Boy Dominates and Fucks His Mother and Step-sisters

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2019 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: In a special hidden land, far from prying eyes, a boy named Steven lived like a prince surrounded by beautiful women in an incestuous family harem. But all was not well. He lived his early life as if under the curse of an evil magician, his own Father, who forbade Steven to have sex with any of the women. His Father stipulated that Steven could touch the women but not have sex with them until he reached a certain age. But what age was that? Steven didn't know. But he was about to find out.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Sister   MaleDom   Harem   Anal Sex   Analingus   First   Lactation   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Small Breasts   .

INTRODUCTION: In a special hidden land, far away and beyond the scope of prying eyes, a boy named Steven lived a very special life. He lived like a prince in the bosom of an incestuous family harem consisting of his beautiful Mother and step-sisters, as well as a dozen lactating milkmaids whose breasts were always available for Steven’s use. But all was not well in Steven’s harem. He lived his early life as if under the curse of an evil magician, his own Father. The mysterious man, whom Steven had never met, imposed a harsh condition on the boy. Even though Steven had been surrounded all his life by gorgeous naked women of his own family, as well as equally beautiful nursemaids who nursed him at their ample breasts, Steven had been forbidden to have sex with any of the women. His Father’s evil curse stipulated that Steven could not have sex until he reached a certain age. But what age was that? Steven didn’t even know. But he was about to find out.

His Mother was ... always the most beautiful woman of them all, no matter what her age.

Every female in Steven’s world was either extremely pretty or downright beautiful. But his Mother was in a whole other league. Her beauty was spectacular. She put all the rest to shame. Her long blonde hair cascaded down past her shoulders in waves of gold. The deep blue color of her eyes contrasted with the peaches and cream complexion of her flawless skin. The only thing more entrancing than her golden hair and perfect skin was her dazzling smile, which could melt hearts at fifty paces. Mother’s slim waist and full hips contrasted with her enormous breasts, with their wide, pink areolae and shapely nipples. Even though Steven saw his Mother naked every day of his life, he never tired of gazing at her beauty.

Steven’s Mother walked slowly, languidly, to the end of the diving board, her hips swaying and enormous breasts swinging. She paused there to lock eyes on her son.

Steven’s Mother bent forward from the waist and placed her hands behind her back, allowing her massive breasts to hang down and swing free, pink nipples pointing toward the water. She lifted her head to look at Steven again, brushing aside her long golden hair with one hand. She gave him a dazzling smile. Then she dove into the water, slipping into the azure pool like a goddess entering her bath.

As soon as his sister Tricia’s knees were resting on the floor of the dance room, she looked straight at Steven’s penis and smiled. Then she turned her blue eyes back up to him, batting her eyelashes. “I’ve been waiting a lifetime to do this, my darling” Tricia said with heartfelt devotion. She smiled dreamily. “Mother was going to tell you herself, darling. But you sort of ... jumped the gun” she said while stroking his penis into a full erection. At age 24, Tricia was far more mature than her little brother. But the young man was as tall as she was, and his sex organ was in proportion to his size. “I’m sure Mother will forgive me for being the first to do this.” The lithe yet buxom platinum blonde began licking her brother’s penis. Then she took it into her mouth. Tricia began sucking on Steven’s penis, bobbing her head up and down, all the while being careful to maintain eye contact with her beloved brother.

All the other step-sisters attending the dance class—Elizabeth, Hilda, Kristen, Mona, and Nancy—gathered close round to watch Steven receive his first blowjob.


A loud sound echoed round the room as the double-doors were pushed opened with great force. All eyes turned to see what had caused this commotion. The six step-sisters and one brother all spoke at once, with every mouth uttering the same word: “MOTHER?!”

Gabriella came barreling into the room like a whirlwind. She shot straight up to where Steven was standing, and Tricia was kneeling. “Unhand my son, you ungrateful little bitch!” Gabriella yelled with unprecedented fury and almost unheard-of foul language.

Tricia blinked and stammered. “But Mother, I...”

Before she could say another word, Gabriella pushed her eldest daughter backwards onto the floor, sending Tricia falling onto her back. Then taking Steven by the wrist, Gabriella yanked him roughly. “You’re coming with me, young man!”

“But Mother, I ... she ... we...” Steven jabbered, not really knowing what to say.

Ignoring her son’s consternation, Gabriella pulled him along until they exited the dance studio building. Outside Steven’s step-sisters Riley, Kiley, Abigail, and Connie, plus four nursemaids stood waiting for Steven’s orders. When they saw their Mother pulling their beloved brother along, they naturally fell in behind them. As the little group of ten walked across the lawn at a swift pace, Steven’s Mother said “Today is your 14th birthday, my son. I had a surprise party all arranged for you for this afternoon. Now the party won’t be a surprise anymore.” She gazed at Steven with great determination, her blue eyes nearly glowing. Her beautiful face was framed by her wind-blown golden hair. “Surprise or not, we’re going through with it” Gabriella said. Then she stopped. She turned to face Steven. She gave him a look that mixed love, concern, and disappointment in almost equal measures. Her lower lip quivered. A single tear welled up from each of her beautiful blue eyes. Steven’s Mother put her hands on her son’s biceps. She gave him a brave smile and pulled him close. Steven hugged his Mother, and she hugged him back. Gabriella pulled away slightly. Wiping tears from her eyes, she said: “My darling. I love you more than words can say. You know Mommy loves you, don’t you Steven?”

Steven had to wipe a tear from his own eye. “Yes, Mommy” he said. “You know that I love you too. Tricia didn’t mean any harm. I just asked her when I could finally touch you and her and all my other step-sisters and my nursemaids in all your hidden, forbidden places. And when you all could touch me. Tricia surprised me when she said today’s the day. It’s my 14th birthday. I didn’t even know that 14 was the magic age!”

Gabriella smiled through her tender tears of love. “Yes, my darling. Beginning today, my entire body belongs to you, as do the bodies of all your step-sisters and nursemaids. We will never, ever stop you from touching our vaginas and our anal areas or any other places that attract you. Our bodies will now serve you completely, from this moment on, in any way you wish. My only desire—our only desire—is to serve you 100% without any limits.” Gabriella took a deep breath and sighed. “Your new unfettered access to our bodies, and our unlimited service to you, will become official during your birthday party. So you see, sweetheart, how important this party will be!”

“Yes, Mommy” Steven said, and then hugged and kissed his Mother. She kissed him back with great passion.

“Now go to your room and get dressed” Gabriella said with a relieved smile. “There is a new suit of clothes waiting for you.”

And that was the last thing that Gabriella said to her son for the time being. Steven went to his room and did as he was told. He loved his Mother too much to disappoint her, much less be angry at her for interrupting Tricia’s attempt to give him oral sex. With a deep sigh, Steven resigned himself to waiting a little longer until he could have sex with every woman and girl in his world.

Just after Steven had finished dressing in his three-piece suit and was putting on his shoes, there came a knock at the door. “Enter” he said.

Steven’s Mother entered, looking radiantly beautiful was always. But to his surprise, she had not yet put on her formal gown. She was her usual naked self. Gabriella’s long, sunny blonde hair cascaded down past her shoulders like waves of gold. The deep blue color of her eyes, her pure white skin, and her dazzling smile were stellar. Mother’s long legs, full hips, slim waist, and enormous breasts, with their wide, pink areolae and shapely nipples, comprised an unequalled vision of loveliness. Even though Steven saw his Mother naked every day of his life, he never tired of gazing at her beauty.

Mother stood just inside the doorway and smiled at Steven. She nodded approvingly at her son dressed in his formal best. “My little man!” she said with glee. Then she rushed to Steven and hugged and kissed him as she always did, with her great big breasts pressing against his chest. Steven wished he was still naked, so he could feel his Mother’s warm, soft breasts on his bare skin.

Once again, Steven’s Mother pressed one finger to his lips. But this time when she removed it she kissed him on the mouth. Steven’s beautiful Mother pressed her tongue against his lips, prying them slightly open. Steven willingly opened his mouth wide. His Mother then slid her tongue forward into Steven’s mouth. Her tongue met his and began to dance. Steven put one arm around his Mother’s naked back (which he had done many times before). His hand moved down from her upper back to her buttocks, which he squeezed firmly. With his other hand, Steven grasped one of his Mother’s enormous breasts, and then the other. Touching his Mother’s tits is something Steven did many times every day. Only this time, his mouth was doing something completely new while his hands did their usual embrace of his Mother’s beautiful butt and terrific tits.

The passionate embrace of Mother and son lasted but a minute, before Steven’s Mother broke it off. “That’s all we have time for right now, sweetheart. Go and meet your Father, darling. I’ll be waiting for you afterward.”

Then as swiftly as she had entered, Steven’s Mother left the room, her shapely white ass wiggling its way out the door.

Steven was stunned, and stimulated, and confused all at once. He had always wanted that kind of interaction with his Mother. He had longed for that passionate kiss, tongue to tongue, along with the loving embraces to accompany the more usual and familiar naked breast-and-butt play.

After returning to his room, Steven settled down to consider what his Father had just told him. As Steven contemplated his sexual future, he casually reached inside his pants and began to stroke his penis. Then Steven heard the sound of the doorknob turning. He quickly pulled his hand out of his pants. The door opened and ... there she was. His beautiful, blonde, big-breasted Mother, in all her naked glory. She had removed the dress she had been wearing outside. Gabriella smiled at him, showing him her perfect white teeth. “Stevie!” she said. His Mom rushed across the room to him, arms wide open, her big breasts bouncing and swaying. “Stevie!” she said again as his Mom plopped down on the couch next to him. She held his face with both her hands and kissed him passionately on the mouth. He returned her kiss while at the same time grabbing and fondling both of her enormous breasts, which he had suckled at so many times in his young life.

Steven broke off the kiss. “Mommy, I love you!” he said in the voice of the little boy he used to be not too long ago.

“I know, darling. I love you too! I love you so much, my heart is practically bursting. Until now I couldn’t show you how much I love you in all the ways I wanted to. Not until this day. Not until you turned 14 and your Father gave me permission. Now I can finally give you all the love that a woman should give to the young man she loves, body and soul” she said. Then Steven’s Mother slid off the couch and knelt at his feet. “Steven” she said softly “I am yours. I am your love slave, just like your step-sisters and your nursemaids. We always served you. But before this day we had limits that your Father would not let us cross. Now there are no more limits. We all love you, worship you, adore you. Your step-sisters and nursemaids and I are your personal property. Command us and we will obey. All we ask in return is that you have sex with us ... at least once in a while?”

Steven’s Mother began opening his pants and then pulling them down. Steven removed his own shirt in a hurry. After his Mother had removed his shoes, she removed his pants completely. Steven’s underpants bulged with his teenaged erection. When Steven’s Mother finally pulled his underwear down, the 14-year-old’s erect dick sprung free.

Steven’s Mother stared at her son’s dick, smiled, then licked her lips. Leaning forward, Gabriella stuck out her tongue. She gave her son’s dick a long, lingering lick, from his balls up the shaft to the very head of his penis. “I’ve wanted to do this since you were a little boy” she said. “When you were little, and you suckled at my tits while you played with yourself, I wanted to reach down and fondle your little penis. I wanted to lick it. And suck it.” Looking up into Steven’s eyes, Gabriella sighed. “Now I finally get to do what I’ve wanted to do all these years!” she said. Then the buxom blonde beauty opened her mouth wide and engulfed her son’s entire erection, taking his penis all the way into her mouth, feeling it bump into the back of her mouth, and then taking the boy’s erection beyond—right down her throat.

“Ahhh!” Steven moaned as his Mother gave him his first blowjob — and a deepthroat blowjob at that. This was the most incredible feeling in the world! It was much better than masturbation. Steven’s beautiful Mother sucked him better than he had ever masturbated himself. After a couple of minutes, her sucking slowed down. Then Gabriella let Steven’s penis slip out of her mouth. Steven saw his penis glistening with his Mother’s saliva.

“Yes” Gabriella said again, “I’ve wanted to do this since you were small. I always wanted to give my little boy a blowjob. Lots and lots of blowjobs. For every day of your life. You know, my darling, I used to watch you masturbating, even before you were old enough to produce semen. I dreamed about sucking your little dick! It’s such a shame you had to masturbate for all those years, my darling, when Mommy could have been sucking you off!” Gabriella sighed again. “But your Father forbade me. It was against his will. He said you would be damaged if you had sex before your 14th birthday. So I had to wait and wait and wait until you turned 14.” Steven’s Mother beamed love from her blue eyes and dazzled him with her million-watt smile. “I’m so glad that Mommy gets to suck you now, darling! I want to give you as many blowjobs as you’ll let me. Morning, noon, and night. And any times in between. If you ever, ever want a blowjob, my darling, just say so. Mommy will always be there to suck you off and swallow your precious cum!”

Then her tone of voice changed. Steven’s Mother started speaking in the same sing-song voice she had used when she addressed him as a small child, even using his childish words for body parts. “Now Mommy doesn’t have to wait any more to suck her little boy’s wee-wee, does she? Mommy can suck little Stevie’s wee-wee whenever Steven will let her. Will you let Mommy suck your precious wee-wee, my darling son?”

Suddenly, Steven felt like a small boy again. He felt all the pre-adolescent lust he had pent up for so many years for his beautiful, blonde, big-breasted Mother. “Yes, Mommy!” he squealed. “Yes, yes! Suck my wee-wee! I never want to masturbate again! I always want you to suck my wee-wee. And I want to fuck your tee-tee! And your hiney! Can I, Mommy? Can I fuck your mouth, and your tee-tee, and your hiney?”

Gabriella got off her knees and climbed onto the couch, her large breasts swinging and swaying. She began kissing Steven again. Now her breath smelled of her son’s penis. “Oh, yes, darling!” Gabriella said in between kisses. “You can fuck Mommy’s tee-tee” she kissed him again “and Mommy’s hiney” she kissed him again “and Mommy’s mouth” kiss, kiss “any time you want” kiss, kiss “ day or night” kiss, kiss “we can sleep together” kiss, kiss “and you can wake me up whenever you need a blowjob” kiss, kiss “and Mommy will suck her little boy’s wee-wee until her little boy cums in Mommy’s mouth” kiss, kiss “and Mommy will always swallow her baby boy’s precious cum” kiss, kiss “any time, day or night.”

Steven was in heaven! This is what he had always wanted! What he had dreamed of, and masturbated about, as far back as he could remember. “Yes, Mommy, yes!” Steven cried out joyously. “Suck my wee-wee and make me cum in your mouth. Swallow my cum, Mommy! Swallow it all!”

Steven’s Mother slid off the couch and got back down on her knees in front of her naked teenaged son. She took Steven’s erect penis into her mouth. She cupped his balls in her warm, soft hand. Then she began giving Steven the most amazing experience of his life so far. She sucked his dick with supreme sexiness and skill. (Steven’s Father had made sure that Gabriella and all the other females in Steven’s little world had sexual skills that would put the greatest prostitutes on Earth to shame by comparison.) Steven’s Mother used her tongue, lips, mouth, and throat in ways that brought Steven to ecstasy. When she took his erect penis down her throat, Steven thought he had died and gone to Heaven. When he grabbed her head and began face-fucking her, Steven’s Mother knew that he was approaching orgasm, so she increased the pace of her tongue licking his dick, and bobbed her head more rapidly on her son’s penis.

“I’m cumming, Mommy! I’m cumming!” Steven cried out in joy as he shot hot sperm into his Mother’s mouth and throat for the first time in his life. Gabriella kept up her tongue action and head-bobbing throughout Steven’s many spurts of ejaculation in order to maximize his pleasure. Her motions matched his own perfectly. Some of Steven’s cum shot down his Mother’s throat. The rest pooled in her mouth where Gabriella enjoyed its flavor before she gulped it down.

After Steven had finished ejaculating into his Mothers’ mouth, the beautiful blonde looked him in the eye while continuing to gently nurse his dick with her tongue. She had been careful never to let her son’s penis out of her mouth for a single second, from the moment she began giving him the blowjob until now. Gabriella’s blue eyes gazed into Steven’s face, waiting for a sign that he wanted her to remove his penis from her mouth. If he did not give her such a sign, by voice or by look, Gabriella would keep her son’s precious penis in her mouth for as long as he would let her. If he wanted her to keep it there all day and all night, she would oblige him. She loved her son too much to displease him in any way. She was his love slave now. Steven was truly her Young Lord and fully her Master.

Steven’s penis remained inside his Mother’s mouth for the next half hour. That’s when he began thinking about his birthday party event. Steven decided he should send word to let everyone in the birthday party know that he and his Mother would be a little late. Steven picked up a nearby telecom and communicated his message to the house central computer. It forwarded the information to the people downstairs and the automated systems that cooked and delivered all the food.

Gabriella continued to lovingly suckle her son’s penis in her mouth almost as he had long suckled her breasts. Steven idly stroked his Mother’s long golden blonde hair as she gave him an endless blowjob. Gabriella gazed up at Steven worshipfully with her sparkling blue eyes while her tongue languidly stroked and made love to her son’s precious penis inside her mouth. Gabriella’s lips gently sucked on her son’s sex organ. Even though Gabriella knew this blowjob would eventually have to end, she wanted it to go on forever. Gabriella loved having her son’s penis in her mouth.

“Mother” Steven said as he stroked his Mother’s soft white cheek, “where do babies come from?”

Steven’s Mother was startled by his question. Gabriella had to answer, which meant the blowjob had to come to an end. Reluctantly, she allowed her son’s penis to slip out of her mouth. She gave it one last loving kiss on the tip. Then she climbed onto the couch next to her son. Steven grabbed both her enormous white breasts immediately, which made her feel so good. Gabriella loved it whenever Steven touched her breasts.

“Would you like to suck Mommy’s tits while she answers your question, sweetheart?” Steven’s Mother asked him gently, with a sweetly loving smile.

“Yes, Mommy” Steven said. He lay down with his head in her lap. She leaned over so her pink nipples could reach his mouth. Then Steven began hungrily sucking at the breasts he’d nursed at for his whole life. She sighed with contentment. Gabriella had loved sucking her son off and swallowing his cum. But having Steven suck her tits was second-best, and still incredibly wonderful. While he sucked her, Gabriella explained how reproduction worked.

After she had completed her explanation, Steven stopped sucking his Mother’s breast. He gazed at her beautiful face in silence. Steven imagined getting his Mother pregnant. He imagined her giving birth to a little girl. That little girl would grow up to be a young woman every bit as beautiful as her Mother. Then he would fuck the daughter he sired by his own Mother and make the little teenager pregnant. And then she would have an equally beautiful baby girl. And when that girl was old enough...

With that last word, Steven’s Mother reached out and tickled her son’s ribs. He laughed as he tried to brush her hand away. The two of them ended up rolling off the couch onto the carpeted floor. They were soon embracing and kissing again. Before he knew it, Steven’s Mother had kissed her way down the front of his body to his crotch. She took his penis into her mouth again, and began sucking it again as lovingly as before. Steven lay back with his hands behind his head while his Mother sucked his dick like a pro. She went on, and on, and on...

By the time Steven sent word that he and his Mother would finally be arriving at the party, everyone had figured out why they were delayed. It was early evening. The outdoor party area was illuminated by strings of tiny white lights and a few small area lights by the food and drink tables. Automated systems delivered and served the food and drinks.

When Steven and his Mother arrived, and arm in arm, dressed in their formal attire, the crowd of well-dressed beautiful women and teenage girls cheered them. Steven’s Mother went off to get food and drinks for her son and herself. Meanwhile, Steven accepted the congratulations from his step-sisters...

By the time Steven had kissed all his many step-sisters and nursemaids and fingered their cunts, his Mother had already finished eating her food at a nearby table while the dish she had prepared for Steven went cold. Steven’s Mother had watched all the action without batting an eye. She always knew that she would have to share her son with all his step-sisters and nursemaids. She was just happy that she got to be the first one to suck him off. Steven’s Mother hoped desperately that she would be the first one he got pregnant. She wanted so much to bear a little girl sired by her son, and then to train the child to become her son’s love slave when she came of age.

Steven finally disengaged from the other women in his brand-new fucking harem and went to sit down at a table alone with his Mother. Gabriella smiled at him even as he apologized for taking so long. “Think nothing of it darling” she said, patting his hand. “You’re going to be a very busy young man in the months and years to come. You’ve got a lot of young women to fuck and impregnate.” As Gabriella leaned forward and gave him a kiss, her large breasts spilled out of her dress and dragged across Steven’s dinner plate. He didn’t mind.

After the kiss, Steven’s Mother put her lips next to his ear. “I hope you’ll fuck my cunt first and knock me up. Please breed me, son. I want to give you a little daughter to become your next love-slave.”

Steven licked his lips and reached out to fondle his Mother’s big breasts. Then he put his lips near her ear. “Let’s spend the night together. I promise to fuck your cunt and cum in it.” Steven paused. He thought for a moment before confessing his other desire to his Mother. “And then I want to fuck you up the ass” he said.

Gabriella kissed Steven passionately. She reached under the table to touch his covered crotch. Then she put her lips next to his ear again. “I can hardly wait, my darling son!” she said before putting her tongue in his ear.

Steven had been absolutely thrilled when his gorgeous, blonde, blue-eyed, big-breasted Mother Gabriella had given him his first full and complete blowjob. Cumming in his Mother’s mouth and having her swallow his cum had been the highlight of Steven’s life so far. And he wanted her to do it again. And again. But Steven also wanted to explore the mysteries of his Mother’s musky fragrant vagina, and the pink anal star between Gabriella’s curvaceous white butt cheeks.

Steven and Gabriella lay in bed side by side, kissing and fondling one another everywhere without limits. Steven felt like a young man, but also like a boy. He had the authority to have sex with every woman and girl in his world, including his Mother. And they all wanted to have sex with him, and to serve him without limits. In his young man voice, Steven said “Mother, show me your vagina.”

Gabriella gave her son the sweetest smile. “Of course, dear love. Mommy’s vagina is all yours now.”

Steven smiled back at Gabriella. Then in his little boy voice, Steven said “I want to see your tee-tee!”

The gold blonde beauty lay on her back, which caused Gabriella’s enormous breasts to flop down on either side of her chest like gigantic water-wings. She spread her shapely legs. Then Gabriella reached down to her crotch with both hands. Using her fingers, she spread her outer mounds and her inner pussy lips for her son. “Go down and have a look, darling” she said, inviting her son to examine her vagina up close. “Mommy’s tee-tee vagina belongs to her little man now. You can do anything you like down there. Mommy will never stop you.”

Steven moved happily down the bed and positioned himself between the great V-shape of his Mother’s spread-wide legs. Gabriella pointed out and named her mons pubis, clitoris, labia minora, labia major, her urethral opening, and her vagina opening. As she did this, from Steven’s hidden memories all sorts of information about each anatomical structure welled up into his mind. He understood immediately the value of this information, and why his Father had arranged for it to be hidden until Steven needed it.

Steven inhaled the sexy, musky aroma of his Mother Gabriella’s vagina. He admired the beauty of his Mother’s cunt. And that’s the word that came to mind for Steven. It felt so good for him to think and then say, “You have such a pretty cunt, Mother! And it smells so nice!”

Gabriella laughed. “Thank you, dear. Your Father always said the same thing. You truly are your Father’s son.”

Steven pressed his face forward until his nose was rubbing against his Mother’s pubic hair and then against her clitoris and down into her vagina. “Mmm-mmm, Mother. Your cunt smells delicious!”

“Thank you, darling,” Gabriella said. “Would you like to taste it?”

“I sure would, Mommy!” Steven replied. He thrust out his tongue and began lapping at his Mother’s vagina. Gabriella’s cunt tasted as good as it smelled. He enjoyed her vagina’s musky yet slightly sweet flavor. The more Steven licked his Mother’s cunt, the more she cooed and moaned and stroked his sandy-colored hair, and the more moist her vagina became.

“Oh, my little man!” Gabriella said. “Mommy loves having her little boy’s tongue in her cunt. You lick Mommy so good, my little hero.”

Steven moved his tongue up a short way to his Mother’s clitoris. Steven’s previously-hidden memories showed him exactly how to lick, nibble, and suck on his Mother’s clit to give her maximum pleasure.

“Oh, Steven!” Gabriella said. “My darling cunt-lapper! You are so good to your Mommy, my sweet little man. How you suck on my little clitty! You are the perfect lover, my little Lord and Master!”

Gabriella’s joy was uncontainable. She expressed her pleasure loudly as Steven used his mouth, lips, and tongue to bring his Mother to a clitoral orgasm. Mother and son were both thrilled by this oral incest cunt-lapping. It complemented so well the oral incest blowjob Gabriella had given Steven earlier in the day, which they had both enjoyed.

Steven moved up from his Mother’s cunt to her face. Mother and son kissed passionately. Gabriella was so happy to feel her son’s tongue inside her mouth, and to taste the musky flavor of her own cunt in her son’s mouth. Steven fondled his Mother’s big breasts as he deep-kissed her.

Gabriella glowed with happiness. So did Steven. She said “Darling, would you like Mommy to give you another blowjob? Mommy loves sucking her little boy’s wee-wee and making him cum in her mouth. Your cummy is so yummy!”

Steven gave his Mother a funny look. “I love the blowjob you gave me, Mother. But I don’t feel like using the little boy talk right now. Maybe later. Right now I want to be your big man. I want to fuck your sweet cunt.”

Gabriella kissed Steven on the lips. “That’s Mommy’s big man! You are my Lord and Master. You can fuck my cunt any time you like, darling.” She paused for a moment. “Or any other hole you may desire, my Lord.”

Steven kissed Gabriella again. “I do want to fuck you up the ass later, Mom” Steven said, thrilled to be able to say those words. “But first I want to fuck your cunt. I want to make you pregnant!”

“Oh darling!” Gabriella said as she caressed her son’s face. She lightly kissed Steven’s face and then gazed lovingly into his brown eyes. “Please make Mommy pregnant, my Young Lord and Master. Mommy wants her little boy to breed her. Please knock Mommy up, darling. Please shoot your precious sperm into Mommy’s cunt and make Mommy pregnant. Mommy will carry a baby girl for nine months for you, sweetheart. After the child is born, Mommy will raise our little daughter to be your love slave and suck your wee-wee and swallow your cum. Mommy will raise our little girl to always take her father’s precious penis into her mouth and suck and suck and suck on it for as long as you’ll let her. And Mommy will raise her to always take your precious penis into her pussy. And up her ass. For you, my son. Only for you, my darling. Mommy wants to give her Lord and Master a little daughter to love him and serve his pleasure without limits. Please fuck Mommy’s cunt, Stevie! Please!”

Steven was getting extremely turned on by his Mother’s words. Even though he had asked her to treat him like her big man, his Mother’s combination of dirty adult talk and little boy language was proving to be an extremely potent combination.

“I want to fuck your pussy, Mommy!” Steven said. “I want to shoot my cum into your cunt and breed you. I want you to have a baby girl for me!” Steven rubbed his erect penis against his Mother’s sopping wet vagina. Steven’s penis slipped easily into Gabriella’s pussy, which opened to welcome him. At long last, the young teenaged boy was finally fucking his Mother!

Gabriella kissed her son and encouraged him to have his way with her. While Steven fucked his Mom, he alternately kissed her face and reached down to lift one of her massive tits toward his mouth, so he could suck on it. Steven had to twist his body slightly to get a good mouthful of his Mother’s wide pink areola and pert nipple. He sucked first one tit and then the other, before going back to kissing Gabriella’s beautiful face. She kissed her son in return, with all of the pent-up passion she had been holding back for 14 years. Gabriella was finally having all of the incestuous sex with Steven that she had always desired since he was a child, when she used to fantasize about sucking his little wee-wee and then taking it into her cunt and, later, up her ass.

Mother and son fucked and fucked. They changed position several times. At first Steven was on top. Later, they rolled over so Gabriella was on top. That position gave Steven the easiest and best access to his Mother’s massive 44-inch EE-cup breasts. He sucked one, then the other, and then Steven took a tit in each hand and pressed his Mother’s breasts together, so he could suck both nipples at once. That’s when Gabriella had her first vaginal orgasm while being fucked by her son. Gabriella moaned and then cried out in ecstasy, “Ohhh, ahhh, eee! My God, my God! Steven, Steven! Oh, oh! You made Mommy cum again, darling! Oh, thank you, thank you!”

His Mother’s words were so erotically stimulating to Steven’s ears and mind that he too reached orgasm then, shooting a full load of sperm into his Mother’s welcoming cunt. Gabriella lay down atop her son, kissing him sweetly on the mouth and cheeks. “My little man” she said in between kisses. “You are so good to your Mommy. You fucked me so good. And you ate my cunt so good. And you were so good to let me suck your dick for so long, and to cum in Mommy’s mouth. I loved tasting your cum and swallowing it, darling. If I didn’t need your sperm to make me pregnant, I would have finished you off in my mouth just now. But I’m so grateful that you came in Mommy’s cunt, my darling. You are the perfect son.”

Gabriella moved off Steven and lay on her side, facing him. She positioned herself so that her massive tits lay atop one another, wide pink nipples facing her son at mouth level. This is the position in which she usually nursed him throughout the years. Steven inched closer, bringing her breasts into contact with his mouth. Steven suckled avidly at his Mother’s big breasts. While he did so, Steven caressed Gabriella’s massive tits, stroking and squeezing the soft white flesh. At the same time, Gabriella stroked Steven’s sandy-colored hair. “My little man. My Lord and Master. It feels so good to have you suckling at my breasts again. Almost as good as fucking and sucking you.”

Steven said “I love sucking your tits, Mommy. It’s almost as good as fucking your cunt and having you suck me off and swallow my cum.”

Gabriella kissed Steven’s forehead. “I know, my darling. Mommy would love to give you another blowjob later. Even if you’re too tired to cum in Mommy’s mouth, Mommy still wants to suck her little boy’s wee-wee. Will you let Mommy do that, darling?”

Gabriella’s sudden switch back to baby talk didn’t bother Steven a bit. In fact, it really turned him on. “Yes, Mommy” he replied “you can suck my wee-wee again. Even if I don’t have enough juice to cum again right away, I love how you suck me. I really like the blowjobs you give me.”

Gabriella smiled and kissed Steven again. “That’s my little man!” she said with deep love and emotion. “Mommy always wants to suck her little man. Mommy will give you as many blowjobs as you’ll let her. Morning, noon, and night, and any time in between, Mommy will always suck and suck and suck your precious wee-wee. Your penis will always have a home in my mouth, darling.”

Steven and his Mother fell asleep in one another’s arms. An hour later, with Steven’s permission, Gabriella pulled her breasts away from him, slid down the bed a short distance, and took her beloved son’s penis back into her mouth. She sucked and sucked and sucked for the longest time, non-stop.

Steven woke up in the middle of the night. His Mother was asleep. But even in sleep, Gabriella had kept her beloved son’s penis in her mouth, lazily and gently sucking on it out of pure force of habit and long-repressed sexual desire. Steven stroked his Mother’s beautiful face and golden hair even while he began to gently thrust his hips forward, causing his penis to bump against the back of his Mother’s throat.

“Mommy” Steven whispered. “It’s time. It’s time for me to have your ass, Mommy. I want to fuck you up the ass now, Mommy.”

Roused from her slumber by her son’s words, Gabriella allowed Steven’s dick to exit from her mouth for the first time in hours. She rubbed the sleep from her blue eyes, and then gazed up at her son’s face. “Yes, Master” Gabriella mumbled “your slightest wish is my command.”

Gabriella switched on some low-level mood lighting. A soft glow emanated from sconces along the walls. Then she switched on the narrow beams of three ceiling lights. The beams came from different angles, converging on one area of the bed. Gabriella moved towards the central spotlighted area. She lay on her belly, reached back, and spread her shapely white butt cheeks.

“Mommy is all clean back there, sweetheart. I wanted to make sure I was clean, so you could taste me if you wanted before you fucked me up the ass” she said.

“Thank you, Mommy” Steven said as he finally got close enough to his Mother’s anal area to examine it in detail. Gabriella’s pale pink anus was like a wrinkled star nestled between the white heavenly hemispheres of her perfect ass cheeks. Steven kissed the soft flesh of his Mother’s buttocks and then kneaded it like soft dough. Gabriella’s skin was absolutely flawless, without blemish or cellulite. Steven ran his hands and then his lips over every inch of his Mother’s smooth moon-white buttocks. He kissed her right butt cheek and then her left, before going back to the right again. His kisses moved in an ever-narrowing arc until they centered on the pretty pink wrinkly star between his Mother’s magnificent cheeks.

“Oh Mother!” Steven said as his mouth and nose approached his Mother’s anus. “You do smell clean back here. But I need to taste you to make sure.” And with that, Steven kissed his Mother’s anus and then began licking it.

“Oooh!” Gabriella moaned. “Steven, your tongue feels so good on Mommy’s anus. I like how you lick me, little man. It feels so good.” Gabriella paused for a moment. “I know I will feel some pain when you shove your penis up my ass. But that’s ok, my son. Mommy only lives to serve her little man. You can buttfuck me as hard as you like. Your Father designed me to be able to withstand extreme anal abuse.” Gabriella moaned with pleasure as Steven continued to lap his tongue against her gradually relaxing anal muscles as she spoke to him. “Good ahead and fuck Mommy’s asshole whenever you’re ready, darling. There is some lubricant in the nightstand drawer if you want to use it. But you don’t have to. Mommy will take you up her ass with or without lubrication. I only live to serve your pleasure, my darling.”

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