Night Out at TG (Torture Garden) in London

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

Erotica Sex Story: Really sexy night with my wife at TG, the London fetish club event in London

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   BiSexual   Heterosexual   True Story   Sharing   Wife Watching   BDSM   Group Sex   White Male   Oriental Female   Black Couple   White Couple   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Fisting   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Squirting   Small Breasts   .

We had decided to go to TG in London (Torture Garden Fetish event) for a night out. Jane was wearing a black see through blouse with buttons and no bra so her amazing 34c tits and nipples could just be seen through the thin fabric. A black PVC skirt and sheer thin black tights with no knickers. I wore my leather trousers and black lycra T shirt. We always take a couple of E’s when we go clubbing and a few more for later on as it makes us both as horny as fuck.

We had wandered around for an hour or so and the E’s were kicking in. We were getting really horny watching all the near naked couples and one totally naked guy with his girlfriend who was topless and just had a tiny g string dancing to the Techno music. This guy’s cock must have been 10 inches long, fully erect and wide with a big bulbous cock head and a cock ring.

As he danced with his girlfriend, who was laughing and grabbing it all the time, it just swung and stood at attention. We thought he must surely have taken some Viagra or something for it to stay so hard. Everyone was staring at it and his girlfriend just kept holding it and dancing next to him and he in turn was fingering her from behind...

Jane saw stunned at the sight and couldn’t stop staring at his cock as we were dancing very close to them. The girl then grabbed Jane’s hand and placed it on her boyfriend’s huge cock!

At first Jane pulled her hand away as she was scared and nervous but as the girl held her hand again and the guy kept dancing, Jane kept her hand on it and started dancing while holding his cock ... I was amazed and wish I had my phone to take a picture but phones were banned in the club so I had to just keep the memory...

The guy puts his arm around Jane and his other arm around his girlfriend while the girls danced with him both holding his giant erect cock. I could see the guy running his hands up and down Jane’s back and at one point saw him groping Jane’s arse while he was watching her breasts bouncing up and down.

After a few minutes, Jane let go and we smiled at our new friends and went to sit down for a while and have another drink. About an hour later, we were wandering around the dungeon / play area and watched a tall and very stunning Indian girl being canned and groped by an old guy that was demonstrating the art...

Every now and then he would stop canning her (her beautiful arse was covered in long red weal’s) and stroke her arse slowly, giving her I assume, pleasure and pain but she was clearly really turned on ... As when he fingered her, (she was tied to the whipping horse) his fingers were soaking with her juices.

Jane said to me, “She’s so beautiful why does she like being canned”?

I just smiled and led Jane over to the couples only door and joined the que to get in...

Jane said, “What’s in there”?

“It’s just a room for couples only to relax and play.

The couples room is a sanctuary, away from all the single guys that can be a real pain when any action between couples start. They are like packs of wolves and crowd round any couple trying to have fun and start groping until the couple either go with the flow and let 5 or more men all finger and grope her or they get pissed off and stop playing and walk away.

When we got into the couples room we saw a free corner and sat down. Looking around we saw several couples all playing together so Jane reached for my zip and unleashed my cock. I just lay back and let her play while watching this black girl being licked out by another guys wife right next to us and the two guys were watching and wanking over them.

Then who should come and squeeze onto the corner sofa next to us but the girl and big cock who were on the dance floor!

The girl sat next to Jane and big cock (still erect and looking massive) sat next to his girlfriend. They immediately started snogging and he was fondling her tits. Jane was looking at them while wanking my cock so I started fondling her tits too. The guy looks me in the eye and smiles and nodded at Jane’s tits, so I undid a few buttons so he could see them better.

Jane was really turned on and was staring at his cock again and watching the girl. I opened the buttons on Janes blouse to the bottom and let it fall open. And because of how we were all cramped into the corner, her left breast was almost touching the other girl’s breast. I saw the guy brush Jane’s tits several times and each time I felt her shudder and heard her sigh ... Then I saw the girl was holding Jane’s hand while she was still snogging and letting her man play with her.

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