Spying on Eve

by Zak

Copyright© 2018 by Zak

Erotica Sex Story: I watched as she pleased herself...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   True Story   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

The stairs creaked as I walked up to them. Every creak set my nerves jangling even though I knew the house was empty. I stepped onto the upstairs landing, there were three doors led off it all of them were already open, I glanced into the one to the left, it was a bedroom. There was a single bed in the room but it did not look used. The door in front of me was an obviously a bathroom, towels hung on the rail, and a mirrored cabinet reflected my face. The door to the right was the master bedroom, so I stepped through that door.

The bedroom curtains were open, allowing the early evening light to creep in just enough for me to look around. The low sun cast shadows around the big room.

Along one wall was a built in wardrobe, a floor to ceiling job with two latticed doors. Between the doors was a full-length mirror. There were a chair and laundry basket along the other wall.

The bed looked very nicely made and there were two bedside cabinets on either side of it, each had a bedside lamp. One cabinet had a cordless telephone on and the other held a digital alarm clock. A TV was on the wall opposite the bed and there was a door that led from the bedroom into an ensuite bathroom, I stepped inside and had a looked around a basin, toilet and a shower cubicle. It was compact but well laid out.

There was a shelf full of bottles, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, shower gel etc. I unscrewed the tops of a couple and sniffed at them, they all smelt delicious. I touched the towels on the heated rail. They were dry, there was a flannel on the side of the basin, that was still damp. I imagined it running over her naked body, soaping up her titties and how she might run it between her legs.

My breathing quicken at the thought of her, naked, soapy, and wet ... the water cascading over her gorgeous naked body. The thoughts of her soaping up her boobs brought more life to the inside of my boxers.

I stepped back into the bedroom and I moved along the left hand side of the bed and pulled open one of the draws in the bedside cabinet, it was full of trinket boxes and envelopes. The second draw had an ipad plus some chargers and cables.

I closed the draw and moved to the other side of the bed, I slid open the first draw, it was full of lacy bras, all different colours, some plain and some patterned. I pulled one out and stroked the soft lacy fabric. I could imagine the cups with her gorgeous titties in them and my heart skipped a beat. I could image her slipping them on and off, and my cock stirred in my boxers.

I placed it back inside the draw and I closed it and opened the next one down. It was full of pairs of lacy knickers. I pulled a pair out and ran the soft fabric of my cheek. They smelt of fabric softener clean and fresh. There were plenty of white pairs, but also some coloured and some patterned. My mind started to wander and I imagined her wearing them. I swapped the pair in my hand for a lacy white thong. Again, I slid the soft cloth over my cheek before I slid them under my nose and sniffed at them.

A soft thud from outside pricked my senses and drew me back from my sordid thoughts, I moved across the room until I was standing to one side of the window so I could not be seen from outside. It was her ... she was home early.

I watched as she got out of the car and as she moved swiftly to the front door; I heard the front door swing open. My brain was full of worrying thoughts, had I felt anything down stairs, had I closed the back door properly, was there anything to give the game away, to tell her I was in the house. I was sure I had been careful and had covered my tracks as I moved around her house.

I then heard the shuffling of paper as she picked up that mornings post. I heard her walk across the tiled hall into the kitchen and she fell silent for a few seconds. Then I heard her walking back out across the tiles, she had to be heading upstairs.

I looked around, making doubly sure I had left no sign that I was there, and then I gently opened one of the wardrobe doors and quickly slipped inside. I pulled the door closed behind me as gently as possible. I tried to make myself as small as I could, burying myself into a corner.

And I was just in time, and as the door clicked closed the stair light came on and I heard her footsteps as she climbed the stairs. The bedroom light was soon switched on and I could see her through the latticed door. She must have come straight from work as she still had on her nurse’s uniform; her blonde hair had been pulled back into a ponytail. She dropped her handbag on the floor she stretched and then she let out a long yawn. I tried to control my breathing so it made less sound, in my confinement I felt I sounded like an asthmatic pit pony. I was worried she would sense me and ruin my plans.

I watched as she kicked off her shoes and started to undress, her trousers slipped off her legs, she picked them up and folded them placing them on a chair. Then she unbuttoned her tunic, and slipped it off, again placing it on the chair. She had a t-shirt on underneath and that was pulled over her head and dropped into the laundry basket.

Within seconds of coming into the bedroom, she was standing just the other side of the wardrobe door to me in only a lacy bra, a bra that showed off her small but well-formed tits to great effect, and a pair of matching lacy knickers. She looked like sex on a stick.

She unclipped the bra and at the same time turned away from me. I watched as she tossed the bra into a laundry basket, then she gripped waistband of her tiny panties and leaned forward as she slipped them off.

I had a great view of her gorgeous arse, rounded and firm as she wiggled out of her panties. She stood before the mirror, just inches away from me. She gazed at her reflection; it was almost as if she knew I was there and was putting a show on for me.

She cupped her tits and fondled them, before turning her back to the mirror and looking over her shoulder she stroked on of her big, firm, alobaska buttocks.

As quickly as the show started it ended, she turned away from the mirror, walked over to the bed and picked up the TV remote control. She turned it on and tuned into a music channel before she slipped into the en-suite.

I heard her use the toilet and then it flushed, then the shower was turned on; I could hear the water rushing out of the showerhead. Then I heard the shower door close and she started singing along to the track that was playing on the Television. From where I was, I could see through the open door but could not see her as she washed.

I was tempted to step out of my hiding place and watch her as she showered but a quick look around told me there was no real hiding place.

I stopped where I was and listened as she sang along to three more songs as she showered. Then the water stopped and I heard the shower door open, she was still humming along to the music. She stepped back into view and I watched as she used a big fluffy towel to dry herself.

Then she was back in the bedroom, a towel wrapped around her body and another wrapped around her head in that turban style some women use. Her face had a glow about it.

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