Sexting With My Ex

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

Erotica Sex Story: This is a sexting session with my Filipino ex wife.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Coercion   Heterosexual   True Story   Cuckold   Group Sex   Oriental Male   Oriental Female   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Squirting   .

Background info.

Jane was 25 and in the Philippines when we met.I was 42 and over the next 4 years we were very happy and had some great times at many Fetish / swinger clubs in the UK.

Unfortunately, she had an affair and got pregnant! so we divorced.

I re-married a couple of years later and still keep in contact with her at Xmas and birthdays as we had a really good 4 years together and I must admit, some of the horniest experiences of my life with Jane.

Anyway, back to the story, the other night, I was feeling horney, as my wife is not into sex anymore and In a drunken moment, sent Jane a text...

M: Hi Babe, How you doing? Saw you was with your daughter and Colin (the driving instructor) and your sister Rey in Cebu last week on Facebook.

Jane: Yes we were on holiday for 3 weeks visiting my family. Long time no contact. So are you happy now? and where you living?

me: I’m living in Thailand now and semi retired. Have a hotel to run, so busy as usual.

Jane: You must love living there again with all the stories you told me about your last ex wife and what you did together.

Me: LOL, well its been a long time now babe and many more stories to tell but I keep thinking about you and when we used to go to the Fetish clubs in London.

Jane: I think about that too but it seems so long ago.

me: So are you still having problems with him?

Jane: No not really, he’s a good guy and dad but we don’t do anything together. I just see my friends and he works driving lorries all night.

Me: So he is driving lories now?

Jane: Yes ... a few years now.

Me: Don’t you have a part time boyfriend then ... if you’re so unhappy with him.?

Jane: No ... What about you?

Me: No, I don’t have girlfriend. I’m very happy with my wife buf the only problem is ... She doesn’t like sex.

Jane: LOL me too, I don’t remember when we last had sex together ... He’s weird and just not interested.

Me: Same same, I just watch sexy movies or wank thinking about you and what we used to do in the clubs in London.

Jane: I just see my friends and look after my daughter now. My sister was asking about you when we were in the Philippines last month.

Me: Really ... Why is that babe?

Jane: I think she fancies you

Me: Well babe, I did think about linking up with her up after we split up, as I knew she fancied me.

Jane: What do you mean?

Me: Well, you know what she did one evening after she came home from work?

Jane: No! what did she do?

Me: Well you were in the kitchen and she came in your mum and dads house and sat opposite me in the arm chair and we started chatting. She had just split up with her boyfriend and was living at home with her new born baby.

Jane: Yes I remember, so what did she say?

Me: Nothing I can remember.but she was wearing that really short skirt and tights and her tits were huge and leaking milk and she was so small, 21 yrs old and so sexy...

Jane: I don’t understand. So what happened?

Me: Well she was sitting opposite me and I remember her opening and closing her legs?

Jane: What!

Me: Hey it was not me ... she was coming on to me! Are you getting jealous?

Jane: No, So what happened?

Me: Well she was sitting in the armchair in front of me and was parting her legs so i could see right up her skirt. She was doing it on purpose and looking me directly in the eyes. I knew she saw me looking and it was turning her on. Her tits started leaking again and she covered them with her hands but opened her legs wider as she looked around to see if anyone was watching. I could see up her short skirt to her little white knickers and pussy.

Jane: What happened next?

Me: I reached down and touched her leg but your dad walked in the room and and saw what she was doing and sent her upstairs to change.

Jane: You dirty bastard. So you fancy my sister then?

Me: No but at the time it was really horny and she was always rubbing her leg against mine when we sat together.

Jane: She has a new boyfriend now but still asks me about you.

Me: What I want to know is ... What have you been doing cos I know you told me a couple of years ago you were not happy with him.

Jane: We had a lot of problems cos he is so jealous. So now, I do my own thing and he does his.

Me: so where are you now babe,

Jane: At home

Me: And are you alone?

Jane: No, I’m on the computer and he is watching tv.

Me: My wife has gone out for the evening with her friends. Can you send me a picture please?

Jane: What sort of picture? I know you ... you dirty bastard...

Me: Send me a shot of your tits or go to the bathroom and send me a pussy shot ... hmmmmmm

Jane: I can’t do that, he’s sitting on the sofa opposite me.

Me: Do you get turned on when we chat like this?

Jane: Yes

Me: Do you remember when we were in the club in London and my mate gave us some sweets and his wife was not with him that night.

Jane: When you asked me to let him play with us and I sucked his big fat cock. LOL

Me: Yes and he told me a year later you were letting him finger you while we were walking from room to room in the club.

Jane: OMG ... I don’t remember much because we had taken the sweets and I was so turned on.

Me: Remember when there were 5 guys crowding around us and I had your tits out and legs open and was fingering you as that old guy stepped forward and cum right in front of us?

Jane: Yes and Gary’s cock was so wide I could not get my hand or mouth around it...

Me: You getting wet babe? Bet you’re rubbing your pussy now?

Jane: He keeps looking over at me so I can’t ... I’m by the computer.

Me: My cock is so hard now chatting with you. Go to the bedroom and send me a picture of your tits please?

Jane: Ok but I want to see your cock then.

Me: Did you get the pic?

Jane: hhhmmmm Yes. You look so big and why is it all sticky ... are you using gel?

Me: Yes and I had a couple of sweets so feeling well horny. Just seen your pic ... Oh babe your tits are still amazing and your nipples are hard. What about a pussy shot babe?

15 mins pass and then a pic comes through with Jane sitting on the bed in tights and no knickers with her legs open.

Me: What happened?

Jane: He nearly caught me taking a pic of my pussy so I told him I was taking a shower then going to bed.

Me: So you gonna play while I tell you another true story? Get nice and wet and then send me a pussy shot. But you gotta tell me a true story as well. OK?

Jane: OK, you know I love hearing your stories but not the made up ones. Tell me a true story.

Me: Are you shaved or hairy now?

Jane: Shaved ... Tell me about what else you did with my sister?

Me: That evening when your dad caught her flashing me her pussy up her short skirt, I was coming out of the shower and she was in the hallway so I let my towel fall open and she stared at my cock. She could not look away...

Jane: You dirty bastard ... you were teasing her LOL.

Me: Yes I wanted to show her I was interested but you were always around so couldn’t do anything at the house. So remember when she called you a few days later and said she was gonna be late home and I was in town?

Jane: Yes I remember

Me: Well, I saw her at the print shop she worked at in the mall just befote she finished and offered her a taxi ride home with me but when in the taxi she snuggled up to me and was getting really touchy feely so I put my arm around her and she pressed her tits into me and held my hand. Next thing was, she said, can we go to the viewpoint before we go home. That’s when she rang you.

Jane: Ok ... go on

Me: I started to touch her tits with my other hand and she started kissing me on the mouth.

Jane: What ... she really fancied you then!

Me: and I had got a hand in her blouse and she was trying not to let the driver see what we were doing. Then she told the driver to go to the viewpoint instead of home. Anyway I carried on snogging her in the back and the driver was smiling and watching in the mirror. Reya said, the driver is watching us ... so I told her it was dark outside and in the back of the car, I’m sure he can’t see anything so we carried on. She was getting really turned on and I had her blouse unbuttoned and had my hand inside her bra playing with her swolen tits. They were huge with big nipples leaking milk. I started sucking one and slid my hand down over her belly and she just grabbed my hand and said no the driver will see. I said, don’t worry he doesn’t know you and it’s more fun with someone watching. She giggled and said ... What you want him to watch us!

Jane: So you were doing my sister in a taxi and you love being watched LOL! Here’s another pic coming ... I’m in bed and soaking wet you dirty bastard...

Me: So I put a hand on her knee and opened her legs a bit. She had that short skirt on with black tights. I got my hand between her thighs and started sucking on her nipple. She started moaning so I kissed her on the mouth again and I got my hand on her pussy and was rubbing it over the tights. I remember it being so fucking hot and she was squirming around. The driver must have had a hard on cos she had her legs wide open and I was inside the top of her tights and going into her soaking wet hairy pussy.

Jane: She is very hairy down there ... Did you get the pic? God your making me so fucking horny. What did you do next?

Me: wow love the pic ... your pussy is shaved smooth and I want to eat it. Hhhhmmmmmm

Your sister was letting me finger her and was laying across the taxi back seat with her legs wide open and then taxi pulled into the car park of the hilltop view point. Find a quiet spot I told the driver. He parked up and turned off the lights and engine and turned around to see what we were doing.

Your sister was about to cum as I was fingering her fast, i was trying to make her squirt like you do when i do that. and she said ... He’s watching us OMG. I said calm down and let’s give the poor driver a good show and started kissing her again. Let’s show him your tits and I opened her blouse and pulled her bra up.

The driver stared open mouthed and said mama mia she is beautiful. How old is she sir? 21 I answered, and she has just had a baby ... look at all the milk coming out. I squeezed her tits and milk was squirting out and I just told her to relax and motioned for him to touch them.

Jane: You let the taxi driver touch my sisters tits!

Me: Yes babe LOL you know what i like, and I know you have your fingers in your pussy now and I want you to push a finger in your arse as well, imagine I am there doing it to you like before.

Jane ... What happened next?

Me: I let the driver play with her tits and she just closed her eyes and let him while I went back inside her tights and fingered her some more. She started to really like it so I pulled her tights down some more and she tried to stop me. But the driver was leaning over and sucking on her tits now and I managed to get her knickers and tights down to her knees.

Jane: You bastard ... you made me come but don’t stop...

Me: The driver was looking at me parting her legs and I nodded for him to touch her legs and pussy. Your sister just cum again as soon as he fingered her.

We let her calm down a bit and for the next 20 mins, she was letting us do whatever we wanted to her. I peeled off the rest of her clothes and we had her naked on the back seat with legs wide open and taking turns to finger fuck her and then I got undressed and made her 69 me with her on top so I could lick and taste her pussy while the driver played with her tits. The driver had his cock out and was trying to get her to suck him but she would not but she did wank him until he cum all over her tits and hand.

Jane: Is that a true story?

Me: Of course ... ask your sister. Tell her I told you all about it and I’m sure she will admit it, to you anyway, it is all true ... It happened a couple more times but that can be for another time. Now it’s your turn. Tell me a true story so I can stop texting and you can make me cum.

Jane: I don’t know many true stories. I only have one really but can’t talk about it ... as it’s too ... well ... not right I suppose. I never told anyone but suppose I can trust you so here goes.

When I went back to Cebu in Sept, I went alone and left him and my daughter at home as I had to go do some important stuff with lawyers and the house I bought for my mum and dad.

Me: Just sent you another cock shot ... Like it? So what happened then?

Jane: It was with my dad’s friend.

Me: What! you went with your dad’s friend! How old was he? Tell me all the details. Did your dad know? Sorry...

Jane: LOL I knew that would turn you on. He is about my dad’s age 59 or 60 and always flirting with me when my dad was not around. He saw me in Robinsons mall and asked me to go for a coffee with him.

Me: So your dad did not know anything?

Jane: Of course not, he would kill me.

Me: So what happened?

Jane: Well he asked me if i wanted to go out that evening to the big casino and I said OK but just for a few hours or my dad would ask loads of questions cos he knows i’m married but alone in Cebu and night time!

Me: So how did you meet him? My cock is so hard babe ... are you in the bed now and making yourself wet?

Jane: In my dressing gown on top of the bed and yes my pussy is shaved and really wet you made me cum twice. So I met him outside Robinsons at 4pm and he picked me up in his pick up truck. I was wearing a low cut beige dress and skin coloured tights and my uplift bra. He always is looking at my tits so I wanted to tease him. As we drove to the Casino he kept touching my arm and telling me how beautiful I was and did I like Casinos. I said yes ... what are we going to play?

He said ... Can we play a game?

What sort of game? I asked him. Well what if I give you 10,000 pesos to play blackjack any game you like. If you win and you come out with more than 10,000 pesos, you can keep all the winnings.

What if I don’t win and lose your money? Then we go to a hotel and you let me fuck you.

Me: And you agreed?

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