurse my dick with your mouth and tongue like a tender mother cuddling her child, or a religious devotee worshipping her Lord. I speak in a deep but soothing voice. I begin to spin a long and lovely and not-untrue tale about our future together, presenting possibilities as if they were facts, and marvels as if they will the commonplace events of our future together. I describe all the wonderful times we’ll have, all the things we’ll do, and all the sexual taboos we’ll break. I paint word-pictures so detailed, deep, and attractive, that you are carried away by them in imagination. You are enthralled by everything I say. It pleases you simply to listen to my voice. It entices you into wanting nothing more in life than complete surrender to me. It amazes you to think how you feel right now, how relaxed, pleasured, happy, safe, and secure. And it stimulates you so much when I describe our future sex life together that you feel the need to masturbate while listening to me and continuing to suck me with all the deep love you possess.

We stay this way for an hour, neither one of us wanting it to end. “Babygirl” I say at last, making you think that our lovely session is about to end, “I have a special surprise for you.” You look at me quizzically, as you continue worshipping my penis inside your mouth. “I am going to share something with you. Something very precious to me. This something that is not a thing, really, but a someone. A special someone that I sometimes treat like a thing because she is a slave. Not a slave like you, my precious. She is a lesser slave. A smaller slave. A child slave. She is not a slave of your exalted status. You are Daddy-Master’s favorite, Babygirl. No other cunt in the universe can hold a candle to you. This slave is a lesser creature. Lesser and yet still a beloved creature, nonetheless. But nowhere near as precious as you. I am going to use this little bitch to create a special treat for you, darling. It’s almost like a little dessert. I call it Cunt on a Stick.”

You listened to me with complete attention and burning curiosity. I could see it in your face. I could feel it in the diminished pace of your sucking. I could see it in the diminished pace of your masturbation.

“I need to say one more thing before I bring her in here. My darling Abby, all the fictions I write are based on real events or at least real possibilities. I do have powers beyond the realm of ordinary mankind. I do have access to places and things that no other man alive does. And I really do own female sex slaves of every age with bodies and minds altered to meet my needs and desires. They’re bioengineered versions of human females, or modified versions of actual females I have kidnapped and enslaved.”

You stare at me in slack-jawed disbelief, not sure if I am crazy or you are. You’re not even sucking now, nor are you masturbating. You are waiting for me to do something; to produce some proof. I gaze down into your green eyes and smile. Then I call out loudly “Alyssa! Come in here, little bitch.”

A gorgeous, naked, blonde, blue-eyed, 14-year-old girl enters the room, smiling. Her skin flawless and very pure white, with a peaches and cream coloration. Her long hair is very light blonde, but still more gold than platinum in color. The teen is average height and weight for a girl her age, standing 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighing a 105 pounds. She walks directly up to me, curtsies as if she were wearing an invisible dress, and then says in a charming little teen voice “How may I serve you, Daddy-Master?”

I pull my dick out of your mouth, I tell you to move up the bed so you are lying on your side. I am behind you, with my head slightly farther up the bed than yours. I say, “Alyssa, this is Miss Abby. She is my Number 1 slave. I’ve just fucked Abby in every hole. I cunt-fucked her, ass-fucked her, and mouth-fucked her. She’s had my dick in her mouth now for a long, long time. Would you like to kiss her and taste my flavors in her mouth?”

The spritely 14-year-old claps her hands as she leaps for joy. “Yes, yes, oh YES, Daddy-Master! I’d love to taste you in Miss Abby’s mouth!”

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