The Girl in Town

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

Erotica Sex Story: Story about a girl I used to see in town with her partner and baby in a pushchair.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cuckold   Sharing   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Fisting   Oral Sex   Squirting   Small Breasts   .

There is a girl that I used to see quite regularly in the shopping center in Bedford that was normally walking around with her husband or boyfriend, not sure what he was, but they were always walking along pushing a baby in a pushchair. It was quite obvious that, he was a complete pot head (ganja smoker) and was always looking drunk or high or whatever.

She however, was a sexy little thing and only about 20 years of age, about 5 feet in height, very slim and I could only imagine, very small breasts. I couldn’t help staring at her whenever I saw her as I seemed to have this weird attraction for her, maybe because I just love small sexy girls.

Anyway, one day I was in the supermarket and I saw she was also in the store ... but by herself and with the child. I was thinking that he must be waiting for her outside so just carried on shopping and went to the checkout. As I was standing in the que she appeared behind me and was standing right next to me ... She was bending down doing something to the child in the pushchair.

I stood sideways and looked down and could see right down her top and saw her beautiful little pointy tits. They were actually bigger than I had imagined but she also had no bra on, just a low cut blouse that I could see down when she leaned forward.

As I was putting my shopping away, I saw that she kept looking at me and even though, we had seen each other many times before, walking around the town centre, we had never spoken or anything but this time I sensed some attention.

Now as an older guy in his fifties, you would not think a 20 something year old girl would be interested but ... I was just about to walk away, when I noticed that she was short of about 20p for the few items she was buying and was going to put something back when I said, “Here you are, no problem, it’s only 20p.”

At this, she looked up at me, smiled and replied, “Thank you so much...”

I walked away and went over to a bench in the shopping mall and sat down. She walked out and instead of walking away, she came and sat right next to me on the bench and said, “Thank you for that again.”

I smiled and she just looked at me with a naughty look in her eyes ... I thought, what the hell is going on here ... Then she takes the baby out of the pushchair and sits it on her lap and said to me... “Do you mind if I feed my baby as he is hungry and cannot wait until we get home?”

I replied, “Why not, you don’t have to ask.” With that she held the baby and opened another button on her blouse and the baby started to suckle on her breast. Wow, I thought, this is turning into a really interesting day.

I was trying not to stare but her little breast was so sexy and I couldn’t help but stare as she put the baby back into the pushchair, I could still see the long nipple and breast sticking out. She then laid back and was literally resting her back against my arm and seemed to be laying into me. I sat still and let her lay on me and I noticed her leg was also touching mine ... it was rubbing against me.

I was feeling really horny at this and moved my arm behind her on the bench so that she was sort of laying into my chest. She was so close, I could smell her newly shampooed hair and she was sort of snuggling up to me.

I then said to her, “So where is your husband today?”

She said, he was coming later as he was helping a mate with a car and she was waiting for him as she had no money to get home in a taxi.

“I can give you a lift if you like, where do you live?”

With that I saw her husband walking towards us and thought ... OK, thats it now, as he was looking at us and the weird thing was that she did not sit up or move, she just continued to lay back into my arm and chest. I could see her naked breast down her top and it must have looked like I had my arm around her ... but he just came and sat down next to her.

She then told him that I had offered her a lift home ... He just looked at me and said, “OK dude ... can we go now.”

I said sure, and off we all went to the car park where I gave them a lift home and found out her name was Alison and he was Dave.

Once we arrived at their flat they thanked me and asked if I would like to come in and have a drink!

I said no thanks and then the guy said, “Oh come on mate, Alison likes you ... so just come in for a bit and we can have a beer or two.”

I thought ... this was strange but agreed, and in we went with Alison carrying the baby and he was getting the pushchair out of the car. In the flat I could see that they were into something ... as there were sexy knickers and clothes laying around and there were hard core DVDs by the TV on the floor.

Dave comes out of the kitchen with a couple of tins of beer and I could see that Alison was putting the baby in the bedroom for a sleep. When she came back out she went into the kitchen and came out with a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses. I was sitting on a two seater sofa and Dave was on another 3 seater sofa opposite me. Alison went and sat next to him and they started some small talk and asked me if I liked sexy movies and if I ever went dogging in the car...

I said yes to the movies and re the dogging, I had been out a few times looking for some action but always came home without ever seeing anything. While we continued talking I could see that Alison was getting more daring and was sitting on the sofa holding her wine and her legs were slightly apart. When she saw me looking ... she opened them a bit more and I could see her tiny black knickers ... She just smiled and looked me right in the eyes and said, “Would you like to make a video for us?”

“What do you mean!”, I blurted out, I couldn’t even believe she just said that.

Dave laughed and said, “We like to make sexy movies but it is not so easy without a camera man.”

“I’d love to film you both” then took another gulp of my beer.

With that, he gets up and goes to get his video camera and hands it to me. The next thing I saw, was Dave kneel down on the floor in front of Alison, he opened her blouse and started to suck on her tits...

She just smiled at me and lay back on the sofa and then he pushed her skirt up and went down between her legs licking away.

I had turned the camera on and started to film them and was now standing up in front of them, so as to get some better shots of the action. She was amazingly small and her sexy little tits were both out with fairly large puffy nipples. Must be because of the pregnancy, I thought.

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