Cunt Farming: Raising Teenaged Girls to Love and Serve Men

by Steven Seven

Copyright© 2018 by Steven Seven

Erotica Sex Story: I'm extremely proud of what I do. I am a cunt farmer. I raise top quality, white teenaged girls to become the personal sex slaves of men. Most are blue-eyed blondes. Some are redheads. A few are brunettes. They range in age from 14 to 18. All are highly trained in sex. I sell only to men. Most are single. Many are married. If a wife objects, we give her an attitude readjustment. It rewires her brain. The newly adjusted wife encourages her husband to own as many teenaged girls as he likes.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Mind Control   Pedophilia   Slavery   Heterosexual   MaleDom   Harem   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Scatology   Sex Toys   Water Sports   Caution   .

I’m extremely proud of what I do. I am a cunt farmer. I raise teenaged girls to become the personal property of men -- men who then use the young cunts for their own sexual gratification. I perform a great public service. It’s an honorable profession. I’ve never wanted to do anything else.

My girls are of the highest quality. They are all white, and all beautiful. Most are blondes, because blondes are the most popular. Most have blue eyes for the same reason. I do raise redheads and brunettes too, but those are less popular than the blondes.

The girls range in age from 14 to 18. They are all highly trained in the sexual arts. However, their vaginal virginity is guaranteed. Every one of these young cunts has an intact hymen. The girls are trained using sex toys, and by watching pornographic videos. I also train them personally by making them suck my dick, swallow my cum, and take my dick up their assholes. I also make the adult women I own serve as teachers for the young cunts. These sex slaves do not have sex with the girls. They merely instruct the young bitches in the way of the sex slave. My women are highly competent at sex. I trained them all myself. I began their training when the bitches were just teenagers themselves. I’ve fucked them in every hole for their whole lives.

I only sell my girls to men who meet my standards for ownership. The men must be white. They must sign binding contracts promising to take good care of the young cunts I sell them. No torture or murder are permitted. But of course, some sexual abuse is expected, and appropriate discipline can be used whenever the man see fit. A girl needs a good spanking now and then. Not necessarily because she deserves it. But because the man feels like doing it. A young teen with a reddened bottom fresh from a vigorous spanking is a marvelous sight. It can inspire a man to sodomize her in an instant. That’s always a good thing.

I sell my teenaged girls only to men; I won’t sell to women. The arrangement is done in the form of an adoption. I provide a fake birth certificate and private adoption papers. The man hands over the cash. He then takes possession of the young teen. Legally, she is now his daughter. In practice, the young cunt is his slave. His sex slave.

Most of my customers are single men. Some are widowed, some divorced, some never married. They make excellent father-owners of these precious teenaged girls. Single men can qualify for owning my teenaged girls just so long as they promise to take good care of the young teen’s health and well-being. Single men are free to use their young sweethearts, or to abuse them non-destructively, fucking the young bitches in every hole, any time of day or night, and doing all kinds of dirty and degrading things to the young whores. As long as the man does not torture, gravely harm, or kill his young teen, he can do anything he wants with her. Sexual abuse is encouraged. The young bitches have been trained to expect it. They will even thank the man for abusing them. I personally guarantee that each owner will be happy with his purchase, or money back.

At my cunt farm, we train the girls in how to serve a man sexually and in other ways. As soon as a man takes possession of his new young teen, she’s ready to go right out of the box. She’s ready to be fucked, or to suck him off and swallow his cum, or to take his dick up her ass, or to do any other wild and wonderful sex acts that a man might want. All he has to do is tell her what he wants, and she’ll do it. And then she’ll thank him for the privilege. All of our girls are exquisitely polite. We teach them that their male owners can do no wrong. Whatever a man does with his young teen is automatically right, so she must be grateful for it. And say so. Our well-trained teenaged girls are continually thanking their owners. The girls thank their men for the privilege of having sex with them, and for using and abusing the girls in the most degrading ways.

In addition to my single men customers, I also have also quite a few married men customers. I won’t allow married men to adopt (really, to own) my teenaged girls unless their wives agree to it. However, if a wife is reluctant, the man may request an additional service from my farm: we will give the man’s wife a thorough attitude readjustment. We have techniques that rewire the brain. You could call it brainwashing. Even the most stern and bitchy woman will turn into a sweet and obedient sex slave after she’s undergone our treatment. The newly adjusted wives will encourage their husbands to adopt as many teenaged girls as the man likes. A wife will stand by and smile while watching her husband rape the young teen he has just bought. The wives will help their husbands by caring for the girls and serving their husbands, too. This ensures that each husband has free reign to sexually use and abuse the teenaged girls to his heart’s content. While his wife looks on with approval, the man may tell her to take pictures and videos, or even join him in bed while he fucks the young teen in every hole. The wife will always be as eager as the young teen to fulfill her husband’s every desire. His sexual fantasies, no matter how perverse, dirty, or extreme (short of outright torture and death) will be completely fulfilled by his wife and adopted sex slave daughter. We guarantee it.

Many men tell me that the attitude adjustment my farm gave their wives was just as important for their happiness as owning the teenaged girls they bought from me. Formerly troublesome, demanding women are rendered into docile and sweet wives. These women become eager to serve their husbands 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The women literally cannot do enough for their husbands. They are constantly offering sex, or any other services the men might desire. Sometimes the men just want to be left alone with their teenaged girls while their wives cook, clean, and keep house. Other times the men let their wives join in the fun. Having a wife plus one or more adopted daughters from my cunt farm to serve a man is pretty much an ideal family relationship. A man who goes to bed every evening with an obedient, submissive wife and one, two, or three young adopted girls will never be at a loss when seeking sexual satisfaction during the night.

Cunt farming is a primary production business. I do not obtain girls from elsewhere to re-sell them. You can’t control quality that way. I produce the teenaged girls myself using my herd of gorgeous, white female sex slaves. My white women are all as beautiful as the girls they give birth to. Each woman receives an implanted female embryo formed from the union of selected sperm and eggs. Each female embryo has the correct genetics to produce the desired characteristics, such as fair skin, blonde hair, blue-eyes, pretty face, and so forth. Redheads with green eyes are also popular. Some men order brunettes, but they are not nearly as popular.

The birth mother women are my broodmares. Each one produces a new baby girl every 2 to 4 years. Whether they are pregnant or in-between births, my broodmare women maintain their good health through right diet and proper exercise. They do young work except light duty assignments otherwise. Their main job is to produce a fresh batch of young bitches for me on schedule, and then to help raise and train the young cunts until the bitches are old enough to sell. After a woman gives birth, she takes care of the infant girl with the help of the other women on my farm. But her main job is to recover from the stress of pregnancy and birth so she can go through it all again in a couple of years later. All of the women in my herd work together as a baby-producing collective. They raise the young bitches together and train them according to my very strict training schedule.

From birth, each baby girl is destined for one thing and one thing only: to serve the man who will eventually own her. I am the sole proprietor of my business. I run my farm as an absolute, patriarchal dictatorship. I own every woman in my breeding herd and they all know it. And I own every girl until I sell her to someone else. All my bitches, young and old, acknowledge me as their Master and Owner. That’s the way things are, and that’s the way my teenaged girls are taught that things should be. Every young bitch knows how to suck and swallow, how to take it up the ass (and suck it clean afterwards), how to cook, how to clean, how to massage the man who owns her, and how in general to act like a daughter, a wife, and a sex slave from the get-go. Young teen sex slave daughters are more precious than gold.

My girls are sold between the ages of 14 and 18. The majority of them are sold by age 16 or 17. I don’t like selling girls before they turn 14, because they haven’t matured enough physically or psychologically. If they don’t sell by age 18, I keep them in my broodmare herd and get them pregnant. But in most years, I sell every young cunt in stock. The demand for beautiful young white girls ages 14 to 18 is extremely high.

Remember that I forbid torture or murder. However, I encourage the men who buy my teenaged girls to use them in sexually gratifying ways that please them men, not necessarily the girls. I train my girls to endure all sorts of sexual abuse. They learn that the man’s pleasure is all that counts. My girls have been trained to expect and accept being used by their owner-daddy’s with a significant amount of healthy brutality. By age 14 my girls are just barely ready to endure what a full-grown man might do to them in a fit of sexual passion. But barely old enough is good enough, if that’s what a man wants.

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