Asian Wife - Getting Touched in the Club

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

Erotica Sex Story: We had not been into the Swinger and Fetish club scene very long and on this particular night, Jane got touched by a couple and then fucked by a big black guy and even got groped by some of the guys and couples watching.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   Heterosexual   True Story   Cuckold   Sharing   Wife Watching   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   Oriental Female   White Couple   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   Squirting   .

This happened at Arousal a fetish / swinger club in the UK when we were very new to the scene.

My wife is a slim 5’ 2” Filipino, 25 years at the time and has stunning 34B breasts with big sensitive nipples. This evening she was wearing a black satin mini dress with front lace ups, tiny black silky G string and black hold up stockings. I had my usual, tiny black leather shorts and a black T shirt and we had both taken a couple of sweets (Ecstasy) an hour before arriving.

As we were walking around and looking at all the various things going on in different rooms we came across a side room with a curtain across the door and a girl standing there holding it closed. As she saw us looking, she said “Couples only” and pulled open the curtain a bit, so we could see inside. It was a very dark room with bench seats around the sides.

The room only had a very dim red bulb in the ceiling and you could just make out that there were couples sitting on the bench seats and as we stood in the doorway trying to see if there was anything going on, a couple got up and squeezed past us in the doorway.

I then said to Jane, let’s go in and sit where they were, so in we went and the curtain behind us closed making it even darker than before. As we sat there, our eyes started to adjust to the darkness and I could make out that there were about 6 couples in the room and they were all watching a couple in one corner where it looked like the woman was being licked out by her partner who was kneeling down between her legs and she was laying back onto another couple of which the woman was kissing her on the mouth and her husband was playing with her tits and then stroking down her belly and onto her legs and inner thighs.

We were all trying to watch this going on when I could also, just about make out, because of the darkness, that the other couples in the room were all in various states of, either kissing and playing with each other.

I then saw that right next to us, a slim girl with tiny tits was being fingered by her partner and she had placed her head against Jane’s shoulder and Jane was watching them intently. Jane must have been getting quite horny watching the couple so close to her, that she had reached over and had pulled my cock out and was slowly, squeezing and wanking me with her left hand, while watching the guy sliding his hand up and down his partners legs. He also seemed to be whispering something into his girls ear.

I then saw she had her hand on my wife’s right leg and was now leaning across her ... more than sitting next to her. My wife looked at me and I started deep kissing her on the mouth. The girl was gripping her leg as the guy was clearly giving her a really good fingering and then she started to moan and slide her hand ... higher up Jane’s leg.

I saw Jane tense up a bit, as she had never had a girl so close and touching her like this, and then the girls hand went up towards her inner thigh ... The girl then turned her head to look up at Jane.

Jane just looked down at her face and then the girl moved up and started kissing her face really slowly and gently. The guy who was fingering her had now also seen what was happening, he had moved his hand up to expose his girlfriends breasts by opening up her white blouse. As he slid his hand inside her blouse, I saw the girls hand had now slid right up between Jane’s inner thigh and must have been touching her pussy through the black satin thong she was wearing.

Jane’s legs were now slightly apart and the girl was seriously snogging her and had pulled her head down more with her other hand. Jane still had hold of my cock and was rubbing it up and down and I then noticed the guy was moving his hand onto Jane’s tits and had slid his hand inside her thin black dress which had string ties at the front and was very low.

Jane broke away from the kiss and was looking at the girls hand between her legs and her partner feeling her tits ... I then placed my hand on Jane’s left leg and slowly inched my way up her inner thigh to find the girl next to her, was already inside her thong and was fingering Jane.

Jane’s head was back and the guy feeling her tits had moved around and was now on the floor in front of Jane and watching his wife fingering Jane. He placed his hands on her thighs and slowly eased her legs apart a bit more so he could see what was going on. The girl was now pushing Jane back so she was laying with her back on my chest and I was feeling her breasts from behind, while the girl bent forward and started to open her dress fully and get her tits out.

Jane was just letting all this happen ... I think, because it was so dark and she and I were both were so fucking horny now. The guy between her legs had now moved his head closer and I could see his girlfriend, offering her fingers to her man and he was sucking them.

Jane was now laying right back into me and her legs were wide open, when I saw another couple, standing up right in front of us and the woman was wanking a black guy’s cock. He was massive to say the least and they were both staring down at the guy who was about to start licking and sucking on Jane’s smooth and tight shaved pussy.

The girl laying next to Jane was now fingering Jane in between her husband licking her and then offering her fingers up to him to suck again ... Jane’s pussy must have been soaking wet and I just started kissing her mouth while the guy and girl worked on making her come...

I then looked up and saw that the black guy, who was standing in front had stepped over the guy between her legs and his wife was offering this huge long cock to the girl fingering Jane. As she leaned forward to take the end of his cock in her mouth, I saw Jane had her right hand between the girl’s legs and was fingering her too ... This nearly made me come ... but I managed to hold back and moved Jane’s hand off my cock and up to the monster cock that the girl was sucking.

Jane gripped the base of his big black cock and it must have been at least 10 inches long and so fat that ... her hand could not go right around it. All of a sudden Jane started to come and lifted her pussy up from the seat and arched her back as she screamed out in pleasure. The guy between her legs still had his head buried between her legs and was what seemed to be trying to hold her pussy to his mouth. Then he had to release her as Jane gushed a massive amount of liquid all over his face and the floor.

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