Asian Wife Gets Groped in the Cinema

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

Erotica Sex Story: Asian wife get groped in the cinema

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cuckold   Sharing   Wife Watching   White Male   Oriental Female   Masturbation   Public Sex   .

As I have already outlined Jane and myself in previous stories, I will jump straight into what happened. Jane was only 26 at the time and still quite shy as we had only been married for about a year. She had attended a few London Fetish clubs with me, so was getting used to the fact that I loved watching her getting touched up and I suppose becoming a cuck.

I had seen a good video online and it was all about this girl in Japan whose boyfriend had not turned up for her date to the cinema. Anyway, she decided to go in and watch the movie alone rather than go home, and consequently, gets touched up by a guy sitting next to her and then groped by other several guys and ends up getting fucked by a whole group of guys at the back of the theatre.

I really wanted to take Jane to one of these sex cinemas but could not find any in my local area of Bedfordshire so started asking around on forums. The closest cinema that showed sex movies was in Soho, Central London or we could jump on an Easyjet flight to Amsterdam for a long weekend. I had heard that Amsterdam was the best place by far. So I told Jane what I found but she had no idea what actually went on inside these type of cinemas. I did tell her it was a bit like the playing in the clubs and she hesitantly agreed to go and see but she made me agree, that we would come out if she didn’t like it.

As the flight we booked was a couple of weeks away, I got her curious and excited by telling her, sometimes people go to cinemas like the London clubs and play with each other in the back row while watching a hot movie and sometimes get watched by another couple or maybe single guys.

She said “But I’ve never been to a big Cinema before”. (Jane came from a small island in the Philippines).

“Well, why don’t we go to the movies tonight in Bedford? You can see what it’s like and there’s a new 18+ horror movie showing and who knows, maybe another couple playing in the back row LOL”.

“Really” she said, and jumped up and hugged me... “Can we, what should I wear”?

“Well how about your long coat as it’s a bit cold and a fairly long walk from the main car park, and maybe your short silky skirt you wore to the club last month with the creamy blouse that has buttons at the front. Maybe we can play a bit at the back as it’s pretty dark when the movies on”.

“You want to play in a normal cinema, you said not much happens in the local cinema”.

“Well I don’t know to be honest as I haven’t been for years myself”.

Jane got dressed and we jumped in the car. As we entered (I think it was a vampire movie), we headed for the back row and near a corner. In the back row were 5 empty seats at the end so we took two of those with me nearest the wall and a couple of empty seats next to Jane.

Jane still had her coat on so I told her, she would be more comfortable if she took it off and placed it over her legs or the empty row of seats in front of us. I scanned the theatre and counted about 25 people, mostly couples or groups and a few single people dotted around.

As the movie started the lights went down but it was still pretty light even at the back but soon after the movie started, I noticed this guy, fairly well dressed, about 50ish coming down our row at the back.

He says to us, “Are these seats taken”? I answered him, “No they are free”. So he takes off his jacket and sits right next to Jane. Jane looks at me and I shrug my shoulders as if it’s normal and she goes back to watching the movie.

He has his jacket on his lap and I am watching him out of the corner of my eye. Jane’s blouse was quite low cut and I could see into the top and her tits were well on show but she did have a low cut bra on as well. So he must be able to see what I could see from his side. Jane was staring at the screen as it was a new experience for her seeing such a huge screen as the only other cinema was in the Fetish clubs and they are fairly small rooms.

Just as I suspected, he starts to casually look down her cleavage and I could see he was watching me at the same time. This is gonna be interesting, I was thinking to myself. I just stared straight ahead and pretended not to notice him staring at Jane’s tits.

I could not see his hands as they were under his coat but I did see his right leg was really close to Jane’s left leg. Sure enough about 10 mins later, Jane whispers in my ear, “The man next to me keeps touching my leg with his leg”!

I lean over and whisper in her ear while still staring ahead, “I think that’s why he sat next to you babe. He wants to play like in the club”.

“What, in here! How can he play in here”? Jane whispers back.

“Don’t look down now, just keep looking at the movie but I think he’s already playing with himself under that jacket on his lap”.

Jane looks at me and says... “OMG I don’t believe you”.

A few minutes later and Jane whispers again, “Yes I think he is, can we change places”?

“Listen Jane, we’re going to a sex cinema in Amsterdam soon and this is similar except most of the people in here are only interested in the new movie. Well nearly everyone, this guy must do this all the time”.

The guy just stared ahead at the screen as we were talking and did not move his hands. I said to Jane, “Babe, just let’s see what he does, it could be interesting and then we can fuck and chat about it at home later”.

“What! You want me to let him touch me?, and you’re going to watch him like you did last month and make me pretend I’m alone in the club so you can watch the guys chat me up and stuff”.

“Yes babe, I’m gonna pretend to be really into the movie but I will be watching out of the side of my eye OK”. I grab her hand and squeeze it then place it in my lap so she could feel my growing erection. She squeezes it then gives me her naughty smile.

“OMG, Your hard already, you’re really sick you know” she whispers in my ear...

“I know babe, just pretend I’m really into the movie and let’s see what he does next. If he says anything to you, just smile or answer but pretend don’t know what he’s doing”.

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