Jane Starts Webcam Work for a Part Time Income

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

Erotica Sex Story: My new Filipino wife wanted to make some money and as she had not been in the UK very long, we decided to try webcam work from home. Part 1 of the story is all factual and true. Part 2 is some fact and some fiction.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   True Story   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Swinging   White Male   Oriental Female   White Couple   Anal Sex   First   Fisting   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Water Sports   Big Breasts   Small Breasts   .

It all started out as a part time income as my new Filipino wife Jane could not find a job. She’s very attractive, small and petite with a stunning set of breasts. She was only 25 yrs and about 4’ 8” and 45 kgs with 34b tits but her pussy was smooth and had virtually no hair, just a thin slit with no outer pussy lips like western girls.

We had been married about 6 months and when I first mentioned the adult work - webcaming from home but she said she was too shy. After a few weeks of watching sexy videos together playing and making love I found she loved trying new things. Anyway, one evening I clicked on the webcam section of videos and we watched girls and couples doing all kinds of things on cam.

Jane then asked me how much she could make doing the webcaming from home and how it all worked. I logged on to the site I had found offering the adult work and we read all about it. She could log on at the times she was available and choose the things she was willing to do and not to do. These included all kinds of stuff on cam with toys, anal, pissing, scat, insertions and if she had a partner, male or female for various actions on cam like fucking, domination, slave training etc.

One webcam video we saw was really weird as the girl on cam loved having her tits slapped, squeezed, tied up until they looked red and about to burst. Then the guy was slapping and even punching, them it ended with him putting strong clamps on her nipples and pulling them off to make her scream but this beautiful girl was clearly loving it and a very willing participant.

Another one that I am pretty sure got Jane interested was this couple that the husband or boyfriend was tied up on the floor and this really sexy stunning girl sat in a chair and started playing with her pussy and then inserting this long sex toy that was designed to make girls squirt. Well she started pissing all over him as he lay on the floor and she was trying to aim the long stream of piss into his mouth. Then she crouched down over his face and let him lick her pussy and then she used the toy again but this time she made him open his mouth and drink all her piss until she finished. When she finished, she started playing with his cock and got him hard and rode him until he orgasmed.

Jane seemed to get really turned on with the squirting movies but she had never done anything like that before. Then there was phone chat, sexting and escort work. We decided to just do the webcam and filled in the online form. The next step was an ID check and provide bank details etc. It all seemed above board and a few days later when approved, we set up the webcam in the bedroom and created a profile with a few sexy pics and what services she was prepared to do on cam. Obviously escort work was out of the question, as was any kind of weird domination stuff but she did leave water sports and insertions, sexting and live phone chat ticked...

We logged on and about 30 minutes later had a message saying someone paid for a 20 minute live webcaming session. We looked at each other and my gut was feeling really strange. My wife was about to do something on cam with a stranger. I was excited yet also apprehensive and was thinking did I really want Jane to do this?

Jane said, “It’s OK, I think I can do this but please can you not watch me and wait outside?”

“What! You mean you don’t even want me in the room while you do stuff on cam with some guy we don’t even know!”

Jane replied, “You can leave the door open a bit but please let me see how it goes with this first one by myself.”

I reluctantly agreed and she opened her cam and started messaging the viewer. He started messaging back and Jane lay back on the bed and opened her legs for him. She looked so sexy I was getting hard watching her already. She was wearing a white low cut bra that made her 34b tits stick out more and matching white knickers.

She looked at me and motioned me to go out of the room, so I closed the door but left a small gap about 1 inch wide so I could still see her on the bed. She starts typing on the laptop by the side of the bed and then un-hooked her bra. I assumed the guy paying for the session asked her to remove her bra. She lay back looking at the screen and then started rubbing her tits and smiling at the screen.

Another message comes through and she is kneeling up on the bed and rubbing her pussy over the top of her knickers with her tits on show. She squeezes her tits again and then her hand goes down inside her knickers and is rubbing her pussy and fingering herself for the viewer. My gut was in turmoil and I am sure this was the start of my own cuckold fetish I have had since this all began. I had my cock out and was stroking it slowly watching Jane perform for some strange guy on camera.

Then Jane gets another message and she pulls the side of her knickers over and is showing him her smooth pussy. She re positions herself on the bed, really close to the webcam and parts her knees more so he can see her little slit in close up.

Next she was rubbing a finger up and down her slit and then slid a finger inside herself and moaned out quite loudly. I remember thinking, was she really turned on watching the guy on her screen probably also wanking and showing her his cock or was she simply putting on a good show for him?

She parts her pussy lips and is showing him the close up inside of her cunt ... fucking hell this is so horny I want to come but held back. Then she was on all fours with her bum towards the camera and easing down her knickers to expose her naked bum and smooth slit from behind. She types something on the computer and resumes her position. Knickers are off now and she is holding her arse cheeks apart and her tiny slit must be parted open as well...

I couldn’t help it ... she pushed a finger in her tight little arse ... I was wanking furiously and started shooting my load all over the door and the floor. I had never cum so much in my life and I was still watching...

Jane was rubbing her pussy with one hand and had a finger in her arse from her other hand and she started masturbating herself faster until she collapsed on the bed shaking and orgasmed like I had never seen before ... She rolled over and moved closer to the cam and had her legs wide open, obviously showing the guy she had come and how wet and sticky she was. Then she waved at the cam and said thank you and clicked the cam off.

I was in the bedroom and on the bed in a flash and went straight down on Jane’s pussy licking and fingering her, she even let me finger her arse ... She just held my head and started telling me about the guy on screen.

It was a young guy in his 30’s and he was already hard and wanking as soon as she opened the cam. She said, he kept telling her to do things via the messaging and she felt so horny when he told her to do things.

She said, “It was like I had to do it because he told me ... and I felt I couldn’t refuse. When he told me to finger my bum I didn’t want to but I knew he was paying for the session and did it, but I felt so ... I can’t explain ... I wanted him to make me do really naughty stuff like put something inside me ... like a bottle or something. He asked me if I had any toys, I said no but will get some for next time as this was my first time on cam. That made him really excited and he made me watch him cum all over his hands and belly as he was laying on his bed too. He also told me to get a glass beer or coke bottle next time, as he wants to see me fuck myself with it ... That’s when I cum babe and he wanted me to show him a close up of my pussy all sticky and wet.”

I was now on top of Jane and had my cock inside her and was fucking her slowly as she recounted what happened. I pulled her over on top of me and hugged her close and started kissing her on her mouth. She was also really turned on and was kissing me back and had her hand behind her reaching round to squeeze my balls so I placed a finger at her anus and started to rub it around the edge. Jane moaned into my mouth, so I assumed she liked what I was doing and then I sped up my pace and just before she cum, I pushed my finger as far as I could into her little bum hole. As she came she arched her back and I shot my load deep inside her pussy.

The webcaming really turned her on and she started doing it every day and again in the evenings when I got home from work. She would tell me all about who she had webcamed with and what they made her do. We had bought various sex toys and a couple of really big ones. A huge black dildo (10 inches long and wide) that she couldn’t even get inside her ... We tried with gel and even after a week or so, she could only just get the head of it inside her and about 2 inches. Her pussy was simply too small and we had even tried to get my hand inside her but I could only just get 4 fingers in and I have fairly small hands for a guy.

The other big insert was a but plug that came as a set of 5 different sizes. The smallest was easy and we progressed up the sizes until she could get the number 4 inside, she would then put her knickers back on and start the webcaming with it still inside her. This always made the guys and even girls and women who paid to webcam with her really excited. I even got her to wear the number 3 But plug during the day in the house and we even went to Asda one day with it in.

Jane told me one evening after I came home from work, that some guy offered her £200 to meet him and all he wanted to do was play with her tits! I was really surprised to say the least, and although she refused, we did both consider it ... If I was there with her and she just let him do that in the back of our car with me as the driver or at his house.

So that’s how it all started and after a month or so, Jane was webcaming twice a day 12 pm to 3 pm and 6 pm to 9 pm and money was being deposited in her bank. She was making about £100 per day more or less cos the webcam company kept 60% and Jane got 40%. I had also started being included in the evenings, as some guys wanted to see Jane being fingered and fucked by me and some wanted me to fuck her in the throat, but we both didn’t want to do that, so she refused those requests. However over the next few months things changed a lot and Jane became much more daring and we even met some punters in real life because they paid her a lot of money do things I will go into in part 2 of our story.

We also had to get a waterproof mattress cover as Jane and I, really got into water sports and pissing on each other. Some of the things we did were unbelievable when I look back now. In fact some of the things they asked Jane to do on cam were so disgusting, she sometimes wore a mask, just in case she was being videoed from their end.

Part 2

So it started with the water sports and Jane pissing on cam, sometime close up shots or wetting herself in tight jeans or tights, and sometimes I was included and was instructed to make her squirt while fingering her, or me laying on the floor or bed while Jane sat on my face and pissed on me and in my mouth really close to the webcam. We even decided to get a heavy duty mattress cover so we could do our water sports on the bed and just change the sheets daily.

Once, this guy wanted me to act out his fantasy ... Where Jane was dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and the webcam was set up in the living room, aimed at the front door and sofa. I had to pretend to be a delivery guy and when Jane opened the door, I was instructed to chat her up and seduced her. He wanted her to act like a very shy surprised housewife and as soon as she was touched on her tits ... she got really turned on and let me suck her tits and nipples and then finger her down her jeans. He wanted her to squirt in her jeans as I fingered her to orgasm.

That session turned Jane and myself on so much, we started doing stuff we would never have dreamed of before. One couple asked us to fuck on cam while they fucked on their cam. We were all really turned on watching each other ... and then this couple asked, if could I pee on Jane and then in her mouth? They started copying us and doing it themselves and this woman on cam was drinking her husbands pee and then he wanked off in her mouth till he came bucket loads of sperm.We copied them and I found that Jane was OK with it and although she told me she was nearly sick, she told me afterwards, it really turned her on.

We were always getting offers of live meetings with either Jane meeting a guy alone or as a couple where I could just watch or join in. We declined all offers until one day Jane told me a guy had offered £500 to play with Jane in the back of our car ... and I could drive her and watch.

Well, we chatted about it for quite a while and as our sex life was out of this world for the last few months, we decided to take it to the next level. We had done virtually everything we could have dreamed up ourselves on cam but there were some requests we were not ready to do ... yet ... but we did later.

So we arranged to meet this guy who was in his 50’s, about 120 Kgs and quite fat but he had a fairly big cock. We had webcamed with him previously and he seemed fairly normal. He was so amazed at Jane’s small body and loved her tits and her anal insertions ... he said was willing to pay anything to meet her in person!

On the day, he had asked Jane to wear a short skirt, tights and no bra ... just a t-shirt or tight top with her nipples showing through and to wear her but plug. At 9pm we met the guy in a pub near the river in Bedford and we went for drink and chat to break the ice. We explained that although Jane had done webcam work for a few months, he was the 1st person we had decided to meet ... We explained that £500 was too good an offer to turn down and after mentioning the money he handed me an envelope and said, “Here you are, I’m deadly serious and I find your beautiful wife Jane to be the sexiest girl on the whole webcaming website.” And there were 100’s if not a 1000+ girls on that website.

He asked if he could touch Jane’s legs under the table?

I looked at Jane who just stared at me like a deer trapped in a cars headlights. The pub was quite full but we were not being overlooked ... So he reached down and started stroking her legs and tights.

“I really have this thing for tights”, he said.

“Me too”, I replied and told him, “I just love seeing her in tights with no knickers underneath. We went shopping for shoes once and Jane flashed this young shoe shop assistant, she opened her legs and he saw her knicker less pussy through the tights ... He couldn’t stop staring and Jane just looked around the shop and then opened her legs even more, giving him a really good show. I loved it and we sometimes do it on the train to London.”

The guy was stroking Jane’s leg and she had her arms leaning on the table in front and staring at me.

“What’s he doing babe?” I asked looking back into her eyes.

“He’s between my legs and rubbing the top of my pussy over the tights.”

“She’s so beautiful and sexy ... she’s getting wet already.” the fat guy says...

Then he pulls his hand out from under the table and shows me his wet sticky fingers. I got that strange feeling in my gut again and said to Jane, “You sure you want to do this babe?”

She just nodded and asked,”Where are we going to go?”

The fat guy answered, “I know a place that’s fairly quiet and safe. It’s a dogging spot near a lake. Don’t worry, if any doggers are out today, they won’t do anything unless invited to play. If you keep the windows closed they will just watch and wank themselves outside.”

We left the pub and went to our car and the fat guy got in the back with Jane. I started to drive and was being directed by the fat guy in the back, who has now got his arm around Jane and already fondling her tits. Jane was looking a bit scared, so I reassured her that it’s only a bit of fun and if she really wants to go home, we can call it a night and give the guy his money back.

She responded, “No it’s OK babe, but please stay with me OK?”

“Yes of course babe, I’m here, just relax and let him play.’

The fat guy said, “Yes, No problem, I just want to play with you and won’t do anything weird.”

Jane relaxed and the fat guy put his hand up her top and started playing with her tits and nipples. I adjusted my mirror so I could watch and saw he was now sucking on her nipple and had a hand up her skirt feeling her legs and pussy over the tights. Jane started making moaning sounds as he was obviously making her feel horny. He told me to drive for another 2 miles and then turn into the car park near the lake on the left. When we arrived I turned around and saw, he had got his hand inside Jane’s tights and she was laying back on the rear seat with her legs open.

“She’s nice and wet”, the fat guy said. “Can you take some pictures for me and hands me his phone.”

Jane looked so fucking sexy laying there as his fat fingers were going in and out of her, still inside the tights.

“I can feel her butt plug is in”, he said.

Then Jane moaned again as he pulled it in and out a bit. Jane’s tits were out as he had pulled her top right up and her skirt was up around her waist. It was fairly dark outside and I thought I saw some movement as I started taking the pictures. The flash must have been attracting them.

“Don’t worry”, the fat guy said... “Its only the regular doggers. They won’t do anything so just keep the doors locked and windows closed ... Unless you want a bit of group action or groping”

The fat guy was peeling Jane’s tights down and he left them around her thighs. Then started to finger her again, pushing her legs apart. She could only open them so far cos the tights restricted her. So then he told her to take one leg out but keep the tights on.

“I love tights ... Her pussy is amazing and so fucking wet mate.” he said to me as I watched with my gut turning over and my cock rock hard in the front passenger seat.

“I want to taste her and take her but plug out now, so take some more pictures while I do her OK.”

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