Late Night Beach Fun With Young Teen

by TexasFeller

Copyright© 2018 by TexasFeller

Pedo Sex Story: In my mid-30s, I had a fleeting experience with a young girl on the beach in Marina del Rey.

Caution: This Pedo Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Oral Sex   Petting   Safe Sex   .

I had an incredible experience with a young girl one night in Marina del Rey. I was living there temporarily in a townhouse right on the beach and often went down to the beach late in the evening for a relaxing, quiet beer under the stars.

That night, I noted a young girl walking alone past where I was sitting and a few minutes later she came back the other way. I said “hi” as she passed this time and she said it back. A few minutes later, she was back walking just a bit closer than before and I said “hi again” and she giggled and responded in kind. So, I started to chat a bit and she stopped and then came and sat nearby. I knew she was young, but didn’t know how young yet.

I learned that she was at the beach with her dad, who was in some kind of meeting in a townhouse about a quarter-mile down the beach and she was bored and hoping his meeting didn’t last much longer. We chatted and I learned they lived in Orange County. She asked where I lived and I told her “nearby” but didn’t specify my building a short distance away.

I figured I didn’t have a lot of time with this young morsel so I quickly got the conversation on whether she had a boyfriend and she did, an “older” 17-year-old guy. She said they didn’t really “go out” because he dad wouldn’t let her actually date yet. That’s when I learned that she had just turned 14 and I nearly chickened out right then.

But, hey, it was a late night on the beach with a very cute girl and I pressed on. I asked if they didn’t go out, what did they do and she said they sometimes met at a mutual friend’s and “made out.” With more probing, I learned that she had “gone all the way” with him twice. I asked her if she liked to kiss and she said yes but her boyfriend didn’t kiss very well. I told her that I was a really good kisser and would she like to kiss a guy who knew how? She did and we kissed and kept kissing. She was actually a really good kisser and was obviously very turned on within a few minutes.

She was really cute, maybe 5’1” and petite. She had very small breasts, not even a full A cup yet with very puffy nipples. More nipple than breast. And, I have loved just that look ever since! As we kissed, I started to let my hands roam over her body and she didn’t stop me or resist at all, simply kissed more enthusiastically. She was wearing a button down shirt and jeans. I was wishing she had on a skirt, but thought I might get into the jeans if everything went well. And, it did.

I played with her breasts through her shirt and tiny bra and her nipple was sooo pronounced. We lay back on the sand and I opened the buttons on her blouse and quickly unhooked her bra and uncovered those delicious little titties. I played with them as we kissed and then moved down to kiss and suck on them. Wow, was that a HUGE turnon. Quickly, I began to run my hand between her legs, playing with the inside of her thigh and then onto her pussy. No resistance, only hotter responses. So, I unzipped and unbuttoned her jeans and slid my hand inside, going into her underwear immediately and my finger found a VERY wet slit.

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