Young Fun With Mom

by TexasFeller

Copyright© 2018 by TexasFeller

Incest Sex Story: My early experiences with my mom.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Mother   Exhibitionism   First   Petting   Voyeurism   .

I was fortunate to have some incredible experiences with my mom when I was young. Like most adolescent boys, she was often the focus of my sexual fantasies ... and I was able to enjoy many visual opportunities, too. I did all the young boy things like check out her lingerie, where I discovered her large breasts that I so enjoyed were 38Ds. She had a very athletic figure and, when I was young, little modesty in terms of going around in panties and bra or shorts and bra but still no shirt. She never went topless, but her large breasts were always spilling out of her bras. I certainly prayed they would fully fall out but they never did, of course. Haha

I had played doctor and show me yours with young playmates. The first was with Sally B, who lived next door and she even let me touch and even lick a couple of times. Who knew that I would be addicted to eating pussy at such a young age! But, mom was the center of my sexual images most of the time. I played with my dick all the time cause it felt so good and I will never forget ejaculating for the first time after I had turned fourteen. I had heard my dad close their bedroom door, which he always tried to do quietly, but I usually heard and loved to listen to them have sex. Dad loved to have her suck his cock and have her ride on top ... all which I learned by listening carefully, more than once with my ear to their door. I couldn’t do that too much because I couldn’t let my older sister catch me doing that. This time, I was lying in bed and I could hear them better than normal as I stroked my very hard cock. Suddenly, this time became more intense and I felt like something was wrong with my cock when it suddenly erupted. Not a lot at that age but enough to make a mess and I had to sneak into the hallway bathroom to clean it up. Anyway, cumming for the first time opened up a whole new world and I jerked off all the time. It seemed like my cock would shoot up with no provocation and get iron hard with any stimulation.

It was that time when I began to pay even more attention to mom’s partial undress and really enjoy it. The first physical contact came a few months after my first orgasm. I was standing in the hallway bathroom in just my jockeys (pretty typical) trying to get something out of my eye. Mom walked by in just panties and bra and asked what was the matter. I told her and she joined me in the bathroom, squeezing me between her and the countertop. She is standing so close I feel the tips of her bra brush my chest. Her breasts weren’t pressed against me or anything, but were lightly touching and then suddenly I realized that my cock was rock hard and touching her lower region. I don’t think it was necessarily pressed against her pussy but was damn close if not and I was really throbbing. At one point, mom pressed closer and she clearly felt my hardon press into her more. I guess that’s when it registered as she leaned back a bit, looked down (as I did) and my cock was pushing my underwear straight out. She sorta smiled and then went back to work on my eye, again pressing against me and I was sure I was going to cum right then. I didn’t and she got the eyelash out of my eye and began to leave, taking another look at my cock. She patted my arm, smiled and left. I instantly closed the door, turned back to the mirror and yanked my jockeys down and with only a stroke or two of my dick, shot cum all over the sink.

Yes, it was a very wild experience with mom. It gave me great inspiration for masturbating for a long time. And, yes, there was more. Over the next months, I noticed more and more that mom was in bra and panties, especially when we were home alone. When dad or my sister were around, she was more modest, but usually with shorts or pants on even if only a bra on top. She didn’t go around all day like that or anything, but when we were alone, she was very often wearing not a lot. I would invent reasons to go talk to her when she was coming from the shower and dressing. She would often stand for a while at her dresser putting on makeup or whatever, while I sat on her bed talking. So I got a great view of her pantied rear as well as the great reflection of her front in the mirror. As I have made it obvious, I loved her large breasts and saw more and more of them over time. One day, she was wearing a light robe, which was very rare, and I quickly discovered nothing underneath. As she stood at her dresser, the robe slipped open more and more until I had a good view of most of her breasts, or at least the full cleavage even though it still covered her nipples. But, I had my very first view of her pussy! I had seen it through her panties and all but never uncovered and it was incredible. I was staring at it and looked up one time to see her watching me and it was obvious what I had been looking at. She didn’t do anything to cover up and I got to enjoy the view for a while longer before she finished and shooed me out so she could finish dressing.

I was wearing shorts that made it obvious I had a hardon and I saw her eyes look at it for a few seconds before looking up with a smile. I went straight to the bathroom to jerk off, of course, as I did almost every time I got to see her partially undressed. One time, I was standing in the kitchen when she walked up behind me and wrapped her arms around me to hug me, not unusual for frequent hugs and kisses. This time, she was in her robe and I could feel her breasts press into me with no bra on and only the thin robe between us as I wasn’t wearing a shirt. Her hands roamed over my chest and down my stomach and I was sure they were going to go lower to my cock, but no. Still, it was hugely exciting. After that, whenever she was in her robe, I would try and get a hug so I could feel them pressed into me and she was cooperative almost every time.

One day I got very brave and showed up in her room wearing just a towel wrapped around my waist as she was in bra and panties standing at the mirror. I sat on the bed with my feet up on the mattress enough to make the towel gape open. From the angle I picked on purpose, I had a great view of her front in the mirror and knew that when she looked back, could see my cock and balls under the towel. I had an instant hardon, of course, and both of our eyes were watching the other and caught each other looking a few times. After a few minutes, she bent over from the waist to pickup something she dropped, her legs spread a bit and looking at her crotch from behind, I could see her panties were very wet over her pussy! OMG I was so excited, it’s amazing I didn’t instantly erupt even without touching my cock. She stayed bent over longer than necessary and I thought later that she probably saw me looking but I didn’t know because my eyes never left the strip of panty between her thighs.

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