Loosening Up - Cast and Other Data (Update)

by Wolf

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Fiction Story: By request. The Loosening Up Circle has expanded to around 46 people. This short document is a key to who they are, their approximate age, work/education, and other key relationship data. Use as a guide to the Loosening Up books. Also shows where people live and whether they are pilots.

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Guide to Characters in Circle, Cohousing Units, and Pilots

Through Chapter 20 in Book 6

CIRCLE MEMBERS AND CLOSE FRIENDS (Alphabetic by first name, through Book 6)

Aaron Prentiss – Ages 29-34 in Books 1-5. Dave Prentiss’ younger brother. Goes to work for the Bennett Foundation handling finances and grants. Married to Shelby; father of Linda Jean. Aaron also fathered Sasha’s baby, Katherine or Katie.

Abby Walsh – Ages ~45-48 in Book 3-5. Abby is the Director of Human Resources for Knightsbridge Mfgg, and is also the mistress when we first meet her to Derek Wilson.

Alexander (Alec) Baldwin – Age ~28 in Book 5-6. Taylor Volker’s boyfriend. Initially had trouble adapting to the Circle lifestyle.

Alice Waldorf Prentiss – One of the Main Characters in the book. Ages ~30-35 between Book 1 and Book 5. Works as Financial Director (executive position) at Knightsbridge Manufacturing. Married to Dave Prentiss, another main character, for seven years before the Loosening Up process starts that is the theme of the book. Three tattoos that Owen Bennett did for her; madly in love with Owen. Mother to John Forrest Prentiss, sired by husband Dave.

Amanda Tyler – Age 24 in Books 3-5. Initially Brian Coswell’s mistress until his bad deeds are discovered. Befriended by Joan Coswell Paige and brought into Circle. Works as AA, but Dale hires her to work in Harnett Security.

Ann (Lewis) Carlos – Age ~35 in Book 6. Bill Lewis’s ex-wife, now married to Juan Carlos. Works as office manager for Moore & Cooper Investments. Used to dance in Las Vebas.

Ashley Steckler – Age ~18-23 in Books 2-5. Initially a university student, then becomes popular country singer using the name Ashley Steerman. Daughter of Paul and Megan; sister of Erin.

Athena Willis – Age ~25 in Book 5-6. Scarlett’s au pair and nanny. Very shy at first. Falls in love with Don Abrams, but loves the Circle.

Bill Lewis (Dr. William Lewis) – Age ~48 in Book 6. Psychotherapist and relationship counselor. Clinical Psychologist. Consults to Taylor and Alec, and then others.

Bjorn Andersen – Age ~35-40 in Books 3-5. CEO and found of InDrex, the company Holly introduces Dave Prentiss to so he can be on their Board. Software guru. Later hires Tan and falls in love with her; shares her with Nathan.

Bobbie (Roberta) Wyatt – Age 40 in Books 4-5. Hired to become the chef for the Circle. Later marries Maddy Granger.

Bridget Simon – Age 18 in Book 5-6. Daughter of Karen and Daryl Simon, and niece of Alice and Julie Prentiss. Very hot and loaded with hormones. Worked at Mote Marine Laboratories and then became a student a local university in Sarasota.

Candy Hotchkiss – Age 23-24 in Books 3-5. Secretary/AA. Becomes Daryl’s secret mistress until Karen Simon discovers her and orchestrates her into their marriage. Lives in Ohio. Eagerly adopts Circle way of life.

Carolyn Carsdahl – Age 30 in Books 5-6. Marries Joe/Wolf Carsdahl shortly after he has bachelor party at Club Ecstasy. Fits right into Circle activities. Become close friend of Sheri Seaton.

Christie Lee – Age ~20-25 in Books 1-5. Cute and stacked. Mostly works as stripper and lap dancer in Club Ecstasy. Joins group after meeting Alice Prentiss and helping her dance during her loosening up process. Close friend of Heather Manning. Not looking for marriage. Wants to go to college after sowing her wild oats.

Cindy Carignan - Age 22 in Books 4-5. Graduating CS student. Goes to work for POS software company. Friend of Heather, Cricket, Sharon, Ron, Jake, Murph, et. al.

Cindy Connor – Age ~34 in Book 6. Major girlfriend of billionaire Mark Worthington. Her sister is Elsa Connor. See the novel entitled Billionaire and the Sisters on this site.

Clarisse Carter – Age ~21-26 in Books 1-5. Mike’s fiancée, videographer, cameraman, star of some porn films, and a university student – an activity that positions her to recruit talent for some of the videos.

Cricket - Age 21 in Books 4-5. Graduating English student. Authoress of books Road Trip and Crystal Clear that are turned into movies starring Scarlett Johannson. Spiritual person. Tiny brunette. Friend of Heather, Cricket, Sharon, Ron, Jake, Murph, et. al. Becomes the fifth wife of Dave.

Dale Harnett- Ages ~35-40 in Books 2-5. Meets Dave at Leadership Conference in Sedona, AZ, and later brings wife Susan to see their lifestyle. He is in security systems, but also has a secret side to him suggestive of CIA or some other clandestine government organization. Very cordial and likeable.

Daryl Simon – Age 40 in Book 5. After long contemplation and education, eventually joins the Circle as affiliate member. Lives in Ohio. Ties to Candy. Husband of Karen, and father of Bridget.

Dave Prentiss – Main Character in book. Ages ~30-35 between Books 1 and 5. Electrical Engineer for State Power and Light Company in executive position, and become vice president. Married to Alice for ten years as Book 1 starts. He and Alice Prentiss are the main focus of the Loosening Up process at start of series. Dave becomes father to many of the children in the Circle. He also had a technique for giving A-spot orgasms that leaves most women totally in love with him. Has five wives by the end of Book 5: Alice Waldorf (legal wife), Pam Hodge, Heather Manning, Julie Waldorf, and Cricket.

Derek Wilson – Age 60-65 in Books 1-5. Dave’s boss’ boss when first introduced, and later his boss at the Statue Power and Light Company. Married to Emily but has Abby Walsh as his mistress. Powerful and connected man.

Dev (Devlin) Connor - Age ~30-35 between Books 1 and 5. Muscular, square jaw, handsome man with large tattoo over part of body and along one arm. Ex-military. Looks and is dangerous when he wants to. Hung. Married to gorgeous Wendy Connor. Daddy to Willow Rae, who Dave Prentiss sired.

Don Abrams – Age ~42 in Book 5 and 6. Screenwriter. Helps Cricket turn her books Road Trip and Crystal Clear into movie scripts. Falls in love with Athena and the Circle, but lives in California.

Donna Klaubert – Ages ~48-51 in Books 3-5. Derek Wilson’s executive assistant and personal aide, so she also works at the State Power and Light Company. Single.

Dori Winter – a main character at start of Book 1 when she gets by Alice fucking a guy in his car at work; that event starts the Loosening Up process. Dori is mid-forties, childless by choice, and married to Ty Winter. Dori works with Alice in the finance department of Knightsbridge Manufacturing. A flirt, swinger, and highly sexed.

Doug Quigley – Ages 40-45 in Books 2-5. Ex-USAF fighter pilot and friend of Ken Toomey. Flight instructor at Ashville, NC school, then buys into Sarasota airport with Pete Potter. Lives in trailer then moves into Townhouse 2 project.

Elise Prentiss – Age 55 in Books 4-5. Widow. Previously married to Hank Prentiss, Dave and Aaron’s father. Dave and Aaron’s mother, although Hank was Dave’s father, another man (Bill Watson) fathered Aaron with her. A bit wild. Had been a swinger most of her life.

Elsa Connor – Age ~35 in Book 6. Major girlfriend of billionaire Mark Worthington. Her sister is Cindy Connor. See the novel entitled Billionaire and the Sisters on this site.

Emily Wilson – Ages ~52-57 in Books 2-5. Wife of Derek Wilson. Doesn’t work. Was a trophy wife when younger. Become classic mature porn queen.

Erin Steckler – Age 25-28 in Books 3-5. A freelance reporter for the Sarasota Herald. Meets Dave and other Circle members doing article on cohousing. Single. Mother of Joshua Allen, probably by Dave. Daughter of Paul and Megan Steckler, and sister of Ashley Steckler.

Gabe Williams - Age 22 in Books 5. Graduating student. Friend of Heather, Cricket, Sharon, Ron, Jake, Murph, et. al.

Gail Watson – Age 31 in Books 4-5. After several confessions, discovers she is Dave Prentiss’ half-sister because his father got her mother pregnant in a tit-for-tat paternity game the two couples played years earlier. Skilled at computers; works for Ohio SW company, but also works for Dale in his security agency. Mother is Betty Watson.

Grace Anders – Age ~50-55 in Books 1-5. Married to Jack and mother of Rachel. Maternity nurse at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. A MILF that falls for Dave and the rest of the Circle men. Introduces several friends to the group including Stephanie and Lisa.

Heather Manning Prentiss – Age ~23-28 in Books 1-5. Pretty but more of the girl next door. Worked as stripper in Club Ecstasy. Owen gave her scholarship to study computer science instead of stripping. Mother to Matthew (age 3 when introduced) before meeting anybody in story.

Holly Iverson – Ages 31-36 in Books 2-5. Meets Dave at Leadership Conference in Sedona, and insists on visiting to see his lifestyle. Part of a venture capital company. Puts Dave on boards of two companies: Index – driverless car software, and Suntech Power – a solar panel company. Single. Has baby Zoe Faith by Dave.

Jack Anders Age ~53-58 in Books 1-5. Married to Grace, and father of Rachel. The most popular and skilled architect in the city.

Jake Randall - Age 21 in Books 4-5. Graduating EEstudent. Goes to work for State Power and Light Company, but will work on master’s degree. Friend of Heather, Cricket, Sharon, Ron, Jake, Murph, et. al.

Jason Riggs – Age 45-50 in Books 2-5. Lawyer; expert in cohousing situations. Married to Robyn.

Jim Danforth – Age 45 in Books 4-5. Ex-Ranger. Buys share in Club Ecstasy. Friend and fuck-buddy of Lisa Taggart.

Joan Coswell Paige – Ages 40-45 in Books 3-5. Previously married to Brian Coswell who tries to kill her. Divorced single. Accomplished pharmacologist. Births Lauren Jade by Dave.

Joe Carsdahl (Wolf) – Age 30 in Book 5-6. Friend of the Circle and later member. Meets many Circle members initially at the Club Ecstasy, and befriends Sheri after her sexy striptease. Also referred to briefly as Groom, just before he married Carolyn.

Joyce Myers – Age 38 in Book 6. Went to school with Dave and Alice in Ohio. Old but distant friend who turned out to have a boatload of psychological luggage.

Juan Carlos – Age ~35 in Book 6. Grew up in Puerto Rico. Solar Energy Specialist. Married to Bill Lewis’s ex-wife, but friends with all. Vulnerable. Shy. Drives a Porsche.

Julie Waldorf Prentiss – Age ~27-32 in Books 1-5. Alice’s younger sister. Sharp and financially astute. Works for Owen Bennett in both the Bennett Foundation and as his personal assistant.

Karen Waldorf Simon – Age 33-38 through Books 1-5. Estranged sister of Alice and Julie Prentiss, but moves to heal the rift in the family and ends joining the Circle. Married to Daryl Simon; mother of Bridget, Christiana, and son. Part time accountant. Brings Candy Hotchkiss, Daryl’s secret romance, into their marriage. Lives in Ohio.

Kat Marbury – Age ~27-32 between Books 1 and 5. Small in stature – a spinner. Married to Sean Marbury. Psychologist but a computer geek with work in that field. Later works for Mike Holiday editing adult films. Skilled photographer/videographer. Exceptionally alert and insightful. Mother of James Leonard.

Ken Toomey – Ages ~34-39 in Books 2-5. Ex-USAF. Flight instructor to Alice and Pam, who introduce him to the Circle. Eventually, works for Atlantic Airlines. Becomes hero. Engaged and marries Patricia (Patti) Turner.

Lisa Taggart – Age 42 in Books 4-5. Nurse in maternity section at local hospital. Fuck buddy and friend of Jim Danforth; brings him to Circle. Orchestrates Dave meeting other nurses including Stephanie Grayson.

Madison (Maddy) Granger - Age 27 in Books 4-5. Hired by Circle to become their fulltime nanny for all the babies. Later marries Bobbie Wyatt.

Mark Worthington – Age ~45 in Book 5 and 6. A billionaire and friend of Owen Bennett, who introduces he and his intimate friends to the Circle. See the novel entitled Billionaire and the Sisters on this site for more details about his life and friends.

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