Trick or Treat

by angeldust

Copyright© 2018 by angeldust

Thriller Story: Happy (?) Halloween.

Caution: This Thriller Story contains strong sexual content, including Horror   Paranormal   Halloween   .

I worked the night shift with one of the sexiest women you could ever meet. Unfortunately so does her husband, who I consider to be a good friend.

Martha is about 26, 36-26-36, 5’5” weighing around 110 lbs. She has dark raven black hair and dark eyes. Her lips are ripe cherry red against alabaster skin with an aroma that is somehow floral and earthy mixed with something that I cannot place. She is very sensual.

Max, her husband stands at 5’11’, 185 lbs and with the body of a boxer. He has dark brown hair, brown eyes with an olive complexion and is very friendly. He is the type that once you get to know him you know you have a friend for life. Even knowing that, I couldn’t help but want to have sex with his wife. I knew that if I ever did though that I’d be dead as Max was hopelessly in love with his wife to the point of deadly jealousy.

As friendly as we were at work, slight flirtations and her bumping her booty into my hands. I really didn’t know much about them personally. Her ass was hot, not just in sight but also it was radiating heat while the rest of her was cold to the touch. They didn’t talk about their lives outside of work too much. Sure once or twice we went to the local bar where we spoke about the teams, weather, current events and the fact that lately people seemed to have gone missing off the streets. The police were reluctant to use the term but everyone thought serial killer. The cops were in our location a lot as the missing seemed to happen within a radius of our place of business. I had voiced my concern due to the fact that Martha sometimes went home by herself when it was Max’s night off, she’d just laugh and said that nobody stood a chance with her. She normally was gone before I even noticed.

One Friday night I was walking home when I saw this beautiful girl waiting for a bus. I walked over to her and stood next to her and started to talk to her. “Waiting long?” I asked. She ignored me and looked in the direction the bus would come from. “I only ask to see if I missed my regular one or not.” I continued. We were the only two on the street at the moment. “No, but I just missed the last one so we have about twenty minutes before the next.” With that I grabbed her face and stuffed a bandana into her mouth for a gag. I held a rag soaked in ether to her nose and she fought for a little while before going limp as I dragged her to my beat-up humpmobile. I pushed her into the back seat and drove off to a secluded hut to have my fun with her.

The young girl started to swim through her mind towards the lazy hanging yellow light. “Uhh, I see that you have decided to join the party. So kind of you, I am sure that we will have fun with each other or I at least will with you.” I told her. She screamed! ‘Now that is more like it,’ I thought as I started to cut her clothes from her; ‘it is always more fun when they imagine what is about to happen.’ I bent down and kissed her tight stomach, smelling the fear rising from her skin. I also smelt the scent of her urine as she let it freely flow. Fear is such a refreshing emotion to observe it is one of the equalisers of mankind. I am sure that she wished that she had not spoken to me but she was already mine when I saw her alone in the night. I brought in a bucket of warm soapy water and started to wash her. I mean I am not an animal. After I dried her, I started to kiss her again enjoying running my hands over her body, feeling between her legs and then I mounted her. I had her in a fleeing pose and placed her next to that punk kid that had demanded my wallet when I was jogging one night. I had him on his knees begging for his life just as he was when he died. I then went home to catch a few winks before going to the game. It is hard finding victims that fit into my little group of people I had collected; I mean the police were looking for me ever since my third victim and I now had nine guests at my hut.

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