End of the Year Cunt Farm Overstock Sale!

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2018 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: Here they are, guys! The 100 honeys of our special New Year's Cunt Farm Overstock Sale! My breeding stock of beautiful white women gave birth to and raised these creamy white young teens to be obedient little sex slaves. Every girl is 100% guaranteed virgin. I've used them orally and anally myself. But I left their hymens untouched so you guys can pop their cherries. Order now and you can take delivery before New Year's Eve in plenty of time for the big party! We accept all major credit cards.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mind Control   Pedophilia   Slavery   Heterosexual   MaleDom   Harem   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Caution   .

[SCENE: Tall, rocky mountains with snow-capped peaks beneath a clear blue sky. The mountains form sheltering walls encircling a green valley. The camera looks down on the valley floor from on high, revealing farm fields, orchards, several streams and some forested areas. The camera pans across lush fields and grassy meadows. Close-ups appear, one after the other, of flying birds, small animals in the forests, and fish in the streams. More close-ups show fields of wheat being harvested by fully-automated machines, fruit orchards being picked by other machines, and cattle being herded into a barn by robots. The robots attach the cow udders to milking machines. Switching camera view again, the camera flies once more, looking down on several farm buildings and homes. The camera view descends towards a farm house. A white man of late middle age is sitting in a chair on the front porch. He speaks in a voice like that of actor Sam Elliott, who is perhaps best known as the narrator of the film “The Big Lebowski.” The man’s name is Steven.]

STEVEN: “Howdy, guys! This is your old friend farmer Steve. Some of you watching now already know me. I’m the cunt farmer you bought your little slave girls from. I told you about me in my other story “Cunt Farming: Raising Young Teenagers to Love and Serve Men.” Others of you are new guys. If you’re new, you might be seeing this video because one of my customers referred you. Or maybe you know about me because your tastes run towards having sex with young teenaged girls. Fucking young teenaged girls is alright! Nothing to be ashamed of. We all do it. At least, we all do it around here in Happy Valley.”

[SCENE: The camera moves through a series of short shots, each lasting only a few seconds. Each shot takes place in a different area of Happy Valley, some indoors and some outdoors. Each shot features young women and girls, sometimes singly and sometimes in groups. They’re all dressed in 19th century pioneer garb of long dresses with long sleeves and high collars. Outdoors, all the girls and women wear hats to protect them from the sun. The women are doing light chores. The girls are helping, or else running around playing and laughing. Every single one of the women and girls have some things in common: They are all white, and they are all perfectly beautiful. Most are blondes. Some are redheads. A few are brunettes. All of them have blue or green eyes. Close-ups of their faces show absolutely flawless skin. Not a blemish anywhere. Their skin is smooth and pale and white. Their skin tone ranges from pink, to peaches and cream, to alabaster snow-white.]

STEVEN: “I’m extremely proud of what I do as a cunt farmer. My girls are of the highest quality. They are all white, and all beautiful. Most are blondes, because blondes are the most popular. Most have blue eyes or green eyes for the same reason. I do raise redheads and brunettes too, but those are less popular than the blondes. My goal in life is to raise young teenagers to become the personal property of men. Men like you. Men who want to own young cunts. Own them and use them. Use the little bitches for your own sexual gratification. I consider what I do to be a public service. A great service, in fact. It’s an honorable profession, being a cunt farmer. I bring untold joy to many, many men. Men like you. I’ve never wanted to do anything else.”

[SCENE: A darkened room. Two figures of different heights stand in profile silhouetted before a lighted window. The taller figure is a man. Even in silhouette, it’s clear that the man is naked. His penis hangs down. The shorter figure is a girl with long hair, a small chest, and a shapely buttocks. She pulls a chair in front of the man and kneels on it. She takes the man’s penis into her mouth and begins sucking on it, bobbing her head up and down, while stroking his penis with one hand.]

STEVEN: “Having sex with young teenaged girls is a noble pursuit. Any society that says otherwise is sick. Young teenagers should be owned by adult men and used by men for their pleasure. Don’t you think? That’s the only reason for young teenagers to exist. Right? When a girl reaches puberty she has many uses. She always serves as a sex-slave for the man who owns her. But now you can knock her up—get the little bitch pregnant—and make her give you a new little cunt to use someday. Don’t you agree? That’s the way we see things around here, on my Happy Valley Cunt Farm.”

[SCENE: Quick, well-lighted shots of at least a dozen naked couples, pairing an adult white man with a white girl teen. The young teenagers range in age from 14 to 18. Each girl is being fucked by one man. Some men are fucking the girls in the mouth. Others are fucking their girls vaginally. Some men are fucking their girls up the ass. Each couple having sex is shown in quick shots from several different angles. Close-ups show every girl’s body most attractively. Penises go in and out of young teen mouths, vaginas, and assholes. The camera shows each hole being penetrated. Then it shows how her hole looks after the man’s penis has been temporarily withdrawn: coughing, drooling young teen mouths; juicy ravaged cunts; stretched and gaping young teen assholes. All the visuals are extremely detailed. Wider angle shots are enough to show how pretty each girl is, and how happy each man is. The entire set of quick shots lasts for several minutes.]

STEVEN: “My breeding stock of beautiful women give birth to new bitches all year round. We raise the young cunts to become obedient little sex slaves. Then we sell them to men like yourself to use and abuse for your pleasure. If you bought a girl from us before, you already know that. Maybe you purchased a discounted little cunt during our summer clearance sale a few months ago. Or maybe you’re a repeat customer and you’ve bought several of our little bitches over the years. If you are already a customer, please bear with me while I explain a few things to the new guys.

First of all, since you’re watching this video you are pretty much certain to be already qualified to own one of my young teenagers. I only sell my precious young cunts to men who meet my standards for ownership. The men must be white. They must sign binding contracts promising to take good care of the young cunts I sell them. No torture or murder are permitted. But of course, some sexual abuse is expected, and appropriate discipline can be used whenever the man see fit. A girl needs a good spanking now and then. Not necessarily because she deserves it. But because the man feels like doing it. A young teen with a reddened bottom fresh from a vigorous spanking is a marvelous sight. It can inspire a man to sodomize her in an instant. That’s always a good thing.

As soon as a man takes possession of his new young girl, she’s ready to go right out of the box. She’s ready to be cunt-fucked, or to suck him off and swallow his cum, or to take his dick up her ass, or to do any other wild and wonderful sex acts you might want. All a guy has to do is tell her what he wants, and she’ll do it. And then she’ll thank him for the privilege. All of our girls are exquisitely polite. We teach them that their male owners can do no wrong. Whatever a man does with his young girl is automatically right, so she must be grateful for it. And tell him so. Our well-trained teenagers are continually thanking their owners. Every girl thanks her man for the privilege of serving him. All our girls are grateful to their owners for having sex with them, and for using and abusing them in the most degrading ways. Whatever turns a man on, she’ll do it, and she’ll thank for him it.

In addition to my single men customers, I also have also quite a few married men customers. I won’t allow married men to buy my young teenagers unless their wives agree to it. However, if a wife is reluctant, the man may request an additional service from us: we’ll give the man’s wife a thorough attitude readjustment. We have techniques to rewire her brain. You could call it brainwashing. Even the most stern and bitchy woman will turn into a sweet and obedient sex slave after she’s undergone our treatment. The newly adjusted wives will encourage their husbands to adopt as many teenagers as the man likes. A wife will stand by and smile while watching her husband rape the young teen he has just bought. The newly adjusted wives will help their husbands by caring for the girls and serving their husbands, too. This ensures that each husband has free reign to sexually use and abuse the teenagers to his heart’s content while his wife looks on with approval. The man may even order his wife to take pictures and videos of him having sex with the young girl. Or he can even order her to join him in bed while he fucks his girl. His wife will always be as eager as his teen to fulfill her man’s every desire. His sexual fantasies, no matter how extreme, perverse, dirty, or degrading (short of outright torture and death) will be completely fulfilled by his wife and his little sex slave. We guarantee it.

Many men tell me that the attitude adjustment we gave their wives was just as important for their happiness as owning the young teenagers they bought from me. Formerly troublesome, demanding women are rendered into docile and sweet slave-wives. These women become eager to serve their husbands 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The women literally cannot do enough for their husbands. They are constantly offering sex, or any other services the men might desire. Sometimes the men just want to be left alone with their young teenagers while their wives cook, clean, and keep house. Other times the men let their wives join in the fun. Having a wife plus one or more adopted daughters from my cunt farm to serve a man is pretty much an ideal family relationship. A man who goes to bed every evening with an obedient, submissive wife and one, two, or three adopted girls will never be at a loss when seeking sexual satisfaction during the night.”

[SCENE: Multiple scenes over several minutes of men having sex with young, from ages 14 through 18. In some scenes, one man has two or more teenagers. In other scenes, the man has a wife who joins in while he fucks a young girl. The wife offers her mouth, tits, cunt, or ass to pleasure him while he is enjoying a the girl’s body.]

STEVEN: “Now some men like to have love and romance with their young teen sex slaves. Others prefer something more extreme. Down and dirty and degrading. I pride myself on catering to all tastes, even extreme ones. The young cunts I sell can take a hell of a lot of rough sex without sustaining any permanent damage. But they do feel it. They feel the pain. If you’re like me, you enjoy seeing a young teen suffer some pain in order to please the man who owns her.”

[SCENE: More scenes of men having sex with young teenagers ages 14 to 18. Closeups of each girl’s face show how she’s feeling. Some girls are enjoying what the men are doing to them. Other girls look frightened. Some looked uncomfortable. A few are weeping and begging the men to stop. All of the men look very, very happy.]

STEVEN: “As I said, we cater to all tastes. We breed and raise each of our young cunts to appeal to what men want. Some men want romance. It’s all lovey-dovey all the time. Some men want to mix a little spice with that sugar. Treat the girls a little rough sometimes. Demean them and debase them and degrade them. Call them every dirty name you can think of. Spit on them. Use them for watersports and scat. That’s all fine. It’s all good. My teenagers are made for all of that. Some men enjoy having brutal sex with the teenagers we sell. They like to rape the little bitches and they want the bitches to suffer through it. That’s fine. It’s all fine. My teenagers are sturdy and well-trained. They can take a beating and keep on begging for more.

Of course, the little bitches do have some limits, because we have some limits. No torture or murder are allowed. We keep track of our little bitches in real-time. Each one of them is microchipped. If you do grave bodily harm, we will take the girl back and heal her. As for the man who did such a thing to one of my precious little bitches ... well, let me just say that after my boys are done with him for breaking his agreement, there probably won’t be enough left of him to heal. So be forewarned: I sell young teen sex slaves, not animals to be slaughtered. Fuck them hard, yes. Knock them around a little bit, sure. Put the fear of God in them because you are like God to them, absolutely. You’re free to use and abuse the young cunts within very broad limits. And that’s all good. But if you hurt them severely or worse, then by God you’ll pay for it and pay dearly. Understand? Good.

Now that that’s settled, let me show you around the place. I’m mighty proud of it. And I’m mighty proud of the young cunts I breed here. There are none better on earth.”

[SCENE: Camera tracks farmer Steve rising from his chair. He steps down from the porch, and walks across a lawn before entering the working area of the farm. Dozens of beautiful women and lovely young girls wearing long dresses and brimmed hats to shade them from the sun are carrying baskets of vegetables, fruit, eggs, bread, and other food products. Every single one of the females is beautiful. Many are stunning, like movie stars or models. Some are merely very pretty, like the prettiest girl in your high school. Others are just cute, like the girl next door. In the distance, and then drawing nearer, are a few young men. They all bear a family resemblance to farmer Steve.]

STEVEN: “If your eyes aren’t too distracted by all the pretty cunts around here, you may have noticed my boys. They’re the next generation of cunt farmers on my spread. They help me with all the chores, like keeping all our little bitches in line. And they keep me up to date on the latest technology. Selective breeding of fine female flesh is very scientific these days.

There’s a long family story of how I got into this business and how I sired my sons. Maybe I’ll tell it to you some time. For now, I’ll just say that my boys have been raised to respect women and girls. They respect women as sex-slaves and as broodmares, to fuck, and use, and make babies with. They respect teenagers as fuck slaves that cater to their every whim. Every one of my boys has his own personal harem of women and girls. My sons have never been starved for sex. From their earliest age, they were nursed at the milky breasts of the most beautiful women you can imagine. As soon as my sons reached puberty, they began impregnating women and girls here on the farm. I’ve got more grandkids now than I can count. We have plenty of family hands to run this farm for generations to come.”

[SCENE: Camera tracks farmer Steve as he walks to a one-room building bearing the sign School House. He walks in and the camera follows. Several dozen girls from ages 14 to 18 sit at desks. Two adult female teachers stand at the head of the class. They are pointing to a large poster that shows an artist’s rendering of what’s going on inside a girl’s mouth when a man’s penis is being sucked. The teachers are explaining how a girl must use her tongue, lips, mouth, and throat to please a man. The girls listen with rapt attention. After a minute or so, farmer Steve exits the classroom.]

STEVEN: “As you can see, here on the farm we make sure our girls are well educated for the world of work. Housework and cooking are important. But every girl’s most important job is the blowjob. A girl can never stop learning and working on her oral technique. There are as many different variations on the blowjob as there are men who like blowjobs. And who doesn’t? We pride ourselves around here on the oral skills of our young teenagers. Even the very youngest still knows how to to give a man a very good blowjob. And our girls always swallow. If that’s what you want. Some guys like to give girls facials or other variations on the blowjob. Whatever you want, our girls can do it for you. At every age. And at any moment of the day you may want to be sucked off. Or any moment of the night. When you go to bed with one of our little bitches, you can wake her up whenever you want and she’ll always be ready to suck. We train her that way. You own the little bitch, and she knows it. She only lives to serve you. If you want her to suck you off in the middle of the night, and then you want to go back to sleep afterward with your dick still inside the girl’s mouth, she’s fine with that. She expects it, even. I mean, I do it all the time. Why shouldn’t you?”

[SCENE: Camera tracks farmer Steve as he walks across the farm yard. He points to women and girls carrying baskets.]

STEVEN: “Our school is in session Monday through Friday, but only for a few hours each day. The girls attend school in shifts. Most of the time they are working on practical things. They learn by doing. The women show the girls how to cook, clean, and perform other household duties. The women also teach the girls how to be submissive, obedient sex slaves to men. Here, let me show you what I mean.”

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