Asian Wife Get Fingered on the Coach

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

Erotica Sex Story: We were on a trip to Brighton and Jane gets fingered by the guy sitting next to her on the National Express coach.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Heterosexual   True Story   Sharing   Wife Watching   White Male   Oriental Female   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Public Sex   .

We had decided to go to Brighton for the day by National Express coach and as it was full, Jane ended up sitting next to this oldish guy, probably in his 60’s. I was in the seat opposite Jane with the aisle between us.

Now Jane is 26, fairy small, petite and from the Philippines. She has stunning 34 b tits and nipples that stick out when aroused and on this day she was wearing a white flowery cotton dress with a low cut neckline with buttons down the front. Her bra was very thin and her nipples were showing through slightly making her look really sexy.

I could see the old guys eyes light up as she sat down next to him and as I sat in the seat opposite he probably had no idea we were travelling together. The journey started and after about 15 mins we were on the motorway M25 and I noticed he kept looking at Jane’s tits. Jane looked me in the eye and giggled so I winked and smiled then sat back and pretended to nod off to sleep.

Now Jane knows I love to watch and we have had a few sexy clubbing experiences where we have had some soft sex with other couples and once with a few single guys where we let them fondle her tits and finger Jane in a dark cinema at the club.

So as I am slyly watching, I see the old guy rubbing his leg next to Jane and Jane was letting him. I will now let Jane continue the story because I could not see what was actually happening, but Jane told me all the details after we got off the coach in Brighton, and we could not wait to check in to our hotel. We fucked all afternoon as she told me the details of how the old guy made her come several times on the coach.

Jane’s account – The old guy started pressing his knee and leg next to mine and then as I did not move my leg away, he started rubbing it up and down. I wasn’t sure what to do but it was sort of making me feel horny. He wasn’t attractive or anything but he was just making me feel aroused. When I looked at you and you smiled and winked at me, I felt it was OK and decided to let him continue and see how far he would go.

When I looked down to his lap he had a blanket over him and I could see he was playing with his cock under the blanket. He saw me looking and just continued and then I looked him in the eyes and he smiled at me. Now I know I should have moved my leg away and give him a dirty look but my eyes went back to his lap and I could not move my leg.

OMG he is rubbing his left hand up my thigh and it feels so naughty. He must think I’m alone on the bus and I just let him touch my leg. After a few minutes of letting him rub my leg, I smile at him and say to him, you shouldn’t be doing that you know. He smiles back and says you have the most beautiful face and tits young lady. Then he moves his right hand over and cups my right breast and gives it a squeeze. I felt so fucking horny and he moved his hand back down under the blanket and started wanking his cock again.

I was getting wet and I couldn’t help touching myself for a second, then realized we were on a coach and you were sitting opposite me. I knew you could not see what he had just done but I saw you looking at his lap while he was playing with himself. He was still stroking my leg with his left hand and then he whispered in my ear,

“Can you help and old man out here? My wife died several years ago and I have not had the pleasure of intimate relationships or sitting with a beautiful young woman for many many years”

He then took my hand and placed in under his blanket, his cock was out and it was huge. As I put my fingers around it I realized it must be really wide as my fingers could only go half way around it. He pulled the blanket up more so it was nearly up to his chest and then moved it over me also, to hide what he was making me do. I started exploring his cock and rubbed the head with my finger tip and he was already leaking pre cum so I rubbed it all around the head of his cock as he just let out this long sigh and said

“Yes good girl, good girl”.

I then felt his left hand slide up over my thigh and up under my dress in between my legs. I was trembling as he inched his way up slowly caressing and sort of teasing me. Then he reached my knickers and said,

“Oh my dear girl ... what lovely smooth legs you have and I feel your knickers are already damp”.

OMG I wanted him to finger me, but he just rubbed my inner thighs and ran his finger up and down the outside of my little white panties over my clit and feeling my slit. I knew you were watching but you could not see under the blanket so I thought, OK I can tell you all about it later. His cock was throbbing in my hand and getting even bigger so I felt around a bit more and then got my hand down into his trousers and found his balls. Wow what huge balls, this guy is like a horse, I squeezed them a bit then he pushed his finger inside my knickers and rubbed my sticky wet pussy juice up and down my slit. Then he pushed two fingers inside me and started frigging me very fast. OMG, I came within seconds and clamped my legs shut and held his hand down on my pussy till I came down and stopped cumming.

This is when I realized you must have seen this so I looked over and saw you playing with your cock under your blanket and smiling at me. Good job the guy sitting next to you was asleep.

The old guy started rubbing and fingering me again but more slowly and exploring in my wetness. I opened my legs again to give him easier access and started wanking his cock again under the blanket. He now had two fingers in me and was whispering in my ear again.

He was asking me “if I had a boyfriend and did I like him fingering me like this”?

I said “Yes it’s nice and I’m married.”

“Really young lady! and what would he do if he knew you were being fingered my an old man on the bus”?

“I don’t know, why don’t you ask him?” and I started wanking his cock harder. “He’s sitting next to me here and wanking his cock watching us”.

The old guy looked shocked but then a big smile appeared and he said,

“My my, you two are swingers and he’s a cuck.”

“We’re not swingers but we do like to play in the clubs and now on the bus” I giggled.

“So why don’t you ask him if he likes the show”?

That’s when I asked you if you mind the old guy touching me and you said,

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