Asian Wife Loves to Be Watched

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

Erotica Sex Story: How we found out Layla my British Indian wife gets turned on being watched. This happened on Brighton beach in England.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cuckold   Wife Watching   White Male   Indian Female   Exhibitionism   First   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

Before I get into this short story, I need tell you about my wife Layla. She is a Britsh born Indian and very attractive, she turns heads wherever we go. Layla used to be very shy and reserved, but all that changed when we found out she gets really turned on when she is being watched.

Layla is tall 5’ 11” with long black hair and a really shapely 34 b breasts. The areola around her nipples is huge and when aroused her nipples grow to about half an inch long and if I am not sucking on them she has to squeeze and twist them when we are making love.

Her long legs and bum is perfect and she is naturally very hairy around her pussy and between her legs. Sometimes she shaves it but always complains of it itching when the hair starts to grow back, so she prefers to keep it natural. However the hair also grows up to just below her knickers waistband and if on the beach wearing a bikini she finds it really difficult to keep the hair hidden so more often than not, it pokes out the sides between her legs.

This was our first experience of Layla flashing a guy on Brighton beach some time ago. We were laying on our towels not far from the pier and This oldish guy, probably about 50 was staring down at us or most likely, Layla from the pier. Anyway, he had his phone out and I noticed him aiming it at us, so I told Layla who was laying on her back with her eyes closed. Her knees were bent and her long brown legs were apart with some hair sticking out of her bikini bottoms around her pussy.

She opened her eyes and looked at the guy discreetly as I told her exactly where he was. She told me she saw him and closed her legs saying she saw him taking a picture. I found this a real turn on and said to her, “Lets have some fun and make him go crazy.”

“What do you mean”? she responded.

“Open your legs again and pretend you didn’t see him take a picture and staring”.

“Really, you want me to...”

“Yes babe, let’s give him a show, I can see your nipples getting hard so it must be turning you on as well.”

She gave me a strange look then lay back down and resumed her position with legs parted and eyes closed.

“What’s he doing now?” she asked me all excitedly.

I pretended to be looking at the end of the pier but could still see him in my periferal vision. “He’s staring again and aiming his camera, open your legs a bit more”.

Layla opened her legs a bit more, still laying back with her eyes half closed.

“I can see him ... the dirty bastard’s taking more pictures.” She said but smiling.

I looked around casually to make sure we wern’t being watched from anyone nearby, then reached over and caressed her tits as her nipples were clearly visible.

“Take your bra of babe, loads of other girls are topless on the beach today”

Layla smiled at me and grabbed the bulge in my shorts.

“This is really turning you on isn’t it?” she said, while sitting up and looking around to see if it would be apropriate and there were other girls actually topless.

Just behind us were two girls with no tops and to our left about 15 metres away was an older woman also topless so Layla hesitantly reached behind her to unclasp her bra. She didn’t take it off but just left it undone and lay back down.

“Where’s the suntan oil babe”

“In the bag over there”, she answered

I took out the oil and started rubbing it on myself still watching the guy on the pier discreetly. Then I started rubbing it on Layla’s belly and then pushed her bra up and exposed her tits.

Layla turned her head towards the pier and peered through half opened eyes at the old guy, “He’s taking more pictures” she said.

I just continued rubbing the oil into her tits and made her nipples really erect, then I did her belly and legs. When I reached her crotch, I felt it was soaking wet.

“Fuck me babe, your soaking wet, did you pee yourself”? I joked.

She didn’t answer but moaned quietly as I rubbed her pussy through her wet bikini bottoms.

“He’s walking away”, Layla said as she pushed my hand away.

I was getting a bit too naughty on a packed beach. I looked up and watched as he walked down the pier and onto the stony beach. “He’s on the beach babe ... and walking this way ... just lay still”.

He walked down the beach and found a spot about 10 metres away directly in front of us. He started looking around trying to be casual and then lay down pretending to read a newspaper. I told Layla what he was doing so she looked up to see for herself. She was resting on her elbows with her tits exposed just as a group of teenagers walked past. They made a few approving comments, nudging each other as they were ogling Layla with her naked tits on show.

Layla smiled at me and said, “I’m feeling so horny babe, I want to go home and make love”.

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