Cunt Farm Customer Testimonials

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2018 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: The Happy Valley Cunt Farm got customer feedback from: YOUNG MAN IN HIS TWENTIES who was thrilled with 15-year-old Martha. UNHAPPILY MARRIED MAN went from sad to glad with 14-year-old Celeste. MIDDLE-AGED BACHELOR had great Maledom sex with a 15-year-old Brenda. SCHOOL TEACHER was delighted to lay his hands on 15-year-old Astrid. THE PASTOR even gave up molesting little girls in his congregation after getting 16-year-old Virginia. THE SCIENTIST tested his little slave girl, 15-year-old Eva.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Mind Control   Slavery   Heterosexual   MaleDom   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .


Recently, we held our first-ever online sale of vaginally-virgin teen sex slaves. We offered the best deals ever on lovely little white girls, ages of 14 through 18. We raised and trained the young bitches here on my Happy Valley Cunt Farm. For this, we emailed a link to our super-secure website to current customers and to carefully vetted potential customers. We offered 100 precious young teens for sale: 70 blondes, 20 redheads, and 10 brunettes. All of them were beautiful. All were highly trained in the sexual arts. Yet all were 100% guaranteed vaginal virgins. Their mouths and assholes had been well-trained, but their cunts were left virginal. The vaginal cherry hymens of the little bitches had been left intact for their future owners to fuck through. Yes, the white men who bought these precious little beauties would be the cunt-busters who got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity take the teen’s vaginal virginity.

Our gorgeous young teens were born and bred to appeal to what men like. Some men want to enjoy romance with a young teen. Some men want to dominate and sexually abuse young teens (within limits), treating them like gutter sluts. That’s all fine. As long as our girls are not gravely harmed, tortured, or killed, the men who buy them are free to do anything they like with their underaged female property. Our young teens have been trained to give each man whatever he wants. Our cunts are completely obedient, submissive little sex-slaves. Our motto at the Happy Valley Cunt Farm about the girls we produce really tells you everything you need to know about our product: They look like angels but they act like whores!

We promised our potential customers that if they placed an order that day, we would deliver their precious little cunts the very next day. Think of it as our Prime Cunt service.

We promised, and we delivered! Our customers who ordered early woke up to the best day of their lives. They became the happiest men in the country – no, the happiest men in the world! – when we placed these girls into their hands. We gave these man the most beautiful, the most tender, some of the youngest, and definitely the most sexually skilled, little white girls on earth.

What was that experience like for these men? We asked our customers for feedback on that. Every single one of them was completely satisfied with the young teen he chose to become his private property sex slave. Some of our customers were willing to talk at length about their experience of suddenly becoming the adult male Master and Owner and sexual exploiter of a teen girl. Here are a few of their stories. (To preserve their privacy, we won’t use their names or reveal their location.)


I didn’t believe it at first when I got the email about the Overstock Sale. The email didn’t come straight from them, though. It came from an old friend of mine I hadn’t seen in years. And it didn’t look like his email account had been hacked because he wrote a bunch of stuff in the message that only he and I know about. What really made me take him seriously was the short video he attached to his email. It showed him with a young teen having sex. She was a beautiful teen of 16 and she clearly adored my friend. That really got my attention! He said that he’d bought this young teen from the Happy Valley Cunt Farm. He said the email link would take me to a website where I’d get the chance to buy a young teen too.

I hadn’t ever had much luck with girls. I don’t know if it’s me or if it’s the crazy shit feminists are pushing, but whatever it is, my sex life was practically non-existent. Girls my own age were nuts. They had an attitude that turned me off. Little girls seemed nicer. Sweeter. Innocent. The young teens in the Happy Valley Cunt Farm website video were gorgeous and they seemed to be sweet and almost innocent. Only almost innocent, because they talked like sluts but looked like angels. Innocent whores; that’s what they were. They were totally different from the women I knew and from the young girls as well, except they were more like the young teens. Anyway, I liked what I saw and I wanted one. I wanted to own a young teen and make her have sex with me any way I wanted.

The last part of the Happy Valley Cunt Farm video was what really got me. There’s this line-up of 100 naked girls 14 to 17-years-old. Mostly blondes, with some redheads and a few brunettes. They’re all stunningly beautiful. And they’re all for sale. The camera showed every inch of each girl’s body. The girls don’t say much. Except each one says, “Please buy me!” My mouth was watering! I wanted them all!

In the upper-right corner of the screen was a tiny grid with 100 green circles in it. One circle for each girl. When the camera was focused on a girl, her circle lit up. A little pop-up message said you could add a girl to your Wish List by clicking on her circle. Wish Lists were limited to 10 girls. I spent well over an hour watching those 100 girls over and over, adding some to my list, then deleting a couple and adding different ones. A timer pop-up showed a count-down to when the actual sale would start. When the timer reached zero, a message said SALE BEGINS NOW.

If you wanted to buy a girl from your Wish List, you had to click on her green circle. When a girl was sold, her green circle turned red. The circles began flicking from green to red. I missed out on the first 5 girls on my list. But I got number 6. She was a gorgeous 15-year-old girl blonde girl named Martha.

The website sent me to the sale transaction page. Up until then, the website never mentioned the prices for these girls. How much did they cost? Did they all cost the same amount? It said that I could pay by credit card. The sale page finally revealed some numbers. I had been afraid that the girls would cost $1 million or something. They turned out to be much more affordable. Each girl was priced the same. She cost as much as a used car. And you could finance your purchase through the Happy Valley Cunt Farm Credit Bureau. I signed up for easy monthly payments on a 5-year loan. Everything was approved in minutes. I was given a delivery time of The next morning at 10.

I could hardly sleep that night. After catching a few winks, I got up at 9, made some coffee, took a shower, and waited impatiently, glancing at the clock every 30 seconds. Precisely at 10, the doorbell rang.

I opened the door to see what looked like a well-dressed white family of mother, father, and daughter standing there with suitcases as if they were coming to stay. Except that the daughter was Martha, the 15-year-old girl I’d bought. She was even more beautiful in person than in the video. The man introduced himself and his lady and the teen. We shook hands and the little group entered my apartment. They put down the suitcases and explained that they belonged to Martha. She was coming “home” to stay.

The man and woman took turns explaining to me how everything worked in this new world I was now entering. They gave me some very authentic-looking but actually fake adoption papers that gave me legal authority over Martha. In reality, my authority over Martha was taking place right then and there as we sat together. The man whispered something in Martha’s ear and she began staring at me as if she were hypnotized or something. The woman explained to me that Martha was locking on to me as her one and true rightful Owner and Master. In a matter of moments, the teen would become organically and mentally slaved to me. She would love me and serve me and do anything for me for as long as she lived, or until I chose to dismiss her. Martha would be completely in my power for as long as I wanted her.

The man and woman explained a few more things to me, and then they said goodbye and left. Martha and I were alone for the first time. She snapped out of her trance and smiled up at me as if I was the greatest thing she’d ever seen. Her eyes were wide and adoring. A tiny tear ran from one eye. She spoke my name for the first time and said “I love you so much! I only want to make you happy. I’ll do anything for you. You are my Master and my Owner and the only man I could ever love. Please command me! Tell me what to do!”

I leaned forward, took the girl in my arms, and kissed her. Martha threw her arms around my neck and kissed me back with such passion! No girl had ever kissed me like that before. We embraced one another and ran our hands all over one another. From there, it was only a matter of minutes until we were undressed and in my bed.

Have you ever had sex with a 15-year-old girl? I mean, sex with a girl who hasn’t been spoiled by the world? If you have, then you have some idea of how amazing the experience is. But I’ll bet anything that you’ve never had a girl as beautiful as Martha. She was just like the video showed. Martha and all the other girls were absolutely flawless. Their skin had no blemishes, no birthmarks, no pimples or anything like that. Her blonde hair was so lustrous it practically glowed. Her blue eyes were the deepest, most spectacular color I had ever seen. I could go on and on about her beauty. But even more amazing than how perfect she looked was how perfect she was in bed.

The few times I’d had sex with girls in my life, the experience was never totally satisfactory. None of the girls were in the same league of beauty as Martha. And none of them had very good sexual technique. Martha knew exactly how to please a man, and she did it with eager enthusiasm. I don’t mean that she was like some giggly kid in her enthusiasm. I mean that she was grateful to ME for letting her suck my dick and everything else we did. I had never had really good oral sex before I met Martha. And I had never had anal sex at all. She did both as if she was some sort of super-whore. I couldn’t believe how good she was! I hadn’t even popped her cherry yet, but I had already fucked her up the ass and cum in her mouth. The teen swallowed my cum and then kept on gently nursing my cock until I chose to pull it out of her mouth. As I soon found out, Martha would keep sucking me as long as I wanted to be sucked. I was in charge of how long the blowjob would last. I was in Heaven!

We had sex many times that morning and afternoon. We fell asleep in late afternoon and woke after sunset. Then I remembered that I was supposed to be at a party over at a house being shared by some guys I know. Martha and I ate a light dinner, showered, dressed, and then went over there. Martha had already been trained in how to lie about where she came from. She said that we met at her cousin’s wedding. She had a whole elaborate story about her background, none of which was true. Only Martha and I knew that she was a product of the slave-breeding operation at the Happy Valley Cunt Farm.

Martha has only been with me for a few days, and she’s become the center of my life. She settled into her new life as if she was born to it. She sleeps naked in my bed. We have sex all the time. She tells me how happy she is to be with me. And even without my asking, she cleans my apartment every day and prepares all my meals. She does my laundry and makes the bed. Martha is like some perfect 1950s housewife, except that she has sex like a complete, no-boundaries whore, and she talks to me like she’s my confidant and best friend. I’ve never been so happy in my life. I can’t imagine ever living without her.

Thank you Happy Valley Cunt Farm! You sold me the young teen who saved my life!


I was a conventional, middle-aged, unhappily married man leading a life of quiet desperation. My wife and I slept in the same bed but led separate lives. I had my job and my friends and my interests, and she had hers. Our sex life had been dwindling down, down, down for years until it practically stopped. The less I had sex with her, the more interested I became in online porn. Especially teen porn, which I discovered a few years ago. My interest grew and grew in watching adult men fucking young teens every which way. I had never fucked a young teen myself. But I wanted to, if I could get away with it. That’s probably how someone at the Happy Valley Cunt Farm found out about me.

I was dazzled by the 100 young white cunts they were offering to sell. But I also had to deal with my wife. I saw on the website that Happy Valley Cunt Farm offered to perform an “attitude readjustment” on wives and girlfriends so they would be OK with their men obtaining ownership of little white slave girls. Farmer Steve said “if a wife is reluctant, the man may request an additional service from us: we’ll give the man’s wife a thorough attitude readjustment. We have techniques to rewire her brain. You could call it brainwashing. Even the most stern and bitchy woman will turn into a sweet and obedient sex slave after she’s undergone our treatment. The newly adjusted wives will encourage their husbands to adopt as many young teens as the man likes. A wife will stand by and smile while watching her husband rape the young teen he has just bought. The newly adjusted wives will help their husbands by caring for the girls and serving their husbands, too. This ensures that each husband has free reign to sexually use and abuse the young teens to his heart’s content while his wife looks on with approval.” That’s exactly what I needed for my wife. I wanted her to help out with raising any young teen I bought. My wife has a fabulous pair of tits – big and beautiful – and I wanted to be able to play with and abuse her knockers while I fucked or got sucked off by my new little slave girl.

I made my Wish List of my favorite 10 girls from the 100 on offer. It took me quite a while to finalize my list, since I liked and lusted after more than 10 of the young naked cunts that I watched over and over on the website video. I was fortunate to get girl #3 from my Wish List: Celeste, a hot 14-year-old blonde. Although I also liked plenty of the older ones, I had something special in mind for my young slave: I wanted to get her pregnant young. I wanted to fuck the little bitch and knock her up. I wanted her to have a baby girl. Then my attitude-readjusted wife and I could help our “adopted” daughter to raise the baby bitch in an incestuous family. I thought that fucking my wife, my sex slave daughter, and eventually my sex slave granddaughter would be crazy hot!

Celeste was delivered to my door by a well-dressed man and his female companion. My wife was surprised to see these visitors. The man and woman already knew what I wanted, and they proceeded to use a tranquilizer dart and some sort of electronic helmet on my wife. Once they had initiated her brainwashing attitude adjustment, the machine did everything while the man and woman told me what I needed to know about Celeste. The girl was even more beautiful in person than she had been on screen. Her long golden hair and deep blue eyes showed off her flawless white skin and bright smile. The couple instructed Celeste to focus on me, and pretty soon the teen was in some sort of trance. The man explained that Celeste was being mentally and emotionally programmed to love and obey me and me alone. The woman said that Celeste would do anything I told her, and that over time the girl would learn my needs and desires so well that she would often fulfill them without me even having to say a word.

Celeste’s programming and my wife’s attitude readjustment both concluded within a few minutes of one another. After the man and woman had performed some quality checks, they announced that my wife and my new sex-slave daughter were both ready to serve me in any and every way, every day, day and night, for the rest of their lives. Then they said their goodbyes and left.

As soon as I was alone with Celeste and my wife, I gave them my own test. I ordered both to undress. They removed their clothing without hesitation. Then I proceeded to inspect every inch of 14-year-old Celeste’s flawless young body while my wife was on her knees sucking my dick. Over the course of the next couple of hours, I deflowered the girl, sodomized her, and made her give me an ass-to-mouth blowjob while my wife lay close-by. Sometimes I had my wife positioned so that her massive tits were always available to my mouth and hands. At other times I had her licking my anus while I fucked the young girl. I did even more with my new little sex-slave and my newly submissive wife sex-slave over the rest of that day and into the next several days. I kept testing them, to see if either one had any limits, any sex acts that they would refuse to perform. No matter what I told them to do, no matter how dirty, degrading, or extreme, they always did it. And then they thanked me for letting them do it!

My life has been changed forever. I am now served 24/7 by a 14-year-old golden princess sex slave and my massively-titted middle-aged wife sex slave. What’s more, my wife said that she hopes I’ll get Celeste pregnant soon. So I am going to fuck the little bitch’s cunt until I get her pregnant. Oh, and by the way, the couple from Happy Valley Cunt Farm showed me how I can control the sex of the baby and its other characteristics by working through their website. Before Celeste gets much older, I hope to be the proud father and adoptive grandfather of a bouncing new baby bitch that has the same blonde coloration as her 14-year-old mother. Then my dream will come true of owning 3 generations of female sex slaves!

Thanks a million, Happy Valley Cunt Farm! You have made me happier than I ever imagined I could be.


I had dated some girls but never married by the time I reached middle-age. I was into Male dominant / female submissive sex. Mostly porn, except where I was able to find a willing woman (rarely) or a willing prostitute (costly). I also had a yen for young teen girls, but never did anything about it except for collecting teen porn and talking to other guys with similar desires. The few Maledom porn videos with young teen girls I’d found were like rare gems. My combined interests in young teens and Maledom sex was how I got the email from the Happy Valley Cunt Farm. One of my online pedophile friends had recommended me.

The Happy Valley Cunt Farm operation was totally amazing! The naked girl lineup portion of the video alone was better than any of the teen solo porn I had ever seen. I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to afford to buy any of the 100 little white girls on their website. But I loved watching the video! I even downloaded it just in case I never got the girl. At least I’d have the video to jerk off to.

But I did get the girl! Girl number 10 on my Wish List. She was a 15-year-old redhead with green eyes named Brenda. She got delivered to me on Cunt Farm Overstock Sale Day, in the morning. The Happy Valley Cunt Farm delivery team dropped her off after doing what they do to customize her to follow me and only me.

As soon as the door closed behind them, I began checking Brenda out. First thing I wanted to know was how she would respond to my commands. I ordered her to make me a sandwich. She smiled and obeyed and even thanked me! I stood next to her in the kitchen, watching closely as she worked. I sat down to eat my sandwich while she sat across the table from me and watched, smiling. I asked her to tell me about herself. She told me about growing up at the Happy Valley Cunt Farm. She told me about being trained as a sex slave. She had learned how to serve a man sexually and in every other way.

I asked Brenda if she was hungry. She said she was. So I told her to kneel at my feet and beg for a bite of my sandwich. This was a test. Her reaction?

Brenda gave me the sweetest smile. She seemed completely untroubled by my request. I studied the look on her face. I’d seen enough Maledom porn to read a lot about a girl’s attitude from her face. Most of those bitches were basically really fucked-up. I didn’t see that fucked-uppedness in Brenda. She got down on her knees at my feet and said, “May I please have a bite of your sandwich, Master?”

Instead of giving her a bite, I spat in her face. Brenda seemed surprised, but untroubled. She smiled sweetly as she wiped up my spit with two fingers. Then she put it into her mouth. And swallowed. Brenda said, “Thank you for giving me your spit, Master. It’s infinitely better than any old sandwich!”

I grabbed the teen and pulled her to her feet. I literally tore her clothes off. Brenda said nothing except to utter sighs and moans. I turned her to face the table, then bent her naked form over it so she was face down. I opened my pants, grabbed some butter, and wiped some on it my penis and some more on the teen’s virgin cunt. I said to her, “This butter is all the lube you’re going to get, bitch. What I’m about to do is probably going to hurt you. But it’s going to feel really, really good to me.”

The little redhead looked over her shoulder, her eyes wide with fear. “Do whatever you want with me, Master. You own me body and soul!”

I fingered her cunt as I rubbed my dick up and down in her butt crack. Her vagina’s natural lubrication was flowing. The little bitch was so wet that she didn’t need any lube. I redirected my cock to the teen’s virgin cunt, sliding in the first half inch easily. I really wanted to rape a young teen, and this was my chance to do it with her full cooperation. So maybe it’s only legally rape or something, but not really rape because she wants it. I don’t care. It felt like rape to me!

I fucked the little bitch’s cunt from behind. It only took a couple of minutes to get my dick deep enough into her cunt to feel her virgin’s hymen. I raped her even harder then. I felt the tissue tear. Brenda winced and groaned when that happened. I looked down to see her blood stains on my dick. That only drove my passion to fuck her harder.

I worked a finger against the teen’s anus and into her asshole. Butter was the only lube I used for that too. I fingered her anally enough to loosen her up. Then I pulled out of her cunt and shoved my dick rather abruptly into the teen’s asshole. Brenda cried out in pain. But she didn’t tell me to stop. With tears running down her face, the teen said, “Thank you for the pain, Master! Thank you for fucking me up the ass!”

That did it! My balls were boiling with semen and my dick soon shot a load of cum into the little redhead’s asshole the likes of which I never imagined. I lay down on top of her, bent over the table. She was a head shorter than me. I looked down at her head. She raised her face to me. Her green eyes were teary but happy. She smiled at me through her tears. “Thank you so much for fucking my cunt and my asshole, Master. This is the greatest day of my life!”

From that moment, I knew that Brenda and I were going to get along just fine. I’d been living alone in my condo for over a decade at that point. I had been concerned that suddenly having a female living with me – and a very young one at that – might create some difficulties. It didn’t. Or at least, it didn’t create any of the difficulties I imagined. From the time I fucked the teen in the kitchen to now, my only problem has been finding enough energy to fuck her as often as I would like. Brenda is absolutely the best thing that’s ever happened to me. This teen has satisfied my every deviant desire, and thanked me in the process. She’s pure gold!


When I became a teacher, I told myself I was doing it because I wanted to educate new generations of boys and girls. But I was fooling myself. I was in denial about my real reasons for wanting to teach. My real reason was to be physically close to young girls. I had dreams and fantasies of fucking young teens. I wanted to fuck all the pretty young teens. I kept photos from the school yearbooks of every girl I ever lusted after. I fantasized about being surrounded by all of them, naked. I kissed and fondled the bare bodies of the young beauties and they took turns sucking my dick, or taking it into their virgin cunts, or up their sweet young assholes. I masturbated to these fantasies frequently.

I began collecting teen porn. Although I never touched a teen in a sexual way, I felt like I was getting dangerously close to doing so. I imagined giving into my lusts, getting caught, being fired from my job, and then going to prison. That would be like going to Hell for years for the crime of enjoying a few hours in pedo Heaven. Horrible to contemplate.

Then I saw the End of the Year Cunt Farm Overstock Sale video on their website. I quickly began making my list of my top 10 young teens from the 100 they had on offer. I managed to get young teen #10 from my list. She was a 15-year-old blonde beauty named Astrid. Happy Valley Cunt Farm promised to deliver her the next day.

Since I was unmarried and had only dated sporadically, I never had to figure out how to deal with a wife or live-in girlfriend. The man and woman who delivered Astrid to me were very nice and helpful. The woman took Astrid’s suitcases to my bedroom and unpacked them into my closets and drawers where space was available. The man did some sort of mental programming on Astrid so that she became emotionally and mentally attached to me as her sole authority figure and love-object. The couple then answered some practical questions from me before leaving Astrid and me alone together.

For the first time in my life I could live out my pedophile desires free of any concern about being reported and arrested. I didn’t have to worry about the young teen objecting or changing her mind, either. From the moment that Astrid’s programming was over, the teen treated me like a combination of every conceivable male authority figure a girl could have. I was her daddy, her teacher, her hero, her lover, her Master, her Owner.

On my end of things, I was still a bit nervous. I told Astrid to sit next to me on the couch so we could talk. She did as I asked. But she also did a lot more. Those folks at Happy Valley Cunt Farm had really done an incredible job of teaching and training the young teen. I was sitting about two feet away from Astrid, and she sidled right up next to me. She giggled like a typical 15-year-old. Then she reached out and rested her hand on mine. I was sweating with nervousness. She took my hand in her two soft hands and lifted it to her lips. She kissed the palm of my hand. Then she licked it from palm to fingers. Astrid gazed at me with love and desire. Her crystal blue eyes melted my heart. The teen put my middle finger into her mouth and began sucking on it. Her tongue and lips treated my finger like a miniature penis. The 15-year-old was showing me that she had oral skills to beat the band.

This emboldened me. I asked her to get undressed. Then for the first time in my life, a female said to me “Yes, Master.” That made my head swim. I watched the teen remove her clothing, piece by piece, to expose her utterly flawless pale white skin and perfect young pussy. She turned around for me and exposed her bottom and her anus just like on the website video. I guess she noticed that I was still unsure of myself around naked young teens. So she asked in her sing-song teen voice, “Can I give you a blowjob, Daddy? Please? Please? I promise to be a good girl if you’ll just let me suck you. I’d really love it if you would cum in my mouth. Please? Please? I promise to do anything you want if you’ll just let me suck you off and swallow your cum. I’ll do anything to thank you for that.”

Well, that did it! My reluctance and hesitation burst apart. I began removing my clothing. Astrid helped. In short order the young teen had my penis in her mouth and was sucking it with unimaginable skill. I couldn’t hold off for long. Pretty quick I was cumming in the mouth of the golden-haired 15-year-old beauty.

We went on from there to spend the next several hours naked in bed, or bathing together, or playing silly little games. I explored every square inch of her perfect young body. Astrid was happy to let me do that. She even suggested some little games and sex acts that I would not have dared to mention to such a small sweet teen.

I could go on and on. Astrid was the little gift that kept on giving. The next few days were like a pedophile honeymoon. I fucked the teen in her pussy, mouth, and ass repeatedly. She encouraged me to do all sorts of extreme things that I didn’t think a 15-year-old would even know about, much less be able to withstand. Her perfect young body was a lot more robust than I thought possible!

Just when I thought that things couldn’t get any better, Astrid told me something that I hadn’t known. At least, I never saw mention of it on the Happy Valley Cunt Farm website. Astrid said that the attitude readjustment offered for wives and girlfriends could also be used on youngsters. She said that she had been instructed to tell me about this rarely used special option. Astrid said that if I want to, I could request Happy Valley Cunt Farm perform attitude readjustments on any of the students in my school. They could become my temporary or permanent young sex slaves.

I was amazed! I quickly gathered up all the photos I had kept from the school yearbooks of every young teen I had ever lusted after. Some of the girls had aged-out of my preferred range when they graduated to middle school. But many of the little lovelies were still in my school. I asked Astrid how many of them I could have.

“All of them” the young teen said. “You can have as many girls as you want. I’ll teach them how to serve you. They won’t be as good as me right away. I’ve been trained my whole life how to serve men. But I could help you rape their mouths and assholes and cunts. I can show you how to use them any way you please.”

I had fantasized about being surrounded by all these gorgeous teens, naked, while I kissed and fondled them and they took turns sucking my dick or taking it into their young virgin cunts or sweet little assholes. I had masturbated to these fantasies frequently. Now Astrid told me my fantasies could all come true.

Thank you Happy Valley Cunt Farm! You have exceeded all my expectations and my wildest dreams!


I am a sinner. I preach the Word of God in my Grace Love Baptist Church, but I am a fallen man. I have tried to remain faithful to my wife. But over the years I have molested many, many young girls. Mostly girls from ages 14 to 17. Somehow, by the Grace of God, no one ever found out. None of the girls reported me. I live in mortal fear that one day, one of them will.

As a pastor and powerful preacher, I had enormous sway over the people who came to my church. It had been all too easy to find opportunities to be alone with young teens here and there. Once in a while, I had the chance to see them undress ... or to undress them. I even had a secret stash of drugs I used to relax the girls when I had more time. Once they were under the effects of the drugs, I did anything I wanted with them. Afterward, I felt so ashamed. I prayed for God’s forgiveness. But all too soon, I was preying on teen girls again.

Yet my fear of being found out hasn’t stopped my lust. I’ve tried to sate my desires by turning to internet pedophile pornography and masturbation. But masturbation and videos of other men having sex with young teens are no substitute for actually putting my penis into a young girl’s mouth, or into her vagina, or pushing it as deep as I can into her tender young rectum.

So when the email arrived with the link to the Happy Valley Cunt Farm website, I was already primed and ready to buy. The girls were stunningly beautiful. Far more beautiful than even the cutest young teen at my church had ever been. The gorgeous Cunt Farm girls looked sweet and innocent. Until they opened their mouths. Then they spoke like sluts even though they looked like angels.

I viewed the 100-girl lineup over and over again while trying to pick just 10 for my Wish List. My list still changing until the final bell. Then I had to go with what I had when the selling software began matching up lucky men with the young teens they wanted. My list had 6 blondes, 2 redheads, and 2 brunettes. I felt fortunate to get one of the brunettes, a gorgeous 16-year-old girl with dazzling blue eyes and porcelain-white skin named Virginia.

Since I was a married man, I would also need to obtain an attitude readjustment for my wife. That turned out to be easily done. It also turned out to be very easy to pass off Virginia as an adopted teen. Since my own two girls were grown adults, people in my congregation thought it admirable that my wife and I would adopt a teenager to raise as our own.

What they didn’t know, of course, was that I would not be raising Virginia but rather using her as my underaged sex slave. And Virginia would not belong to my wife in any sense whatsoever. Instead, my wife would belong to me in a new depth and degree of utter submission after her attitude had been adjusted. My wife was a Godly woman but a dull and unsexy one. I had married her because I needed a helpmate in my ministry. And I needed her womb to bear my girls. But as soon as her attitude adjustment was complete, I began sexually abusing my wife just as much as I did Virginia. The gorgeous teen who had fallen into my hands became the primary focus of all my lust.

One of the great temptations of a man of God is to let his head swell with pride until he feels himself to be like unto God. In some sense, however, it is perfectly appropriate for a man to be like God with respect to his womenfolk. I certainly had a deep desire to be worshipped and sexually served by women and teens in the most extreme sex acts possible.

Even when I had been molesting young teens in my congregation, I never had as much time to have sex with them as I would have liked. And the sex acts I committed with them or upon them never reached the full extent of my perverse desires. My desire to engage in extreme sex acts with pretty young teens had been continually frustrated. There had never been any real possibility of acting them out. It was difficult enough to get my penis into a teen’s mouth for a few furtive minutes and ejaculate there. Getting the teen to swallow my cum was a hit or miss proposition. Getting my dick into a teen’s pussy or up her ass was even more difficult. All of these little sexual fumblings were a far cry from the open, relaxed, and unlimited pedophile sex described and shown in the Happy Valley Cunt Farm video and website.

Virginia changed all that. From the first moment I was alone with the teen on the Cunt Farm Overstock Sale Day she was given into my hands, Virginia made it clear that I could do absolutely anything I wanted with her or to her. She took off all her clothes so I could inspect her young body. She went down on her knees and gave me a blowjob that was absolutely beyond anything I had ever experienced before. The 16-year-old brunette had an oral technique that was beyond amazing. She kept her bright blue eyes focused on me all the time ... except when she took my erection all the way to the back of her mouth and down her throat. She did this several times during that first, most incredible blowjob. The fourth time she did it, I held her head in both my hands and cried out in ecstasy as I ejaculated down the teen’s throat.

My wife walked into the room just then. I panicked ... until I remembered that she had undergone the attitude readjustment. My wife took one look at me with my penis still lodged in Virginia’s throat. My wife then removed her own clothing, crawled across the floor, and begged me to command her. During the next several hours, I enjoyed my first mini-orgy of sex with a grown woman and an underaged girl. I commanded the two females to perform sex acts on one another. Then I commanded them both to serve me.

We went on and on and on, until none of us had any energy left. I fell asleep that night with naked 16-year-old Virginia on my left, and my naked wife on my right. I slept better than I had in years. The next morning, I awoke to a young teen sucking on my penis. What could be better than that?

Thank you, Happy Valley Cunt Farm! I am one VERY satisfied customer!


I thought it had to be a scam. Or a practical joke. When my old friend and scientist colleague sent me the email, I was sure it had to be one or the other. I only began to suspect I might be wrong about that when my friend sent me a separate email. It explained some more things about the Happy Valley Cunt Farm email. And it included a short video file that showed my friend having sex with an incredibly cute 15-year-old blonde girl. That really got my attention.

I must explain that the emails I am referring to did not include the most recent one about the Cunt Farm Overstock Sale. The emails I am talking about arrived many months earlier. At that time, my friend had already procured Sally, his 15-year-old sex slave, from the Happy Valley Cunt Farm. Shortly thereafter, I also purchased a 15-year-old blonde girl named Eva. My friend – let’s call him Phil – and I had been secret pedophiles for a long time. We were mostly just collectors of teen porn. But a couple of times we had traveled to Eastern Europe and Russia to enjoy some real young teens in the flesh. The Happy Valley Cunt Farm girls were far, far superior to any of the girls we had ever paid to have sex with. And the Cunt Farm girls were ours to keep!

The more recent Cunt Farm Overstock Sale video mentioned both new and returning customers. Phil and I were returning customers. I am happy to give a testimonial for the excellent quality of the Happy Valley Cunt Farm girls. Yet as a scientist, I also wanted to say more about how extraordinary this whole cunt farming and slave-selling business really is. I wasn’t sure if farmer Steve and his sons would allow me to talk about that. We discussed it. After some brief negotiations, Steve allowed me to write almost everything I had intended to say about his whole operation. Only a few things I had wanted to say were censored. Steve explained that those things had to be left out in order to protect the integrity of his operation, and the privacy of his customers. I agreed to his terms. What follows is an informal report of the scientific Investigation into the Happy Valley Cunt Farm girls conducted by my colleague Phil and myself. It explains the most important facts we have come to know about these amazing little creatures.

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