Fun With Mom at 16

by TexasFeller

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Incest Sex Story: A unique opportunity with my mom when I was 16.

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Home fun at 16

(I hope you will forgive the writing style of this story. It is a bit of stream of consciousness but it is as I remember the very exciting night.)

My next time with my mom occurred when I was 16. My dad was off on a hunting trip, if I remember correctly. Mom had gone to a party and apparently drank too much while taking some prescription medicine which put her on her ass! I got a call to come drive her home (wasn’t very far away) and I did, but it was very difficult to get her into the car at the friend’s house and then out of it back home.

Finally got her inside ... boy was she smashed! Not passed out, but clearly bombed. I got her to her bedroom and sat her down and she just lay backwards ... lots of funny discussion all along the way and I was laughing my head off through most of this. “Ok, mom, time to get you into bed now,” I remember saying. “can’t” was her reply...”why not?”... “can’t get these buttons undone” ... of course she didn’t have on a blouse that buttoned, but a pullover sweater so that may have made it more difficult. Ok, I figured, get her shoes and socks, top and slacks off and let her sleep it off ... I still occasionally saw her in her bra (and sometimes in bra and panties) so that wasn’t too unusual if she wondered in the morning about it ... and, sure, as any young teen boy, I had masturbated until my dick was raw more than once based on seeing her half undressed or so ... from 12 on I was very active, including getting laid for the first time soon after my 14th birthday (and not again for 2 years, darnit!), so I knew more than a lot of guys my age.

And, at 16, I was mature enough to have been with more than one girl and knew all the body parts quite well!! LOL and, here I was presented with a rare opportunity to see mom up close and personal in her bra and panties and I certainly didn’t want to pass that opportunity ... I figured get her clothes off and get some good looks and then go to my room and jack off 2 or 3 times since I didn’t have to worry about being disturbed!

Well, getting the shoes and socks off was easy, but the rest wasn’t ... mom isn’t some little dainty lady but she isn’t really overweight by any means, but she was heavier than I had figured ... it took a long time to get that sweater top off, having her sit up and put her arms around my neck while I lifted it and then letting her fall backwards once I had it mostly off ... yes, I did cop a couple of good feels while doing that ... mom has great tits, 38D, which I knew from foraging around in the dirty clothes hamper for stuff to jack off with! hehehe ... well, getting the slacks off was a whole nother problem ... I tried getting her to stand up along side the bed and hold on like she had when I was working the top off, but I could only get her pants started down ... as I reached down to push them lower, she would sit back down would stand her back up and then I couldn’t reach her pants again! so with her lying back on the bed, her legs over the side and feet dangling above the floor, I reached under her butt and started to pull the slacks down ... as fate would have it, her panties came down right along with her pants and once I had them down far enough to see the top of her bush, I was sunk for sure! I debated long and hard with myself (at least 3 or 4 seconds probably) about what to do ... ok, I bargained with myself, I’ll get her pants off and if her panties come with it, I will then just get them back on so she won’t know in the morning ... and, hey, if I get a little peek, what the heck ... pussies weren’t new to me, but I still loved every new one I saw (still do for that matter) so this was gonna be a great treat ... finally getting to see up close for real the pussy that in my imagination had raised lots of hardons and brought forth lots of hot cum. of course, all this time my pulse is racing more and more and, yes, my dick was hard as steel.

Off came the pants AND panties (I probably could have avoided having to take the panties all the way off, but in for a penny, etc). WOW my mom’s pussy there for my inspection. I leaned over and looked close ... her legs were almost completely together ... then knelt down in front of her, looking right along her thighs to their juncture ... it was not difficult to get her legs to spread, just some gentle nudging of the inside of her knees ... then I had a much better view, able to see the slightly parted lips for the first time ... ummmm ... as I knelt and stared, I rubbed my hard dick in my jeans and had to stop because I almost came immediately and knew that I wanted to try a few more things before I shot that first giant load of the night. kneeling there and looking between her thighs, I could also see those large tits standing up in her white bra ... hmmm, if I could see her bare pussy, I thought, maybe I can also see her bare tits ... didn’t take me long to slip the bra up over them without unhooking it behind ... knew this trick from making out with my girlfriends and it was a lot faster and easier to get back into position that working on that damn hook ... hell I could get any bra unhooked with one hand (either hand) by the time I was 15, but getting it hooked back was another deal altogether ... leave mom’s hooked and still get her tits free by just pushing it up and over them ... ummm, were they nice ... not as firm as my girlfriends, but still not bad at all ... mom was only 36 after all, so they were nice! and big ... and I loved to see them and, of course, I quickly found I couldn’t keep my hands off of them.

Mom had been basically asleep (or passed out) since I had let her lie back down on the bed when I wrestled her pants off and I wondered if she would sleep through my fondling ... sorta ... while I played with her tits, mom’s left hand came up and covered mine on her tit ... no movement (I was too scared to move at that moment), but she just covered my hand with hers ... as I got courage and started to move my hand in sort of a circle, her hand stayed with mine and she began to mumble ... no real words, but I didn’t know if she was coming awake or not ... what the hell to do, I wondered now ... I just GOTTA touch some more and try some things, but what if she wakes up ... ok, time to turn out the lights so there is only a little light coming in from the hallway ... yeah, it ruined the great view I had of her body, but felt safer for me ... maybe if she woke a bit she wouldn’t realize what I was doing immediately and I could stop quickly and she wouldn’t know I was doing these things ... I figured she wouldn’t even really know that I had undressed her and she would figure that she had ... but with her bra pushed up above her tits, that didn’t seem right either ... ok, the bra’s gotta come off too ... that way it would seem like she got home drunk, stripped and got into bed naked ... ok, that means I gotta get the covers back and get her at least partly under them ... boy, that took a lot of work ... trying to do it WITH her naked and not waking her up to catch me halfway done ... whew, finally, she is lying on her back fully in bed, the covers close by so that I could easily and quickly pull them over her ... I can sit on the side of the bed now and look and touch and everything ... ummm, heaven!

And I can get my cock out so I can really stroke it some now ... my right hand lightly on my cock (gotta be careful not to cum too fast here), my left roaming over her tits and then down to her bush ... a big full bush it was, too ... maybe a little feel will be ok there, too?? yep, works for me ... her pussy lips were the fullest I had ever touched up til then and they were even more erotic than any I had touched before ... as I stroked my fingers lightly up and down the lips and then cupped her in my palm, her legs slid further open all on their own ... again, more mumbles ... hand frozen still, unmoving on her mound ... mumbles end and my stroking continues ... as I stroke I discover her pussy starting to get wet ... not as wet as my current girlfriend would get when I fingered her, but still wet ... ok, why not, I figure and let a finger start to push inside a little ... ahh, wetter in here I see ... more mumbles, legs opening further ... shit, now what am I gonna do I ask myself ... enjoy was the answer so I let my finger slide deeper inside until it was fully buried and I began to gently slide it in and out as I barely stroked my throbbing dick ... ooooh, I wanted to cum soooo badly ... hmmm, how should I cum? where should I cum? I’m not even thinking of fucking at this point, only where to cum when my stroking makes my dick explode ... wait, maybe mom would like to help me jack off??? I reach down with my right hand and take mom’s wrist in it, guiding her limp arm between my legs and letting her hand rest on my cock ... oh my did that feel good ... I took her hand in mine and wrapped it around my dick and squeezed ... the feel of her smooth hand on my cock was very hot!

I began to stroke my dick with her hand while I resumed fingering her pussy, which had gotten decidedly wetter ... I removed my wet finger and ran it across my lips ... I had begun to eat pussy only the year before and, yes, loved it ... unable to resist, I lean to my left and brace myself so I can get my lips right at her pussy lips and took a flick of my tongue to taste her ... THAT made her almost jump and her hand tightened on my dick for just a split second, like a shock wave had run through her body and her hand squeeze was a reflex from it ... my tongue went back to her pussy and pushed slightly between the lips ... oh she tasted sooo sweet to me ... my tongue probed more and he body twitched again, her hand grasping my cock once more, then relaxing ... hmm, I wonder, what if I tongue fuck her will her hand keep closing and opening? yep, it sure did! I began to devour her pussy and her hand closed tighter around my cock ... her other empty hand forming a bit of a fist next to her side I could see ... she wasn’t stroking me, just gripping my dick ... ok, maybe if I just move her hand I won’t have to hold her fingers around me like I did before ... yep, that worked just fine! so I continued licking and tasting her, pushing my tongue as deep inside as possible then bringing it back out to slide across her clit and the more I did that, the more her body twitched and the tighter she squeezed my dick ... more mumbles ... stop, hold my breath and wait ... then I knew I couldn’t wait any longer, that I was gonna cum no matter what so my tongue pushed back inside her and I began to eat her with great passion as my cock started to erupt ... hot cum all over her hand, some on her side, a few splatters on her left tit and lots on my jeans and hand ... DAMN that was incredible! whew, my heart was pounding out of my chest ... shit what a mess ... please don’t wake up now!!

I extricate myself, dash into her bathroom and get tissues to mop up ... most, it turned out, had shot skyward to come back down on my jeans so I had the most of the mess ... ok, ditch the jeans in my room and run back ... unattended for a moment, she has slipped over on her right side, her left leg cocked way up so when I returned I could see from the hall light her pussy lips visible between her legs ... nice view, easy to touch so I sat back down now behind her and stroked her ass and down to touch her pussy again ... sooo wet it was my finger slid back inside easily ... my right hand went over her side to touch her bare tit and stroke it as I fingered her ... I figured she wasn’t waking up, at least not completely, so I was safe ... the more I fingered and played the more she mumbled and began to squirm a bit, her pussy beginning to actually squeeze down on my finger slightly it seemed ... hmmm, maybe it’s time for mom to cum I wonder?? sure, that would only be fair.

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