Dogging With Dave

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

Erotica Sex Story: This is a dogging story that happened a while ago. Male on male and also some male, male on female action.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   Sharing   Group Sex   Fisting   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Squirting   .

Here’s a dogging story that happened a while ago but one I remember quite vividly. My wife and I had been to a London Fetish club, (Those experiences are in other stories) and this is what happened on the way home and layer when I went dogging.

We’d had a great night and were horny as fuck driving home at 3 AM. We had both taken some ecstacy and I was playing with Jane all the way down the motorway.

She was laying back in the passenger seat and letting me play with her exposed tits. Her legs were parted and her little black silky dress was up around her waist. Her knickers were pulled over and she was letting me finger her as we drove. She also wore black hold up stockings and had hold of my cock which was out and covered in baby oil, as I keep a bottle in the car exactly for this type of play on the way home.

Ecstacy makes you feel incredibly horny and want to have sex with virtually anyone, it also makes you enjoy deep penetration. Jane especially loved me trying to fist her while on E”s but the most I could ever manage was 4 fingers as her little Filipina pussy is too tight.

Anyway ... she had oiled up my exposed cock and balls, as I had already released it from my tiny leather shorts (club gear) and the feeling was incredible as she slid her hand up and down, squeezing my balls.

I had 2 fingers in Jane and as we came off the motorway we were stopped at the traffic lights ... I was finger fucking her quite fast and then she screamed out, she was gonna cum ... she had a huge orgasm and squirted all over my hand shaking and gripping my hand.

I heard a car horn beeping behind me ... The lights had changed, so had to continue driving ... but Jane was still squirting in the car. It went everywhere because she was laying back in the seat ... It went all over the dashboard, the floor and it even hit the windscreen. We both laughed and were soon home and climbing the stairs to our bedroom.

On the bed we fucked like crazy, going over what happened. I went down on Jane and she pulled me around in a 69 and sucked my cock. We made love for a while but Jane was knackered and wanted to sleep, so I said I would go down and watch some porn on the internet.

She knew I couldn’t stop having sex while on E’s and was used to me watching porn and playing with myself after club nights like tonight.

So down I went and started watching some sexy movies but It wasn’t doing it for me ... I was still horny and I looked at the clock, It was 4 AM, so I decided to drive to a dogging spot and see if there was any action going on. Now I’m not gay and not normally into guys in anyway but I am Bi-sexual I suppose, because I do like ladyboys (Katoys). I lived in Thailand for a long time and had several experiences with Katoys out there. (if you like Ladyboy stories, send me a message and I may write about some of my experiences).

So off I went in the car to a Dogging spot, not too far away. I have no idea why, well horny as fuck is a good reason I suppose. I went out still dressed in my club gear, small leather black shorts and black Tshirt. My cock was still hard and poking out of the zip in my shorts as I drove. I also took a blue pill (kamargra) earlier in the evening as E’s alone, tend to make your cock go limp. Therefore, I always have a viagra or kamargra to compensate, then I have no problem and it stays hard all night.

So when I got to the car park it was still dark and there was only one car there. I parked up and turned off my engine and lights and sat there in the darkness watching and stroking my cock. I grabbed the baby oil from the glove box and poured it all over my cock and balls but because of my shorts, it was getting a bit messy, so I slipped them off and sat there naked from the waist down.

As I rubbed the oil over my cock and balls, the feeling of pleasure was so nice, well intense actually. I continued wanking and staring into the darkness. My mind was racing and I was thinking about all the sexy things we did that evening in the club.

I was remembering how Jane was letting me caress her beautiful 34 B tits in front of this single guy. We were in this dark room and there were several other couples in there having sex but we were standing behind another couple, watching some girl being fucked from behind as her husband held her at the front kissing her and fingering her. Several single guys were gropping her tits and I assumed one of them was fucking her.

Anyway, there was this young 30 something single guy right next to us, staring at Jane’s tits as I was feeling them from behind. He had his cock out and was wanking it, almost in front of Jane. She just watched him as he stroked it, he was sort of showing it off to her. I had exposed her tits from the dress and was twirling her nipples and had turned her so she was facing him. He was looking at me, then her tits, then her face and then he asked if he could touch?

I asked Jane ... and she hesitantly nodded, so I gave the guy the OK to have a feel. He stepped forward and I moved my hands away, so he could caress and squeeze them. Jane obviously liked it as she moaned and rested her head on my shoulder. I cupped her bum cheeks and pulled them apart ... then delved down lower.

I told her to part her legs a bit, so she did and I slipped two fingers in her soaking wet pussy. This made her shudder and the guy in front leaned forward and started sucking on her nipples. This was so fucking horny I got Jane to hold my cock as I fingered her from behind.

Then a few more guys appeared and were watching closely as the guy in front was having a good feel and suck Jane’s nipples. I felt his fingers trying to enter Jane’s pussy from the front. I thought for a few seconds if I should let it go this far but Jane seemed to be OK with it, so I pulled my fingers out and let him finger her and suck her tits.

Jane was still wanking me as I held her facing the guy. Then the other guys all started gropping her and there was a mass of hands on her tits and between her legs.

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