Asian Wife on the Way to an After Party With a Friend

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

Erotica Sex Story: Asian wife and my mate.. on our way to an after party. We had been to a fetish club that evening.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Cuckold   Sharing   Wife Watching   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Squirting   Water Sports   .

This was an interesting evening as Jane and I were at a London Fetish club and this time, we were with a mate of mine Gary. Jane is slim, 5 feet tall, 25 yrs with amazing nipples on young firm 34b tits.

She was wearing a small black mini skirt and a white boob tube that can be pulled up and down easily when playing in the club. Anyway, on this specific evening, we were leaving the club to go to an after party that someone had told Gary about and we were all still wearing our club gear, male g string and roman style chain and leather harness over the chest for me and Gary had a very small tight pair of shorts with a front zip that he could pull down and expose his huge wide cock and balls)

So we had our street gear in a bag and just had our coats over ourselves as we left the club for the car. When we got to the car, I let Jane sit in the front seat and Gary was driving with me in the back of his nice big Mercedes saloon.

It was about 4am and still dark, we were off to some village location about 10 miles outside London. So as we were driving on the dual carriageway, I got Jane to put her seat back about half way and was playing with her tits and snogging her. Poor Gary was trying to drive but was more interested in watching me and Jane ... He kept staring at her tits as I had her top pulled down and was playing with her nipples while kissing her and we were also watching Gary.

It really turns Jane and I on ... to see guys watching us play and I could tell that Jane was feeling a little bit embarrassed and exposed as we were driving through London but as her seat was down, nobody could really see her tits or what was going on inside the car.

I could also see Gary squeezing his cock every now and then and thought I would take things a bit further. Jane was still well horny after leaving the club ... I had let two guys play with her tits while we were in the club as she was laying in a sex swing and I was licking her pussy ... She also had their cocks in her hands one each side and she even let one guy finger her for a while...

Jane was laying back and her tits were out, Gary was now looking between her legs, as her tiny skirt had risen up and was exposing her shaved pussy.

Most Asian women don’t have big pussy lips, they usually just have a lovely thin slit and this was clearly on show as she was laying back in the seat. I winked at Gary and he un zipped his shorts and let his cock free ... he also pulled his huge balls out, so as he was driving, he could play with his cock and watch me and Jane.

I said to Jane to look at Gary’s cock, so she turned her head and was stunned to see his cock at full erection and him rubbing it up and down while he was driving.

He then placed his hand on her leg and looked her in the eyes and then slowly pulled her leg open ... so he could see her exposed slit better. His hand was now rubbing up and down her inner thigh and she was looking at his cock ... while I had both her tits in my hands.

His hand slid up further and brushed against her pussy lips and she went to close her legs ... but I whispered in her ear to let him play a bit ... She relaxed and I slid my hand down over her belly and dipped a finger into her little wet pussy slit.

She started to moan into my ear, then I moved Garys hand onto her pussy and let him finger her as he drove along ... After a few minutes he said to me, “There’s a layby coming up soon, shall we stop for a bit?”

I looked at him and smiled and he pushed another finger into Jane ... she closed her eyes and grabbed his hand ... I was now sitting back and watching him finger her and she was playing with one of her tits, I was wanking my own cock in the back watching this erotic situation unfold.

Gary then said to Jane, “Can you open the glove box and get me that tube of lube?”

She looked at him and then opened the box and found the tube of Superlube. He then said, “Can you open it and put some on my cock please?”

She looked at me smiling like a Cheshire cat ... I smiled back and said, “Go on babe, he can’t do that while he’s driving.”

So she opened the top and squeezed some onto her right hand and then smeared it all over his cock and balls. It was so erotic and I could see that Gary was having trouble concentrating on the road ... because Jane was really getting into squeezing his cock and rubbing the gel all over his big swollen balls.

She kept saying, “It’s so wide ... Oh My God Gary ... how does your wife get that in her pussy ... Oh My God.”

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