My Sexy Young Wife Wants His Baby

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

Erotica Sex Story: My wife and I met this Brazilian couple in a club and it was obvious they fancied my wife. They started meeting with her occasionally and then one day, invited us to a party on their boat. It turned out, the guy was quite wealthy and had 2 more girlfriends, both living with him and they were both pregnant.

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I’m a 44 year old guy, average build 5’ 10” and my wife is 22 petite and quite small compared to me at only 4’ 11”. We’ve been married for a year now and met while she was on holiday in Italy. She was with her parents and I was working in a bar. We hit it off immediately and were married 6 months later, living back in England. She was very shy but was really hot in bed and our sex life was amazing. I’d had a vasectomy some 8 years ago so cannot and do not want any more kids as I already have two with my ex-wife and they are now both in their 20’s.

About 3 months ago my mate and his wife told us they were going to this sex club so we decided to give it a try. Well that first night was a real eye opener and since then, we have been going every week.

We both can’t get enough and have met some great new friends there but my wife has changed because of this weird couple we met there on that first night. They were from Brazil and started chatting to us in the bar and were explaining to us all about the club and what went on. They showed us around and were really friendly telling us stories and we hit it off.

He was huge in every way, about 6’10 and obviously a muscle builder with wide shoulders and slim waist. He had tribal tattoos on his arms, chest and back and his cock looked massive as the bulge in his black leather shorts was so obvious. His girlfriend, also Brazilian, was almost as tall as him and was like a big Amazon woman warrior. She made my wife look tiny and virtually half of her size. Her tits were huge 38 or 40 but really well shaped and bursting out of a skimpy bra.

That first night we explored the venue and watched people playing and girls getting well fucked by groups of single guys and we would play with each other while watching. Guys would try to touch my wife but she would push them away as we were both not ready to jump into the group sex or swapping partners so soon.

We did play with one couple standing near us, while we were watching this guy and his wife do things with a big black guy in a small room. They were squeezed in, next to us and I was playing with my wife’s nice little 32 B tits from behind her and she was playing with my cock with her hand behind her. I had pulled her tits out of her bra and this couple next to us were doing the same but watching me play with my wife as well.

The other girl said something to my wife and then I saw her reaching over and cupping her right breast and my wife just let her do it while squeezing my cock harder. Then this girl moved her hand down from her breast to her belly and into the top of my wife’s skirt and knickers. The other guy and I were both watching and then his wife started kissing mine and they had a really sexy long snog while she was obviously fingering my wife. The guy also had a feel of my wife’s tits and I was touching his wife’s arse and nearly fingered her.

The couple with the black guy we were all watching in the small room, had finished their fucking and were leaving, so we all exited the room and went back to the bar to have a drink and chat about what just happened. We both agreed it was a real turn on playing with the couple in the tiny room and when I told her I was touching the guys wife’s arse while she was fingering you. She grabbed my cock and told me she wanted to see me doing it next time.

We wandered into the area where people were dancing and a DJ was sitting in a box high up above the dance floor, there were also a couple of girls pole dancing virtually naked and flashing their pussies together on this small stage area for their husband’s and other couples all watching.

Then we saw a seating area in the corner near the DJ so went over to have a sit down. However, we found there was also this other area directly under the DJ with a big double mattress and that’s where we saw the Brazilian couple again. They were laying down in this hidden area with another single guy. The single guy was playing with the Brazilian girl as she was snogging her man, she had released his cock and was wanking him as this other guy was laying between her open legs licking and fingering her pussy.

We watched for a few minutes and then the Brazilian guy saw us watching and pushed the single guy away from his girlfriend and motioned for us to climb in and sit with them on the bed. The single guy looked a bit pissed off but slid off the bed and my wife climbed up and sat next to the girl. I sat at the end of the mattress where the single guy was previously and just watched as this big sexy girl started talking to my wife. The music was too loud for me to hear anything but soon, this girl started kissing my wife and was rubbing her tits and belly.

The tattoo covered boyfriend was watching and wanking his cock while I also stared in disbelief at my wife now laying back and getting fingered and snogged by this big amazon looking girl. I started touching the Brazilian girls legs and was rewarded by the boyfriend pulling her legs open and nodding for me explore further between her legs.

I was soon fingering her while watched my wife getting fingered and made love to and this Brazilian guy was just smiling and wanking his cock slowly. I started to go down on his girlfriend and pulled her knickers to the side and started licking her pussy, she just opened her legs wider to give be better access.

Then I saw that this girl had 2 fingers in my wife and was trying to make her cum but my wife was trying to sit up or change position. The next thing I saw, was her being lifted over the girl and placed between them. The Brazilian guy was on his knees and immediately dived down between my wife’s legs and started licking and kissing her pussy in a 69 position.

Her skirt was up and he had pulled her knickers to the side, she was laying on her back with his huge cock dangling down next to her head. It was rubbing on her face and my wife was made to hold it by his girlfriend. I could tell my wife was really enjoying being licked by this guy as she was bucking around underneath him but he had her legs held apart with his arms and his body pressing her down.

I now had my own cock out and stroking it while watching him pleasure my wife while his girlfriend snogged her and were both holding and wanking his massive cock. The girl turned my wife’s head and she was being offered his 10 inch cock to lick and suck. As I watched, I could see she was really hesitant and just let it rub on her face but she did squeeze his big balls while his girlfriend wanked him and tried to get her to suck his bell end. She was being pinned down and was rolling her head around and this huge guy was driving her absolutely wild with his tongue between her legs.

Then he got his arms around her legs and pulled them back so she was bent double and her arse and pussy was exposed for us all to see. He started rimming her arse hole and then pulled her pussy lips apart and delved in with his tongue again. Another guy who had squeezed in next to me, had his cock out and was wanking fast and he started rubbing my wife’s legs with his cock.

I just watched as this guy next to me slid his hand down her inner thigh and the Brazilian guy looked up actually and let him feel her pussy and finger her for a bit before going back to licking her out! I started rubbing her other leg and the other guy and myself were now holding my wife’s legs up as she started to moan and cum. He held her still while pushing his tongue deep into her pussy and I saw she was still holding the massive cock in her tiny hand.

When she finished her orgasm, they let her sit up and she slid across the mattress to me and hugged me said, “ My god that was amazing, he had his tongue right inside me and it felt like a cock but it was incredible. His cock is so long and she tried to make me suck him but it was too big and he was making me feel like ... well ... I can’t explain ... it was so nice babe.”

We thanked the Brazilian couple and went for a walk around and reflect on what just happened. My wife told me she had never had any lesbian experiences previously and said it was nice but the girl was a bit rough when fingering her.

She told me she saw me fingering the Brazilian girl and asked if it turned me on watching her kissing and playing with another girl. I told her it was fucking ace and also seeing her playing with his huge cock was an even bigger turn on.

“So did you want to see me suck him as well”? She asked me all sheepishly.

“Well babe, I don’t think you could have got much in your mouth, maybe the head and a few inches”.

“I know, it was huge” she replied.

An hour later and we were on our way home and fucked like rabbits till the morning as we talked and played and made each other cum again and again.

The next week we went to the club again and on this evening it was a fetish gear only and everyone had to get dressed up in rubber or leather and chains and bondage gear. My wife wore a white see through blouse with just one button holding it closed, no bra and her lovely little perky tits and nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. She also wore a short black silky skirt, sheer black hold up stockings and a tiny white g string. I had a pair of leather shorts and a black leather and chain chest harness, like you see in the old Roman gladiator movies.

As we wandered around the club we were amazed at how many people were attending that night, the club was packed and the dance floor was heaving with couples and single guys all dancing and groping each other. There was action going on all over the place and many rooms were so packed with people playing or watching we couldn’t even get close to see what was going on inside.

We ended up in the dance area again and made our way to the same area we found last week and saw the same Brazilian couple in the cubby hole under the DJ again. As soon as they saw us they pushed a couple of guys who were also on the bed off, and shouted over the noise to join them again.

I looked at my wife and was about to ask her if she wanted to sit with them again but without hesitation, she was already climbing on the mattress ... and they parted so she had to sit between them. I was a bit shocked at how quick my wife jumped up there but there was nothing I could do and didn’t want to cause a scene so squeezed in next to them all and listened as they tried to make small talk with us.

After about 5 minutes I asked my wife if she wanted to have another walk around and find some action and play but she just said “No, you can go and have a look around get the drinks and I’ll wait here”.

I couldn’t believe what she just said but thought ... OK, I’ll go and have a quick walk about and be back soon. Nothing was going on sexually and the Brazilian couple were just chatting with her so I jumped down and said I’ll be back soon.

I wandered around for about 10 minutes and because there were so many people in the club that night, I could hardly see any action or playing as it was impossible to get close to anyone playing. At one point in a very dark play room some guy was encouraging a group of men and women to fondle his wife so I pushed in and managed to get my hand between her legs. However there must have been about 6 guys groping her and someone’s fingers were in her pussy and another fingering her arse. Her tits were just a mass of hands so I backed out and went to explore in other rooms.

It was about 15 minutes that had passed so I went to the bar area and stood in line to buy a couple of drinks. It took another 10 minutes to get served and then I headed back to the wife and our new friends. When I got back, there was a huge crowd of maybe 20 people, a few couples and loads of single guys, all crowding round and trying to see what was going on in the corner and I couldn’t get anywhere near ... it was heaving. I ended up dumping the drinks on a table and trying to force my way back into the area where my wife was.

As I squeezed in, I could see another couple were also on the bed and the Brazilian couple were either side of my wife who was laying on her side. The Brazilian girl was laying down in front of my wife and was kissing her face, I could barely see but think she was fingering her as well. The big guy was behind my wife and it looked like he was fucking her from behind as he was spooning her.

The girl from the other couple on the mattress was kneeling down and being fucked by her partner from behind and she was looking between my wife’s legs and holding her leg up. I pushed in and got a bit closer and it was true. The Brazilian guy was fucking my wife with his long cock from behind. His girlfriend was keeping my wife busy snogging and rubbing her clit while the other girl being fucked was holding her leg up so everyone could see his huge fucking cock sliding in and out of my tiny wife between this huge couple.

My head was in a spin, why was she letting them do this to her? She was taking at least half of his cock inside her tight little pussy. He was holding her tits from behind and sliding in and out really slowly and I could tell, my wife was really enjoying it and then he pulled out completely and showed everyone her pussy ... gapping wide open. His girlfriend slid her hand down and pushed her fingers in and I’m sure she was trying to fist her but her hand was too big. Then she grabbed the girl’s hand who was holding her leg up and being fucked by her man and pulled it down to my wife’s gaping pussy.

Her hand was much smaller and between them they got her whole fist inside and the crowd around us were clapping and cheering. My wife was just lying there taking it and the girl fisting her had managed to bend down and started licking her clit. The Brazilian guy said something to his girlfriend and my wife and they both nodded. He lifted her leg up and was trying to get his cock in her again, but this time he must have been trying her arse as the other girl still had her hand in her pussy.

Fucking hell, this was crazy, I needed to get on the bed and let her know I was there but she seemed to be all drunk or something because she seemed to be letting them do whatever they wanted to her and she didn’t even recognise me when I got close. I called her name a few times and I saw the Brazilian guy winking at his girlfriend and laughing.

I managed to get close to her but she seemed unable to talk, was rolling her head around and constantly moaning and kissing the girl on the mouth. The girl fisting her had pulled her hand out and a couple of single guys were now fingering and groping between her legs. The big Brazilian guy slapped their hands away and shouted for them to back off.

He then put his cock back in her pussy and told her he was going to make her come but to wait for his girlfriend to come at the same time. I saw he was not wearing a condom and was fucking my wife bare back! They both started to play with her tits and rub her clit and the big cock was sliding in and out much faster. He was holding her leg up and everyone could see it going in and out and stretching her to the limit. She started rubbing her own pussy and fingering herself ... Then he shouts to his girlfriend he is going to cum and my wife just moans out really loudly as he starts coming deep into my wife’s pussy and he did not even try to pull out.

She starts to cum and the girlfriend is rubbing her own pussy and just as she comes, she straddles my wife’s face and starts squirting all over her face. She holds her head between her legs and grinds her crotch into her face holding her head still.

Big cock is pulling out and as it plops out her gaping pussy, loads of his sperm was running out. They let her lay down on her back and the girlfriend gets off my wife’s face. My wife just lays there with her legs spread wide open and gapping at the crowd of people who are virtually all guys and wanking at the show my wife just provided.

I managed to get close and talk to my wife but it was like she was drunk. I pulled her up and her G string was gone, so I pulled her off the bed and she nearly collapsed on the floor. Another guy helped me carry her to a chair and I saw he was groping her between her legs on the way.

She eventually came around and started saying, “Where are we? Can we go home?”

I got her to the cloakroom and we headed down the stairs to the car outside. On the way home she told me they gave her a drink and after about 5 minutes she started feeling really nice and horny, she got all hot and the room was strange and changing colour. I told her I think they must have put something in her drink as no way would she have let them do that to her normally and without me there.

Her legs were open and I was rubbing and fingering her pussy while I was driving as she just lay back and let me play while she rubbed her own tits and nipples. I asked her if she was sore and if he hurt her with his big cock. She said it didn’t hurt now but it did at first but they put some lubricant on her pussy and it went in easier.

When we got home she was laying on the bed spread eagled and her pussy was still gaping open so I was on her in a flash licking and pushing as many fingers as I could up her used cunt and she started moaning and saying... “He wants me to have his baby”.

“What are you talking about babe?”

“Yes, he kept telling me while he was inside me, whispering in my ear and so did she.”

“What ... His girlfriend said that too?”

“Yes and they told me he had 2 more girlfriends who are pregnant as well.”


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “So you let him fuck you without a condom and he is telling you he wants to make you pregnant?”

“Yes ... I know it sounds crazy, but it was like I was in a dream and my head was all fuzzy and I was seeing colours and when they started touching me it was so different, I just couldn’t help myself and they were all over me. She made me wank his cock again and we both sucked him but I couldn’t get it all in. She could get him in and was gagging but I couldn’t, I was nearly sick and couldn’t breath. so l just watched her and played with his balls”.

I was as hard as fuck listening to her telling me what happened so I got between her legs and tried to put my cock in her pussy and make love to her. But it was still so open and loose that my cock just flopped out and I couldn’t even feel anything.

“Fuck me in my arse”, she told me.

So I turned her onto her side and juiced up her arse hole. Her arse was still nice and tight and I managed to get it all the way in and start fucking her slowly while I told her to continue telling me what else happened.

“He tried to get it in my arse too but he couldn’t so she started fingering me there and got two fingers up me, but she told him I was too small and to go back to my pussy”.

I tried to hold back but it was too much for me and started shooting my spunk up her arse. We hugged and fucked until the early hours and then fell asleep.

On Monday afternoon after I returned from work my wife told me the Brazilian couple had called her and asked if she wanted to come visit them at their house in Watford one day this week. I asked how they got her number and she said she gave it to them when they were chatting last week.

“You’re not going to go are you?”

But she just smiled and said, “I’m not sure yet ... but I want you to come with me. Maybe we can go one evening together, I think they’re a really nice couple.”

I told her “Are you nuts, they probably spiked your drink and told you they want you to have his baby and now you want to be friends with them!”

She goes all quiet and we had a silent evening with me trying to get my head around what the fuck was happening between us. A few days go by and then I come home from work and there is a note saying. “Gone to have a coffee with our new friends as they were in town. Call me.”

I called her phone and she told me, they were just leaving Starbucks and would be home in 15 minutes. When they arrived, my wife invited them in and there were two other girls with them, both about 4 or 5 months pregnant! We all sat in the kitchen chatting away and acting like the best of friends. I did not want to upset anyone so played along as the good husband.

I had to agree, they seemed to be a really nice couple and they even invited us to a private party they were going to in a weeks’ time. We said we would let them know and then they all left in a big BMW X6. My wife said they were really friendly and they said they really like us and want to be friends outside the club scene.

“So what about those other two girls”?, I asked.

She said they all lived together and that Dino was very rich and they were having his babies.

“What about the main girlfriend, what’s her story?, Doesn’t she care the other two girls pregnant?”

“Her name is Natalie and she can’t have kids so she said, they all live together and share Dino. He looks after them all and he loves group sex”.

“Fuck me babe, they are a real strange group. I know he has a big cock but!”

“OH SHUT UP ... You made me go to the club and like watching guys grope me don’t you?”

“Yes but...”

“But what ... I like them and want to be friends so let’s go to bed and make love OK.”

“OK babe, you can be friends but I just don’t want you to get taken in and used.”

Saturday afternoon and another note.

“Dino and Natalie in town again and gone to Watford to their house. Call me.”

I called and my wife and she said they were having a dinner party that evening and could I drive over later to join in. I told her I would and should I bring anything with me? She said, no need, and to just come over about 6 PM, and she would text me the address.

I drove to the address and it was a big house in a gated development. Must have been worth a couple of million at least in Watford. There were 3 other cars parked in the driveway, a Porsche, Aston Martin and I assumed Dino’s BMW X6.

I was greeted by Dino and introduced to his two friends whose cars were obviously outside and was told the girls were all in the kitchen. Dino offered me a drink so I just had a water as that’s what they were all drinking. They joked that they didn’t drink alcohol on party sessions. Strange thing to say I thought. We all went out into the garden and there was this wide river that his house backed onto with a big motor cruiser boat moored at the bottom of his garden.

The chat was all about countries they visited recently and business. They seemed to be in the aviation business, chartering private air-planes and helicopters. The two other guys were from Italy and Holland.

The girls all came out into the garden and were carrying some bags and walked down the garden towards the boat. My wife comes running over and hugs me and says they are going to take the boat out for a river cruise this evening and they want us to go.

I didn’t know what to say but thought why not, this could be an interesting evening and I was pretty sure something was going to happen on the boat.

When we boarded the boat, I noticed it was an Azimut 65 Flybridge cruiser, bloody stunning It had a big lounge area with a circular sofa and about 3 levels with an outside entertainment area. Dino went up onto the top deck where he started the engines his two mates went to release the bow and stern ropes.

The girls were also going up top, so we followed and sat on this long white bench seat behind Dino who was steering the boat away from the dock. He started her up and opened the throttle, the boat roared into life and very soon we were cruising down the river. One of the guys put some music on and it was blaring out of the speakers inside and outside the boat. Two of the girls went below and were making up a drinks cocktail and was calling my wife to go down to help them serve the drinks etc.

While she was downstairs I noticed Dino’s girlfriend Natalie was flirting with the other two guys and as they were joking around, one guy had pulled her onto his lap and was playing with her tits while the other guy had his hand on her thigh and it looked like they were both having a good feel between her legs.

Dino looked over at me while still steering the boat and asked me, Why I liked going to the Swinger clubs?

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