We Started Something and Now She Cannot Stop

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

Erotica Sex Story: Story about being introduced to watching another couple have same room sex. Then the dog is let in and joins in the fun.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   Sharing   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Squirting   .

This is difficult to write because I don’t know what to do and I can’t stop what’s already started.

Here’s what happened. My mate and his wife told me to come round with my wife for a few drinks. Now Jen, my wife had never met Jim and Heather before but they seemed to hit it off really we and spent most of the evening chatting and giggling together in the kitchen, while me and Jim had a few beers and chatted in the lounge.

Jen is 26 and fairly small size 8 but with perfect 34 b tits and a really tight small pussy. We have a really good sex life but she’s really shy and never done anything weird but she does like sexy videos and likes me to tell her true stories about various encounters I’ve had. Just to clarify, I’m 38 and been married twice and have done a lot of things so have a lot of stories.

I wanted Jen to meet Jim and Heather as they are in some kind of sex club and Jim’s told me loads of stuff that goes on and I wanted them to get Jen interested so hopefully we could also join.

Well, about 8 pm the girls come in and it was obvious they had been drinking and seemed quite drunk but acting really flirty with each other. Jim told me his wife was bisexual and that she told him earlier, she really liked Jen. I told him Jen was not really into girls but did like sexy movies.

Next thing I hear, is Jen asking Jim and Heather to show her one of their sexy movies ... They put one on and Jen snuggled up to me on the sofa as Jim and Heather did the same on a big arm chair next to us. As soon as the movie started, they were kissing and touching each other and Jen was watching them intently while squeezing my cock.

It wasn’t long before Heather had Jim’s cock out and was openly wanking him while Jen stared in disbelief. I told Jen to get my cock out and do the same, so she undid my zip and pulled it out.

Heather was watching her and Jim was smiling while he encouraged his wife to suck his cock. I asked Jen if she was OK or did she want to go home? but she just giggled and said, “No way this is fun. Jim’s cock is much bigger than yours but Heather is small like me so how can she take such a big cock?”

Heather looked up and answered her, “Yes Jim’s big but what I really love is ... him watching me in the club when were playing with other couples.”

“Really!” Heather said in surprise. “You do things with other couples and Jim let’s you?”

“Yes Jen, we both love the alternative fetish lifestyle and he loves to watch ... What about you two, you seem to be getting turned on watching us!”

“Well yes it’s really nice with the movie and seeing you play with Jim’s cock.”

“Are you turned on Jen?” Jim asked.

“Yes of course”, Jen answered

I then asked, “How would you like to have a dance with Heather while me and Jim watch and play with our cocks?”

“Really, you want to watch me and Heather!”

“Yes babe ... why not.”

Jim said something to Heather and she stood up and walked over to Jen. “Come on Jen, dance with me.”

Jen looked at me as Heather pulled her up and they started slow dancing together while Jim and I played with our cocks watching. Jen seemed quite shy at first but Heather started rubbing her back and then kissing her on her neck. Jen was staring at Jim’s cock which I must admit, looked huge but he just smiled and carried on wanking. Heather started kissing Jen on her lips and then was felling her tits.

I smiled at Jen when she looked over and then saw, they both had their hands between each other’s legs and seemed really turned on. Heather had her hand up Jens skirt and was clearly fingering her ... Jen started to cum and Heather lowered her to the floor and started snogging her while still fingering her. When she calmed down, Heather straddled her head and lowered her pussy onto Jens face ... Another first, I watched as Jen pulled Heathers knickers to one side and started kissing and licking her pussy.

Heather was doing the same to Jen and Jim said to me. Do you want to see Heather get fucked by the dog?

What... ! I couldn’t believe what Jim just said.

Heather looked up and just said, “Let him in Jim”.

Jim gets up and opens the kitchen door. They had this big Alsation dog and it comes running over to Heather and starts licking away at her pussy.

Jen looked horrified but was under Heather and was nearing another orgasm with another woman licking her pussy for the first time. She was licking Heather but the dog had pushed his long tongue into Heathers pussy, so Jen just stared in disbelief at the dog licking away.

Heather didn’t stop working on Jens pussy and was now moaning and shouting to Jim to help. Jim got up and helped the dog mount Heather and aimed his cock into Heather pussy. Jen couldn’t move and stared as the dog entered Heather and started pumping away really fast. It popped out and Jen and Jim and I watched as Heather reached under, grabbed his cock and put it back it.

Suddenly Jen started moaning and cumming so Heather held her down while the dog pushed his knot in and Heather let out a long moan and shouted, “He’s in me and pumping his sperm ... Oooooohhh myyyyyyy ggggoooddddd.”

Jim and I were wanking like crazy and I think we both came at the same time. Heather was still impaled by the the dog and sperm was dribbling out all over Jens face. Jen squeezed out from under Heather and crawled over to me as we all watched the dog pumping his sperm into Heather in the middle of the room.

Jim said, “They will be like that for at least another 15 minutes and Heather will cum a few more times as he will be pumping his cum into her for a while and the knot it is still up her.

Jen looked at me and I pulled her onto my lap and got my cock up her. She was soaking wet and started grinding into my lap as we both watched Heather on the floor with the dog laying behind her still pumping his sperm into her. She was moaning and Jim had kneeled down by her head and offered his cock to her mouth. She started sucking him as me and Jen fucked each other and watched.

Heather said something to Jim, so he got up and walked over to us fucking on the sofa. His cock was fat and huge and he stood next to us offering it to Jen to suck. I couldn’t believe it ... but she just reached out and grabbed it. Next thing I remember was him holding her head and she was sucking him while I was still fucking her on my lap.

Jen was getting up as the dog had released her and she came over and sat next to us on the sofa. Jim said he was about to cum and asked Jen where?

She just pulled her mouth away and continued wanking him off until he cum all over her tits. Heather was caressing Jens tits and then said, “I hope your not too shocked but we like to try new things and were introduced to the animal thing a while ago.”

Jen answered by saying, “It was incredible watching him fuck you but I was a bit scared when I first realised what was going on.”

Jim told us it was all just fun and they both enjoyed the new experiences. We all got dressed shortly after and on the way home, we couldn’t stop talking about it and as soon as we got home were fucking like rabbits all night.

Next day I got a message while at work that Jen had a call from Heather and was popping round for a girly chat and a coffee.

When I got home, Jen was like a woman possessed and dragged me into the bedroom and pushed me on the bed. She started telling me about the day with Heather and started undoing my jeans. She was already in her knickers and no bra and soon had me completely naked and mounted my hard cock on the sofa.

“What’s got into you babe?” I asked smiling as she was like a different woman. She started telling me what happened.

“Heather asked me round and another girl was there too. We obviously started talking about sex and the club they go to. Then this other girl, really slim and about 21 said, her husband was always out with his mates and comes home drunk most nights. She asked Heather if she could see her playing with her dog again. Anyway, Heather asked me if I minded and I said no, do what you like, I want to see too. She let the dog in the kitchen and he started snifing around us all so Heather grabbed hi collar and held him near her by the sink. She had this short skirt on and just opened her legs and let him sniff and lick between her legs. She told us his tongue was incredible and he could push it in so far, it felt like a cock.

As she stood there in the kitchen with his head up her skirt, Jasmine the other girl asked her, if it was dangerous and Heather just laughed and said, no but it’s bloody amazing and he can go on for hours. Heather then told Jasmine to come closer and hold his collar for her.

She went over and grabbed his collar and Heather took her knickers off and pulled her skirt up so we could see better. Jasmine was holding him back but he managed to get back into Heathers pussy licking and slurping.

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