First Time I Shared My Thai Wife

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

Erotica Sex Story: The very first time I shared my Thai wife.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   Coercion   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   True Story   Cuckold   Sharing   Wife Watching   White Male   Oriental Female   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Squirting   .

I was 36 and am White British, my wife was Thai and 32 yrs and perfectly proportioned body but only about 4’8″ in height. Her tits were 36 B and on such a small slim sexy body made heads turn wherever we went.

My business involved travelling and living in various countries for 3 months to about a year at a time so I would take my new wife with me. We had been married for about a year and our sex life was already very good as she loved sex and every evening she would say... “Play video”, and I would pick a movie and we would start watching some porn movie while we both got into position and I made her come by talking, fingering, playing with and suckling her tits. As soon as she came, she would clamp her mouth to mine and start snogging me and when she came, this long moan started so I usually pulled her on top and started fucking her and fingering her arse till I made her cum again and then myself...

She especially loved a couple of videos more than all the others and they always got her off really quickly. One was a threesome scene with a husband, wife and his mate and the other video was a girl that starts out playing pool with a group of guys in a private house but she ends up being gang banged by these 3 guys but the bit she loved most was when they had her semi naked on the pool table and one guy was fucking her mouth while another was pushing his whole fist in her pussy. The girl eventually cums and pisses all over the pool table.

This I found made her come really fast and she also liked me trying to fist her but because of her small size I could barely get 4 fingers inside her, I tried many times to curl my fingers to get my whole fist inside but her cunt was just too small. We tried gel and she would pull my fist into her but could never get it all in.

So back to the main story, we were in Cape Town, S Africa and a young guy we befriended from my business used to meet us in the bar and over a couple of months, took us to several parties, normal bars, gay bars and BBQ’s on the beach and introduced us to lots of locals. One evening we had been in a sort of back street bar with a few friends and we had been drinking and my wife had been dancing with a couple of other girls in our group. Guys were trying to dance with them and my wife was flirting with this group of guys by dancing with them. A slow dance came on and one guy grabbed my wife’s hand before she could come back to our table and she started slow dancing with him.

I was watching intently, as he seemed to be sliding his hand down over her arse every time they turned and I could also see he was moving her away from our table and more into the far corner. At one point I saw he had his hand between her legs and then the dance ended and she came back to the table.

When she sat down she looked flustered and her nipples were really sticking out.

I said, “It looks like he fancies you babe”.

She giggled and said “He’s too young and wants me to sit with him over there”, (she points to a corner with 3 more young guys).

“You let him touch you then”?

She goes all shy and drops her head but no answer.

“That was really sexy babe, I could see him playing with your tits and your pussy when you were dancing in the dark area over there”.

She then said, “He started rubbing my bum then pulled me really close and I could feel his cock between us. Then he was trying to get up my skirt but a stopped him and he started kissing my neck and had hold of my tit”.

“You let him do that”?

“Well it was too hard to stop him and he has a big cock”.

“How you know that babe”? “He grabbed my hand and made me hold him”.

“Really, and did you play with him”?

“Yes and he fingered me in the corner over there when you could not see us. Can I have another drink please”?

“Sure babe, You want to go sit with them while I watch”?

She looks up at me and I put my hand on her knee and slide it up between her legs to her pussy. It was already wet. I pushed a finger and then 2 inside her and said... “Is this what you let him do babe”?

“Oooohhh darling ... what you doing ... what you want me to do”?

“Go over there and sit with them for a while and let them buy you a drink and you can tell them, your husband says it’s OK and he likes to watch”.

“Really! You want me go back there”?

“Yes babe, let’s have some fun”.

She gets up and walks over to the group and they look a bit apprehensive as they know she is with me. They give her a chair to sit on and her back is to me and 4 guys are in a semi circle facing her. One guy gets up and goes to the bar to get her a drink and she starts talking to the guy who she was dancing with.

He keeps glancing at me but whatever she said must have given him the green light. He holds her head and kisses her on the mouth ... Fucking hell I thought, that’s a bit fast. Then I saw he slid his hand down between her legs again and was clearly fingering her while snogging her face.

The guy glances over at me again and I just smile and raise my glass, so he kisses her again. The other guy returns with her drink and joins the group. The next thing I see is two of the other guys either rubbing her legs or fingering her. This went on for about 10 mins but as it was quite dark and they were all crowding around her, I could not really see what was going on.

What I did recall more than anything is the strange feelings I was getting in my gut and how my cock was rock hard. It was like feeling jealous and really horny at the same time, as if I was going to cum just from watching and wondering what exactly they were actually doing to her. That’s the best part ... the wondering what they are doing to her.

Suddenly she sort of collapsed forward and they were holding her up. A guy then comes over to me and says. “She said you’re her husband and wanted to watch”!

I looked at him and smiled.

He then continued... “Can we take her back to our place? You can come too, take some pictures or a video, you can follow in your car”.

I thought for a while and then said... “Maybe, where exactly is your place”?

“Just up Long street downtown, my mate has a nice apartment there”.

“Is she OK”? I saw she slumped down!

“Yes she cum as one of my mates was fingering her and another had her tits out. You OK with us playing with your wife then? She’s so sexy and hot man”.

“Send her back here first, I need to talk to her”.

He walks back to the group and tells them whatever. My wife gets up shakily and comes back to our table.”

“Well babe, what did they do to you over there”?

“They all finger me and make get tits out. One guy suck my nipple and pushed two fingers in me. He make me cum ... I wet myself and this guy he get his hand in me. OMG they all playing with tits and finger me too much. But the small guy he has small hand and he get all inside, make me cum again”.

“Well babe they want us to go back to their apartment downtown. But you know they will all want to fuck you if we go ... We’ve never gone that far before, so what you think”?

“Darling I so drunk now and feel so horny. I no want you get angry me tomorrow”.

“Hey babe, No I won’t get angry. but do you want these guys to fuck you”?

“I want you fuck me darling ... but if you want them fuck me ... we go if you want”.

We hug and kiss and say OK to each other, so I wave over the lead guy from the group.

“OK mate, we will come over but on one condition, this will be our first group session and my wife’s first time with more than one guy, so if she or I say stop, you guys have got to respect that OK? How old are you guys anyway”?

“I’m 19 and my mates here are 18 two are virgins so is she up for that”?

My wife gets up and holds the hand of the lead guy. I follow them out to the car park and stand by my car watching the 4 guys and my wife get into big old white BMW saloon. As soon as they were all in the car I saw them push her head down and then saw her legs and feet at the side window. They had her across the 3 guys in the back of the cars laps.

My cock was up again and the weird feeling in my gut returned. What are they doing to her now? Oh fuck maybe one of them will fuck her in the car! What if they make her suck their cocks! Oh fuck ... I am now wanking ... while following their car down the main road. My mind is racing and I’m thinking of all the different things they could be doing to her. I cannot see her ... well just her foot by the back window and another at the side window. Fucking hell they have her legs wide open ... what they doing to my wife.

We arrived and parked up, so I saw everyone going up some stairs and followed them. It looked a bit slummy from the outside but there was a security door and the apartment was really well decorated and modern. My wife came up to me and we sort of slid into a large arm chair together and I sensed she did not want me to get jealous or upset. Beers were handed out and we all just chatted for a while and I had my arm around her.

They asked if she had been with several guys before and I said no but we have played in clubs and stuff. Y

“Your wife is so small and sexy mate ... and her pussy is so smooth like a little teen LOL”.

As they were talking I run my hand up her thigh and pushed her skirt up. Parted her legs a bit and said, “Show them your pussy babe”.

She looks at me all embarrassed so I open them more and rub her pussy over her tiny black knickers. She closes her eyes and I start kissing her mouth while pulling her knickers to the side exposing her bare pussy.

This brought whoops and cheers from the group and I said... “Bet you’ve never seen a pussy like this before guys. We always keep it smooth but even if she lets the hair grow it’s very straight and minimal. Her slit is really thin and beautiful see ... she doesn’t have big pussy lips like western women, just a small slit and when I open her legs like this, it parts slightly and you can just see the pink inside”.

I opened her blouse and pulled her tits out of her bra. “Look at these tits guys ... she loves having them sucked while being fingered or fucked and they are really sensitive. Watch this”.

I start sucking her left tit and run my finger up and down her slit. Juices start appearing immediately and she starts a long slow moan.

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